09 - Daddy Yao Yao
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09 - Daddy Yao Yao

The topic of sending Baiju to school ended with the smell of grilled fish.

Looking at Baiju's unhappy face, Xiao Yao hurriedly lowered his head to sort the tableware, covering the smile in his eyebrows and eyes.

The old white dog began to worry sincerely, and even seemed a little absent-minded as he moved the cutlery.

These days were different from the past. In the past, the scholars, farmers, industry and commerce people, didn't study and couldn’t read. As long as the farm work was done well and their hunting skills were good, a man who found a good weaver who could start fires as a wife could live a happy life as the envy of others; as long as you didn’t want to become wealthy, it was fine if you didn't study.

As a half-mountain god, Baiju once ran outside the private school to listen in order to be able to know the movement of the court and protect the villagers in its jurisdiction. Although he wasn't able to learn to be rich, he was still able to read and write. Among the group of old demons, he stood out with only this much skill.

However, what he learnt meant nothing at all now.

Simplified characters were now being promoted in China, however, they had the same origin as the characters from hundreds of years ago, so Baiju has no difficulty in recognizing new characters. The huge amount of information in the new era was what diluted his current level of cognition; he just went out for a while, and all the problems that he didn't pay attention to at the beginning have surfaced.

The times had changed drastically, the dragon veins had been silent, but the people on the land of China had become more active; there were countless opportunities, countless treasures, countless hopes scattered all over the world. At the same time, there was a sudden acceleration of the pace of life and the visible pressure of survival.

In this environment, almost everyone needed to engage in high-intensity learning, and society had higher and higher requirements for people's knowledge base. A random child drawn out of a crowd was likely more literate than the white dog.
Baiju used to think Xiao Yao’s life was stressful and uncomfortable, but in fact, in modern society, as long as a person pursued something, their life was never easy? Perhaps their burdens weren't as heavy as the burden on Xiao Yao, but it was really not easy.

Ordinary people who had studied in the social education system for more than ten or twenty years couldn't easily find a job. Only those who excelled in a field could be regarded as a skilled person—and the old white dog kept saying that he must take good care of this Curator Xiao, but now he found that he didn't seem to have any outstanding skills.
He was completely derailed from the times. Many skills in the past could be completed by machines now, and he didn't doubt there were more emerging technologies that modern society needed.

After eating two mouthfuls of grilled fish absent-mindedly, Baiju suddenly put down his chopsticks, sighed deeply, and said, "Yao Yao, what you said is quite right, knowledge is power, I should go to school."

Xiao Yao was caught off guard when he heard such a sentence, and the chopsticks in his hand almost hit the iron plate—should he be surprised at the phrase "Yao Yao" first, or should he be surprised at the "the White King is going to study" bit?

Xiao Yao quickly wiped his mouth with a paper towel, not knowing whether to cry or laugh, "I was kidding, Bai'ge, you don't need to go to school."

Baiju raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Yao. The whole dog's appearance was very awkward, "You don't need to comfort me... I don't have any skills now, how can I take care of you in the future?"

"...ahem." Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's expression and saw that his low mood didn't seem to be an act, so he straightened his attitude and cleared his throat while supporting the table with both hands.
Xiao Yao opened his mouth and went straight in, "Bai'ge, the situation I just described was aimed at ordinary people, but you're different. You're a demon king."

Moving his fingers, he carefully placed a soundproof talisman around the two of them. Xiao Yao continued to behave in a good manner, "Bai'ge, do you remember that you were hired by the country to discipline the little demons? This was originally your purpose, you just have to make sure that you are a deterrent and can work with our Demon Management Bureau. You'll be paid and won't be subject to other restrictions like ordinary people."

Baiju glanced at Xiao Yao again, without saying a word; there was still a bit of confusion in his black jade eyes.

Xiao Yao was so soft-hearted by him that he couldn't help but speak softer, "And you see, I am the head of the Demon Management Bureau employed by the state, so my salary isn't very high, but my income isn't low; mainly because I'm a practitioner and I can solve the problems caused by ghosts and demons, which brings in a lot of income... Bai'ge, you have an advantage over me in this respect, you're a demon king."

Baiju raised his head slightly, feeling that he seemed to be able to grasp this concept.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Yao went on to add, "You see, there are actually many ways out. You don't have to be limited to the lifestyle of ordinary people, and ignore your own strength."

Baiju fiddled with his fingers, thought about it, and realised that he really had accidentally become ungrateful for what he did have, so when he spoke again, he looked at Xiao Yao's eyes very sincerely and said, "Yao Yao...thank you."

Xiao Yao only felt his ears tingle, and a scorching warmth burned his face desperately.
He quickly took a sip of cold water and pressed it down, changing the subject and pointing to the billboard facing the window. He introduced it to Baiju, "You don't need to be so polite... Look at that billboard. On it is the red fox from number 27. That demon has a natural appearance and is considered very beautiful. Working in the entertainment industry is also a good way out. In short, you really don’t have to worry that—" worry that you can’t support me.

Suddenly swallowing the second half of the sentence, Xiao Yao ate more, deeply suspecting that this old white dog had poured him a love potion at some point, why did he really follow his line of thinking and talk about being raised?

Baiju's mood became better before his eyes.

Due to his personality and strength, he rarely concealed his emotions particularly. At this moment, his mood was easy to read and the fluctuations in his body became more and more gentle. He really was getting closer and closer to Xiao Yao's evaluation of an Asian Apollo.

Xiao Yao drank again and sighed secretly.  Thinking of staying in the same house with this old dog for at least three years of inspections, he felt it would be extremely difficult to control himself.

Regardless of his own sexuality, Baiju's image was too dazzling and likable, and the old dog's temper was indeed very good. Objectively speaking, he was very attractive and anyone who was specially taken care of by him was likely to be easily shaken.

Xiao Yao let out a sigh, removed the sound insulation around them, and gestured for Baiju to eat. With regard to emotions, Xiao Yao didn't have much desire or confidence. To be honest, he would never take the initiative to touch the too special emotion of love.

He would just take one step at a time in the future. Anyway, for now... Xiao Yao looked at the points of Baiju's teeth on the chopsticks, and handed him a piece of fish in a good mood.
Anyway, nothing affects his appreciation of beauty and fluff.


The demon and Curator had a meal of grilled fish. Xiao Yao filled his stomach until he couldn't eat, and the rest was used to fill Baiju's black-hole-like stomach. In short, there was nothing left over, and the old white dog was very satisfied.

Baiju didn't realize that he had become a mobile phone screensaver for many little girls, and he was still pulling Xiao Yao around to continue shopping.

Baiju had bought a lot of clothes and accessories. The car was packed with shopping bags, filled with big and small items. Taking advantage of the time the two took to eat, Hou Jing drove back and forth from the Demon Management Bureau, and sent the clothes to the butler centre, then returned to wait for Xiao Yao and the other to take the car back again in the afternoon.

Was Xiao Yao a person who liked to shop?
Not usually, but now he was.

He thought they would buy clothes in the morning and maybe wander around in the afternoon a little. But unexpectedly, the two of them walked around together all afternoon. Gradually, Xiao Yao was also affected by Baiju's shopping spree and began to think about buying some things that he wouldn't think about in normal days.

Was the chair in his study too hard? Change it to a soft one.
Was the sofa in the living room a bit small?  Change it to a larger one.
Were the books at home too boring? Buy some that are interesting.
Baiju’s guest room had to be cleaned up and he bought some decorations for it—after all, the human-shaped Baiju couldn't continue to sleep with Xiao Yao.

There were a lot of things. Xiao Yao bought far more in the afternoon than in the morning, and there were many large items that needed to be ordered and delivered by the merchants.

As the sun slowly slanted west, Baiju licked an ice cream and sat on the edge of the open-air plaza in the middle of the mall, squinting and waiting for Xiao Yao, who was not far away, to take his prize back.

There was a lottery draw in the open-air square today and the two had purchased so much that they had more than 30 chances to draw; Xiao Yao took the old white dog to the draw with the idea of ​​letting Baiju try something new. As a result, the old dog won everything. The guy was loaded with merits and won one special prize, three first prizes, eight second prizes, and all the rest were limited bonus prizes. They almost emptied the limited number of prizes by themselves.

After this experience, Baiju could use at least a year's worth of phone credit without worrying about it.

The prize for the special prize was a two-person travel package. Baiju was quite interested, so he kept this prize; but the remaining prizes were all appliances, which Xiao Yao didn’t use at all, and finally there was a second prize of a dishwashing machine. All the others were discounts and they made up a lot of the day's spending.

Xiao Yao was in a complicated mood and came back with the bank card that had been recharged. He saw the old white dog sitting on the chair, chewing the last bit of the waffle cone, and then he stretched out his long legs and opened his arms towards him. Like he wanted to hug him into his arms.

After a day’s experience, Xiao Yao had barely developed some immunity to Baiju’s allure; he kicked Baiju’s calf, raised his eyebrows and joked, “How come Baiju is like a child, do you want me to lift you up?"

Baiju was basking in the sun, smiling lazily. He raised his chin toward the lottery, and said, "I saw the winners were all hugging."

The old white dog felt that hugging was a good way to express joy, so he sincerely advised Xiao Yao, "We can hug more. If you have any happiness, just hug. The happiness of one person will become that of two people. It's very nice."

Xiao Yao actually felt that Baiju spoke like he was in a fairy tale, which seemed quite suitable for him.
Sure enough, the old white dog and the fox were off the same species, they were good at drawing people in.

Xiao Yao hesitated for a moment, then let himself be drawn in, bending down and hugging Baiju lightly, "Congratulations, Bai'ge, you won a lot."

Baiju's sturdy arms enveloped him. Xiao Yao's back was covered with thin fabric and the smell of sunlight and ice cream was a little bit maddening.
It was rare for Baiju to be lower than Xiao Yao. He knocked Xiao Yao’s neck with his chin, and solemnly shared his feelings, "Yao Yao, I'm very happy."

Xiao Yao whispered, "If you didn't call me Yao Yao, I'd be happier." It sounded a bit damning, and a bit overwhelming.

Baiju thought for a while, and felt that the guardian should be happy to have a nickname, so he released his hand cooperatively, stepped back slightly, looked at Xiao Yao's eyes and asked, "You don't need to be Yao Yao...do you have a nickname? What should I call you?"

Xiao Yao wanted to avoid the topic of a 'nickname', "Can't you just call it a nickname?"

The old white dog shook his head in disapproval and stubbornly said, "You are my ward, and I also recognize you as a younger brother. With such a special relationship, why can't I have a name that belongs to me?"

Xiao Yao listened to the old white dog's words and thought for a while, and felt that it made sense, "The relationship is very special, don't call me Yao Yao, call me Daddy."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju's expression went blank for a moment, and he looked at Xiao Yao a little strangely, not sure whether Xiao Yao was joking or serious.

Xiao Yao wanted to explain to Baiju about what a warden was, but looking at Baiju's expression, he felt soft.
Before the words reached his throat, Xiao Yao finally showed a little helplessness, "I'm just kidding...I don't have a nickname. You can call me Yao Yao if you like, as long as you don't speak it in front of other people."

Baiju nodded suddenly. He knew that Curator Xiao needed a little dignity, and it was a normal requirement to call someone by their nickname in public.
So the old dog white whispered to him, "Yao Yao."

His expression seemed very sly.

The author has something to say:
White old dog: others can't hear it, witty.jpg
Yao Yao almost succeeded in becoming a father = =

I swear the plot shows up soon. I haven't read very far into this novel, I also thought the plot would show up sooner but then I realised these chapters are quite short, only 2k characters each (I think Feed You Sweets was 3.5-4k each). Anyways, pretty sure plot shows up before they leave the mall, or right after they leave, iirc.

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