10 - Yao Yao, hug
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10 - Yao Yao, hug

After a leisurely and fulfilling day at the mall, Baiju returned to the Demon Management Bureau, and stayed inside the villa for nearly a month.

It wasn't that Baiju didn't want to walk around himself, but he decided to learn more human knowledge after his first in-depth contact with modern society. According to Xiao Yao, Baiju didn't need to study, test, and pursue academic qualifications step by step like ordinary students, but starting with some basic knowledge was indeed an effective channel for Baiju to gain insight into this era.
Therefore, after returning to the villa, Baiju, under the arrangement of Xiao Yao, contacted several online tutors specially hired by the Demon Administration Bureau, and quickly entered the studying stage, learning from videos every day, all the way from elementary school to high school. From basic subjects to local customs.

This arrangement could be regarded as saving Xiao Yao a lot of effort.
After all, Xiao Yao was the head of the Demon Management Bureau. Even if there weren't any incidents that he had to deal with recently, there were still a lot of things that needed his attention and investigations that needed to be arranged after the Demon King descended.

The living environment in modern China wasn't very friendly to demons and ghosts. To put it bluntly, it was actually the decline of religion and mysticism, and there was no room for development. Therefore, there were fewer and fewer capable demons, and those without skill may not be able to manifest at all.

In such an environment, there were very few at the top of the pyramid; whether they were demons or practitioners, as long as they took even a step on the path, they could crush any regular individual, and because there were too few people at the same level, they wouldn't have as much guidance or be able to find balance. Once the core of their practice deviates, it would be a disaster for the entire practitioning world and the demon world.

Xiao Yao, as the head of the Demon Management Bureau, must always pay attention to the movements of the entire demon world, to prevent any phenomenon that might possess malicious intent, but also he had to pay attention to the subtle changes at the lowest level of the practitioners world, so that no one would start to deviate from the overall situation and accumulate more power than they should.

Don't think that now that the Demon Management Bureau brought Baiju down the mountain, everything would be fine. Although this move clearly gave the demons a safety guarantee, it actually pushed Baiju to the firing line.

No one from the demon world had directly cooperated with the Demon Management Bureau before, but there were some default little leaders. The practitioning world was also not all of one mind, among them, there were the problems of sects and individual standings within teams. The appearance of Baiju conformed to the wishes of some people, but also went against the wishes of others.
Xiao Yao, as the guardian of Baiju, naturally not only needed to supervise Baiju's behavior and teach him common sense in the human world, but also needed to protect Baiju's life.

The old white dog didn’t know much about Xiao Yao’s responsibilities. When he agreed to go down the mountain, he just wanted to find something to do. After all, in this completely unfamiliar era, his territory was gone, his little brothers were gone, and his followers disappeared. Ah...he really couldn't find a sense of belonging.

When a soul walked in the world, it had to find a place to stay.
The old white dog wasn't a flighty character. On the contrary, he preferred excitement, but he liked to live a fixed place, and he liked to have familiar people and things around him.

Baiju was an old dog with rich emotions, but in the past he was forced to distance himself from humans because of his very different appearance. After landing on the role of being half a mountain god, he couldn't get closer to demons either. Under such circumstances, he hadn't been able to find the "harbour" he wanted.

After many comparisons, Baiju favoured this era.

At least in modern times, people wouldn't reject him because of his appearance, and seemed to like his appearance; and after the decline of animism, he had no hope of becoming a god, but without his followers, he now had a chance of filling the gap between him and ordinary demons. No matter which side it he goes, there seemed to be something missing, but as long as he took a step forward, he could approach them and even blend in.

Baiju wasn't stupid, he had experienced the rise and fall of dynasties, no matter how simple his mind was, he couldn't not know what it meant for him to come down from his mountain. In order to persuade him to go down the mountain, the Demon Management Bureau didn't mention the shortcomings of accepting the employment, but he knew.
He knew that he would cause dissatisfaction among many of the demons, and knew that he would inevitably disturb many of the practitioners.

But the temptation to reenter the world was too great.

Baiju looked at the unfamiliar physics problem on the computer screen and turned his fingers slowly.
Therefore, he was unwilling to abandon any method that might allow him to integrate into this society more quickly.


When Xiao Yao returned to the villa, what he saw was Baiju holding his notebook and sitting cross-legged on the brand-new sofa, listening carefully to a class.
The weather was very good outside and the light golden sunlight passed through the floor-to-ceiling windows and plated Baiju’s body, softly outlined him in a halo. Since Baiju stayed in the house these days, he didn't bother changing clothes, his arms were bare with a snow-white fur coat, he was even too lazy to change the colour of his trousers, and was completely dressed in white. If you added two wings he could play an archangel.

The white old dog's ears were very good. As soon as Xiao Yao opened the door and came in, he looked at the entrance, raised his hand and took off the earphones.
Pausing the old professor's chattering lecture video, Baiju put his notebook aside, smiled and patted the seat next to him, and greeted Xiao Yao to come in and sit down, "Welcome back."

Xiao Yao regained his senses slightly, put down the briefcase by his side with a sound of "Mm," and bent down to change shoes.

Upon seeing this, Baiju got off the sofa and stood in front of Xiao Yao with a few steps of his long legs.
He put slippers down for Xiao Yao, then leaned over and sniffed the back of Xiao Yao's neck, and frowned, "Who did you see today?"

Xiao Yao's goosebumps were raised by the breath of Baiju's sudden approach, and he hid uncomfortably, raising his hand to touch the back of his neck, "I went to Hanhai Entertainment...the red fox from number 27, the little white snake from 13, and the tiger demon from number 8 are all stars at Hanhai; in a few days there'll be a show that will be broadcast on the whole network, and the bureau must arrange for on-site control measures... I'll also have to go to the shooting site to stay."

Baiju looked at the ceiling and tried to extract the entertainment-related things from the complicated information in his mind. He stood there for two seconds before regaining his senses. He was able to figure out where the superficial and mixed perfume smell came from.
It didn't smell bad.

Xiao Yao went into his study, put down his papers, and came out, rolling up his sleeves and preparing to make dinner. When he passed the living room, he stepped in and saw the frozen video on Baiju's screen.

Raising his eyebrows, Xiao Yao was a little surprised, "Did you finish the high school part?" The computer was showing advanced mathematics.
Baiju had been swimming in the ocean of knowledge for a while, and his learning speed was incredible. Xiao Yao originally thought that this demon king who had been fermenting for thousands of years would be a terrible student, he didn't expect that he had just not tried learning before.

Hearing Xiao Yao's question, the old white dog nodded; seeing that he still seemed very surprised, he honestly explained  "I started to play the videos sped up."

Xiao Yao, …...
I don’t want to know how this old man crushed this alumi of Guangzhou University, thank you.

Baiju was an honest dog. He didn't read into Xiao Yao's expressions that had remained unchanged for thousands of years. He had been obsessed with studying for a long time, and his brain was a bit fried. He leaned forward and had nothing to say, "What are you going to do, hm?"

Xiao Yao paused as pulled his sleeves, and his hands shook, almost tearing off the buttons on the sleeves of his shirt.
The "hm" at the end of Baiju's sentence is like a little hook... It was obviously a very soft and delicate word. When Baiju's low and magnetic voice said it, it had a lingering taste.

"...cooking." Xiao Yao took a deep breath and asked the old dog's opinion calmly, "What do you want to eat?"

Baiju had found the apron at some point and put it around Xiao Yao's neck, "Sweet and sour pork ribs...egg custard."

Xiao Yao hurriedly moved his hands to get his belt, fearing that the old white dog would tie him up innocently, "Okay, we have all the ingredients in the fridge. I'll call you when it's ready."

Baiju was sent back to the living room by Xiao Yao, and sat down on the sofa.

The sound of movement in the kitchen drove away the loneliness that had been lingering in the villa during the day. Baiju sat on the large sofa and relaxed, closing the notebook in disgust.
His ward was back, what lessons?

The old white dog, who had no intention of studying, finally felt revived. He put the notebook back in the study, and stood at the door of the kitchen, leaning against the door frame to watch Xiao Yao busy inside.

Xiao Yao looked cold, but he was actually a creature of comfort.
Before Baiju moved to Hall 1, Xiao Yao lived alone, so Xiao Yao didn’t have much to buy and it was enough; however, the layout and decoration of the house didn't only cover the necessities. On the contrary, there were many small objects, such as pillows, blankets, wicker chairs, etc, which made the atmosphere feel relaxing.

Now there was Baiju, and Xiao Yao's living space was visibly filled with traces of the white dog.

Larger and softer sofas, long-haired rugs that Baiju liked, there were hairbands that he'd never used in the past, and exclusive slippers that Baiju would take off and forget to put back on.

Oh yes, there was also tableware that was obviously a size larger.

Baiju walked barefoot without making a sound, and wasn't discovered by Xiao Yao.

He watched Xiao Yao cooking and always found it interesting.
Xiao Yao was a practitioner after all. In order to improve his work efficiency, he habitually used some auxiliary tricks to do things. For example, it wasn't Xiao Yao himself who was cutting vegetables in the kitchen, but a few paper people holding kitchen knives; Xiao Yao himself just took out the frozen ribs, and then closed his palms, light blue flames rolled over the ribs, and quickly thawed the meat.

Baiju looked intently.

Perhaps his vision was too existential. After Xiao Yao moved, he gradually noticed that Baiju was watching him at the door.
He was very focused, following him firmly.

Xiao Yao's movements gradually slowed down, and he wanted to turn around and tell the old white dog out to wait, but he didn't know what to say. He just felt the tension in the air rise up with a little embarrassment and anxiety.

From behind, Baiju noticed Xiao Yao's gradually burning red ear tips. He tilted his ears to listen to his heart with interest, and then heard a familiar "eep" unsurprisingly.

This child really loved to act like a baby.
The old white dog felt a little pride, and walked into the kitchen with a subtle smile. Seeing Xiao Yao steaming the egg custard, he bumped him loosely from behind, "Yao Yao... hug."

The author has something to say:

The old white dog is an honest dog, he really had no ulterior motives.

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