100 - Ashore~
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100 - Ashore~

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Baiju took the little Xuanwu out of the eggshell, and after a while, a slight tremor came from below, and the heavy bottom mud fell, leaving a small pit on the bottom of the sea.
The eggshell that lost the Xuanming plaque was left as only a pair of fragile brackets, which only lasted for a while before submerging in the seabed.

The sand rising from the sea clouded their vision. Baiju led Lingzhuo to swim upwards and soon floated up from the turbid waters to a clear place. The surrounding corals, seaweeds, fish and jellyfish also increased and dots of fluorescent creatures undulating and floating with the sea water appeared.

Lingzhuo couldn't take its eyes away, it followed Baiju upstream, its neck stretched out, looking around, as if it was biting a hook and a line from somewhere was pulling its head and wouldn't let go.
The line changed direction without moving.

Baiju stopped laughing and gestured for Lingzhuo to follow, "The sea is more beautiful up above, not only can you see all of the fluorescent jellyfish and fish in the sea, but you can also see the lights all over the island."

"Really?" Ling Zhuo raised his head abruptly. Without Baiju’s flames, the light in the sea was insufficient, and Ling Zhuo's pupils were round and full of cuteness.
Since its incubation, its understanding of the outside world had all come from the memories inherited from its parents and some scripts that painted the human world. It wasn’t yet able to change shape or speak human language and had always been disconnected from the world.

Baiju suddenly felt a little worried.
He was afraid this child would be a little difficult to teach. Naturally aloof, curious and easy to deceive, naive and cold-blooded, there were many preconceived ideas hidden in its blood...I don't know if the River Dragon King can handle it.

...when the time came, he would have to pay more attention to this little thing, after all, it was one of the four divine beasts, and its luck would still have an impact on Xiao Yao's awakening of his emperor's destiny. Protecting Lingzhuo well was definitely good for him and Xiao Yao.

Perhaps it was because the temptation of the lights, but Baiju quickly brought Lingzhuo to the sea's surface without much effort.
He casually cast a hidden restraint to prevent others from seeing the real body of the Xuanwu then Baiju looked around, but didn't go ashore. First he swam toward the part of the sea where Xiao Yao and Qu Lang were.

The shark people's formation could be used from generation to generation because the natural conditions such as terrain and rocks were borrowed when it was built. This type of formation wasn't very flexible, but correspondingly, it also wasn't very easy to damage.

Without going too fast, Baiju swam over and explained to Lingzhuo, "My partner is over there, we'll go find him first, and then find a place for you to settle down."

Lingzhuo didn't have any opinion, but was curious about the partner Baiju mentioned, and asked, "What is your partner? Is it also a dog demon?"

Baiju smiled, "It's a human, a very good human being."

Lingzhuo dipped his chin in the water, and said with little interest, "Humans are so small."

Baiju, "..."
The problem is that you aren't big at all, Baiju thought with a headache. Demons like it were big guys, and a Xuanwu was a big guy among the big guys, but Lingzhuo wasn't even the size of a human, why didn't it look in a mirror first.

The two exchanged a few words, and Baiju looked up and saw Xiao Yao and Qu Lang sitting on the edge of the reef and waving at him on the shore not far away.

"See? The one on the left is my partner." Baiju stretched out his hand and waved at Xiao Yao and the others, while introducing to Lingzhuo, "Come on, let's go ashore."

Baiju felt happy when he saw his Yao Yao. As soon as he pressed his palm on the sea, he jumped out of the water, and immediately stepped on the sea and ran to Xiao Yao's side.

Lingzhuo stared blankly on the spot, and felt that Baiju, who had just left it in the dust at this moment, looked a lot like a dog.
His tail was almost wagging.

Following the series of ripples left by Baiju, Lingzhuo swam to the shore and saw the white dog bowing his head and letting his partner let out his bun. The two hands that could easily gouge out rocks hung down beside him, and there was no sign of the sharp claws on his fingertips, only a few round and lovely water droplets that congealed and dripped down, obedient and harmless.

Lingzhuo, "Hi..."
It was weird to have a dog with a partner, one moment like a dog and then not at all like a dog.

Baiju whispered a few words to Xiao Yao about the situation at the bottom of the sea, as his wet hair was carefully dried by Xiao Yao. He smiled and bowed his head and kissed the tip of Xiao Yao's nose, then said, "I have the power centre of Guihe Island. It should provide an extra layer of protection for this operation. The little Xuanwu has to settle down first, I don’t know if you have any suggestions.”

Xiao Yao looked at the sea behind Baiju, and didn't see the little Xuanwu Baiju mentioned. He knew that this old dog had hidden him, so he didn't pay too much attention to this aspect, and said, "China won't turn away another auspicious beast. In the current situation, as long as it can increase the national fortune, the more, the better. The little Xuanwu will definitely not lack a place to live when it returns to the mainland with us, but I'm not sure if it would be willing to join the Demon Administration Bureau."

Baiju glanced at Qu Lang next to him, and in the face of his enthusiastic expression, he subconsciously shook his head and said, "The Bureau of Demon Management should be fine, but don't think about the Secret Service."

Qu Lang couldn't hold back, he swallowed the mountains and rivers angrily, "Why!" Why can't their Secret Service fight for a chance!
Halfway through his anger, he remembered that he shouldn't be so loud, so Qu Lang protested in a low voice, choked with his own energy.

Baiju touched his nose and said euphemistically, "...Lingzhuo is a white Xuanwu, not a god of martial arts."
It was impossible to directly say that it was a total weakling.

Qu Lang, "..."
Qu Lang wiped his face, feeling very calm, "I see."

Baiju turned around, coughed lightly and gestured to Lingzhuo to come ashore, "Lingzhuo, come up."

Xiao Yao smiled and patted Qu Lang on the shoulder, stepped forward and walked to Baiju's side, then started to make a circle around the group to hide them, seeing that Baiju tacitly removed the concealment spell on Lingzhuo's body.

The white Xuanwu stood on the dark reef with its curved neck, its milky white scales were soft, its amber pupils were pure and clean. In addition to the majesty revealed in its bones and the white gold sharp blades on the four claws, Lingzhuo's appearance hit Qu Lang's little heart with one shot——white platinum and gold, this colour scheme looks very fortuitous!

Involuntarily twisting his fingers, Qu Lang leaned forward and smiled as kindly as possible, "Lord Lingzhuo, my name is Qu Lang, its an honour to meet you for the first time!"

Lingzhuo tilted its neck back uncomfortably, and the snake said hesitantly, "Sss..."

Baiju, "......"

Qu Lang waited for a while, but didn't hear Lingzhuo speak. He pulled Baiju and asked, "What did it say?"

Baiju repeated in words that Qu Lang could understand, "Lingzhuo thinks you’re a playboy."
In fact, Lingzhuo had already cursed at a frequency that Qu Lang couldn't hear, and because of the majesty of the divine beast, it wasn’t easy to recoil or make a fuss, let alone bite off the playboy’s tongue.

Qu Lang felt wronged for a moment, and didn't know how to restore his image.

Xiao Yao knew Qu Lang's pain. This guy had no concept of money on his mind, but he couldn't keep up with his Peregrine Falcon team, which often caused different degrees of damage to buildings, property, and the like and due to illegal operations during their work, it was necessary for his team members to pay for the compensation themselves. A penny stumped a hero, no matter how ignorant a fighter may be of money, they would become a money fan under the baptism of countless similar accidents.
Captain Qu Lang even more so.

Seeing Xuanwu's gold and jade appearance, he thought of money and became particularly enthusiastic; it wasn’t difficult to understand.

Fortunately, Baiju didn’t embarrass Qu Lang, but squatted down and explained to Lingzhuo gently, telling him that these days were different from the past, and that the etiquette of modern people was far from what he remembered. Qu Lang, as a Chinese person, not hugging and kissing your face before greeting someone was already a very reserved style.

Qu Lang on the side listened, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. For some reason, the old white dog was trying very hard to explain it to Lingzhou. So why did this rhetoric sound like a strange uncle abducted a child...

The slightly puffed up scales on Lingzhuo's neck slowly calmed down.
He still trusted Baiju quite a bit. After listening to the old white dog explain, it looked at Qu Lang suspiciously, and finally nodded silently.

Baiju breathed a sigh of relief, stood up, took Xiao Yao's hand, and said to Qu Lang, "I’ll need to trouble you to settle down Lingzhuo first. Settle it at Jing Xia's house first, since you also have the key. When Jing Xia comes back, tell him everything. Also, A’Song may need Lingzhuo's help. Jing Xia can also take care of it for the time being, so let's do this for now."

Naturally, Qu Lang had no objection. After agreeing the errand, he let Lingzhuo be carried on his back, hid himself and took the little guy away.

Xiao Yao had some time, so he sat down on the reef with Baiju and talked about what happened at the shark’s formation.

Before Xiao Yao and Qu Lang went into the water, they quickly found the formation of the merpeople according to Baiju's instructions.
The place was quite hidden. After entering a lagoon, they needed to find a less obvious undercurrent on the bottom of the sea. Following the undercurrent, they could blindly navigate it to a dark passage with a diameter of about two metres. The dark passage led into Guihe Island, coming out of the dark passage, there was a naturally formed cave in Guihe Island.

In the cave, the sea water had accumulated to form a small lake, and on the shore of the lake was the formation. There were several narrow fissures in the rock at the top of the cave, which was probably the source of the air circulation in the cave.
Xiao Yao and Qu Lang were quite fortunate. The time they went to the cave was at night, so the water level in the cave was relatively high due to the high tide. The magic formation on the shore was close and the passage didn't cause them any trouble.

"Qu Lang has the artificial spirit stone that Ji Yun and the others developed. We studied the formation and put the artificial spirit stone in it. It should be able to store a lot." Xiao Yao said, and reached for something from his pocket. He took out a stone and handed it to Baiju, "Look at this, this is it."

The artificial spirit stone was a rather theoretical thing, almost like an actual spirit stone, which could store a series of things such as spiritual power, this thing was artificially synthesised in batches through arrays and raw materials, its capacity and stability required further study.

Baiju took the artificial spiritual stone in Xiao Yao's hand and looked at it from all angles, clasped his fingers together, and tried to input it with spiritual power.

Most of the things Ji Yun produced were quite reliable. Baiju tried it and commented, "It's okay, the capacity isn’t too small, and the stability is quite high. If you replace it with the kind of power in the ward, you should be able to store it for at least a week. How many artificial spirit stones like this were used in the formation?"

Xiao Yao did the maths, "More than 200 pieces, not too many, it's still quite far from what is actually needed."

Baiju raised his hand to rub the wrinkle between Xiao Yao's brow, and smiled reassuringly, "It's okay, I borrowed a Xuanming plaque from the little Xuanwu, and some space was allocated in it to store the power in this ward. I also have a way to absorb part of it myself, so don’t worry about it.”

Xiao Yao raised his hand to hold Baiju's paw, leaned in and kissed his chin, complimenting him, "Why are you so versatile."

Baiju smiled and lowered his head, kissed the right place, and rubbed his thumb over the small mole under Xiao Yao's ear, "I'm a mountain god."

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