101 - Plot
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101 - Plot

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It wasn’t the first time that the old white dog mountain god had spoken of his expired identity. Xiao Yao bumped Baiju's forehead, secretly thinking that the mountain god could only do such a thing, because he was the white old dog.
This guy said that his mountain had fallen and his followers had disappeared, so he could live leisurely, but in fact, he took the initiative to worry about and solve any problems with the little demons.

A soft-hearted dog.

In the past, Xiao Yao might have thought the dog had the sickness of righteousness, but it was undeniable that when he looked at the old white dog, who was trying to stop all troubles by himself from time to time, he felt that he was so handsome.

Seeing Xiao Yao staring at him, Baiju sat there motionless and watched.
After a while, he finally got a little overwhelmed, "Yao Yao, what are you looking at?"

Xiao Yao regained his senses, looked away, and coughed lightly, "...Nothing." The more he looked, the more he liked it, and the boyfriend filter continued to thicken.

Xiao Yao stood up, patted his pants, and stretched out his hand to Baiju, "Let's go, let's go to Haiyin Fort."

Baiju took his hand, but didn't stand up himself. He waited for Xiao Yao to exert a lot of strength before being slowly pulled up like a piece of toffee stuck to the ground.

There was no feedback from the minifigures who stayed on Ling Yun's side, and it was already past one in the morning. If there was no movement after two in the morning, when the yin qi was at its heaviest, then tonight could basically be declared Christmas Eve.

Baiju personally felt that he wouldn't continue to wait for the other party's actions tonight, so he walked up the mountain road with Xiao Yao slowly, chatting about Jing Xia, A'Song and Lingzhuo as they walked.

"...I still have some information about the cultivation of the merpeople, but there was no specific mention of gender differentiation. It can only improve their strength to a limited extent and increase their own advantages, but would help A'Song differentiate successfully."
Baiju talked to Xiao Yao about Lingzhuo's manyals, and then talked about his previous plans, "I originally planned to go into the mountains to collect some body-refining things, and some of the fish we caught last time for A'Song. Stack them up, and at least help A'Song through this period of differentiation. Eventually differentiation into a male would be possible, that is, the sequelae should be relatively large, and after the differentiation, there will be a period of physical weakness and strength regression."

The old white dog shook Xiao Yao's hand and sighed, "Now Lingzhuo has made it clear that he wants shark fat. According to the temperament of these ancient mythical beasts, it will definitely not be willing to settle for aged shark fat......If A'Song wants to be more confident and less risky, he has to gouge his own out after the differentiation, and it is difficult for me to tell which method has less sequelae."

Xiao Yao smiled, shook his head and said, "You don't need to judge anything. If Lingzhuo really has a suitable manual, I think A'Song still will choose to accept Lingzhuo's conditions."

Baiju was ignorant and didn't quite understand Xiao Yao's statement.

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's pure black pupils, raised the corners of his mouth, and said in a low voice, "Bai'ge, merpeople are very cunning."
"A'Song has already made Jing Xia angry, and the relationship between the two of them is still very awkward today. With the same differentiation effect, A'Song wronging themselves a little bit more will make Jing Xia feel soft."

Baiju, "...!!!"
The old white dog was shocked. He thought he was already very cunning when he sold out with Xiao Yao, but he didn't expect they would have a more cunning operation.

Xiao Yao said earnestly, "Bai'ge, don't learn from them."

Baiju nodded, his mind hadn't turned too far.
He knew his weight and could be cunning by instinct when fighting and hunting, but he was basically relying on luck and wit in coaxing Yao Yao. It was impossible for him to take Xiao Yao's reaction into account.

The old white hung himself on Xiao Yao, and made a promise, "Yao Yao, let's not have such a situation between us...let's earnestly love each other, protect each other well, and there will be no more trauma, okay?"

Xiao Yao laughed and patted the old white dog on the head comfortingly, "Of course."
The temperaments of the two of them were different from Jing Xia and A'Song. Even if there were some things they hid from each other, they both knew of it, and there would be no contradictions that cannot be explained because of this.

After thinking about it, the old white dog smothered him for a long time before he recovered from the "fight" between Jing Xia and A'Song, and half held Xiao Yao and whispered.
The topic of the first few sentences was still on business. The two estimated when the other party would land on the island and how much the Xuanming plaque could replace the power under the seal. They had a good idea,  all the details were perfect, and the topic naturally became crooked.

When the old white dog went into the water, he tied his hair in a bun for the convenience of his movements. As a result, after landing on the shore, Xiao Yao took off the bun for the old white dog, but in his mind he couldn't help but start to make up the appearance of the old white dog in ancient costumes.

...must be very nice.

Xiao Yao raised his hand and pinched Baiju's strong upper arm muscles, and began to think about buying some ancient costumes for the old white dog to try after they went back.
This dog's ability to transform himself was limited, and if he waa allowed to transform himself, he could only transform into white clothes. Although according to the capital of the old white dog's body, a white clothes would still look clean and beautiful. But pure white clothes didn't have good associations and Xiao Yao didn't want the old white dog to dress too plainly.

Black should be fine. Before, when the old white dog wore a vampire outfit, the black fabric matched his complexion very well. If the outfit was replaced by hanfu, he would surely captivate thousands of girls.

Baiju was continuing to chat about Lingzhuo, and after talking for a while, he found that his little boyfriend wasn’t listening. So he stopped talking, pulled him on his back, and walked towards Haiyin Fort with long strides.

"Hey——Bai’ge," Xiao Yao was caught off guard being placed on the old white dog’s back, and immediately woke up, "What are you doing?"

The old white dog supported Xiao Yao's waist and hips, and patted Xiao Yao's butt lightly with the palm of his hand, "Let's put the Xuanming plaque in the ward now, and then I'll take you back, let's have a good rest for half the night."

"There will be no problem with Qu Lang and Xiao Han watching on the flights for tomorrow morning. Try to free up as many people as possible, especially Qing Lan and the yellow godbeasts, to give them more opportunities to learn more.” Baiju thought about it, "After solving this Guihe Island matter and returning to the mainland, we definitely won't have time to take care of these little guys. Such opportunities like this don't come often."

Xiao Yao's legs swung beside Baiju's arms, "Okay, there shouldn't be any movement today, it's better to rest. It's just that we can't let the other side drag this out until the opening day of Haiyin Fort on Thursday. There will be too many people then, and once they act, things could easily get out of control.”

Baiju nodded in agreement. In fact, he felt that the time the other party would aim for should be Thursday. There would be a lot of bystanders, and the moon phase was also weak, which was a time when evil was easy to breed.

"It's not convenient for us to startle the snake, but Haiyin Fort could still do with some changes." Xiao Yao played with a strand of white old dog's hair and thought, "the vampires have distinct rank and servility, but they aren’t necessarily loyal...in this case, as long as the conditions are met, it isn’t impossible that they might toss a little bit before handing over the inheritance."

"The itinerary of the last vampire who received their inheritance has been found. It just happened that they had a medical convention on the mainland recently, and that vampire is an expert in blood diseases and was invited to the event."
Xiao Yao lowered his head and kissed the tip of Baiju's ear, his voice smiling. "What do you think, if we invite him over now, will the other party not be able to sit still?"

That would be extremely good.
For a mastermind who was familiar with the vampire's culture, and additionally at their peak in combat power, their biggest threat was the vampire's old coven running around and eating all the grass. After weighing the pros and cons, the unscrupulous vampires were more likely to switch allegiances to their old coven without hesitation.
Regardless of whether that vampire's physical condition was enough to withstand the thirteenth inheritance, as long as he appeared on the island and showed some intention, he could force the other party to act in advance.

Baiju felt that his little boyfriend was a little weary, so he talked about Haiyin Fort for a while, and how the other party would go for such a play together if he wanted to come.

After a while, Baiju and Xiao Yao arrived at Haiyin Fort, turned the Xuanming plaque into a spell and slammed it into the mountain.

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