102 - Mountain space
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102 - Mountain space

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Just after returning to the holiday villa, Baiju and Xiao Yao had barely arrived at the door when a small plate flew in front of them, which was Chujiu the evil repelling plate.

Baiju put Xiao Yao down from his back, raised his eyebrows in surprise, then reached out and poked the little Chujiu's cheek, "What's the matter, in such a hurry?"

Chujiu with his two chubby arms, gestured anxiously at Baiju, and circled the two of them twice. Finally, he pulled Baiju's clothes and stopped moving, looking up at him eagerly.

Baiju couldn't help laughing. Now that he understood Chujiu's intention, he reached out and rubbed his little head, coaxing, "I'll give you something later."

"What?" Xiao Yao took the door behind Baiju, and when he turned around, he saw the look in Chujiu's eyes, so he smiled, "Bai'ge, what did you bring with you?"

Baiju nodded, grabbed Xiao Yao with one hand, and hooked little Chujiu with the other, and walked in, "Ah, that's the fruit tree I wanted to tell you about."

"The Xuanwu planted a fruit tree on the bottom of the sea. It's a species I've never seen before," Baiju rubbed his finger, and a red fruit the size of a quail egg appeared in his hand, "I don't know its origin, either. But still, it's something from a Xuanwu, and it should be quite useful for a Sixuang Zhenxiepan."

Chujiu hurriedly took the fruit from Baiju's hand, dancing with joy. Baiju rolled his eyes, thinking that fortunately he knew the other guy had no other intentions.
"There is still a lot of fruit. If you feel you haven't had enough, you can ask me for more." Baiju explained briefly to Chujiu, then let him fly away to absorb the fruits and turned to Xiao Yao and said, "Lingzhuo said that it didn't need the fruit tree, but let's keep some fruit and not pick it clean."

Xiao Yao nodded in agreement, raised his hands up, and stretched out, "Let's go, Bai'ge, it's time for us to wash up and sleep."

"Yeah." Baiju glanced out the window. It was already 2:30 in the morning, the sky was still dark, but it would gradually brighten over the next two hours.
Although Xiao Yao didn't sleep a lot usually, his schedule was quite regular. These few days he'd been on vacation, his rhythm had been completely different from usual. Even if Xiao Yao was a monk, in this day and age, it was hard not to be affected a bit.

Thinking about it, Baiju reached out and rubbed Xiao Yao's head, and walked upstairs with him in his arms.

Xiao Yao actually didn't feel too tired, but being looked after so thoughtfully by Baiju, he was always sympathetic.
Looking up and kissing Baiju's chin, Xiao Yao took off his glasses, his eyes softened a little, "Bai'ge, I'll go lie down first."

After saying that, he handed the glasses to Baiju, patted the old white dog's back with his backhand, and then took a few steps upstairs.

Baiju smiled and shook his head, and was quite interesting to see his little boyfriend looking so "excited".


While Xiao Yao was lying beside Baiju wrapped in light mist, the old white dog turned into a slightly larger samoyed, and with a hook of his two front paws, Xiao Yao was properly caught into his fluffy embrace.

Xiao Yao was caught off guard by the soft white fur, and laughed for a while, "Bai’ge, why did it suddenly become like this?"

Baiju lowered his head and licked Xiao Yao's forehead with his soft tongue, "I remember you like it."

As a dog lover, Xiao Yao really liked the feeling of being surrounded by fluff, it made him very relaxed. Baiju's slender and flexible body in human form certainly made him happy and feel at ease, but in the end, he still had a man's self-esteem. Even if Xiao Yao had a good understanding of the things between men, he would still not allow himself to roll in Baiju's arms and behave in a spoiled manner.

And now this fluffy white old dog...
Xiao Yao lowered his head, buried his face in the fur on Baiju's chest and rubbed it back and forth. After a pause, he couldn't help but rubbed hard several times, and take a few deep breaths.

Floof is the treasure of the world!

Baiju let out a muffled laugh, resting his chin on Xiao Yao's head, his tail sticking out of the quilt, and with a relaxed toss, he also closed his eyes and dozed off.
Xiao Yao put his arms around Baiju, remembered something, grabbed his phone and sent a few messages, arranged for the vampire doctor to land on the island, threw the phone back to charge, and nestled comfortably in Baiju's soft fur.

Silent all night.

After a short four-hour break, when the two woke up again, it was just after six o'clock in the morning... It was time for the first flight to land on Guihe Island for the day.

The sound of the airflow swept across the sky above the sea surface and passed through the wall below, leaving only a little vibration, which thrummed in their eardrums.

Seeing Xiao Yao waking up with a frown, Baiju rubbed the top of his head, and then a white light flashed across his body, and the fluff on Xiao Yao's cheeks turned into a smooth texture.
The old white dog folded his long arms, hugged his little boyfriend and kissed his face, then stretched out his fingers to wipe the sleepy moisture at the corner of Xiao Yao's eyes, "Are you awake?"

Xiao Yao bent the corners of his lips in a good mood, and replied, "What time is it?"

Baiju combed Xiao Yao's hair with his fingers, "It's just past six, it's still early."

"Let's get up." Xiao Yao couldn't help but poke the muscles in front of him with his fingers, and printed a loud kiss on it, then got up and stretched his arms, "I'll ask about the vampire doctor's arrangements. If there are no accidents, we should be able to bring him to the island at noon today."

Baiju was speechless, "That’s fast."
The pace of life of modern human beings was really fast. It happened so suddenly. The main forces like Xiao Yao and Qu Lang still had some leisure time on the island, while the grassroots who worked with them on the mainland were really busy, and would often stay overnight for several days.

As soon as Xiao Yao turned over, he simply lay on Baiju's body and touched his phone. After a few clicks and swipes, he found the information he wanted, and his eyebrows relaxed a little.

"Is it good?" Baiju raised his eyebrows.

"It's quite a coincidence, right?" Xiao Yao smiled and said while reading the news, "The vampire's pseudonym is Slade Bourne now, and when he came to China he was very interested in our witch doctors. Witch doctors act between science and metaphysics, and it was a way of practice Slade Bourne was a little bit eager to try."

Baiju understood, "Then he is willing to help us, and I guess he wants to make a little profit."

"Yeah." Xiao Yao nodded, his chin resting on Baiju's neck, "The Special Service is well-informed, they knew what he was thinking, so they brought a book of witch doctor's notes to him, and after a few words he agreed." At that time, the Secret Service had sent someone to go there at three o'clock in the morning, which happened to be afternoon tea time for the vampire so he was in a good mood. It also happened to increase Slade Bourne's favorability to the Chinese Secret Service.

Baiju sat up with Xiao Yao in his arms, and asked curiously, "Are there still witch doctors in China?"
Xiao Yao nodded, then shook his head again, and said, "There is, but the current standards for witch doctors are much lower than before. The spiritual energy of heaven and earth is thin, and elixirs are scarce, the elixir methods that witch doctors used have become theories. Even if they have talent, they can only display a small part of what they can do...if they show it, those witch doctor masters are almost all acting as old Chinese medicine doctors with reliable skills and can only barely protect themselves from evil."

Baiju thought for a while, then lowered his head and licked Xiao Yao's cheek, "It's okay, there will be changes."

The emperor had appeared, he had to find a way to raise Xiao Yao's destiny. Once the emperor's destiny was awakened, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth would naturally take the opportunity to breed, and the talented people in this era would be revitalised.

Xiao Yao tilted his head and rubbed a handful of Baiju's fluffy head with his palm. He didn't pay much attention to what he said, and only said, "Well, let me borrow your auspicious words."

The old white dog's auspicious words were basically equal to prophecies.
Without bothering too much about this topic, Baiju sent Xiao Yao to the bathroom to wash up, and calculated the power that could be activated at present, feeling that the pressure was still quite high.

There was no other way. When an ancient emperor was born, there were imposing beasts of heaven and earth sitting around him. Although their positions weren't necessarily the same, their luck wasn't bad. A great emperor was like the highest peak under the protection of mountains. An independent existence will inevitably have an unstable foundation. There must be matching soldiers and generals, or even lifelong partners to support each other, in order to use a little of his own imperial energy to create a glorious imperial vein.

Many great emperors in ancient times also had a blowout era. Notable people in the emperor’s life frequently appeared, and the beasts and powerful demons also appeared all over China, which created the flourishing of Taoism. Yao Yao wasn't like them, solitary.  An emperor who was born in this era of the decline of Taoism, he was the only old wild dog around him who could barely get on with the upper realm.

His life was still long, and he always had to fight for someone to have no regrets.

This time, he'd see how far that Xuanming plaque could help him break through.


The responsibilities of Baiju and Xiao Yao were not quite the same that day, so they split up not long after they went out.

According to the original plan, Xiao Yao and Qu Lang and others continued to deploy on Guihe Island, taking advantage of the spare time to complete all control and prevention measures. If there was still time after the internal deployment, they would also expand the defense line to the surrounding waters and airspace outside the island.

Baiju was focused on the Xuanming plaque.

Last night he carried the Xuanming plaque into the mountain. Time passed slowly and the Xuanming plaque had silently replaced part of the power in the ward. When Baiju arrived at the mountain, the pulsing power could still be seen through the ward, the black lines still looked a little evil, but the thing inside that had irritated his eye had been weakened a lot.

After greeting Qing Lan who was guarding the top of the peak, Baiju turned into a stream of light, just like he did yesterday with the Xuanming plaque, and also submerged into the mountain.

What was usually perceived as the body of a mountain was naturally not consistent with a mountain in the eyes of monks and demons.
Mountains were real objects to people, but to cultivators, they were divided into yin and yang. In ancient times, when there was a great prison in Shenshan Town, the realm of the mountain was a prison, and a mountain like Guihe Island wouldn't be considered a sacred mountain or give birth to any mountain spirits. A mountain range with a weak background, wouldn't have the divine power of a prison, but most of it could still manifest a space.

The dimensional space within the mountain often looked like a small cave, it was a black, room-sized space. Guihe Island had somewhat of a background, so the space was a small mountain temple, surrounded by mist. There was no sign on the temple gate, it was just an empty shell, and there was nothing spiritual sitting in this small temple.

The Xuanming plaque was hanging on the empty statue in the temple at this time. Countless strands of black energy were interweaving into a net, some black threads were being pulled out from the plaque, and some threads were struggling and rolling, forcibly pulled from outside the space, and gradually suppressed and restrained as they  approached the temple, and finally merged with the plaque.

Baiju's figure suddenly appeared in the temple, and the area around the space was slightly distorted. Immediately, there were countless evil threads that were forcibly pulled up and struggled, like mad beasts who smelled the scent of blood.

"..." Baiju stood under the plaque, raised his head and looked at the struggling threads in midair, the corners of his mouth pursed slightly.

Some things, no matter how many years had passed, were still disgusting.

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