103 - Don't escape
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103 - Don't escape

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The Xuanming plaque seemed to notice the arrival of Baiju, and immediately made a slight buzzing sound. The black light of Xuanming oscillated and spread from the plaque, and rippled down in a few circles. Reluctantly suppressed and restrained, the killing intent towards Baiju was also tugged, converged into a thread, and pulled over by the Xuanming plaque again.

Baiju's expression was soft, his eyes passed over the silk threads, and he raised his hand and touched the cool edge of the plaque.
In the past, if there were still such divine four beasts, would it ever be his turn to solve these crippling problems.

With a little emotion in his heart, Baiju sighed, restrained his thoughts, and said to Xuanming, "Don't be too troublesome...I'll help you."

Xuanming sent a trace of doubt and ignorance through Baiju's fingertips. It only knew that what it was extracting from the mountain was not a good thing, and the thing was obviously hostile towards Baiju.  According to Xuanming, this was quite dangerous.

Baiju lightly smiled and touched the mottled characters on Xuanming plaque, "Don't worry, I'm fine. This thing can't do anything to me."

After he finished speaking, Baiju also rubbed his fingertips soothingly and withdrew his hand.

In the next instant, in Baiju's pitch-black right eye, a deep scarlet slowly emerged from the bottom of his eye, and after a while, the entire pupil was rendered a thick red.
The scar that spread from the corner of his eye also lit up, and the ominous crimson was intertwined with bright gold, and for a while, those lines were like magma surging under the cracked ground.

The silk threads that had been trying to slaughter him with grasping claws seemed to have seen something terrible, and struggled again, trying to escape from Xuanming—

How could Baiju give it such an opportunity, it was the first time he'd taken the initiative to use what was in his right eye, and it was impossible he was acting aimlessly.

A terrifying grip burst out from Baiju, like a greedy evil spirit finally found food. The black silk threads pulled out by the Xuanming plaque lost their shape instantly, twisted a few times, and were violently scattered into smoke, rolling toward Baiju's open palm.

This strange power was sealed in the mountain, in addition to the inheritance of the vampires itself. It was all of the grievances, fears, evil spirits and other messy things that had accumulated over the years, so plentiful it was as if the source was not limited to the island. These things weren't easy to extract without destroying the seal, but the Xuanming plaque itself had a very close connection with the island, such that it could be pulled out and stored in the plaque while keeping the seal intact. The power of the Xuanwu was then poured into the mountain instead of those things to complete the replacement.

Baiju originally knew this would be difficult but now with the Xuanming plaque as a medium, he simply gathered the things that were extracted by the Xuanming plaque into the palm of his hand.
The ivory-white skin looked particularly pale in this dim space, his palms were slightly folded, and covered with a thin layer of golden light, blocking the invasion of the evil black energy. The golden silk threads of the scar flowed from time to time, compressing the black smoke into a ball the size of a pigeon egg, slowly spinning in Baiju's palm to incorporate more.

Something in his eye began to struggle and resist. It needed this black energy...it wanted to devour these readily available delicacies, so that it could strengthen itself and resist the mountain god who has suppressed it for thousands of years.

The familiar feeling of swelling and pain lingered in his mind, bringing with it the hallucination of severe pain...

Baiju closed his eyes.

Something he thought he would never touch again.
Thousands of years of torture were imprinted in his bones, and even if he didn't hate it, this body had long remembered the pain it brought him. Even just a few mild symptoms awakened his memory.

Sharp nails protruded uncontrollably from his fingertips.
Baiju held the black qi ball in one hand and clenched the other hand into a fist. The meridians lurking under the skin bulged and he quickly calmed down.

Calm down……
The past had passed, this thing had been suppressed by himself, and he had continued for countless years. Now there was only a little wisp, with no complete consciousness, and no ability to overthrow him.

This thing had become his prize, a part of his body sealed by him, and he should have the ability to use it, to transform it...into his body.

A burst of divine light poured into his mind, dispelling all painful hallucinations. The lines that spread from the corner of the eyes to the cheeks seemed to be threatened, and the dark red light flickered more and more intensely, appearing a little panicked.
Countless golden threads jumped out, binding the crimson tendrils, crushing and destroying them bit by bit.

The blood red in Baiju's eyes was sifted by the golden sliver, and after a while, the two merged, regardless of each other, and became a golden red like the scorching sun.

Baiju breathed a sigh of relief, calmed down, and then raised his head to communicate with the Xuanming plaque, "Excuse me, please replace this black qi as soon as possible."

Xuanming had been instructed by Baiju before that it was entrenched in the mountain to replace the power here. But its own ability couldn't guarantee that it could control all of the black qi if the replacement was done too quickly, so it was just doing a little bit at a time.
Now Baiju was using it as a medium, and could directly suppress the black qi in the island, which had been a problem for Xuanming plaque. Even though the remaining wisdom of Xuanming didn't allow it to understand what Baiju had changed, it also didn't prevent it from judging that Baiju had enough strength to deal with the black qi.

A plaque and a demon king in the hidden space of the mountain reached a consensus. For a time, Xuanming plaque no longer suppressed itself, and countless black qi rushed from the surrounding space, surging one after another, and the gathering speed was a hundred times faster than before.

The Xuan aura was sharp and cold, rolling out from the Xuanming plaque at the same time, spreading outward from the small dimension and infiltrating the entirety of Guihe Island, and also infiltrating the seal.  The part of the vampire's inheritance that had been stripped away was limited. After being purified by the Xuanming plaque and deepened by the Xuanwu's qi, it seemed that it had merged and mutated into another kind of power. It was between pure Yin and divine fire, which was more suitable for the merpeople to absorb.

If the seal was opened in the future, when the sharks transfer the power in the seal, the risk of using it would be much less.

Baiju stabilized the black ball in his palm, raised his other hand to touch his lower eyelid, and then focused on a water mirror and looked in the mirror.

Hmm... the scar was still there, it hadn't gone away.
It seemed to be as he had guessed before, as long as that thing was in his body, whether it was suppressed or absorbed by him, this scar couldn't be removed.

It was a pity that if he stripped these powers out of his body in order to remove the scar, he may not be able to ignite the emperor's star for Xiao Yao. After all, it wasn't a good thing, only an extremely powerful thing.
Otherwise, how could it restrain him for so many years.

Aside from the strength this thing had given Baiju, from the perspective of the old white dog himself, his mood was actually a little at a loss.
He didn't like the scar on his face. Although Xiao Yao boasted that he was good looking, he still wanted to remove it and show his Yao Yao how clean and uncontaminated he was.

His best purest self.
Whether his skin or soul.


Xiao Yao's mood was a little restless.
When he was distracted for the third time, Qu Lang finally couldn't help but raise his hand and give his Xiao'ge a brain break.

"Xiao'ge, Xiao'lao, what are you doing so desperately?" Qu Lang held a translucent string in his mouth, and gestured for him to help him inarticulately, "Where do I tie it next?"

Xiao Yao touched his forehead, and his thoughts returned to his original position. He didn't care about Qu Lang flicking his forehead as before, but instead focused on the array plate in Qu Lang's hand, and pointed to the silver nails to a certain constellation, and said, "Here."

Qu Lang hurriedly wound the string up.
The silver nails on the array plate were arranged according to the constellations. The array was connected and arranged by the refined silk rope. The stars were different every day, and the method of arrangement was also inconsistent. Only after the array was formed, would it automatically adjust according to the stars.

Qu Lang had some understanding of the formation method, but when he and Xiao Yao studied with their master together, Xiao Yao mainly focused on astrology, and he mainly focused on military technique. So although his knowledge in formations wasn't bad, he still wasn't as good as one-tenth of Xiao Yao's knowledge. When he started forming this array, he could arrange part of it himself, but had to ask Xiao Yao to determine the key nodes for the rest.

This wasn't to say that Qu Lang's strength was poor.
In fact, like many talented people, Qu Lang was quite aggrieved in this era. Qu Lang, who was good at commanding, lacked "soldiers"; so-called soldiers, but only part were the soldiers, the other requirements were weapons, and tactics.

There needed to be talents at hand, and he needed the most tacit partners for soldiers. Also weapons, swords, spears, axes, and halberds that were ever-changing and endless, as weapons; refining morale, slaying demons, and establishing Taoism in Heaven and Earth were all part of the art of war.

All three were indispensable, but Qu Lang lacked everything.
For soldiers, he had teammates, but he had no tacit partners who could match his strength. The people under him had their own way, and none of them could be his sole confidant. In terms of weapons, although modern weapons were not uncommon, the weapons mentioned in the practising world were all spiritual tools. Therefore, it was a pity that there were only a few spiritual weapons in Qu Lang's hands and many, to put it bluntly, were poor. When it came to Daoism, his relied on the presence of the former two.
The practitioners of the art of war were the gods of the army. Without soldiers and weapons, the art of war was a fantasy.

Therefore, the current Qu Lang's real strength was probably less than one-tenth of his real strength.

After Xiao Yao pointed out two or three points, his eyes fell on Qu Lang, and he couldn't help but start to lose his train of thought.
He somehow remembered something that Baiju had said with certainty several times...as if he was convinced that the status quo of this era would change. The pearl will not be polished, but the times will open a new chapter.

In this era, the more knowledgeable the cultivator, the more aware of how low the ceiling was over their head, but the old white dog had expressed vaguely several times that this ceiling would soon become higher.

Xiao Yao had a headache.
He believed that the old white dog wouldn't speak nonsense, but he didn't know whether breaking this boundary would be the natural development of this world, or whether it was necessary for Baiju to sacrifice something, or whether he needed to pay some price himself.

The restlessness in his heart was getting heavier.

Xiao Yao stood up abruptly, took two steps impatiently, and sat back to his original position, "...the next one around here."

Qu Lang looked up at the dazed Xiao Yao, it was rare to see him so restless, he stopped and was a little overwhelmed, "Xiao'ge, what's the matter with you?"

Xiao Yao grabbed a handful of his hair and squatted with his head down.
After a long time, he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, "I suspect that your Bai'ge is a stupid dog..."

Probably, perhaps, should have... done something that can't be undone.
Maybe not a bad thing, but maybe something he wasn't willing to do.

His throat choked a little.
Xiao Yao stared at the ground at the tip of his toes, eager to stare a hole in the ground.

Fang Cai, the fleeting feeling of "a sinking boat" in his heart definitely didn't originate from himself. Xiao Yao couldn't think of anyone other than Baiju who could directly affect his emotions.

He closed his eyes.
Xiao Yao changed the subject, "A'Lang, I want to...get my memory back."

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