104 - Inside story
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104 - Inside story

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"Regain your memory?" Qu Lang was stunned for a moment. He continued to slowly wrap the string around the silver nail pointed out by Xiao Yao, making it difficult to digest the news for a while.

"No, I mean...Xiao’ge, have you thought it out? You won’t regret it?" Qu Lang didn't ask how Xiao Yao suddenly thought of this, and he couldn't ignore the influence of the old white dog, "If you decide so, I’ll accompany you to find a master."

As soon as Xiao Yao said the words, he was still a little dazed in his head, but after a while, he heard Qu Lang ask this question, and couldn't help laughing. He turned his head and said, "Why do you sound more anxious than me?"

Qu Lang stopped talking and scratched his face with his fingers, "I'm not...I'm a little excited."
Unable to bear it, the corners of his mouth upturned and Qu Lang added, "Look, it's a bit of a breakthrough...if you can confront it now that there is the White King around, even if it's not necessarily the best memory to recover, or, even if the results aren't very optimistic, at least someone can share it with you, and you won't run away from it forever."

Xiao Yao nodded and twitched the corners of his mouth, he couldn't smile much more relaxedly.
He knew that there was something wrong with his destiny, maybe it was the opposite of extremes. Certain destinies that were too precious would have a negative impact on the people around him.

Some people's lives were very precious, and the people around them often lost their fortune, or experienced a lot of turmoil because their luck would involuntarily run towards those with the more precious destiny. This kind of plunder of fortunes wasn't considered stealing, it also wouldn't affect the blessings and virtues of people who were very lucky.

Xiao Yao was different. Although he didn't know what kind of destiny he had, what he did know was that this characteristic of "absorbing the luck" that manifested in ordinary people with good luck had undergone a qualitative change in him.

His fate not only absorbed luck, but also absorbed lifespan and life.
As a result, his destiny manifested as "oppression"; it oppressed blood relatives, and maybe would also oppress his lover. It was such a terrible fate, and its impact on the surrounding people was still not considered plundering fortune, because it was the same as an ordinary golden fate.

In other words, even if Xiao Yao's fate caused him to bear the lives of many people, these lives would only be judged by Heavenly Dao as nutrients that he naturally absorbed along the way. He would carry the life, but not the corresponding sin.

Golden heavenly fate naturally had the benefits of heaven.
Undeveloped fates would absorb the luck of the surrounding people, and then when matured would make up for these debts thousands of times. This was the ultimate reason why heaven didn’t punish these sins. Small investments returned big, what was lost was insignificant to the whole world, and fated person who had grown up could naturally return these "nutrients".

Xiao Yao felt that it was actually quite scary. A person was born with the need to sacrifice their blood relatives to fulfill their own destiny, but even the great prison of redemption would not accept him because he was "innocent" in the eyes of Daoism. Other ordinary people of blessed fates, just absorbed some luck, it was harmless, and it was easy to make up for when they grew up later...but what about human life? How could anyone make up for it? If he sucked all the life essence of his blood relatives, who would punish him as executioner?

After such a terrifying destiny showed signs, Xiao Yao and his master were naturally unwilling to let it grow. In order to restrain this fate, measures had to be taken, whether it was to cut off all kinship, or cover his soul, it had to be ruthless.

There are two options, severing kinship, and restoring balance. From the perspective of the results, both would free the practitioner from the bondage of the world, but the former was to destroy the heavenly relationship, and the latter was to give back to the heavenly way, so the actual impact was different. Xiao Yao had such a domineering fate, no one knew what kind of impact it would have on him if he forcibly cut off his kinship, and in this age of backward Daoism, there wasn't enough qi to help Xiao Yao restore balance, so they could only start from another angle.

To cover the soul.
Memory was the most direct record and embodiment of a person's spiritual growth.  Xiao Yao's memory wasn't lost by himself, but by his master who joined with several mysterious masters to seal it. For Xiao Yao, the loss of memory was like engraving a seal on his soul. It also cast a curtain on his fate, his fate couldn't be revealed and grown, and the effect on the people around him was also restricted...

But it didn't include newly emerging "connections".
When the seal was made, things that hadn't yet manifested wouldn't be captured and sealed. Therefore, Xiao Yao, who hadn't experienced love before his "amnesia", once he established a relationship with Baiju, it meant that full power of his fate affected Baiju regardless of the seal.

Fortunately, there was a line in the way of heaven. The lover Xiao Yao met wasn't an ordinary person, nor an ordinary cultivator, but one with a life span of several thousand years, with one foot in Heaven, and his whole body full of merit and golden light. A white old dog with many lives.

Xiao Yao's fate had been weakened by an unknown amount. Even if he tried his best to influence Baiju, he didn't cause any substantial loss to the old white dog.

It was just unpredictable...once this seal was lifted, what kind of rebound would his destiny usher in.
Xiao Yao, who had grown more than 20 years, naturally couldn't be forcibly sealed by his master like when he was a young child.

The total number of Daoist masters in the mainland was too few. They were barely successful in the past, and they had used several seals in succession. However, if all the seals were lifted, it would be impossible to put them back.

There would be no turning back.
Whether it was Xiao Yao or Baiju who didn't know what he was doing.


The old white dog was still replacing the black aura in the realm of the mountain.

After he activated the power in his right eye, he could be regarded as an arm for these evil things. Even if he was a little bit resistant, it was undeniable that with the help of the Xuanming plaque, the hundreds of thousands of tendrils in this mountain were swiftly gathered by him.

Even the old white dog himself didn't expect that the things that had threatened him for so long had been fully absorbed. It seemed that the alarm that had been awakened before and the active reaction when he encountered food were just some residual instincts. After these countless years of wear and tear, there was no longer any possibility of being overthrown.

Taking this step, the old white dog was relieved.
It was a big deal...anyway, he was already half a "sinner" long ago, there were too many debts to worry about. If he didn't raise his strength how could he light up Xiao Yao's Emperor fate?

Time passed minute by minute, and the black qi in the seal came out slower and slower. Obviously it was nearing its end. Baiju saw this, cast a few spells, and accelerated the collection of the last few strands of black qi.  After chatting with Xuanming plaque again, he stuffed all the black qi stored in the ball back into the plaque's body.
After all, what he wanted to use wasn't the black qi, but the Xuanwu power that remained after the replacement by the Xuanming plaque.

It was a power that wouldn't damage his foundation and would balance with the qi in his body.

The last trace of dark and profound light escaped from the Xuanming plaque, Baiju beckoned, and the Xuanming plaque shrunk a few times, turned into a foot-long shape, and fell down into Baiju's palm.

Baiju took a breath and frowned slightly.
Well...it was worth a try.

Sorry I've been slow, I get a bit fatigued reading the same story for 9 months (still less than a year, yay!). I promise I'll get to the end of this! ...just maybe slowly...

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