105 - I have something to tell you
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105 - I have something to tell you

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Baiju had never tried to absorb such a large amount of foreign power——not counting the time when he was forced to.
For cultivators and demons, it took a lot of time to refine and integrate a large amount of foreign power. If they were eager to make progress, it would also lead to unstable foundations, and if they wanted to absorb the power quickly, they would have to bear countless more times the pain.

The old white dog wouldn't do such a thing by himself.
In the past, when he was cultivating, his progress was not slow. After all, he had two dashing, chivalrous and righteous dog demon parents who accumulated virtue before him. He also guarded a mountain temple. From aptitude to merit and mentality, he was blessed and so naturally, he didn't encounter many troubles in his practice.

The old white dog, who had no ambitions, paddled on the road of cultivation unhurriedly, his level was neither high nor low, his younger brothers weren’t too many or too few, and he was quite incompatible with the bloody cultivation world at that time. Edited into a video, he would have been a melodious guqin in a roar of rock music.

——This was, of course, a statement of his merit.
In fact, the old white dog had always been an old-fashioned style without conflict.

The old white, an old-fashioned guy, naturally didn’t work too hard or deliberately hunt resources to improve his strength. What he had thought about every day was how to solve the prayers of his believers, how to feed his younger brothers who were caring for their families, and how to fill his own belly.

His strength wasn’t high, it was enough.
The old white dog held such Buddhist ideals, and occasionally if he encountered something wouldn’t hurry to lock himself away to cultivate. If his strength increased enough to solve the problem, he would return to his daily life, rather than pursuing progress...still paddling and paddling, he swam to the middle and upper reaches of many demon kings unharmed, and in the later stage, he became one of the several big demon kings.

Naturally, there were still quite a few demons who weren’t pleasing to the eyes of such an old dog. There were people who would pick fights, but even after picking a fight, the strength of the old white dog would only rise, and it made their teeth itch.

With the passage of time, all kinds of things had happened to the old white dog. It wasn’t that he had never killed people or seen blood, and it wasn’t that he had no animalistic or murderous nature. It was just because of the ol;d white dog’s character such things would never be the dominant emotion in him.

All his primal instincts were spent on basking in the sun, hunting and eating.
If it weren't for the things that happened later in his life, adding more than a thousand years of hardship to him out of thin air, the old white dog was able to spend his life leisurely.

So now the old white dog with the old-fashioned style stood up and shook his hair, it was rare for him to take the initiative to put on armour.
If he didn’t act, then he wouldn't be soft on himself once the old white dog finally decided to act.

The power accumulated in the Xuanming plaque was the power of the Xuanwu's inheritance. At that moment, it had replaced all the power sealed in the mountain, but still retained most of the power.
After all, it was the inheritance of a divine beast, enough to make a baby Xuanwu develop from a weakling just out of the shell into a half-laded martial god, how could it be swallowed up by a mountain so easily. There was a huge difference in quality between the power required during the replacement process, and the amount of threads drawn from the Xuanming plaque was less than 1% of the evil qi, but the actual energy contained was equal.

The old white dog estimated that it should be no problem to swallow what was contained in this mountain himself.

It was just that time was tight, and he didn't know how much he could absorb.
The old white dog sat cross-legged in the space inside the mountain, took a deep breath, and countless fine black silk threads flew up from the Xuanming plaque, like a group of black snakes, winding up along Baiju’s palm. Clambering tightly, they grabbed Baiju's arm, and in an instant, the cloth covering Baiju's arm was twisted to shreds!

Baiju's eyelids moved, and he sighed indiscernibly. He didn't want to emerge from the mountain a bald dog.
The clothes on his body were retracted into him in one breath, and his fair skin was exposed in the black space of the mountain. There was a faint white shimmer emanating from Baiju, but it was quickly covered by the cobweb-like dense black snakes that entangled him.

The Xuanwu’s inheritance was such a domineering thing, even if Baiju got the blessings of Lingzhuo and Xuanming, he still had to contend with the power of Xuanwu itself.

A mere wild dog in the mountains, even if he was a mountain god, who gave him the courage to pursue the Xuanwu's power?
A black snake bared its fangs and hissed as the mysterious power manifested itself in the shape of a turtle and a snake. The shadow snake charged, and the shadow turtle surrounded him. One clung to Baiju’s body while the other turned into a giant shadow to suppress him.

Although his palm was the area where his veins were concentrated, it wasn't qualified as the entrance of this power——
The black snake hissed, arched its neck, twisted its body quickly towards Baiju's heart, then tore open his flesh and stabbed in—the moment the shadow dissipated, there was not a single wound on his white flesh. The piercing coolness and severe pain were clearly a real illusion.

The mountain-like weight squeezed in from all sides of all his flesh and bones, as the icy black snake penetrated his heart. For a time, the muscles of Baiju's whole body tightened, and countless fine beads of sweat seeped out from under the skin. Crystal clear, the droplets couldn't even gather, before they were directly frozen into frost by the cold Xuanwu's aura.

Severe pain spread to all of his limbs.
Baiju gritted his teeth and got used to the initial pain, and gradually he was able to separate out a little bit of his mind to sort out and operate the power of Xuanwu that had been incorporated into his body, and integrate it into his original inner qi little by little.

The tortoise-shaped phantom above Baiju faded slightly. A pair of brass eyes slowly opened, their line of sight gradually moving down and slowly landing on Baiju. In the depths, there seems to be a trace of light flashing past.

Baiju didn't notice this, even as he was a little relieved by the pain that was crushing up and down his entire body.
Since that incident…this was the first time that he had felt severe pain when his mind was fully awake, feeling that his body had been being destroyed, repaired, and finally grown stronger.

His thin waist was straight, showing not even the slightest tendency to be crushed.
Baiju's eyelids were relaxed, and between his fine eyelashes, his deep black pupils were calm. He was like a white jade statue that remained motionless, letting countless black snakes gather into a vortex and drill into his heart, one after another, from the Xuanming plaque to his palm to his torso, until he was covered with cobwebs.

He had endured the suffering of all beings.
The mere basalt beast...how can it suppress him.




The sound of fine water droplets resounded in the empty temple, and a few small droplets of water fell to the tip of Baiju's slightly warped hair, gathered a little more, and fell to the ground.

The power of Xuanwu in Baiju's body had been absorbed to the limit. The Xuanming plaque was suspended in the air and was no longer connected to him, but the influence of the Xuanwu's power wasn't so easy to dissipate. The power of the basalt beast had been digested frantically in the temple that was now an ice cave. After several weeks, the temperature here would rise a little, and the frost that now covered it would begin to melt.

Little by little, the shallow chill gradually dissipated, and Baiju moved his eyelids and woke up from the state of desperate refining. Just before he woke up, the giant tortoise phantom that had been entrenched above him, quietly slipped back into the Xuanming plaque, his brass-colored eyes had become extremely agile, like a living thing.

The whole experience seemed to be very long, but the flow rate of time inside the mountain was a little different from the outside world, and coupled with Baiju’s refining speed, it actually only took about five hours.

After tidying up, the Xuanming plaque still had more than half of its power left. Baiju held the plaque in his hand again and pondered for a while.
This Xuanming plaque should be returned to the bottom of the sea. With the power it had injected into the mountain, Guihe Island could still produce flowers and plants containing aura as before, but the Xuanming plaque was directly bound to Lingzhuo and in the future, the connection between Xuanming Plaque and the island would lessen. The plaque wouldn’t continuously supply the creatures on the island with spiritual energy.

It looked like there needed to be a booster.
The power contained in Xuanming's plaque was useless to Lingzhuo, and what he had taken was already enough, and if he took more it would be harmful to the world.

Baiju pondered, then drew out his sharp claws and painted a few talisman formations behind the Xuanming plaque, and also a matching talisman formation in the temple in dimension space of the mountain. Only then did he nod his head in satisfaction, pull the Xuanming plaque down and stuff it back to where it was originally.

He stretched out, his joints stretching under the pressure, making a crackling sound.

Next, he had to find his Yao Yao.
Baiju raised his hand and touched the corner of his eyes, silently organising the language in his heart. Then he neatened his hair, took care of himself, and disappeared from the dimensional space of the mountain.

...well, he didn’t lie.
He didn't feel guilty for hiding from Xiao Yao.
Wasn't he going to explain it?
His Yao Yao was so considerate, so he shouldn't be angry with him......right?

Baiju stood on the open space on the top of the mountain, psyching himself up, and in the end he was so nervous that he grabbed his toes on the ground, and decided that if Yao Yao was angry, he would roll onto the ground and expose his belly. He whimpered twice more and opened his eyes wide.
Act cute. Yeah.

After making sufficient psychological preparations, the old white dog finally left the summit while Qing Lan watched silently, his eyes filled with blankness.

Qing Lan, "..."
The demon king is really hard to understand. He, a simple single corpse, couldn't understand the mind of the demon king at all. Let's continue to stand at the top of the mountain seriously.

Baiju quickly found Xiao Yao on the island.

After Xiao Yao and Qu Lang set up the array, they laid it out over the entire island. At this point, the defence inside Guihe Island was basically perfect, therefore, Baiju found Xiao Yao on a reef on the east coast with Qu Lang studying a method to expand the defence.

The old white dog jumped down from above and landed lightly on the reef in front of Xiao Yao. Xiao Yao raised his head and saw that Baiju had returned, and subconsciously showed a pleasant smile, even the lens reflected a little warm light.

Qu Lang, "..." I feel like I became transparent in an instant.

The old white dog's thoughtful words were all overwhelmed by this smile, he bent his lips subconsciously, and a gentle "Yao Yao" was blurted out.

Qu Lang silently took two steps to the side.

The old white dog and Xiao Yao looked at each other for a few seconds, and both smiled even more stupidly. Qu Lang couldn't stand it any longer, so he could only clear his throat to remind them that he was still alive.

Xiao Yao and Baiju came back to their senses, feeling embarrassed for a moment, and then they both restrained the smiles on their faces.
Baiju stepped closer, and as soon as he stood on the reef where Xiao Yao was, the two of them said in unison again, "I have something to tell you."

Qu Lang: ? ? ? crooked? ?

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