107 - Open and honest (Part 2)
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107 - Open and honest (Part 2)

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Xiao Yao rubbed his nose, a little embarrassed, and went to pour another glass of juice for his neglected brother.

Qu Lang looked annoyed on his face, but he was still reasonably and calmly shocked.
He and Xiao Yao grew up together and learned from the same school. Even though their later life experiences and connections were different, their knowledge accumulation was similar.

The circles in the metaphysical world were small. He and Xiao Yao had similar access to knowledge and neither of them were lazy people, there was no reason for there to be any gap between their breadth of knowledge. Obviously, the conversation between Baiju and Xiao Yao just now contained a lot of things that Qu Lang didn't understand.

This demon king Baiju and the human cultivators may not have the same understanding of the world at all.

That's a good thing, Qu Lang thought, his eyes fell on Baiju and he thought, if someone told him half a year ago that the problem of fate that had plagued Xiao'ge for more than 20 years would be solved by a demon king, he would never have believed it.
Unlike Xiao Yao who inexplicably trusted Baiju, Qu Lang had always had a limit. Rather than saying that he trusted Baiju, it was more that he trusted Xiao Yao.

It was difficult for Qu Lang to imagine that there would be such a demon king standing beside his Xiao'ge, that spared no effort to help him and love him.

After thinking about all kinds of things in his mind, Qu Lang lowered his eyes and looked at the freshly poured juice in front of him, considered it for a while, and asked Baiju first, "Bai'ge, you and Xiao'ge must have answered this question before......I don't quite understand some of the things you just talked about, but I can understand the meaning. This can be discussed later. The more important thing now is that Xiao'ge wants to remove the seal on his memory, how can you help him?"

Baiju raised his eyebrows when he heard the question, looked sideways, and met Xiao Yao's equally worried and doubtful eyes.
Fate was the most difficult thing to explain. There was no easy way to solve the problem of fate. In righteous Daoism, most of the methods were to exchange life for life.

He squeezed Xiao Yao's palm soothingly, and Baiju said, "This is what I just wanted to tell Yao Yao."

"The reason for my eye injury here is a bit complicated, and it is inconvenient for me to explain some things in detail," Baiju raised his finger to the sky and mentioned, "After all, I did some wicked things back then.

"It can be said that what remains in my eye is a fragment of the godhead of a demon god." Baiju touched the corner of his eye, "It stands to reason that the fragment of the godhead has been wiped out by me, and only a little instinct was still contained within. But the scar here has never been removed, and I don't know what affected it...but now, its residual instinct is gone."

Before Qu Lang's shocked eyes, Baiju smiled, "Just before, I scattered and absorbed it."

Xiao Yao tightened his fingers slightly and took a slow breath. Compared to Qu Lang, he had a hunch when Baiju made a move, so he was not particularly surprised when Baiju said these things.

He had some guesses about this godhead fragment from the very beginning. After all, as a demon king and a mountain god, if the old white dog couldn't remove it, then Xiao Yao speculated that it might have something to do with the godhead.

Wasn't it the difference of being slashed by a knife or having a knife shoved into your body?  The former would healed, but the latter would continue to torture the body with its sharp blade.

No wonder Baiju was tortured for more than a thousand years.
No wonder Baiju's strength had risen so much.
No wonder Baiju would be extremely distrustful of humans, obviously an old dog who liked to be social, but chose to stay away from the crowd.
No wonder.

Demon God fragments weren’t a good thing.

You must know that in the world of cultivators, the birth of a demon god was the same as a catastrophe.

Among the common natural and man-made disasters, natural disasters often referred to unavoidable extreme disasters such as floods, severe droughts, extreme cold, insect disasters, plagues, etc.

In other words, if the demon god wasn't eradicated in time after they came into the world, then the current world would not simply decline, but would not exist at all.

Xiao Yao suddenly had many thoughts at once. In addition to discovering that many of the old white dog's past abnormal behaviors had been explained, he also felt that this guy might be a hero.

Qu Lang also thought this. After being stunned for a while, he slowly opened his mouth and said, "White King, that means that the great catastrophe of the devil more than a thousand years ago...was resolved by you?"

Baiju shook his head, "I wouldn't say that."
After a pause, Baiju explained helplessly, "What happened back then, whether it was a coincidence or fate, it fell on me, and I couldn't just sit still. The righteous cultivators were not enough, I wouldn't take the initiative of saving the world, nor do I want to give up my own life because of a demon.”

"A lot of people died at that time, as well as a lot of demon kings and top cultivators. In the end, it ran into my body before it was completely dispersed." Baiju smiled bitterly, "You have almost guessed what happened next. The godhead fragment was originally a good thing, but unfortunately the owner of this godhead fragment was a demon god."
"It was in my body, in my brain, screaming every moment to kill, to suck blood, to destroy; it wandered through the flesh and bones of my body, struggling, trying to devour me, be it my flesh or blood or spirit."

"But I didn't want it to." Baiju twitched the corners of his mouth, looked down at the glass of juice in his hand that hadn't been touched very much, and shook it, "I am alive, and it was a lingering fragment, and at the end of the road, it just came to who was stronger than the other."
Even if it was a Demon God, as long as it failed to kill him at the beginning, it would be impossible in the future.

If he didn't make it through, his life would be ruined.
If he made it through, it would be calm and peaceful.

Fortunately, it was the second.

"It's a bit difficult to unblock Yao Yao's memory, but it's not completely impossible."
"I have been infected with the godhead, and I still have some heavenly techniques. Although I can't solve it in an instant, I can add a second layer of protection to Yao Yao when he unblocks him, so that he can send all the backlash to me, and not spread it." Baiju said, "It's just that my ability is limited now, Yao Yao, give me a little more time, let me gather all the strength I can find, so that I can make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Xiao Yao frowned, he had no objection to buying time for Baiju. Now that he had made a decision, he shouldn't be too impatient. He'd waited for more than 20 years. Knowing that there was a solution, it didn't matter if he waited for a few more decades.

On the other hand, he was more worried about the solution that Baiju had suggested, "Bai'ge, if all the backlash is directed at you, what will you do?"

Baiju's expression was awkward for a moment.

Xiao Yao, "?"

Baiju thought about his words and said, "Yao Yao, your fate is related to heaven and luck. You should be aware this."

Xiao Yao was of course concerned about his own destiny, and he had listened very seriously to everything up until this point, "Yeah, I listened to what you explained before. In the end, this phenomenon is still a product of the decline of animism."

Baiju nodded, "That's right...so your fate backlash can actually be regarded as a kind of wrath of heaven."
Baiju licked his lips, "God's wrath can also be eaten."

Xiao Yao and Qu Lang, "..."Eat the curse?
What kind of whimsy is this, is the tengu devouring the moon?

The old white dog didn't care whether the two of them could digest this matter, so he continued, "It's just that I'm too weak now, and I don't think I can swallow Yao Yao's backlash, so I have to prepare."

In fact, if he really had to say it, Baiju just had bad luck. There were so many ways of cultivation in the world, but he chose to be a mountain god.

Mountain gods were the most useless little gods in the Chinese hierarchy, and most of them were old trees and petrified spirits on the mountain. Such small mountain gods often couldn't leave far from the main mountain. Mountain gods cultivated from the beasts and monsters were more flexible and reliable than the grass and wood mountain gods, but they were still somewhat lacking in function.

However, it was said that in three hundred and sixty lines, every line is a champion, and the "champion" mountain god was lucky to be in charge of a mountain. And what of the mountain? A mountain with a dragon vein could become a sacred mountain.

As mentioned earlier, dragon qi was emperor qi, and in the same way, dragon veins were emperor veins. If one were to say that other immortals of the same level couldn’t stand an emperor’s fate, then the one that could stand it was none other than an inconspicuous character like a mountain god.

The old white dog just broke his shackles and chose to absorb the power of the devil. Moreover, he had not even absorbed the power left by his parents, he was far from being unable to support the mountain.

In ancient times, several great emperors appeared one after another, so the Three Hundred and Five Mountains were able to quell the dragon veins——also the emperor’s qi. But now it was different. It was just Yao Yao, a person appointed by the emperor to be the enlightener of the new era. As long as Baiju was able to borrow a sacred mountain it should work out.

However, maybe he had to be cheeky to ask Heaven for help.

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