108 - Don't know each other
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108 - Don't know each other

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Shocked by the old white dog's astonishing utterance of his theory of hearing God's Wrath, Xiao Yao and Qu Lang didn't regain their senses for a long time.

There was no substantive shape to it but it was mostly reflected in fortune and qi, and the most straightforward form of this expression was Divine Thunder.
If the old white dog had directly said he'd swallow the thunder, Xiao Yao would have found it easier to imagine, after all, it wasn't like he hadn't seen this old dog attracting thunder. But obviously, his fate absorbed the lifespan and fortune of the people around him, it wasn't a loud bang and robbery via thunder cloud.

Xiao Yao thought for a while and couldn't figure out how the old white dog would do it. Curiosity finally prevailed, so he couldn't help but ask, "Bai'ge, how do you swallow the backlash? It isn't something that looks like a demon or the inheritance, and once it falls on you, it will cause substantial damage, how can you eat it?"

Baiju blinked, "Ah, of course you can't eat it directly."
The old white dog dug through the vocabulary in his head in distress, and finally found a suitable statement, "Yao Yao, do you know what it means to perform meritorious deeds?"

Xiao Yao nodded.

The old white dog settled into his explanation, his legs were crossed, his elbows supported his knees, and his fingertips gestured in the air, "You can't eat it directly, but you can change it. Let's put it this way, if you compare the way of heaven to the law, then the backlash is a means of law enforcement."

"For example, if I have committed a serious crime, according to the law, I should be executed, but I have gained some great merits in addition to this crime, so I can apply for guilt and meritorious deeds. If it is done well, maybe even the merits and demerits can offset each other, or they're even greater than the demerits and I'll be exempt from the death penalty, or there may be some rewards. The key to this is that I won't be 'immediately' beheaded, but will go to trial."

Xiao Yao and Qu Lang nodded in unison, and probably understood a little bit.

Seeing that the two of them didn't have any questions, Baiju continued, "So what I have to do is to make a ledger, and let the backlash be recorded in the ledger first, and define the lifespan, the hardships, and so on, and then, when Yao Yao's fate is stabilised, I, as the bearer of his backlash, will be gracious to the way of heaven. At that time, I will be able to counteract God's Wrath, or at least there will be a balance."
Ordinary an emperor’s fate could be 10 to 100 times more nurturing to the world. When Yao Yao's destiny was stabilised, there would be more people who could feed back. The old white dog wasn't worried about going astray in this regard.

But the little abacus still needed to be calculated carefully, Baiju thought, and the corners of his mouth curved, and there was a hint of slyness that was different from usual between his eyebrows, "Ahem, and then moving on——When I'm about to commit crimes or perform meritorious deeds, I'll make another application and tell heaven to lend me some of its power. If it lends me part of its power, I can multiply my credit tenfold, and this power does not need to be givento me, as long as it materialises the backlash, I can swallow it myself… what do you think, won't the heavenly dao agree to this deal?"

Xiao Yao, "..."
I had no idea you were such a scheming dog.

Qu Lang was amazed, "White King, tell the truth, how many times have you used this trick?" Why are you so skilled hmmm?

Baiju was silent.
This trick had never been used before, but it was obviously not the first time he'd taken advantage of heaven.

"There were three times, but only three. So I have a little experience." The old white dog touched his nose and whispered, "A few more times, and I'm afraid that heaven will come after me, and the new and old accounts will be calculated together, then I'll be ruined."

Qu Lang, "..." So altogether you actually have an unfavourable account.
Qu Lang cleared his throat, rubbed the armrest of the sofa with his palm, and thought carefully about the things that Baiju had said. Habitually stripping out some useful information, Qu Lang thought and continued, "Then, White King, I have a few more things to confirm."

Xiao Yao nodded in agreement, then raised his hand and poked the old white dog's chest, and said, "The first question, how do you discuss this with the Heavenly Dao? Chat with him?"

Baiju laughed, and played with Xiao Yao's dishonest finger, "It's definitely not okay to chat, but transforming divine wrath is an immortal method, turning invisible backlash into tangible wind, fire and thunder, this is something I can do…...I have the means but no priesthood right now, so doing so is equivalent to crossing the line. I don't conform to the laws of heaven, so I have to be punished."

"And you," Baiju leaned over and kissed Xiao Yao's nose, "the crime I'm guilty of."

Qu Lang, "..." Oh.
Qu Lang cleared his throat and said, "Then the second question is about Xiao'ge's fate. According to what you said before, his fate backfired because it is hungry for luck so it can grow. Then won't there be a problem, after the backlash is transformed and devoured by you, you cannot use your luck to feed back to Xiao'ge. Wouldn’t his fate continue to be hungry and devour everyone else? "

Baiju opened his mouth, "...Ah."
Baiju's eyes fluttered a little, and a faint red slowly climbed up from the root of his neck. He thought about his words, but still felt that it was not something he could say so he whispered, "Yes, it will be fed, don't worry about that."

Qu Lang, "???" Why is this old dog feeling shy?

Baiju was really shy.
This...how do you explain the feeding thing in front of outsiders…

He originally planned to use his own body as a medium to feed the power from the backlash back to Xiao Yao after he had devoured it, so that he could fool the emperor's fate. Although it was neither longevity nor luck, it was essentially the same source of power, and the emperor star could make it a meal - the kind that didn't taste right, but still filled the stomach.

There weren't a lot of ways to feed the power back.
The most efficient and least likely to be rejected was…dual cultivation.

Xiao Yao looked at the old white dog's red earlobes and their tendency to become more and more red, and immediately understood.
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Xiao Yao hooked Baiju's palm with his fingers and joked, "Bai'ge, how can you feed the luck back, why can't I know?"

The old white quickly squeezed Xiao Yao's fingers, loosened them again, and begged for mercy, "Yao Yao…"

When Xiao Yao saw that the old dog was almost beside himself, he didn't force him to speak, but leaned into his ear and whispered softly, "Then you have to be gentle."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju even turned red on the back of his feet, buried his head, and wanted to expel smoke from all over his body.

Xiao Yao was delighted, and his fingers curled around Baiju's hand.

Qu Lang, "...I seem to understand."
Qu Lang wiped his face, not quite understanding why he was rushing to find dog food.

The old white dog had already explained the solution to Xiao Yao's problem clearly enough, so Qu Lang didn't intend to ask any further questions. He patted his butt and stood up, scratching his head, "Then I'll leave Xiao'ge to the White King…...as for the master's side, we also have to meet in advance. There are some things that the master knows, but we don't know, which may have an impact."

Xiao Yao also got off the sofa, stood up straight and stretched, "That was already the plan, even if this didn't happen, I'd planned to take Bai'ge to see the master after I went back, after all, we want to be together for a lifetime. Given the current situation, we will see how the island is resolved first. After that, let's set aside some time to find a master. You can come with us, so that we can take care of everyone's business."

"Yeah." Qu Lang nodded, "I'll go to the capital first. Shao Simiao has a special physique. If I go to the master, I might as well bring him with me."

"Okay, let's settle this first." Xiao Yao patted Qu Lang on the shoulder, "You go out for a walk first and see what's going on with the others. I have to ask Bai'ge some things here."

Knowing that these two husbands had to talk more, Qu Lang glanced at Baiju and waved, "Then I'll go first, White King."

Baiju nodded.

Xiao Yao sent Qu Lang out, locked the door, and turned to look at Baiju, "Bai'ge, about the fragments of the godhead..."
Xiao Yao paused, "The one who attacked you was a demon or a broken one?"

Baiju sat cross-legged on the sofa, looked up into Xiao Yao's eyes, and after a while, smiled and put an index finger against his lips, "Can't say."

Sometimes it wasn't a good thing for your lover to be too smart.
For example, he couldn't be fooled over the matter of the Demon God Fragment.

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju and sighed.
He squatted down in front of the sofa, with his forehead against Baiju's knee, "...Bai'ge, who hurt you? I really want to slash them with a thousand cuts."

Baiju rubbed Xiao Yao's hair, his eyes softened, "No one hurt me... It was just a lot of bad thoughts and stupid things. It's not me who suffered, but someone else."

"You forgive them?" Xiao Yao grabbed Baiju's trousers and didn't look up.

"No." Baiju let out a chuckle from his nose, "But they have already been punished."

Xiao Yao sniffed, "Willingly?"

Baiju gently pressed the back of Xiao Yao's neck, causing him to raise his head, "No way."
Baiju bent down and kissed Xiao Yao's forehead, "Yao Yao...such things are not big things."

"It wasn't that important in the first place...after meeting you, it's even less important." Baiju kissed down the bridge of his nose, "I'm extremely grateful that those things happened back then, so that I can now have the opportunity and strength to help you."

Xiao Yao still had a bit of wetness in his eyes, but he couldn't help laughing when he heard his words, "Are you happy you aren't a god?"

Baiju pecked at the corner of his lips, "A god can't be free in this world."

How could there be Xiao Yao in the world as a god?

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