109 - We don't know each other
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109 - We don't know each other

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Xiao Yao and Baiju didn't have much time for themselves, so they didn't stay in the villa for long and went out to help Qu Lang to patrol. Finally, at night, an unusual fluctuation spread silently, and in an instant, the air of the entire Guihe Island became stagnant.

"The air is stale...I thought it would last at least until midnight." Xiao Yao squeezed the pocket watch-like magic astrolabe and closed it with a click, "I'm going to prepare to evacuate the crowd, you go to Haiyin Fort first."

Baiju raised his eyebrows when he heard this, but he didn't feel too surprised.
In fact, as they repeatedly checked the protection and tracking network of Guihe Island, the spell fluctuations that were dormant or hidden had  already begun to emerge. In addition, Slade Bourne had been in Haiyin Fort for the whole afternoon, with the intention of staying overnight. If the other party didn't do anything, then the cooked duck would really fly away.

——Although it should be said that with the old white dog's theiving, this duck had only a few bones left.
Unlike Slade and the protective net on the mountain side, there was no sign of this trick. The state of the remains of Xuanwu that controlled the island wasn't something that could be felt by outsiders.

"Be careful." Baiju has no objection, the highlight of this incident was definitely in Haiyin Fort, "Try not to get close to Haiyin Fort, and remember to pay attention to Sun Daiyang. Although the death qi has been removed, we still aren't sure if the other party left any marks on him...their sorcery methods are treacherous and unknown, if Sun Daiyang is used, I suspect he will die."

Although the old white dog followed the righteous Dao, it didn't mean that he didn't understand the characteristics of evil sorcery.
It was often said that things were best made use of. For those who performed evil sorcery, Sun Daiyang was just such a "thing". From taking the boat, to inducing thinking and action, and then hypnotising and manipulating him. After the value of the living was squeezed out step by step, it was necessary to then turn the living into the dead and continue to squeeze until there wasn't even a corpse, until the soul was gone.

When Sun Daiyang landed on the island with the death qi, it meant that the other party was ready to use him as a dead person.

When Xiao Yao heard Baiju's explanation, there was a hint of soft helplessness in his eyes.
The old dog was still soft-hearted towards human beings, some things were obviously not fixed, but he would still protect them subconsciously.

Not all kindness was rewarded.
The old white dog should have experienced this a lot but he hadn't grown out of this habit.

Stepping to kiss Baiju's jaw, Xiao Yao turned his hand and took out two yellow talismans, and slapped them on his calf.
When performing tasks, the teleportation and invisibility talismans were much easier to use than ordinary means of transportation. The two strips of yellow paper collapsed into spots of light, leaving only the crooked vermilion printed on Xiao Yao's cold white skin, and even the vermilion disappeared after a while.

Xiao Yao's entire sense of existence suddenly dropped to almost nothing.
Baiju hugged Xiao Yao and placed a reinforced restriction on the frame of his glasses, "Be careful of evil sorcery...be careful, don't drop your glasses."

Xiao Yao rolled his eyes, "Okay, you can go."
It had been so many years, no one would explain the trivial points at this time, but the white old dog still cared to.

The old white dog walked back and forth for a while, seeing Xiao Yao disappearing into the crowd in a flash, then he turned his head to concentrate, quietly exerted his strength under his feet, then avoiding the buildings and roads, he ran up the mountain in two or three leaps.

His figure was hidden in the mountains and forests. Baiju didn't need to use any talismans to merge his presence into the world such that no one could find it. After all, he was a dog demon, a natural hunter, how could it be so easy to be found by his prey.

After searching a few places, Baiju finally found a tree canopy not far from Qinglan, and folded his legs and squatted in the canopy without moving.

The stiff flying corpse, Qinglan, seemed to feel something, looked up and looked around, but couldn't find any real movement, and honestly continued to keep sentry on the edge of the cliff.

Baiju bent his lips and was very satisfied with the position he was in. He could not only see the whole of Haiyin Fort, but also take care of the little demon Qinglan.

It felt like a long time had passed, but it didn't seem to have been that long. Baiju's ears moved slightly, and a faint sound was caught in the air, like a dying roar...
Not really audible.

Baiju raised his head and moved his gaze to the direction where Sun Daiyang was.
It was the roar of a bound soul.

The heart's cry was so strong that it all reached his ears.

His back could not help but arch slightly, and Baiju's fingertips protruded with sharp claws as he quietly buckled into the branches under his feet.
He guessed right...puppets had appeared backstage with the Red Fox before, and a character who could master the secret technique of puppets would definitely not let go of such a perfect host as Sun Daiyang.

How wonderful, alive with flesh and blood for food, dead with soul for fertilizer.
What's the difference between a vicious cultivator and a Devil, they are equally disgusting.

Like this scar on his face.
With a bright and beautiful appearance, there were deep-rooted and tangled rotten branches and vines inside.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and Baiju quietly took a breath.

Now that he had decided to devour this part of himself for nourishment...he must get rid of this disgust.
It was already his, it was in him, a part of him…

The voice of the soul clamoring became more and more intense, and when it was on the verge, it seemed that it was forcibly pinched, and it shivered and became restrained.
Baiju knew that this was the mental protection net that he had stuffed into Xiao Yao's mind before. His Yao Yao had quickly discovered the problem with Sun Daiyang's soul, and spread out the spiritual network to confront the opponent as they captured his soul.

Licking his teeth, Baiju felt a little regretful.
For the first time, his little boyfriend used the thing he gave him seriously, but he couldn't see it.

He remembered back when Xiao Yao was expressionless, his eyes were cold, his double eyelids, which should have been amorous and charming, were sharp because of the narrow folds and the deep end of his eyes.
But there was no denying that shape was beautiful.

He was beautiful when he was cold, and he was beautiful when he was red.

Perhaps the demon clan still had some unsettled blood in their bones.
Baiju sniffed the smell of rust gradually emerging in the air, and after a long time had the urge to have a good fight.

His eyes fell on Haiyin Fort again. Baiju raised his spirits, and saw warm yellow lights light up in every corner of Haiyin Fort in turn. Under a spire on the side building of the castle, the iron gate connecting the roof corridor slowly slowly opened, and several well-dressed vampires walked out of the door.

Walking in the middle of the line of vampires, was Slade Bourne in a suit and leather shoes.

The delicate and young blond vampire raised his hand and pulled his tie. There was a hint of arrogance in his expression, but his gaze circled around him subtly.
He was wary.

These vampires in Haiyin Fort could only be regarded as his descendants. During his stay here, he had taken charge and being aloof was just his normal state. But this time was different. Since he was the bait, he had to show his thirst for this inheritance...for example, pretending to be stronger than before, and acting more low profile to appeal to others.

The respect of Slade by the residents of Haiyin Fort led by Marne Haiyin was not an act.

They were born in awe and obedience to the higher bloodline, and for this group of vampires, if Slade Bourne really had the ability to bear the thirteenth inheritance, they would be more willing.

After all, no one wanted to waste effort to conflict with the new owner.

Baiju looked down at Haiyin Fort, and unsurprisingly saw many indistinct black particles like hallucinations surrounding him from all directions.
Just like what they saw on the stage of the red fox, this peculiar form of existence seemed to have brought a lot of convenience to the other party, and it has become their common means of action.

As Marne Haiyin pushed open the dusty wooden door of the attic, the rusted bell above the door frame trembled, like an old man awakened from sleep, making a trembling sound.

The place of the Inheritance was opened.

In the next moment.
It was impossible to tell which was faster. Countless black shattered lights entered the country like a plague of locusts, and suddenly rose from the countless corners of the whole of Guihe Island, sweeping up, covering the sky and the sun, forming a black torrent that ordinary people couldn't see, rushing straight towards the seal's core!

At the same time, however, Baiju also moved.
A white, thin figure streaked across the air like a ghost. The phantom of the white dog was fleeting, it was something extremely huge and unidentifiable, but it brought an incomparably sharp murderous intent across the sky—

The flying corpse Qinglan was more sensitive to the aura of life and death. At the moment when Baiju shot out, he felt the place where the old white dog was hiding, but the world he was in was like the mouth of the dog demon...
With a crack, the canine teeth closed, and the carotid artery hidden under the skin was punctured and bitten off, locking off all vitality.

At this time, on the west peninsula of Guihe Island, Xiao Yao gathered up the spiritual power net and was about to check on Sun Daiyang, who was lying unconscious on the ground in front of him, but suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Haiyin Fort.
Through his glasses, his yin and yang eyes had been amplified enough to clearly see the black particles that had gathered; but what really made his heart tremble was the unfamiliar aura in the sky rising from that direction.

Demonic and maddening, bloodthirsty and cruel, yet brilliant to the point of being almost divine.

It was Baiju.
Xiao Yao narrowed his eyes, he was sure that this was a Baiju he had never seen before.

Baiju's temperament had always been too harmless and divine...however, this guy was nothing but a demon king.

At Haiyin Fort.
All the vampires headed by Marne Haiyin and Slade Bourne were shocked at this moment.

The Baiju that suddenly appeared in front of them had  abandoned all normalised grooming, and is long curly hair no longer fell quietly to the waist, but swayed automatically behind him without wind. His clothes were no longer whitewashed modern shirt and pants, but his most familiar fur waistcoat and leather pants.

His demonic energy was soaring to the sky, and at the same time, the golden light of merit and virtue that was extremely rich in his body exploded.
It was like a platinum interwoven wire mesh. At the moment when it collided with the black torrent, the silent and invisible fluctuations caused huge and deadly ripples in the air.  The white round shield-shaped barrier of the seal completely protected the place where the centre of the seal was located in one or two breaths.

Before him, the black torrent failed to hit, but instead of continuing to impact, it gathered. As the surging black tide continued to gather, a tall and thin shadow gradually formed in front of Baiju.

Baiju raised his head and restrained the white barrier behind him, but did not restrain his aura.
Naturally, Marne Haiyin and the others would not stay in the way unintentionally. Seeing that Baiju had blocked the attack, they quickly dissipated into flocks of bats, fled from Haiyin Fort and disappeared into the night.

A slight wind blew.

The black shadow in front of him was completely formed, and a pale face was particularly clear in the thick darkness. the visitor raised his hand and lifted his hood, and smiled towards Baiju, "Ha...long time no see."

"Really," Baiju licked the tip of his teeth, "I don't remember having an old acquaintance of you."

"Ahhhhh, the nobleman has forgotten so much." The visitor's crimson pupils seemed to flow with sticky blood, he raised his hand to compare the position of the scar on Baiju's cheek, "My old acquaintance...it's not with you. But on you."

Old white dog: ?  ?  ?  Don't get too close, I'm innocent.

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