11 - There was a crisp sound and the old dog appeared on the stage
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11 - There was a crisp sound and the old dog appeared on the stage

Yao Yao did not want to hug.
Yao Yao was going to lose his mind.

Xiao Yao wanted to grab this old white dog by the neck and shake him up, telling him not to hear or touch or hug him. Otherwise, he would go crazy, and he would let this thousand-year-old single dog learn what mad bees and butterflies were——singular.

However, Xiao Yao thought about it.
This old white dog had experienced complexities that modern people no longer understood, but he also had an innocence that most modern people lacked. After spending so many days together, Xiao Yao fully understood that this old dog was an honest dog. He treated Xiao Yao as a little brother from the bottom of his heart, so he wouldn’t have any thoughts at all, and he naively thought that his little brother also had no other thoughts.

Baiju never suspected that Xiao Yao never regarded him as a big brother from the beginning.

Baiju, who had missed the key information, hugged the young human for a good while, and was finally driven out of the kitchen by Xiao Yao because he interfered with cooking.

The old white dog was pushed out by Xiao Yao in confusion. He stood at the door of the kitchen and reflected on life. He felt the young human was a little embarrassing.  After all, he still acted like a baby in his twenties. If the old dog conformed to this style, it would make the humans feel uncomfortable.

The old white dog, who had excessively supplemented his brain and was in a good mood, and wasn't affected by this episode at all. He ate a large plate of sweet and sour pork ribs and praised Xiao Yao's craftsmanship without hypocrisy.


The spring in Luocheng, Jiangnan was very short. As soon as April passed, and May arrived, the feeling of summer set in.

Baiju had been in the Demon Administration Bureau for more than forty days, and his learning goals had gradually shifted from physics and mathematics to language history and foreign politics.
Baiju, who hadn't encountered many difficulties in science, never expected that he would break in liberal arts. He could recite ancient poems from Tang poetry to Song poetry. For the relationship between historical figures he could always match Dayu and Chang'e.

Baiju was a liberal arts black hole.
After studying science for more than 30 days, Baiju was full of energy and had a sense of endless learning; however, Baiju, who has been studying the liberal arts for a week, was visibly awkward.

He knew all the words, but he couldn't figure out the meanings of the connections.

Baiju began to feel that the world wasn't easy to understand, but there was no one to listen to him to share this thoughts full of vicissitudes.

Things were like this. Starting about ten days ago, Xiao Yao had started coming back later and later. He didn't take his official duties home, but stayed outside and came back after settling them all. The old white dog had almost become a left-behind dog. He wanted to chat with Xiao Yao, but day after day seeing his little ward come home exhausted, he couldn't bear to disturb Xiao Yao’s rest. He only urged him to wash and sleep, and was reluctant to have him make dinner, so he learned to order takeaway without a teacher... Although in the end he had to trouble the housekeeper fairy to deliver it.

Baiju's mood was a little low.
He didn't know what happened to Xiao Yao, the estrangement came too suddenly. Although he was a bit slow, he was not completely unaware of the deliberateness in it... Maybe as a demon he had different ways, or maybe the country didn't allow him, the top practitioner, to be too close to a demon.

Baiju tried to convince himself, but he was still a little at a loss.
The young human loved to act like a baby and was soft-hearted; he helped him with the tutoring, buying things, cooking...No matter what, he wasn't like a person who was simply performing his job.

Xiao Yao treated him well. Baiju knew this clearly.
Children always became awkward easily, after the awkwardness was over, maybe it would be just... just fine.

Baiju lost his temper completely over his liberal arts knowledge, and he slumped on the sofa thinking about it for almost an hour before turning off the computer. Looking at the time, it was only three o'clock in the afternoon, which was too early for Xiao Yao to return home.
After thinking about his reclusive study life, the old white dog stood up and stretched, and decided to go out for a walk.

In the villa area at the rear of the Demon Management Bureau, each house was occupied by different demons, all of which were relatively powerful or socially influential in modern times. However, the numbering of the mansions wasn't based on one villa to one courtyard; some villas had more than two demons, and there were a corresponding number of courtyards; after all, these villas weren't ordinary buildings. They were like accordions with space folded in. If the villa was in use, the actual use space was large enough for even larger demons to move freely.

Baiju lived in Xiao Yao's villa for more than a month. Naturally, he also knew about these other buildings, but he didn't see Xiao Yao using this function. Perhaps it was because the power needed to support the space was high. However, this didn't affect Baiju's impression of human construction in modern society.

Walking on the winding roads in the villa area, Baiju bypassed the villas where the demons lived, and walked around the places that were uninhabited as much as possible.  It wasn't that Baiju was unwilling to show the little demons his human form, but the Demon Management Bureau mentioned it when hiring him. During the initial inspection period, he couldn't meet with the little demons alone, Xiao Yao must accompany him.
Although this regulation was difficult to enforce in reality, in order to avoid suspicion, Baiju was being more conscious.

Walking alone was boring.
Baiju kicked and stomped around by himself for ten minutes then lost his patience. After barely basking in the sun for a while, he returned to villa 1 at about four o'clock.

There was nothing to do, he didn't want to study, and didn't want to sleep; things like mobile games weren't appealing to the old dog.
Baiju rubbed the phone screen, locking and unlocking it, he looked at a lone number in the address book, and sighed.

When will his little ward come back?

The clueless Baiju slumped on the sofa, swiping the phone screen for a while. Suddenly a bright light flashed in his mind, and he typed and searched for the recipe.

His little ward once said that he should enjoy life a little more.
Now Xiao Yao had no time to cook, should he go to the kitchen to make something to give warmth to the little ward who came home in the middle of the night?

Baiju's eyes lit up, and he thought he might be right.
Maybe, his little ward was sulking because he had to take time out of his busy schedule to take care of his diet and daily life.

The old dog had been using electronic products for such a long time, and was quite proficient in searching for recipes.
With slender and powerful fingers tapping on the screen, Baiju collected a lot of home-cooked recipes and saved them in his head contentedly, and then threw the phone to the side, paralyzed with thoughts about what to eat for the first time in the kitchen.

Cutting vegetables and controlling fire could all be solved with magic techniques. Baiju didn’t worry about burning the dishes he would make, at worst they just wouldn't be as delicious as Xiao Yao’s cooking... but humans had to learn how to use kitchenware, Baiju had some trepidations.

Using magic, it seemed that there would be less fun in the cooking; without magic, he had no confidence in his cooking.

Baiju pondered for a while, and finally decided carefully to cook some porridge.
It was easy to cook porridge. Drinking porridge would nourish your stomach. Xiao Yao could sleep easily if he came back late at night and drank it... if it got cold, porridge was also very easy to reheat.

Ceramic pot, white rice, shredded ginger, minced meat, preserved eggs...add some sesame oil and pepper.
Maybe he could add some mushrooms.

Baiju opened the door of the refrigerator and carefully screened the ingredients and quantities. For a while, he felt that he took too much, and then he felt that he hadn't taken enough. There were also seasonings.  How little is a little...
Cooking seemed to be harder than expected.

Baiju mobilized his shallow memory of "cooking", and felt that what was rolling in his mind was either the charred grilled fish or old and woody barbecues.

Remembering the recipe didn't seem to be of much use.
He still didn't know how to use human kitchen utensils.

Baiju, "......"
Baiju decided to forget it.

Ten minutes later, Baiju stood on the edge of the kitchen with his arms folded, watching little white-haired guys jumping around in the kitchen handling the ingredients step by step, and he was a little bit disgusted.
It was really embarrassing to cook like this...not as good as Xiao Yao's cooking.

Fortunately, the recipe for porridge was really not difficult. Baiju quickly waved the white-haired little puppets back, and watched the fire under the pot, waiting for the porridge to slowly cook.

The quality of the ingredients that the butler spirit carefully selected and delivered to each villa was of course nothing to scoff at.
The fresh fragrance of mushrooms, meat, preserved eggs, green onion and ginger was wrapped in the refreshing and lingering scent of rice. When the steam rose from the pot lid, Baiju's old dog heart finally calmed down.

Not only did it calm down, but it also expanded a bit.

Amazing, I can cook porridge. He needed to tell his little ward and let him admire himself.

In a blink of an eye, the old white dog forgot Xiao Yao's craftsmanship, and didn't think of the almighty human elite or how he could worship him because he cooked porridge?

It was a pity that the old white dog's good boy filter was too thick. Just imagining the look of his little ward's admiration, he couldn't help but flick his tail wildly.

Turning off the fire, Baiju took a spoon, scooped a little porridge carefully, and tasted it.
The taste wasn't bad——

"!" Before Baiju had time to feel complacent, he suddenly felt a sudden burst in his heart, and his back began to chill...
This feeling——bad! Something happened to Xiao Yao!

When there was a crisp sound, and the spoon fell on the smooth ceramic tile, splashing porridge across the floor.
And there was no one in the kitchen.


Xiao Yao didn't expect that while he was just taking a moment to follow up on the program that was to be broadcasted two days later, he would encounter this unexpected accident.

Xiao Yao was at the shopping mall he took Baiju to when he first arrived. The central open plaza was surrounded by billboards. The most conspicuous one was the promotional poster of the red fox Qiu Ziran.
Recently, in order to create hype for the opening ceremony of the "China New Generation" musical tour, which was to be broadcast live on the network two days later, the publicity photo was replaced with a group photo. Qiu Ziran's status in the music scene was quite high, although wasn't as good as older local musicians, his position in the photos was still quite close to the centre, and he could be ranked third among them. He was also one of the three celebrity demons who was qualified to be on this poster.

For Qiu Ziran, this kind of publicity was undoubtedly an opportunity to improve and stabilise his position in the music world. Qiu Ziran himself attached great importance to his content; however, the centre position was given to Lin Qi, an old-fashioned musician who used Qiu Ziran's face to question his musical prowess.

This poster caused dissatisfaction among many fans.

At that moment, a few impulsive fans had run to the mall and climbed to the roof. One of the girls with a safety rope had climbed along the roof to the billboard where the poster was arranged, trying to remove it. In the centre of the mall during the day, their behavior was very eye-catching and caused crowds in the mall to gather and watch. The security had gathered as well and some people had called the police; however, due to the sudden nature of the incident, the fire brigade hadn't arrived yet.

Xiao Yao had an appointment with a few people in charge nearby to discuss matters needing his attention. As soon as he finished talking, he heard that there was a riot in the shopping mall. He rushed to the open-air plaza for fear of an accident occurring.

The change happened too suddenly. The girl standing on the billboard overreached and lost her balance, she was about to fall. The safety rope tied to her body was just regular rope, and wasn't strong enough, so she fell sharply, there was a crack beneath her—and at the same time, the billboard she was resting on also broke without warning.

There were many people gathered under the billboard, as well as the one in midair.

Xiao Yao, who had just arrived at the scene, didn't hesitate or pause to think. He could only rush to the centre of the billboard's landing spot, and draw a circle talisman to shove the crowd and resist the billboard falling from above. In the next moment, the talisman burned out, and he struck again, blowing up a gust of wind under the girl who fell from the building——

He had no time for a third charm.
The talisman he just used wasn't strong, it could quickly push people around, but it couldn't completely stop the billboard. The billboard was bound to hit him, even if there was a buffer, he was bound to be injured.

But the expected pain didn't fall on him.

There was dead silence around him, and white fur crushed against his face, as a strong palm was placed on the back of his neck.

Xiao Yao's gaze reached over the shoulder of the person in front of him. He blinked blankly as he looked at the blue surroundings and a scene that appeared as if time stood still.

Was it real or fake?
Xiao Yao took a breath...

His nose was filled with the scent of preserved eggs and lean meat porridge.

The porridge-smelling white old dog patted the young man in his arms on the back with lingering anxiety, "There, there, it's okay, don't be afraid."

The author has something to say:
Old dog: Yao Yao didn't seem to be afraid, but I was scared into a dog.
PS. The spoon didn’t break, it’s dangerous if it breaks, right...


All content about the entertainment industry has no reference, the author doesn't chase stars, and doesn't know much about the entertainment industry, so the relevant content will not be much, orz
It's okay, I have the final say in my article [Fearless.jpg]

Okay I was wrong plot started afer they left the mall, but it occured in the same mall...so I was close. We're almost up to where I stopped originally. I didn't stop for any bad reason, I stopped because I realised I was quite liking to story and wanted to read it properly, and I was translating something else at the time.

Gotta say upon re-reading and seeing the author describe Xiao Yao's power and Baiju's power as at the same level I was a bit miffed. Our doggo can travel across the city instanteously and ZA WARUDO!

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