110 - There is a reason
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110 - There is a reason

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Baiju's dark eyes were firmly locked on the person opposite.

The scar on his face had a lot of history, but the humans and demons who witnessed it at that time were basically all dead, not to mention that he was still unknown, and had been hidden for more than a thousand years. It was possible to meet a fully informed person in modern times.

So now there were two more plausible possibilities.
One, the other party deduced from the various clues in the past and the present that there were devil fragments in Baiju's body. Or when the devil came into the world, someone had buried a chess piece to emerge thousands of years later.

In the short confrontation, Baiju had already gone through the situation in his mind. The guy in front of him was definitely not a good person, and any specious words were merely attempts to shake and influence him.
No matter what their origin was, simply in the fact that they coveted the devil fragment he knew they weren't good.

"I was your target from the very beginning." Baiju judged softly, and the tips of his teeth flashed with a cold light between his thin lips.

The other party smiled and rolled his eyes, "The target has always been you."

The atmosphere in the air suddenly stagnated.
Baiju frowned, the momentum of his whole body was as heavy as a mountain, and a white dog phantom formed behind him. The bridge of his nose wrinkled, revealing his white teeth.

A silent roar spread in the air, and the fight between Baiju and the black shadow was about to break out.

The old white dog didn't take the initiative to attack, he hadn't figured out his opponent's plan yet. The black shadow's actual actions were not as frivolous as his words, on the contrary, his goal was extremely clear: to avoid fighting with the old white dog. The human figure collapsed again and turned into a black torrent, rushing from left to right, trying to break through Baiju's line of defense and attack the core of the vampire inheritance behind him.
The shields that had just been removed by Baiju covalesed, and once again protected the inheritance.

Baiju wasn't certain at first, but after a few rounds of fighting, he was sure that this shadow was not the main body, but a clone.
It was higher-grade than the puppet, and the power it absorbed could be directly fed back to the main body. It didn't have as much combat power as the main body, but its fighting tactics were basically replicas of the main body. His purpose in coming here was still the vampire inheritance, it was not intended to deal with Baiju head-on.

But at a time like this, if the shadow was happy, Baiju was not.
There were traces of energy feedback, and a series of devices developed by Ji Yun captured such traces. Therefore, Baiju didn't intend to strictly guard against the opponent until the seal could not be opened.

The promenade on the roof of Haiyin Fort was simply not enough space for the two of them to play. Baiju quickly threw up the guard in the attic where the seal core was located, attracting his opponent's power into the air.

The flying corpse Qinglan, who was stationed at the edge of the cliff, saw this. His expression changed slightly and he jumped straight towards the bottom of the cliff. Qinglan, a human-shaped dead weight that had been recluse for a long time, once again landed with a duang and a deep hole was hammered into the perimeter of the horse farm in the backyard of the castle.

Although the flying corpse wasn't as dexterous as Baiju, his power was more focused on the strength of his flesh, the corpse's poido and a few spells that flying corpses could use.
Qinglan joined the battlefield, and immediately attracted the attention of the shadow. Countless black lights swarmed into the air, as he gave up the encirclement and suppression of Baiju, and turned to try to attack Qinglan as he jumped out from the deep pit.

Ding Ding Ding!
There were several crisp sounds, and a blade's edge shone blue as it turned. Behind the sharp blade, the pale face of the flying corpse was unscathed.

"Tsk." The black shadow's voice was a little irritated, and he rolled up a few black lights and stabbed Qinglan again, but was cut off by Baiju halfway.

"What are you doing?" Baiju made a random move, and the darkness was pulled in the wrong direction, and it appeared to be absorbed and swallowed by Baiju. Immediately, the black shadow vigilantly retracted the black lights, and the human figure reappeared and condensed in front of Baiju.

Baiju stood in mid-air, and the figure in front of him had already restrained his frivolous expression. After a short confrontation, the figure turned around and charged directly towards Qinglan, who was on the ground!

But the old white dog didn't let him get his wish. He raised the corner of his mouth and immediately chased. His sharp aura followed him like a shadow, bringing murderous light and shadow from all directions, blocking all ways forward and forcing the figure to detour around.

Qinglan naturally didn't waste the opportunity that Baiju gave him.
As a flying corpse, there weren't many spells he could use, but there was exactly one that was most suitable for the current situation.

The sharp blade that glowed with cold light had long since retracted into its sheath. Qinglan stepped on several sculptures and in a blink of an eye, he jumped half the way up the main building of Haiyin Fort. As soon as he grabbed the solid wall, he buckled his fingers and hung onto the wall.
A very fast climb followed.

The thin flying corpse almost turned into an afterimage as he swept up the wall. If it weren't for a series of fresh pits left in the wall, it would look like he flew.
His target was locked in the attic at the core of the seal.

Qinglan rolled over and landed in a corridor. He ran to the door of the attic in three or two steps, made a few gestures, then he turned around, drew his sword, and landed on one knee.

A pitch-black mist diffused from the connection between the blade and the ground.
Qinglan knelt upright on one knee behind the sword, holding the handle in both hands, with his head lowered in a very respectful and loyal gesture. Suddenly, three phantoms separated from him and immediately guarded the other four directions of the attic, all in the same posture.

Guardian of the tomb.
If a flying corpse failed to sacrifice itself for its master and didn't find a new master, they would often become mausoleum guardians of their previous master. When all its strength was used to guard the mausoleum, the flying corpse could abandon its own consciousness and be able to play its role at ten times his own strength.

This trait, when used consciously, had become one of the spells that a flying corpse could use.

Seeing that Qing Lan was occupying the position of guarding the mausoleum, Baiju moved his fingers and the platinum interwoven barrier that originally covered the attic was retracted, being replaced by a pervasive black mist in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this, the black shadow knew that the flying corpse guarding the mausoleum wouldn't be easy to untangle for a while, so he immediately gave up the pursuit of Qinglan, and turned around to face the strikes from Baiju again.
There was already a stubborn barrier in the place where the seal was. At this time, if the shadows dispersed into a torrent again, there would be no way to take advantage of it, so he simply maintained his human form and dealt with the old white dog with his most concentrated and powerful form.

A strike hit his forearm where the shadows overlapped, and Baiju saw him retreating dozens of metres, stabilizing his body, and chased him again.

Facing a pitch-black spear, Baiju's momentum continued, turning his wrist and holding the shaft of the spear firmly, then slammed the spear to his side, quickly narrowing the distance between him and the other party. However, although the black shadow was frivolous before, it wasn't a hysterical and mindless character. On the contrary, he also maintained complete calm during the battle, and the purpose of his actions was very clear. As the spear drew closer, he let go without hesitation, and as the spear disintegrated, he immediately changed his tactics and slammed into Baiju to reveal an opening.

Seeing the move and dismantling the move, you come and I go, and in a blink of an eye, more than ten moves were exchanged, and even their orientation had moved hundreds of metres away.
Both sides of the battle had no intention of rushing forward. Before forcing each other's trump cards out, no one wanted to waste too much power, which led to the interlacing of light and shadow in mostly hand-to-hand combat.

Baiju raised his eyebrows slightly, but he was quite happy to see how long this person could drag on.

In fact, it could be seen from the assistance from Qinglan that there were many supporters of Baiju on the island. The longer the battle dragged on, the more disadvantageous it was for the shadow. However, he not only did not try to break away and destroy the seal in one go, but was still dealing with Baiju to test Baiju's strength, which showed that he was also stalling.
Baiju had backers, so why not this figure.

"What's your name?" Baiju's fingertips had sharp claws, and he asked while smashing the opponent's palm.

The figure stepped back a few steps, the black light spots condensed, and the palm reshaped again; hearing this, he coughed, but he didn't smile and said, "Why ask this, as if the White King still has the heart to drink and catch up with an old man."

Baiju rolled his eyes, his teeth gleaming with cold light, "A drink would be enough, but I can also tell you how many more punishments purgatory will give you."

"Hahahahaha..." The other party laughed, his eyes were full of scarlet, and greed like a hungry wolf was surging, "Purgatory? If I'm going to enter, maybe you should come to accompany me, Mountain God Baiju."

Baiju turned his head to avoid a missile of black light, clasped his opponent's neck with one hand, and folded his fingers together. There was a sound of breaking bones, and the man voluntarily broke apart and fled, reforming behind Baiju.

"Cough cough...it's not impossible to tell you." The man covered his neck, he was a clone, not a pure magic condensate, but a serious entity. If he was constantly destroyed and recondensed, it wasn't a small loss, and if talking could reduce the offensive, it was still a good deal.

Baiju frowned.
The significance of the name Suichong was quite common, that is, of longevity and wealth, but on this person, it felt like an unspeakable violation.

The old white dog wasn't very good at this, so he just put this matter to memory secretly and focused his attention on Daoist Qi Feng.

The title of Daoist Qi Feng wasn't very eye-catching. When the Dao of Heaven had not yet fallen, this Daoist Qi Feng wasn't very popular. It was probably due to the area where he was located, as the level of monks there was above average.

Baiju didn't pay too much attention to this person at first. The reason why he knew this person's name was because when the demon god came into the world, this Qi Feng Taoist tried to risk his own life and took the lead to test the one who had been infiltrated by the demon god, Baiju.
At that time, Baiju could be said to be on the verge of losing control, and no matter who approached, he could be attacked indiscriminately.

Daoist Qi Feng's rank wasn't very high. When he approached Baiju, although Baiju didn't attack, and the tyrannical demonic energy around him had not yet entered his body, it was not under his control. Therefore, Daoist Qi Feng retreated after a single blow. At that time, he was laid low by that demonic energy.

After that came the crusade of many monks in unison.
The delirious Baiju didn't have enough energy to judge the situation, and when faced with several monks who came to kill him in the name of "revenge" and "removal of demons", there was only one thought left in his mind.

Run away.
Stay away from monks, stay away from crowds, stay away from all living beings.

Baiju originally thought that no matter who came to test him at that time, there would be consequences, so he didn't think much about it. The matter has long since passed, and everything in that year had seemed inconsequential.
Now it seemed...this wasn't quite true.

He was already being watched at such an early age.

Old white dog, it took more than a thousand years to realize that he was being calculated against.
However, the person calculating him has already kicked the bucket.
The younger generation of the person who calculated him is preparing to present an opportunity at this moment.

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