111 - Purpose exposed
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111 - Purpose exposed

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The old white dog didn't know how much they had been involved in the things he had experienced in the past thousand years, but he was somewhat clear that this person who called himself Qi Suichong mostly spoke the truth. If Daoist Qifeng had already set his sights on him back then, there would be no reason why their lineage would have only focused on the old white dog for more than a thousand years.

Xiao Yao's troubles were one example.

Baiju couldn't figure out why the other party would use the red fox to attack the Demon Management Bureau, and he couldn't figure out whether they wanted to disrupt the existing Huaxia non-natural force organization, or coveted Xiao Yao's rare fate. Now it seemed that they had hit many birds with one stone. The main purpose of those events should have been targeting Xiao Yao's fate, while most of the others were incidental, they were also foreshadowing and hiding hands for possible actions in the future.

Now, everything was clarified by the fragment of the devil, and had been explained one by one.

He was here to rip out the fragments of the devil. Divinity and divine soul were two different things, which were related, but not completely the same.

The divine soul was the soul of a living being, carrying a series of things such as memories, emotions, etc., and it came from the body. While the divinity was obtained by the cultivator after being recognised by the Dao. The soul defines the person, and the divinity defines a god.

Divinity contained a replica of everything in the soul of a god, and also defined their duties, talents, powers, attributes, Daoism, will, etc. Just like the birth of the emperor's destiny would give life to an emperor star, in the same way, a new godhead meant that there was an additional priesthood between heaven and earth. The soul belonged to the individual, while divinity belonged to the world, but was controlled by the corresponding godhead.

This also meant that the divine soul couldn't be robbed, but divinity could. If you had divinity, you could have all the memory, power, and talent of the founder of the godhead, that was, the original god, and obtain the jurisdiction of the godhead. As long as the owner of the divinity integrated and resonated with it, they could do it without training or without finding their Dao, and be directly promoted to a god.

So...this Daoist Qi Feng's lineage was eyeing the fragments of the devil godhead, which meant that their goal was to become a god. And become a devil.

Not to mention how bad their intentions were, just speaking of objective conditions, a devil wasn't not something easy to be. The appearance of a devil in the world, which could be considered a natural disaster, itself proved that the devil was also a kind of destiny, not any small fish or shrimp could carry this kind of divinity casually. It had the same kind of existence as Xiao Yao's emperor's fate, and was extremely rare.

So, if ordinary fate couldn't bear it, then there was a method to devour and combine several different golden fates through sorcery.

Xiao Yao was wanted for his fate. As for the gifted and pure red fox, he was afraid that it was because of his Buddhist fate, or his luck.

If he speculated on this, it was probably not a coincidence that Jingxia was found. After all, a body so pure that it could fully accept another person's spiritual power itself was a powerful medicine. Baiju guessed that Qi Suichong might even want to use Jing Xia and the little shark Ah Song to refine medicine.

In this era, for Qi Suichong's lineage, they were a glutton's feast cooked with time and luck. The awakened Baiju, the fragments of the devil that had been wiped out of his mind, the people who had not yet been awakened by the emperor, and the many strange people who were pearls hiding in the dust...all of these in their hands, were just a shortcut to becoming a god.

Baiju licked his teeth. He wasn't stupid, although he couldn't understand the intrigue, as a natural hunter, he could still see what was worth nibbling on. Everyone had put the threads into his hands, and he couldn't ignore them and not clean this clump of yarn.

For now Baiju put aside their purpose, and there were only two main problems left. One, how many people were in Qi Suichong's lineage, and how much overall strength had they accumulated in the past thousand years. And two, what threads those people had buried in these places of interest.

With the number of people their combat power would reach its peak eventually. This generation hadn’t had time to pick the fruit, and wouldn’t likely reveal his full strength yet, so the evaluation could be postponed; but at the same time, finding the hidden threads that his ancestors had planted couldn't be delayed any longer. There were several that Baiju could identify already: Guihe Island, the location of Xiao Yao’s master, the location where Baiju's parents were buried, and where the flying corpse Qinglan came from.

Guihe Island corresponded to the inheritance of vampires and the flesh and blood of Jing Xia; the location of Xiao Yao's master was the key to the seal on the emperor's fate; the place where Baiju's parents were buried was a key to the old white dog's own strength; and the origin of Qinglan, judging by his proficiency in guarding tombs, should be a Longyan Cave, the place where the dragon veins overflowed with Emperor qi. This wasn’t only a clue to help the flying corpse to find its owner, but also a small flaw revealed by Qi Suichong.

When Qi Suichong spoke, he didn't guess that the old white dog had directly deduced half a play from his words, but his motives were too obvious. However he had taken the initiative to expose them to Baiju, so he would definitely not choose those too obvious in the next step. Therefore, among the several things that Baiju deduced, they most likely centred their power on the place where the flying corpse Qinglan came from, Xiangcheng. At this point, there was nowhere left for things to go wrong on Guihe Island, and the place where Baiju's parents were buried and where Xiao Yao's master was located still held a certain level safety. After all, whether it was the bones of demon dogs, or even today's top cultivators, they were both able to protect themselves to some degree.

Baiju pondered and quickly made a plan. First, he'd severely damage Qi Suichong's shadow, causing his actual body to be damaged and incapacitated for a short period of time; second, rush to the place where the bones were buried to accept his inheritance, forming a bond with Yao Yao, and sharing the protection; third, meet up with Qing Mozi, find out how to unblock Emperor Xiao Yao's fate, bear the backlash from the heavens, and repay the emperor's order. During this period, notify the various Demon Management Bureaus, Practitioners' Associations, and other special teams to take measures and pay special attention to Xiangcheng.

Qi Suichong only said a few words, but before he could explain further, he found that Baiju's offensive was already getting more and more fierce, and he did not appear to be affected by any particular words exchanged. So Qi Suichong soon changed strategy, also turning silent, and used a lot of small spells, and was basically restricted to full defense tactics.

The fight between the two didn't last long, and after only ten minutes, the situation changed.

Qi Suichong's "backer" arrived.

On the distant sea, in the tides in all directions, countless black "locusts" approached with the waves. Immediately, locusts rose up and landed densely outside the protective net of the sea surrounding Guihe Island.

The special team headed by Qu Lang was guarding every corner of the island, and immediately noticed the difference between the sea surface and the sky above Guihe Island.

"There are a lot of black clouds along the west coast." Ling Yun was guarding a beach in the West Peninsula, frowning and looking up at the sky, and dialed a communication to Qu Lang, "It's covering the sea and air, how are you over there?"

"Same here." Qu Lang leaned over and added a few artificial spiritual stones to a small formation on the East Peninsula, "Guihe Island is surrounded, they are coming from all directions, but according to our sources there was nothing hidden in the island. It should be that they are temporarily drawn to the island."

"According to the detection data, the shield has already reacted." Ji Yun suddenly connected to the channel, and there was the sound of Ah Heng typing on the keyboard on the other end. Ah Heng's voice could also be heard in the mix, "Captain Qu, I'll connect you to the rest of the team first, let's chat in groups."

Qu Lang,"..." Why are these brats in his hands always cracking the internal network? Ling Yun smiled, "Damn, I want to snatch that big baby from you."

Qu Lang rolled his eyes,"Shoo, shoo."

While typing on the keyboard, Ah Heng also joked casually, "Lieutenant Commander Ling, if you give me a million-dollar monthly salary, I will consider shaking my loyalty."

Ling Yun clicked his tongue, "No money, too poor."

"The energy fluctuation has become larger and a clear detection line has appeared, but the rate has stabilised, the amplitude is trending up." Ji Yun fiddled with his equipment for a while, wiping the sweat from the corner of his brow, "I can't see the spiritual power, Captain Qu take a look for me...I suspect that in a while, this thing will be visible to ordinary people."

"Visible to ordinary people?" Qu Lang frowned, was that a joke? In the eyes of ordinary people, the spiritual battles between ordinary cultivators was a competition of air, and only a few spells, like the magic astrolabe, could be seen by ordinary people.

This black cloud was obviously not a good thing. If it was seen, it would cause mass panic even if it didn't cause harm.

Ji Yun's worries weren't without reason, "There is strong yin qi inside, if they completely cover Guihe Island, it will be like a small yin zone. Without the circulation of yang qi, the average person will develop yin and yang eyes rapidly and then we won't only be worried about the black cloud being seen, but other things that shouldn't be seen."    

Qu Lang's heart trembled. Affecting everyone meant that they needed to wipe everyone's memory, which meant that a large amount of equipment and spells would be spent, which meant that they would soon be poor.

"...cutting into one's fortunes is like killing one's parents." Qu Lang exhaled slowly, "I'll go out and kill it."

Ling Yun smirked, he knew how the Secret Service team became poor. "Go out and try it out, also call Lei Wo up." Ling Yun coughed, "The Falcon is an aerial fighter anyway."

"Captain Qu, take it easy." Another female voice came, and Lu Lu also entered the channel, "Just make sure that the black clouds stay close, don't lead them away. The longer the black clouds stay on the shield, the better for us. It's better to collect data here.”    

"Okay, I understand." Qu Lang took out a pair of gloves and put them on, and heard a bit of wind in his headset, "Who's on the road?"

"It's me." Ah Liang, who had been silent until now, replied, "I'm going to take over from Curator Xiao watching Sun Daiyang. Han'jie has already hidden and can shoot at any time."

Qu Lang paused. Fine, Xiao'ge is going to start acting alone again.

Today is old white detective dog√ To be honest, I originally wanted the old white dog to guess for a while, but I found that the old dog and Yaoyao were both smarter than me, and the author's design could not be concealed from them =.  =

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