112 - Give it away
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112 - Give it away

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Qu Lang grabbed one of Lei Wo's claws and was taken to the sky. As soon as he was high enough, he saw his Xiao'ge standing on the black cloud in the east like a big boss.

...ah, that's not right. His Xiao'ge had softened up a lot recently, so Qu Lang had forgotten that this man was always a big boss.

"You coming?" Xiao Yao didn't turn his head back, he recognised the identity of the latecomer from the murmur of the wind, and said hello a little loosely and a little coldly. His state was not the same as usual.

Qu Lang let go of the claw and let Lei Wo fly by himself, then went to Xiao Yao's side on two small flying knives.

"How's the situation?" Qu Lang approached Xiao Yao and glanced at the magic astrolabe in his hand, "It seems to be fairly strong."

Xiao Yao looked at the stars in the astrolabe, and responded, "Mm, it's quite strong, but still within the range of the magic astrolabe."

Qu Lang nodded, and immediately said what Ji Yun, Lu Lu and others had requested, "In short, try to keep the black clouds in contact with the shield, and at the same time prevent them from surrounding Guihe Island."

Xiao Yao raised his head and looked at the surging black clouds around him. There was still a steady stream of them in the distance. At this moment, it was impossible to predict the combined strength of the black clouds.

"Let's hold them here first," Xiao Yao touched his trousers pocket, took out a mint, peeled off the wrapper and put it in his mouth, "after a while, when their strength is almost at its peak and no longer increasing, we'll let down the shield and send them all in together."

Qu Lang raised his eyebrows, "Aren't you afraid that the White King won't be able to handle it?"

"Don't worry," Xiao Yao curled the corners of his mouth, "Bai'ge could handle ten of these idiots."

Qu Lang, "..." Love makes people blind.

Xiao Yao retracted the magic astrolabe, moved his fingers, and then drew a faint line of spiritual power in the sky. In an instant, the sea below became slightly stagnant, as if it was waiting to be mobilised by Xiao Yao.

"It will be difficult to take care of it completely, but Bai'ge can do it all while protecting the island, he'll obliterate it." Xiao Yao explained while moving, "Our enemy is engaged for a while, so there's no need to take care of what we can and leave the rest. Of course, the amount of injuries it causes should be accounted for."

Qu Lang really didn't understand the one who had found their other half and complained, "No, when did you two get this close, you can work by tacitly without fear of making mistakes now?"

The tacit understanding between him and Xiao Yao had been cultivated through the years of getting along and working together. The two grew up together and they could even guess how many times the other would turn over at night, but this old white dog had only been with him for two or three months, how could they "cultivate trust" in such a time?

Xiao Yao glanced at him, his eyes were a bit apologetic, "It's not tacit."

"It's a judgement based on strength and…"

Qu Lang, "......" IQ.  He understands.

"Whatever, I'll go over there." Qu Lang pointed to a cloud of black mist not far away.

Xiao Yao threw the mint to the back of his throat.

It'd been a long time since he'd moved his muscles and bones like this.

Xiao Yao pushed down his glasses. The specially made mint felt the same as it did every time he'd fought in the past, the cool smell poured into his lungs along with his breath and rushed to the back of his head.

Icy blue spiritual power burst out of him.

In a battlefield like the airspace above Guihe Island, he had enough space and finally didn't have to restrain himself.

On the other end, Qu Lang heard the sound of the waves surging behind him, shrugged his shoulders, and patted the shield with one hand. In an instant, crack-like golden-red lines spread out from under his palm and a clear line was drawn between it and the black clouds underneath. The tumbling black clouds were suddenly cut into many pieces, trapped in their respective realms and unable to escape.

In the sky, the ice-blue spiritual power of the east peninsula and the golden-red spiritual power of the west peninsula were clearly distinguished. Along the ridged back of the turtle the entire island was divided into a yin yang symbol by the spiritual power of the two.

At the same time, on the battlefield at Haiyin Fort, the fight between the old white dog and Qi Suichong was still going on. The only difference was that the flashy formation was indicating that the old white dog's help had been dispatched, and the black cloud was unable to break through the barrier to be used by Qi Suichong.

When Qi Suichong landed on the island, the spiritual barrier had not yet been raised. At this moment, he saw that the thick black clouds were completely blocked, and his scarlet pupils filled with gloomy and restless emotions.

Seeing that he was no longer at ease, Baiju knew that this had disrupted his plan.

Additionally, there wasn't a big window of time for the opening of the inheritance's seal. Now he had missed the best moment and if he delayed until the day ended, it would be a big loss.

After all, Qi Suichong wasn't an enemy to be messed with. Although he was only a clone here, he could still bear the thirteenth inheritance of vampires.

Seeing that the spiritual shield outside wouldn't be overcome for a while, he simply gave up the plan to retain his strength and deal with the old white dog. Instead, he accumulated strength and took shape with a long spear in his hand, which no longer maintained its perfunctory appearance from before. Numerous deep and shallow magic patterns were engraved on the shaft, with uneven faces accompanied by chaotic screams and an extremely sharp aura gathered at the tip of the blade.

The plain slender spear tip was no longer, and instead there were irregular hollows and deep blood grooves, as it exuded an unbridled murderous intent.

Baiju flipped over, stepped on the haft and jumped up, his eyes stayed on the magic spear thoughtfully.

It was haunted, the death qi had been condensed, and though there were countless ghosts, there was no resentment. It seemed that it had been digested into other forms of power.  The overall shape of the current spear wasn't  its original appearance. The true spear was covered under the magic talismans, but the length and toughness were a bit familiar. It should be one of the two pure yang fine gold spears that were held by Daoist Qi Feng. If the demonic energy was removed, such a weapon that had been cultivated for so many years in battle would now be considered a magic artefact.

Very suitable for Qu Lang.

He didn’t know what the current state of the other spear was, but if it was well preserved, then a magic weapon for pure yang bodied Shao Simiao also existed.

Thinking about looting in his heart, there was a smile on Baiju's face, "That spear is still around."

Qi Suichong grinned, then the bones of the fingers gripping the spear elongated and deformed. There was the sound of flesh and blood squirming and shredding and after a while, his entire forearm from palm to elbow grew intricate spurs wrapped around each other and integrated with the magic spear, forming a triangular-shaped fleshy wing, which was stable and flexible.

The lethality of the magic spear after revealing its true form was vastly different from the original. When Qi Suichong came at him with the long spear and stabbed, a twisted howling soul wrapped around the extremely sharp point, and broke apart the space between them as if it were clearing the way.

Although Baiju wasn't afraid, if this thing really stabbed him, it would inevitably leave a few holes, and he must not let himself become disheveled for his Yao Yao.

The old white dog bowed back, stretched his long arms to his side, and wasn't worried about exposing his chest. Immediately, countless golden threads condensed in the air, and a white-gold long spear the same size as the magic spear also quickly appeared. It formed in the palm of Baiju's hand, but there were no runes on the haft, and instead there were countless radiant and restrained merit seals. The sharpness condensed at the tip of the spear was not at all inferior to the magic spear that had been cursed by ghosts and wraiths.

The scarlet in Qi Suichong's eyes became even more violent. Although this demon king Baiju wasn't a domineering individual, he was very arrogant when he encountered enemies. No matter what weapons and spells were used to deal with him, he could accurately find their weakness and counter with a thousand jins of strength. This time was no exception, long spear versus long spear, merit versus injustice, no matter how you look at it, his merits were stronger.

Back then, countless demon kings compromised in front of the demon gods, abandoned their younger brothers, abandoned thousands of believers, and even turned against their former friends. Only this unremarkable white dog demon, inexplicably, went to the end with the enemy on his back...even if it was by luck, it was by no means an accident.

Concentrating and suppressing the thought of strangling Baiju in his heart, Qi Suichong was very self-aware that he couldn't kill Baiju at this moment, and rashly attacking him would only lead to his loss. Therefore, the only way was to force the seal to break and release the power inside.

If his ally outside Guihe Island could break through the defense line in time, Qi Suichong could still fight to suppress Baiju temporarily, and gain a small window to swallow the inheritance. But for now, he could only choose to waste a part of the inheritance and release the seal, then those tyrannical souls, full of fear and resentment power could completely infect all people and things on this island——

At that time, in order to ensure the safety of those humans, Baiju and his allies would definitely not be able to deal with him with all their strength, and he would be able to run away with most of his strength.

Qi Suichong's purpose had always been very clear, this time on the island, his ultimate purpose was the inheritance, and only the inheritance.

In the best case scenario, where no one was prepared, he could maximize the power gained from the inheritance and at the same time release a small amount of evil spirits to disturb Guihe Island, thereby increasing the power of inheritance through the people's fear, swallow more than half of the lifespan of the people on the island, and finally, flee before authorities such as the Practitioners Association had time to find out.

To be honest, Qi Suichong didn't want to startle the snake. If he deliberately pierced the seal and didn't absorb it immediately, the evil intentions rising from the sky would definitely be discovered by the nearby monks, and he might expose his existence...unexpectedly, he  had become a fish in a barrel.

So there was nothing left to worry about.

The blades of the spears collided in the air, black mist and golden light intertwined. The fur coat on Baiju's body was taken back by him and on his naked upper body the ivory-white skin showed dark golden lines that faintly flowed along his meridians. They followed his movements, converging at his forearms, and then flowed onto the long spear.

Gold and steel intermingled, and the battle between the two was getting bigger and bigger, with spells clashing one after another. The black and golden light that ripped apart the space were intertwined like clouds in the sky above Haiyin Fort, and huge pressure continued to radiate and rise from Baiju and Qi Suichong, accumulating rapidly as they continued suppressing each other on this aerial battlefield.

Qinglan, who was guarding outside the sealed attic below, slightly hunched his back.

The mausoleum-guarding technique was naturally not omnipotent, and the gap between Qinglan and Baiju and Qi Suichong wasn't small. Therefore, although Baiju had tried his best to eliminate fallout from the battle landing on Qinglan's side, he hadn't been able to avoid the protection around the mausoleum, and the mausoleum shield was destroyed by the coercion of the two.

If the whole mausoleum was really allowed to be crushed, Qinglan would be greatly hurt.

Baiju's eyes were calm, and his spiritual consciousness was hidden in the turbulent pressure as it poured into Qinglan's sea of ​​consciousness.

The flying corpse's acting skills were not good, but he happened to be very good at pretending to be dead.

After the battle, Qi Suichong didn't have much thought left to notice what Baiju had done, so when the tomb collapsed, he turned around, disconnected himself from the magic spear without hesitation, and threw the ominous blade directly into the attic!

The smile at the corner of his mouth hadn't yet formed when Qi Suichongdi's pupils shrank suddenly. From the gap pierced by the spear tip, what was rushing out was...not at all the horrors of the anger and resentment that had been accumulated on Guihe Island!

A mysterious heavy and cold air leaked out. Of pure and true Yin and cold in nature, what could it be if not the power of Xuanwu!

A string in his mind broke, Qi Suichong let out a terrifying roar, the blue veins climbed up his cheeks, and he rushed towards Baiju without hesitation!

——kill him! It was all him! It was he who ruined the foundation that was laid here over hundreds of thousands of years!

But would Baiju give him a chance? No.

The golden intricate spear tip was like a delicate handicraft, but at this moment, it didn't not resist as it was stabbed into the core of Qi Suichong's avatar, at the position of the heart. There was a slight sound of flesh being pierced, followed by the sound of blood rushing out from the deep wound.

The long spear thrown by Baiju passed through Qi Suicong without resistance, and the huge momentum pushed him back quickly.

Qi Suichong was nailed to the cliff.

Vermilion lines lit up in every corner of the cliff, and countless beams of light erupted from the small runes, strung together into lines and intertwined into a net. In just one or two breaths, these rays of light were compacted in a net-like shape over Qi Suichong.

"Now." A cold voice sounded, and the spiritual shield above Haiyin Fort suddenly opened, and the black clouds that had been struggling outside for a long time gathered into a torrent, and plunged down.

Qi Suichong, who had lost the ability to control them, watched the mindless black clouds come rushing by instinct, only to feel the darkness descend.

Shit. He walked right into it.

Yao Yao handles the outside, the old dog handles the inside, husband and husband are matched, so the work is not tiring (sigh)

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