113 - Aftermath
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113 - Aftermath

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A series of actions happened too fast, Qi Suichong just wanted to break the seal and use the inheritance. Not only didn't he expect that what was behind the seal had been replaced by the old white dog, he also wasn’t prepared for the array  hidden on the cliff. Finally, the shield that was strictly guarding the island was actually dropped by Xiao Yao on his own initiative.

The dome shrouded in spiritual power cracked, and the black torrent poured down. At the edges, two figures silently fell back to Haiyin Fort, it was Qu Lang and Xiao Yao.

Baiju stood in front of the cliff, and the long spear he had thrown turned into tiny spots of light and dissipated. In his left hand, he was holding the black magic spear, the tip of the spear was against his forearm, and the black qi struggled endlessly. When it reached Baiju's skin, it disappeared in an instant, making a slight sizzling sound.

Xiao Yao arrived beside Baiju in the air, looked sideways at the magic spear, and seeing that it had no effect on Baiju, he raised his head and met Baiju's dark black eyes.

The old white dog hadn't completely recovered from his battle state. His body was full of demonic energy, his upper body was naked and his long hair swayed abnormally. Even his eyes were no longer peaceful, becoming more piercing and burning than ever before.

Xiao Yao had never seen the old white dog in this state, and he had to say that he was a little bit taken aback when he did.

"Bai..." Xiao Yao opened his mouth, and before the word 'ge' came out, a familiar palm covered the back of his head.

The fingers that ended sharp claws were elongated, and before they returned to their normal appearance, the five fingers spread in his hair, and his head was firmly pressed against a shoulder. Above him, Xiao Yao felt the cool side of Baiju's cheek, he rubbed his forehead, and then Baiju's voice sounded in his ear, with a little hoarseness from exercising, "Good, you were great."

Xiao Yao took a breath and had to forcefully control the speed of the car in his head.

Doing the right thing, you shouldn't be thinking about it at this time.

But Baiju leaned closer to Xiao Yao's ear, and said with a smile, "What is Yao Yao thinking?"

Xiao Yao, "......"
Xiao Yao's ears flushed suddenly, he shoved Baiju, and rescued his head in embarrassment, "What are you listening to at this time!"

Baiju let him go with a bit of regret, spread his fingers and grabbed his hair back, and licked the tips of his teeth, "It's okay, think as much as you want."
After a pause, he added, "Really, you can do whatever you want."

Qu Lang on the side, "..."
As if hearing a racecar whizzing past, his ears were almost deafened.

"Cough cough." Qu Lang coughed twice, forcibly pulling the attention of the two bosses, and asked dryly, "Who is that on the cliff, is it okay to leave him like this?"

Baiju shook his head, nodded again, tightened his fingers, and the magic spear in his hand let out a crack.

"This spear is fake," Baiju frowned and said to Qu Lang, "Otherwise, I could alter it for your use."

"The thing on the cliff is a clone. It's a kind of high-level puppet. After a while, he will absorb all the black clouds, and his strength will have quadrupled. Then the talisman on the cliff won't be able to trap him." Baiju said, and brought the topic back, "His name is Qi Suichong, his ancestor had an encounter with me more than a thousand years ago, and now his main goal is also on me."

Qu Lang nodded, "It's good to be able to analyse our target, but what should we do later? Let him absorb it all first?"

Baiju said, "Let him absorb it first, and then I'll obliterate this clone, which will seriously damage his body. Other than that, help me find a vampire. This inheritance has been opened, it's too wasteful to not absorb it."

Qu Lang expressed his understanding, and turned to look for the vampire first. They had previously found a temporary shelter for the vampires, which was on the west side of the mountain, not too far from here.

Baiju and Xiao Yao stayed where they were and looked at each other calmly. Xiao Yao looked away, cleared his throat, and changed the subject, "Is Qinglan okay?"

Baiju pointed to Qinglan, who was dutifully lying like a corpse outside the attic, "Alright, he's pretending to be dead...he used a spell for guarding the mausoleum before and took the initiative to withdraw himself. If he was crushed abruptly, it would be a problem."

Xiao Yao nodded when he heard the words, his eyes softened a little, "Qinglan is still very useful."

While Baiju waited for Qi Suichong to absorb all the black clouds he chatted with Xiao Yao, "How about Leiwo?"

"His scouting ability is very strong, attacks are also very accurate, he dealt with a lot of small troubles." Xiao Yao looked at the hole in the shield above, "Before Qu Lang and I came in, we noticed that the seal had been broken, so we had Leiwo go looking for the little merman. The shark's formation has been connected to this place, the overflowing power could be stored in the artificial spirit stone in the formation. After a while it would saturate the formation."

"It's okay, the vampires will be here soon, I have a way to get them to absorb the inheritance." Baiju seemed to be a little wild in this state, and he couldn't restrain himself, so he had raised his hand to touch the back of Xiao Yao's neck, halfway through it had become dangerous and half ambiguous caresses.

Xiao Yao only felt that his scalp was numb for a while. The temperature of Baiju's palm was not as hot as usual, but rather cold, but it was still as if a soldering iron was sticking to his skin, which gave him the urge to escape.

Baiju seemed to have heard Xiao Yao's thoughts, his fingers slightly closed, and he brought Xiao Yao to his side, tilted his head and rubbed his cheek against him, "Yao Yao... kiss me."

Xiao Yao was swayed by the old white dog's slightly hoarse voice. He gave up his struggle when he heard the words, raised his head and kissed Baiju's chin, then raised his hand to support the old white dog's cheek, and moved to kiss Baiju's lips, "Okay...don't be unreasonable." Don't seduce me here.

Baiju let out a muffled laugh, and lazily threw the magic spear in his other hand, the countless magic patterns turned into black spots of light and shattered, revealing the pseudo-magic spear inside as it fell to the ground with a bang.

This spear, like the Qi Suichong on the cliff, was a clone, but the high level imitation magic weapon wasn't a complete waste, it was just barely a treasure.

The old white dog restrained himself a little, then let go and patted Xiao Yao's shoulder, "Go a bit further and hide."

When Xiao Yao saw Qu Lang coming with a group of bats not far away, he knew that the vampires had been found, so he nodded, dropped to the ground to pick up the spear, and called Qinglan back.

Bats of various sizes gathered in front of Baiju, and after a breath or two, they turned into the five resident vampires of Haiyin Fort and Slade Bourne.

Baiju glanced at them, and unsurprisingly saw some obvious expressions of respect and fear. He raised his eyebrows slightly, thinking that this wasn't a bad thing. After the inheritance was absorbed by them, it would bring them a certain degree of strength and if that caused their ambitions to grow, it wouldn't be worth the loss. On the other hand, if these vampires were afraid of him, it would save the Demon Management Bureau a lot of trouble.

"The power limit of your kind has something to do with the purity of your bloodline," Baiju explained. "The reason why you can't bear the inheritance is mainly because the purity of your bloodline is not enough...so, I'll purify your bloodline for you."

Having said this, he paused for a while. When Baiju saw that the surprise in the eyes of the vampires didn't also come with any unspoken ambition, he continued, "The process of purification will be a little painful, which may cause your instincts to react, and try to guard against me. Therefore, this requires your cooperation, try to relax yourself as much as possible."

"Also, after your bloodline is purified, it will only change your ability to withstand the inheritance and other powers. It cannot change the established relationship between sires and spawn. The hierarchy between you will still exist, so you don't have to worry about being detached from your vampire tribe." It also meant that there shouldn't be any infighting to become the boss. What they were in the past would be what they would be in the future.

"Slade, you're first."

Without giving these vampires any more time to digest, Baiju raised his eyes and turned to the boss of the group of vampires.

After all, he was the most capable one, and could not only absorb inheritance more easily, but also set an example for other vampires.

With five fingers in the air, Slade couldn't even react. His whole body twitched slightly, bending over and curling up like a dried shrimp in boiling water.

Accompanied by a painful scream, there was a blood-red shadow that was "ripped" from his body little by little. It was the part of the bloodline that was brutally stripped away by Baiju.

The old white dog grabbed a few of them rudely across the gap, and after a while, the number of vampires curled up in the air turned from one to six.

Then the vampire inheritance that had been poked into a sieve spontaneously found its place. The gray-red essence divided into six streams of different thicknesses, and accurately poured towards the six vampires.

The six blood shadows were collected by Baiju into six small blood balls. Although they weren't useful to the vampires, they were still high-level blood qi, and they could be used to feed some little demons in the future.

Baiju thought for a moment, then ignored the vampires who were absorbing the inheritance, and turned to Qi Suichong on the cliff.

The core of this clone had been destroyed. The first sign was when Qi Suichong lost the ability to control the black clouds. Now subject to the array, the consciousness that had manipulated the avatar was also rapidly stripped away, so the black cloud was about to completely destroy it when it converged. This clone had turned into a high-level puppet that could only attack indiscriminately, struggling endlessly on the cliff.

Baiju undid the magic circle on the cliff, and quickly retreated into the sky, easily drawing the puppet's attention to himself.

Qu Lang stood there and didn't move. He looked down at the six vampires curled up into shrimp, and then raised his head to look at the white dog in mid-air, which had released his original form and pressed the puppet down with one paw. He couldn't help but remain silent.

He had really underestimated Baiju before, but Baiju was consistently exceeding their estimates.

Just before, at the moment when the spiritual shield was broken, the monolithic demonic energy on Baiju's body should have attracted the attention of the Practitioners Association. I just hope they don't trouble the White King.

Don't ask, to ask is to send someone to death.

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