14 - White puppy
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14 - White puppy

When Qu Lang said this, he didn't mean much other than to poke fun at Xiao Yao.

After all, they grew up together as kids, and Qu Lang clearly knew that Xiao Yao was obsessed with fluff. If the White King reverted to his original form, then Xiao Yao, who loved fluff but couldn't play, would definitely feel suffocated.

Baiju felt that what Qu Lang said was quite right.
To put it bluntly, his intent this time was good and well, the only problem was they were now unclear on the upper limit of his strength. Therefore, if he acted as though he had overdone it, his power would be easier to justify.

Taking a look at Qu Lang, Baiju nodded, "That makes sense."

Qu Lang, "......"
No, he was just kidding.

Interrupted by the honest dog Baiju, Qu Lang choked on the rest of his words and could neither say whether he was serious or not.

Xiao Yao gave a slight tsk when he saw this, and knew that this guy had other ways.
He stood up and knocked on Qu Lang's head, then Xiao Yao gestured to Baiju next to him and stretched out his hand to him, "Bai'ge, let's go, we'll talk in Qu Lang's car."

Baiju logically held Xiao Yao's palm, shook it, and reminded him,  "I don't have shoes."

Xiao Yao, "......"
Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's feet, then rubbed his forehead helplessly. He took out two pieces of talisman paper, and barely turned them into a pair of flip flops.

The three performed a small ritual to reduce their sense of existence, avoiding the crowds in the mall, and went to the underground parking lot.

Qu Lang drove an urban off-road vehicle. It wasn't a recent model, and was even a little grey from the rush of work lately.

Baiju sat in the back seat of the car with Xiao Yao, and Qu Lang simply started the car, ready to drive to the Demon Management Bureau. The roads would be jammed up for a while, enough for them to discuss any countermeasures.

This matter was difficult to explain, but the key factor was actually the attitudes of various organisations. If the Secret Service, the Demon Management Bureau, the Practitioners Association, etc, were all determined to deal with Baiju and Xiao Yao, then no matter how powerful Baiju pretended to be or not be, they would never be pleased.

In other words, as long as these organisations were willing to not make a big deal of things, Baiju only needed to show some weaknesses, even if they were fake, and the matter would be quickly glossed over.

Qu Lang looked at the highway, shuttling between the traffic and continued chatting, "Considering the entire incident, we really do need to reassess the threat of the White King, but this is just a standard procedure.  That’s it. Who will evaluate and what the results of the evaluation are are all inconsequential... and the threat is linked to the strength of the White King, but the more important thing is your treatment of human beings and attitude towards society."

"White King, don’t worry. Xiao Yao and I are childhood friends and the leaders of several organisations know this. The General Administration sent me to confirm the scene, so they basically, tacitly, allowed me to collude with you and fool the other organisations. For the General Administration, or at least in the Secret Service, your brother Xiao Yao is trusted and recognised by us."

Baiju nodded in satisfaction when he heard this, and said with a sigh of relief, "That's good. If you suspect me for this matter, it's okay. If you don't even trust Yao Yao, it would be too absurd."

Qu Lang, "..." What did he just hear? Yao Yao?  ?  ?
The steering wheel in Qu Lang's hand slipped, and the car swerved before he slammed to a stop in front of the red light.

Looking in the rearview mirror, Qu Lang saw Xiao Yao's face as usual, and he couldn't help but suspect that he'd just had an auditory hallucination.

After clearing his throat, Qu Lang pulled his attention back, and continued to discuss a few words with the two people stuck in the back seat, the solution to the matter was almost settled.

The first was the weakness of the White King. The "overdraft" that Qu Lang mentioned at the beginning was a little off-colour but it was actually quite effective.  Baiju's merits were so heavy that it was difficult for ordinary practitioners to explore Baiju's physical condition through this barrier. If he reduced his aura and pretended to be sluggish and lethargic, the illusion of overdrawing his power was easy to create…Although it wouldn't work to gain the trust of everyone, it at least could make everyone believe that Baiju was something they could control.

Secondly, and a more important and critical step, was for them to cooperate with the Secret Service and the Practitioners Association to investigate cases.

The responsibility of the Secret Service was to deal with criminal cases caused by mysterious practitioners, demons and ghosts. Therefore, compared with things like magic or cause and effect, the Secret Service was more concerned about the incident itself. As direct witnesses to the scene, Baiju and Xiao Yao were both notable individuals in their own right. Not surprisingly, they would be the main force in assisting in handling the case. This was one of the reasons why the Secret Service chose to help them.

Regarding this, Baiju said that he had no objections.

He didn't think about it at first, but now he heard that he had the opportunity to participate in the investigation, Baiju heaved a sigh of relief. In this way, gaining their cooperation could be considered as a perfect accomplishment.

However, participating in the case was one thing, and showing weakness was another.
Xiao Yao struggled several times, but in the end he couldn't beat the honest dog Baiju and the bullshitting Qu Lang. Holding a Samoyed puppy as he got out of the car, his face was so cold that it was about to shed ice.

Qu Lang, who had been running around for a day, sent the two back to the Demon Management Bureau, and thought of eating a meal in Xiao Yao's house, but Xiao Yao mercilessly shut the door on his face.

Qu Lang: ?  ?  ?
What kind of flimsy brotherhood was this, didn't I just hook you up with the fluff? Or have you now found a fascinating fairy to climb into your bed?

The dumbfounded Qu Lang obviously forgot what he thought of Baiju when they first met. He stood alone outside Xiao Yao's house for a few minutes, but when he realised that Xiao Yao really wasn't going to open the door, he rubbed his stomach with a frown and went to the service centre to have a meal.

Whatever, the butler spirits are cuter.


Baiju was carried into the house in Xiao Yao’s arms. He was not at all uncomfortable with his small size. He pushed Xiao Yao’s arm with his paws, and whispered, “Yao Yao, come on, go try the porridge I made..."

Halfway through Baiju's invitation, he became a little embarrassed, "It's probably cold now, and must be warmed up again."

Xiao Yao stole a handful of puppy fluff and soft fur with a blank face, feeling that he could drink ten pots of cold porridge if the white puppy asked.

Seeing that Xiao Yao's complexion wasn't very good, the old white dog thought he was being stand-offish again, and felt that he needed eighteen martial arts to coax him.

He pressed his paws on Xiao Yao's shoulders, turned his head to rub his fluffy head against Xiao Yao's chin and neck, and his low and soft voice hovered in Xiao Yao's mind, "Yao Yao... don't be unhappy. Today was my fault. I didn’t know the situation and I created a problem..."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao felt the problem was too big. It didn't matter if it was an old white dog or white puppy dog arching into his neck, in his eyes, Baiju was a demon that struck straight into his heart!

If he let his mind wander a little, Xiao Yao felt that he would die on the spot.

Baiju's series of confessions, apologies, and coaxes made Xiao Yao stiff.

"Bai'ge..." Xiao Yao steadied his mind with difficulty, "Transform into a human form first."
Transformed into a human form, the big man of at least one metre ninety would no longer be in his arms.

Baiju blinked, not quite understanding Xiao Yao's thinking, but he felt that since it was his request, it would always be better to follow it.

So Xiao Yao only felt that there was a poof in front of his eyes. He looked down and a child of eight or nine years old was in his arms. He was holding his neck and hanging, obediently looking at his face.

Xiao Yao, "…………………………"
Bad move, even this loophole could be found by the white dog.

Baiju seems to have done it out of convenience, and chose the appearance of a child instead of a toddler when transforming.
Still in the familiar fur coat and leather pants, Baiju hugged Xiao Yao's neck, and his two bare feet swayed in the air. After adjusting his posture, he pulled himself up and sat down in Xiao Yao's arms properly.

The old white dog...no, the white puppy dog smiled flatteringly, and there was a small dimple on his chubby cheeks, "Yao Yao, is this okay, even if I go out with you as a human, there shouldn't be a problem."

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju in a completely Buddhist way. He was neither fluffy nor handsome, so he wasn't attracted...but this shape, but it was extremely accurate in poking his paternal instincts.

Who didn't want such a good-looking, soft cub who looked like a little angel.

Xiao Yao silently raised his hand and rubbed Baiju's hair, and for the first time realized his identity as a guardian profoundly.
If Baiju had been transformed into this shape from the beginning, he would probably not have been seduced by this old dog, and instead would have bought him a bunch of small toys.

Baiju didn’t know that he had missed out on Xiao Yao’s fatherly love. He narrowed his eyes and rubbed Xiao Yao’s hand, then hugged Xiao Yao’s neck affectionately and coaxed him with a few more words. Patting Xiao Yao's arm, he signaled that he wanted to go down onto the ground.

Xiao Yao bent down to put Baiju down, and saw Baiju wave his hand. Several white lights separated from him and turned into felt puppets. They rushed into the kitchen to clean up the spoon that fell on the floor and tidy up the kitchenware.

Xiao Yao lowered his eyes to look at Baiju, who was just about at his waist height, then sighed with the vicissitudes of life. He went to the drawer of the coffee table to take out a hair band, and waved Baiju over.

Baiju ran a few steps and saw Xiao Yao sitting on the sofa, he sat cross-legged on the floor in front of him, obediently bowing his head to let him tie a ponytail.

Xiao Yao felt that his heart was trembling.
The old white dog had always had the appearance of an adult. When he tied his hair and listened to him, it was more spoiling and sultry than being cunning. He didn’t expect that now he had changed into a child’s shell, there was no sense of disharmony which made Xiao Yao feel a little bit bad.

He began to wonder if the true mental age of the old white dog was closer to his current appearance... he was a child.

Thinking about it this way, Xiao Yao felt that his first sexual awakening in twenty-four years was about to die.

He been an adult for three years and was about to discover the highest death penalty.

The author has something to say:
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Old white dog has always been good =w=

Changing 'special service' to Secret Service. I thought the author was just describing a team within the police force but I think it's meant to be it's own faction.

Also, congratulations for MC not making sexual advances towards child!ML, it's a low bar but boy to some novels not pass it. (I don't think either of the QT ones I've translated have...)

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