15 - Who caught the back of my fate
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15 - Who caught the back of my fate

Since Baiju had already cooked the preserved egg and lean meat porridge, Xiao Yao didn’t have to worry about what to eat that night. He just heated up the pot of porridge and mixed up two more vegetarian dishes. The two sat on both sides of the table and had an easy dinner.

Baiju felt that he wasn't very good at understanding human thoughts, but he could tell that Xiao Yao seemed to be having a lot of emotional ups and downs today, which made him a little confused.

At night, Baiju took a shower in the bathroom on the first floor and went back to the bedroom upstairs. He watched a video lecture boredly for a while, then after thinking about it, he ran downstairs and went to the kitchen to get some milk. Then he went to the study to find Xiao Yao who was still working.

"Yao Yao? It's ten o'clock." Baiju knocked at the door, and looked at Xiao Yao from the edge of the door frame. "When are you resting?"

Xiao Yao paused, and for a while, he was still a little uncomfortable with the puppy Baiju delivering milk. After rubbing his fingers on the paper, he calmed down, "Soon...I'll go to sleep after reading this."

Baiju hesitated at the door for a while, then cautiously said, "Then... Yao Yao, are you going to the filming location the day after tomorrow?"

As he was reading the last paragraph, Xiao Yao didn't pay much attention to Baiju's question, and responded, "Yes, I'll leave in the morning and prepare for the live broadcast at night. Qu Lang and I will be present for the whole process."

Baiju looked at Xiao Yao eagerly.

Xiao Yao closed his eyes and thought about it again, making sure that there was no missing information. Then he got up and turned off the lamp; when he turned around, he saw Baiju at the door, carefully handing over a cup of warm milk.

Xiao Yao was stunned, raised his hand to take the milk, his heart warned and he smiled, "Thank you."

Baiju pursed his lips and smiled, his cheeks pierced with two small dimples filled with the warm light from outside the study.

Xiao Yao drank two sips of milk and reached out and rubbed the little Baiju's hair, "Okay, let's go and rest."

Baiju reached out to grab Xiao Yao's hand, held it in his hand, and then settled down, "Yao Yao, can I go to the film shoot with you the day after tomorrow?"

Xiao Yao was a little surprised, "Why does Bai'ge suddenly want to go?" He hadn't even mentioned it for over the last ten days.

Baiju still maintained a child's appearance and seemed a little old-fashioned when he spoke seriously, "I'm worried that someone will make trouble at the scene."

Baiju was then worried that he hadn’t explained clearly, and added, “Today’s events were a bit strange. If someone is really planning something in secret, then their purpose is very strange. Generally speaking, if a demon or a ghost is instigating an accident with the intention of causing a fatal accident, they will pay special attention to time, fate, location, etc., so they cannot be traced.

"But today, there was nothing special about the time of the accident. The feng shui of the mall does nothing to help hide evil spirits, and the fates of those little girls were quite ordinary... The only notable thing is that they are all fans of the red fox; they all have some personal investment in the red fox and they aren't fake fans." Baiju took Xiao Yao and sat down on the sofa, shook his fingers and counted his doubts one by one, "If this matter is centred around the red fox, then the biggest activity of the red fox in the near future is the live broadcast of the opening ceremony. The people behind it won't miss this opportunity."

The appearance of Baiju's careful analysis was completely different from the silly dog ​​who lacked common sense that he usually saw, "To the people behind today, my appearance was an accident. The incident was controlled by us, so the people behind it weren't able to intervene. You can't figure out my strength, and they can't figure it out either; I bet they will find time to test me."

"At the filming event, if I also go, their reasons for doing something will be doubled; a single reason may not be enough to lure them into making a second play in such a short time, but the doubling reasons would make it worth the risk... plus, on top of it all, if I appear as a child, and I can also have them look down on me a bit, making things more convenient for me."

Xiao Yao followed Baiju's words, slowly drinking the warm milk in his cup. He nodded and said, "Okay, let's go there the day after tomorrow."
The white puppy dog was really like a first-year detective... Xiao Yao thought, reaching out to touch Baiju's long soft and fluffy hair.

After Baiju turned into a child, he was still long-haired, with slightly curled silver hair hanging down his back, he looked especially like a doll. Although his facial features were still underdeveloped, he already had deep eyebrows, a straight nose, and sharp lips. He looked like a very cool little boy, even with long hair you couldn't mistake his gender.
He was quite a fan of this child star.

Xiao Yao liked the feel of his silky hair. The child-like Baiju wasn't as aggressive as the adult version. On the contrary, Xiao Yao felt that the distance between the two had narrowed a lot.

Baiju squinted his eyes and rubbed his head against Xiao Yao's palm. The warm yellow light in the living room was very warm and made him very relaxed. After a while, Baiju adjusted his posture and lay on the sofa, turning his head towards Xiao Yao and putting it on his leg, letting him touch his head comfortably.

Xiao Yao reviewed the recent events, including the billboard breaking incident, and pondered whether he should take Baiju out to buy children's clothing, and tomorrow inquire about Qu Lang's profile results... his thoughts were all over the place. After a while, he turned around and found that Baiju was lying comfortably on his lap with his eyes closed and being petted. If he had turned back into his dog form the scene would look very normal.

Xiao Yao was a little bit amused, and gently pulled Baiju's ears, teasing, "Bai'ge, I heard that a man's head is not allowed to be touched, so how come you send it over to be rubbed yourself."

Baiju was having his dog head stroked, and was very comfortable. He only lifted his eyelids, put his chin on his lap and slightly opened his mouth, "Yao Yao...I only let you touch me because I like you. " He wouldn't let a stranger.

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao felt that this old dog was simply laying traps for him to walk into.

Baiju was a little sleepy. Seeing that Xiao Yao had stopped rubbing his head, he turned over and stretched out on Xiao Yao's lap. Then he hugged him affectionately, and coaxed, "Well, you should sleep after drinking milk. You will be refreshed tomorrow."

Xiao Yao was thrown by Baiju's disorganised appearance. For a while, this father was full of love, but a few words from the old white dog, and he was stunned.

Like, what kind of like? Taking care of me, why take care of me? Or is it caring, what are you caring for?

If you have a crush on someone, you can break down every word he says, crumple them up, think about each syllable, and get a little meaning from it. It could make him both stunned and sweet from the bottom of his heart.

What's more, Baiju also loved to speak plainly.
Xiao Yao knew that his like was platonic and nothing more, but he was still coaxed to dream with Baiju's simple words.

If the incubus version of Baiju was lying on his lap at this time instead of the little doll Baiju, he might've kissed him impulsively.

Fortunately, this enthusiasm quickly dissipated when Xiao Yao saw Baiju's tender face. Xiao Yao rubbed Baiju's head again like a Buddha, and took the little boy upstairs to rest.
If he had to say, the White King Baiju was really such a kid in terms of feelings.


The little boy Baiju sighed with a wizened expression, then put on the little sunglasses that hung from his collar. He'd lost count of how many times he refused to be a child star.

Xiao Yao and Qu Lang followed the program director to the monitoring room. As a "child", they were afraid that Baiju's hands and feet would damage the instruments and didn't let him follow. He stayed in the background and observed people of all kinds. While paying attention to the safety of the backstage, he also looked for clues.

An agent who didn't keep an eye out for new talent wasn't a good agent... this being the case, while Baiju was holding a cup of milk tea and obediently leaning against the wall while blowing bubbles, five or six agents had already taken out their business cards and showed them in front of him.

But Baiju didn't want to get involved in the entertainment industry. He had thought a lot about how to make Xiao Yao happy but he was unwilling to stand on a stage to win the favour of countless people. It made him feel a little awkward and at a loss of what to do.

If he found himself idle, he might as well set up an empty mountain temple, find some new believers for himself, and do his old business.

Baiju stood in the backstage corridor for a while, then raised his head and sniffed the air, frowning slightly.
Hmm... fox, tiger, snake.

The three demon artists had all arrived.
There was also a bear… he'd heard Xiao Yao say that the bear should be the agent who was responsible for the three demons in Hanhai Entertainment.

The smell of the demonic races floated from the other end of the corridor, Baiju wrinkled his eyebrows, then stretched out his hand and pressed his stomach.
To be honest, he felt a little hungry when he smelled these little demons.

After drinking two mouthfuls of milk tea, Baiju licked his teeth and followed the smell.
The little demons had appeared, so he had better follow them to protect them, so that if they were targeted, Baiju would be able to get to them in time.

Baiju dialed Xiao Yao as he walked, "...Hey, Yao Yao…yeah, yeah, I'm fine. The little fox seems to be here, so I'll go to their lounge to stay."

Xiao Yao watched Qu Lang check every corner in the monitoring room, and subconsciously found Baiju's figure on the screens, he was holding his mobile phone to speak to him, "Then be careful, call me if you have anything, or send me a message."

Listening to Xiao Yao's explanation, Baiju smiled crookedly, "Okay."

Putting his phone back in his small backpack, Baiju quickly greeted the red fox and his team. The team of more than a dozen people was led by the brown bear agent, named Xiong He, who happened be standing in front of their dedicated rooms.

Baiju ran a few steps, rushed up to the agent, and wasn't surprised to be stopped. He immediately raised his head and grinned, "Uncle Xiong, I'm looking for Ziran'gege."

The words Xiong He was about to reprimand him with were severely stuffed back into his throat.
Ma ye, whose kid is so cute———cute?

Suddenly, Xiong He was agitated, and he saw his own figure reflected in those black eyes.

...ma ye, it's a big boss.

Qiu Ziran heard the movement, and poked his head out from behind Xiong He. He saw Baiju at a glance and he burst into laughter and said, "Hey, this little guy is so cute."

"Ziran'gege, Curator Xiao asked me to come to you." When Baiju saw Qiu Ziran, he immediately abandoned Xiong He and stretched out his hand to Qiu Ziran.

Qiu Ziran was taken aback, oh, it turned out to be a little demon.

Before Xiong He had time to stop him, he saw the ignorant red fox stretch out his hands, pick up the big boss, and happily open the door of the lounge.

Xiong He, "..."
Xiong He sent the others into the lounge next door before turning around to the one reserved for Qiu Ziran.

After closing the door, Xiong He watched as the red fox was about to reach out to touch the boss's head, and hurriedly called him to halt, "Qiu Ziran, wait! Don't!"

However, it was too late.
At that moment, Baiju, who was sitting in Qiu Ziran’s excited arms, suddenly raised his hand and touched the back of Qiu Ziran’s neck; in the next moment, Baiju landed on the ground, carrying a red fox with a furry face in his hand.

The jewellery that adorned the popular musician Qiu Ziran burned to the ground.

The author has something to say:
Red Fox: Who is holding back my destiny?  ?  ?
The old white dog is pretty cute...but it's a pity you cannot to touch his head╮( ??ω?? )╭

I couldn't find a samoyed and a fox but here is a bear and a fox.

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