16 - Red Fox Qiu Ziran
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16 - Red Fox Qiu Ziran

Qiu Ziran, the red fox, wasn't a pushover but unfortunately couldn't compare to Baiju.

Baiju, pretending to be cute and awkward, shook the red fox in his hand. Seeing his four thin legs hanging awkwardly, he pursed his lips and put the fox down on the ground.

This little fox, he was afraid that it had become the finest in civilized society, but no longer knew how to kick its legs when being carried. He wasn't wild at all.

Before this Baiju had thought the red fox had blended so well into the human world that he should be very powerful. He didn't expect he would be a fool among foxes, whose temperament wasn't compatible with being cunning. It was a bit shameful for the fox clan.

Qiu Ziran sat on the ground, looking at the scattered necklaces and ornaments around him. After a long while, he squeaked, tilted his head and looked at Baiju expressing with emotion, "...wow."

Baiju thought for a while, then reached out to touch the head of the red fox.

Xiong He stood at the door, not daring to speak for a long time.

Baiju glanced at Xiong He and pointed his finger at the sofa, "Sit down."

The brown bear mumbled but moved over and sat down properly. Seeing Baiju pull Qiu Ziburn's ear, the red fox flashed and changed back to a human, sitting on the ground without any decorum.

Qiu Ziran very good at transforming, makeup couldn't compare, and the clothes were basically all created by himself. After being tossed by Baiju, his clothes and pants were still the same. He only needed to retrieve the accessories that fell on the ground and put them back on.

The red fox was obviously still a little dazed. He touched his own head, and asked nonchalantly, "Are you a big demon?" Not a little demon.

Baiju nodded, "I'm the Demon King Baiju."
After a pause, thinking that these little demons may never have heard of him, Baiju added, "The Demon Management Bureau hired me to come down the mountain to discipline you."

The red fox breathed a sigh of relief, "Oh, I've heard of you... I'm the fox demon Qiu Ziran, Curator Xiao should have introduced me to you, I'm a good demon."
As he said this, his gaze swept over the big, well-mannered brown bear on the sofa. The red fox found his conscience and spoke a good word for his agent, too, "This is Xiong He, Hanhai’s man. He looks fierce, but he has a good temper. He is the most powerful one out of us and is very good at taking care of people."

Xiong He nodded towards Baiju stiffly, "My humble greeting, White King."

Baiju glanced over the two of them, he could probably guess their background.

This brown bear he estimated to be about two hundred years old, not very old. He may have been born on a mountain with strong spiritual energy and opened his mind very early, and he had been transformed into this form for seven or eighty years, judging by his cursory glance. How long he'd been mixed in to human society was more difficult to determine.

The red fox Qiu Ziran was younger. He estimated 60 or 70 years old. He had been transformed for about 40 years. His foundation was very good. In an era when the qi of the world was stronger, this guy would have been a good seedling for cultivation. If he went to the temples to practice, he would find it even easier to attain deification than the wild road Baiju took.

The most important thing was that these two little demons had no sins on them, and they even had some merits. He could tell that they were indeed living honestly.
Baiju took off his small backpack and placed it on the sofa in the lounge, and explained his intentions with the two, "Today I will follow along for your live recording with Curator Xiao and Captain Qu throughout the whole process; you should also be careful. Notably, there are a lot of people on the scene today, and accidents may occur; no matter what happens, make sure you are somewhere where the camera can find you. Also..."

Baiju opened the backpack and drew out some things, then threw small carrot pendants to Qiu Ziran and Xiong He, "These are recording devices, please wear it on your body, try to keep it recording; it has my protection on it, which should minimise interference."

Xiong He and Qiu Ziran looked at each other and couldn't help becoming serious.
Xiong He didn't care about being monitored, and quickly asked, "White King, what's the situation? Is someone going to harm us?"

Baiju was still looking for the recording devices for the several other little demons, and replied simply, "It's just possible."

In the current world of cultivation, due to the decline of the dragon lines, the average level of the practitioners had also fallen sharply. People with sufficient strength didn't necessarily have enough time or access, which led to a greater chance of success for many demons to hide their traces and pass the blame to others when they made trouble.
However, with the help of human technology, enough evidence could be made to help the red fox prove his innocence.

Baiju quickly turned over the other two recording devices and handed them to Xiong He, "Go and give the other two little demons, just tell them a sentence or two." The team of assistants next door was all human, and Baiju didn't like dealing with over-enthusiastic human females, so he gave this task to Xiong He.

Xiong He quickly took the recorders and glanced at the red fox who was still sitting on the ground putting on his earrings, and solemnly nodded at Baiju, "Thank you, White King."

Baiju waved his hand in an old-fashioned manner, "It's my duty."

Qiu Ziran still had some insight, and quickly followed Xiong He to thank him, "Thank you, boss."

Baiju, "..." This fox is a bit silly.

Xiong He went to next door to explain everything to them. Assuming he would take a while, Baiju moved a small stool and sat next to Qiu Ziran, watching him hang jewellery on his body little by little, and said, "The day before yesterday, your fans went to tear down the advertising posters in Feng Le Plaza."

"Ah? ———hiss..." Qiu Ziran turned his head in surprise, and accidentally caught his earring, he quickly raised his hand and rubbed it twice, "What's the matter? Weren't the posters in Feng Le Plaza hung up very high...wait, are they all okay?"

The red fox recalled the height of the billboard in Feng Le Plaza, and immediately felt anxious——if nothing happened, why would the White King mention it today?

Qiu Ziran's residence was in the Demon Management Bureau. If there was an accident in the Feng Le Plaza in Luocheng, it would be impossible for him not to hear about it.

"Did the White King suppress the news?" Qiu Ziran calmed down and quickly figured out the ins and outs of the matter.
Since Baiju mentioned the incident, then it was definitely not all right, but the incident was resolved by him and Curator Xiao.

Baiju nodded and said, "There were three little girls, two of them pulled the rope, and one climbed onto the billboard to try to remove the poster. Then the rope broke and the billboard fell."

Qiu Ziran gasped.
The boss only spoke two or three sentences, but Qiu Ziran could fully imagine the danger at the time, and couldn't help but press his heart, and quickly thanked him, "Thank you White King for helping!"

Baiju lowered his eyes, his gaze fell on the rivets of Qiu Ziran's trousers, he lifted his eyelids, and looked at Qiu Ziran's eyes, "That billboard almost hit Xiao Yao."

Qiu Ziran shuddered all of a sudden.

The little Baiju’s black jade-like eyes weren't threatening at first glance, but now the lines around the corners of his eyes had a sharpness to them. When staring at people, they seemed to be a piercing pitch black. Like a tip of a knife constantly approaching the opponent's eyeballs.

Baiju only stared at Qiu Ziran for a few seconds, and then withdrew his gaze. He didn't want to stare at the red fox who was still fixing himself.
"Little fox, who are you staring at?" Baiju lowered his eyes again, and the tips of his teeth were looming between his lips as he spoke slowly, "Think about it, don't let any clues escape you."

Qiu Ziran shuddered, and when he came back to his senses, he glanced at Baiju, a well-behaved child who was sitting politely.

He scratched his hair, and slightly furrowed his eyebrows, "I see... I'll think about it. If I find something, I'll tell you immediately."

Qiu Ziran organised a method of contact and he talked to Baiju about his life, "It's just that, White King, I don't need to hide it from you, when I was transformed, I was assisted by the Buddha, and I stayed in the temple for 18 years until I came to the mundane world 25 years ago. At that time the Demon Management Bureau had just been established, and I was also brought down the mountain by the little masters in the temple at the request of the Bureau. After that, my life was basically as it is now."

The red fox stood up, his dark brown eyes were very clear, "If I say so myself, then I, Qiu Ziran, have lived a short life and have never deliberately provoked anyone; but throughout my own struggles it's possible I have blocked someone else, I'll need some time to consider this angle."

Baiju nodded, "Just remember."
After a pause, Baiju lowered his voice again, and his tone seemed to be softer, "Get ready for today's live broadcast, don't lose your momentum... I've read the online comments, you're generally a good artist."

Ah, what a stingy compliment.
Qiu Ziran heard it in his tone, knowing that his previous affairs had been investigated.

Baiju got up and stretched, took a few steps, pointed to the surveillance camera in the corner of the ceiling, and asked, "Is this thing on?"

Qiu Ziran took a look and replied, "It's not on now. To ensure the privacy of the artists, they won't turn it on unless you request it in advance. Naturally, if I leave valuables in the lounge, and I need to leave for a while I usually request for monitoring."

"I see." Baiju nodded, "As long as you are not here today, this surveillance camera will be on."

Qiu Ziran agreed dryly, "Ah, okay."
Although he didn't think that this lounge could be used in any malicious plan, listening to the big guys he would always suffer less.

Seeing that the little fox was quite obedient, Baiju nodded in satisfaction, abandoned the small stool, and sat cross-legged on the sofa. He took out a toffee from his small backpack and threw it into his mouth.
There was nothing wrong with the red fox itself, it was only whoever almost injured Xiao Yao who disgusted him.

Baiju licked off the toffee on the tip of his teeth, chewing and thinking. He hadn't lost his temper for a long time, so long he'd almost forgotten what it was like to fight.

He hoped that something could be drawn out today.

Lenses, glass, water's surface; these were all media for mortal vision. People with weak yang could occasionally see demons and ghosts through them, therefore, many ghosts and demons used these media to amplify their abilities, so as to intimidate humans, breaking through their defences and even extinguishing their light. Similarly, what the cameras recorded could be regarded as one of the things that ghosts could easily tamper with.

The lens wasn't a threat to malicious demons with sufficient ability. In turn, the lenses could become a weapon of the filth.

Baiju explained to the little fox that they should stay under the cameras all the time. Firstly, because he was there, he could ensure that these shots weren't affected by other demons and only recorded what was real; secondly, he was also using this setting that seemed to be home to the ghosts to lead the other party out.

Baiju was very hungry.
He didn't mind eating minced filth to fill his stomach.

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