19 - Dealing with the puppet
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19 - Dealing with the puppet

It's been a long time since Baiju had dealt with this kind of thing, and now he had to fight against the puppet while limiting his strength.

A part of the puppet’s purpose was to test his strength, while Baiju's intent was to get a feel for the person behind the puppet.

The actual technique to do so was a bit difficult.
Although the opponent’s puppet had a vague appearance and dull expressions, looking past its scrappy parts, the instructions this puppet was following were quite complex and sophisticated. All of this implied that the puppet also had the ability to move very far away from its controller. Under normal circumstances, a puppet that strayed too far could dilute the connection between itself and the controller to close to nothing.

This was also the reason why Baiju must fight it.
Baiju didn't know the strength of the puppet and he couldn't even feel whether the manipulator was a human or a demon or something else. Only by applying pressure on the puppet and causing it to push the limits of its autonomous actions, could he reach the past it.

There wasn’t much time left. The live broadcast lasted one hour and forty minutes, and once it was over, two of the artists who needed to rush to another event would come through the parking lot via the emergency exit. So far it had been nearly half an hour since the opening began.

Through the door of the emergency exit, Baiju could hear footsteps coming and going outside. It was possible someone would try to get in or out from here, the other doors were likely locked if they couldn’t be opened, but the emergency exit door could be opened by accident.
Faintly furrowing his eyebrows, Baiju's feet leaped dexterously, avoiding the several dark tentacles that came from the puppet. Then Baiju turned, stepping on the shoulders of the puppet.

"Bind!" With a low voice from his throat, Baiju pointed, and a fine blue silk thread intertwined with a faint light formed into a net, spreading densely over the puppet. Those freely flowing black shadow tentacles were all caught, the blue silk thread snatched them together, binding them into the body of the puppet!

Baiju suppressed the power surging through his body, his aura became unstable and his feet seemed to lose strength. Fluttering off his legs, Baiju simply turned over and landed, pretending to squat down and catch his breath for a while.

The puppet seemed to carry the consciousness of the manipulator. Seeing Baiju's appearance, a glimmer of colour flashed through his hollow eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled up, "White King...it's really pitiful to see you’ve fallen this far."

Baiju's acting skills weren’t good, so he adopted Xiao Yao's temperament, and tried his best to reply to him blankly, "This far? I have a good life."

Hearing this, the puppet drooped his neck strenuously and looked down at Baiju, "Your temple is gone, and your believers are gone... even dealing with a puppet is stenuous, is this a good life?

"White King, you’re the Demon King who almost became a god."

Baiju lowered his eyes, the curvature of the corners of his mouth was a little cold. He raised his hand and rubbed his ears, "A god? It's boring."
The hoarse and weird voice of the puppet made his ears uncomfortable. He didn't bother to talk to the puppet in detail, so he stood up, grabbed the light net in his hand, and dragged the puppet along the ground towards the exit of the underground parking lot. As he moved he didn’t forget to take the little jacket that was hanging in the air.

This damned thing wanted to confuse him. Baiju thought, he didn't understand the intrigue, but with this kind of intention to get close to him, whoever it was must have seen some profit in it.
If it was profitable, then in this case, as long as he was alive, no matter how many times, the other party would find him.

The puppet was lying on the ground, but it didn't feel like being dragged by Baiju across the ground. Instead, he smiled sullenly, drawing power with the intention of breaking away as the colour of the light net on his body became lighter.

Baiju had been keeping an eye on the puppet, and began running faster and faster, as if his physical strength had recovered, dragging the puppet thumping across the floor. Although he couldn’t act directly against the puppet, it was tossed by Baiju's simple and rough movements, continually hitting the walls and floor, and it became too much effort to destroy the light net. It was a little funny.

Baiju quickly ran to the exit of the parking lot, pulling the puppet and laughing, "You’re much more embarrassing than me."

The puppet seemed to want to speak, but in the next instant, Baiju flicked his hand against the wall; then Baiju, who had gone outside of the building from the exit of the parking lot, gripped onto a tile with his fingers, and suddenly flew up the outer wall of the building.

In three moves, Baiju dragged the puppet up to the rooftop with the help of the windowsills, brick cracks, etc. As if he was relieved because he was away from the crowds, Baiju changed his hands, mobilised his qi, and made a gesture to attract lightning to destroy the puppet——

"Fss——" With a dull sound, the blue light net burst suddenly, and the silk string shattered into the air, making a humming like a zither.

Between the lightning and strands of net, the puppet collapsed into countless black spots in the blink of an eye, writhing towards Baiju from all directions with turbulent sharpness!

The corner of Baiju’s mouth twitched, and a sly glimmer passed through his eyes—he caught it.
Although it was only a very subtle smell, he found a power in the puppet that wasn’t its own.

There was no longer a need to keep it.

The movement in his hands changed slightly. Baiju's slender fingers folded into claws, and a flashing thunder dragon instantly formed between his hands; at the same time, a divine light burst from between Baiju's eyes and cut off the puppet’s consciousness!

The thunder dragon swept down and the black dots dissipated into dust, and could no longer converge into a puppet.

Standing in the middle of the roof, Baiju raised his hand and held it out slightly, the dust in the air slowly gathered towards his palm.

At that moment, the iron door to the rooftop was suddenly knocked open, and Xiao Yao appeared before Baiju's eyes.

Xiao Yao scanned his surroundings, and then his gaze locked onto Baiju. Seeing him standing unharmed, Xiao Yao breathed a sigh of relief. He held the door with one hand, and loosened his shoulders, breathing quickly.

"Ah... Bai’ge, are you okay?" Xiao Yao paused, and walked over under Baiju's slightly amused gazes, feeling a little embarrassed.
After all, Baiju was a demon king. When he waved his hand in Feng Le Square he froze space and time. Such a large area to him was like a joke. On this basis, Xiao Yao really had nothing to worry about.

Xiao Yao was still concerned and confused. After leaving the studio, he took a piece of Baiju's hair and followed it. First, he chased him to the emergency exit, and then he followed the aura of the puppet that had hit every wall on the way outside. He finally found Baiju had already moved to the roof up the wall, so he turned and ran up the stairs.

As a result, Baiju had finished the battle swiftly and neatly, and there was no need for him to do anything at all. The whole thing only took ten minutes, which was a bit fast.

Baiju enjoyed the care of his little ward and seeing Xiao Yao coming over, he simply opened his palm to show him, "It was a puppet who did it. I have forced out some power that didn’t belong to it. It should be from the controller or have something to do with the little fox."

Xiao Yao leaned over and saw that in the little Baiju's palm was a small transparent and round bead with a ray of blood floating in the middle. It looked like a glass marble that children played with and was about the size of a soybean.

"What is this?" Xiao Yao hesitated, his achievements in the warlock world weren’t small, but he had never seen something like this.

Baiju tossed it then stuffed it into Xiao Yao's hands, "The puppet’s core, it’s similar to a spiritual pill but can be regarded as the control program for a puppet. With this thing, a puppet’s ability to act will be expanded and even possess a certain degree of autonomy, intelligence and the ability to share what it sees, hears, and feels with the manipulator at the same time. As it doesn’t receive direct instructions from the manipulator, it can hide the one in control."

Xiao Yao took the puppet core, aware of the problem behind this incident, and said, "Whoever this is shouldn’t be unknown to be able to make such a thing, but I’ve never heard of any practitioner who specialises in puppetry."

"Bai’ge, I have to send this thing to the Practitioners Association." Xiao Yao thought for a while and made up his mind; this thing was a hot potato in his hands, it would be better to send it to the Association as soon as possible and let them decide what to do with it first.

Baiju nodded, bowed his head and buttoned his little jacket. Either way, the puppet wasn’t tasty. Although there was a lot of spiritual power in it, it was empty, rotten, and without any vitality.

The two talked on the rooftop for a short while, and Qu Lang, who finished settling things downstairs, also arrived on the rooftop.

Qu Lang had contacted the Secret Services and was in a rush, and didn’t stay with them. After asking Baiju for a record of the entire incident, he took a statement of the fight between Baiju and the puppet. After confirming that it was correct, he took all the information with him and drove away, leaving A’Heng to continue overseeing the event.

Baiju followed Xiao Yao back to the studio, just in case. He continued keeping watch for a long time but fortunately by the time all the staff had left there were no more incidents.
In the end, the steel frame of the bleachers that was damaged by the puppet was repaired by Baiju.


Returning to the Demon Management Bureau, Xiao Yao and Baiju watched through all the surveillance videos of the little fox and the rest of the day together overnight. They also listened to some of the backup recording files. At present, they could only determine that the other little demons weren’t aware of the incident.

After their investigation, they decided it was more important to pay attention to the few people who appeared in the red fox’s lounge several times that day, including assistants, makeup artists, other performer’s makeup artists who came to borrow cosmetics, and the assistants of several other artists.

All the results of the investigation were packaged and sent to the Demon Administration Bureau and the Secret Service. Xiao Yao rubbed his forehead and slumped on his chair. He felt a little deflated. In order to give himself time to find Baiju, he chose to use the astrolabe to create an array. The efficiency was indeed high, but the price was the use of more qi and blood, and the sequelae was relatively heavy. The loss of vitality and blood was more troublesome to recover.

When Baiju saw this, how could he not know that this young man had fallen into this state because he was looking for him earlier. He felt guilty and blamed himself, thinking that he hadn’t taken good care of Xiao Yao.

As a result, while Xiao Yao was paralyzed on his chair, sorting out his thoughts, he suddenly felt that his whole body felt weightless, and when he opened his eyes, he found that he had been picked up.

After dealing with the puppet, the old white dog had no need to pretend to be tender. So at some point he had changed back to his adult appearance and gently lifted him into a solid princess carry.

Xiao Yao, “......”

But the white old dog was quite good at taking care of people, and didn’t have any other motives when he picked someone up and he lowered his head to tap it against Xiao Yao's forehead, "Your body temperature is a bit low...take a good rest. I’ll take you to bed so you’ll be warmer."

Xiao Yao really wanted to roar his inner monologue in Baiju's face.
If I say you can listen to my heart! You should listen to see if this behaviour is appropriate!

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Old white dog: You’re so coquettish, of course it's appropriate :D

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