20 - Therapy dog
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20 - Therapy dog

The old white dog’s proposal was beyond Xiao Yao's limits. How could he stay calm if he dared to let Baiju sleep with him? Therefore, a swift rejection was required; but as soon as he moved in Baiju's arms, he was firmly held under the bend of his legs.

The old white dog was irreproachable and righteous, "What's wrong? Haven't I hugged you to sleep before and you were quite comfortable, why have you become awkward now...good, be obedient."

Xiao Yao was held tightly by this stupid dog and couldn't move. He could feel Baiju's body temperature through his thin clothes and his ears were burnt red. He had to respond bashfully, "Baiju, you...you, put me down, I'll go to bed by myself, I just need some sleep."

Baiju frowned and wasn't satisfied with his little ward's disregard of his own health, "Are you telling me you can make up for the loss of blood with some sleep, I'm not stupid."
After that, Baiju felt he was being a little bit fierce again, so he slowed down and patted Xiao Yao on the back like a child, saying, "Okay, don't be upset. Haven't I slept in your bed before? Now that we have lived together for a month, you despise me more than the day we met."

Xiao Yao sighed deeply and explained vaguely, "Bai'ge, it's not that I dislike you...just sharing the same bed with another person, I'm not used to it, and won't sleep well."

Baiju raised his eyebrows, and just wanted to refute that Xiao Yao had obviously slept soundly in his arms before, but suddenly realised that Xiao Yao was holding him when he was in the shape of a dog.
Suddenly, Baiju was enlightened, "That's okay, I'll be a dog."

Xiao Yao, "......"
Xiao Yao had a headache.

He'd slept comfortably with the big white dog before, because he had no other thoughts; but now that he had been tempted by Baiju, and this stupid dog obviously had no experience with love. If he did anything to the dog he would always feel that he was taking advantage of him, even if Baiju became a dog.

However, Baiju didn't give him much time to brood on this, as he walked to Xiao Yao's bedroom with him in his arms and went straight to the bathroom door. He put the human down on the ground, and lifted his hand to help Xiao Yao with his buttons.
One, two, three, his slender fingers were exceptionally dexterous.

Xiao Yao was taken aback, and hurriedly avoided Baiju's cheeky dog hands. Holding Baiju's arms with both hands, he turned away and threw him out of the bathroom, "You don't need to help, Bai'ge, I can wash myself!"

With a click the door was locked. Baiju stood at the door of the bathroom bewildered and vaguely feeling that the scene of being thrown out a certain door seemed familiar.
The old white dog, who still felt he was disliked, felt a little aggrieved. He was obviously very careful, and he had learnt how to use modern clothes a long time ago, and wouldn't tear the clothes of his little ward. He was too stingy.

Looking down at his hands, Baiju rubbed his fingertips, feeling a little stunned for a moment.
Living a domestic modern life, he'd almost forgotten how many times his claws had pierced his enemies...now he touched soft and delicate cloth, while disgusted by his little guardian's stinginess. He was really insatiable.


Xiao Yao, who said he wouldn't let the old white dog crawl into his bed, was defeated in the end by Baiju's turn into a fluffy offensive. He plunged into the white and soft fur to cuddle the dog, and fell asleep quickly.

But Baiju quietly transformed into a human after Xiao Yao fell asleep.

He wanted to stay next to Xiao Yao to accompany him to rest, not because Xiao Yao's body temperature was low, but to take this opportunity to give him some spiritual energy.
The spiritual energy of the modern world was thin. Even if Xiao Yao had spiritual flowers and grasses in his home, he still had to rest on his own to replenish the lost qi and blood. It would be impossible for him to replenish it all even if he slept half the month. Also, Baiju was half a mountain god, who had already stepped into the divine way. Unlike ordinary demons, the spiritual energy he released was pure and gentle. If he didn't intentionally restrain it, he would have flowers and plants blooming wherever he went.

Baiju controlled the qi in his body and gently wrapped Xiao Yao in it, allowing it to slowly infiltrate the humans aura while also allowing his little ward to sleep well.

After consoling himself with the fur in vain.
Xiao Yao, who worked all night, had a good dream in Baiju's arms.

Baiju leaned against the bedhead, his hand on the young man's soft black hair as he combed through it softly. He lowered his eyes and hesitated for a while, then finally calmed down the angry thoughts in his heart.

The Demon Management Bureau gave him a good opportunity and Baiju didn't want to waste such a chance to walk safely in the human world, but sometimes he didn't know how to speak. He hadn't told the Demon Administration Bureau, or told Xiao Yao, that he wasn't necessarily a demon they could rely on.

He was cruel.
He was more powerful than most demon kings.
He could create bloody massacres with a single thought.
He... he may not distinguish between good and evil, nor distinguish right from wrong, and would do things based on his mood.

In the past two days, after Baiju realised that the inciter of these events had set their sights on him, he had been considering the idea of ​​detaching himself from the Demon Management Bureau, but every time he thought about it, he stopped.

He'd come down to the mortal world, he should enjoy the fireworks.
Baiju looked at Xiao Yao many times, and felt that this young man was full of sparks that he couldn't touch.

The world was so beautiful, and the old white dog wanted to find a place to stay in this world for himself.

He didn't want to cause trouble for Xiao Yao...so he could only try to solve everything in a forthright manner.

His rare chaotic thoughts made Baiju a little tired.
He squeezed Xiao Yao's earlobe softly, then watched the young man tuck himself away from his hand and take the initiative to pull his fur, buring his face in closer to breathe. The corners of his mouth were slightly curled up. Somewhat childish.

He's just a kid.

Baiju smiled, moved his body down to lay down next to Xiao Yao, and reached out to draw him into his arms.


The old white dog was still a bit cunning, possibly a result of his biological hunting instincts; a while before Xiao Yao woke up, Baiju finished napping and subconsciously changed back to his dog form. As a result, Xiao Yao woke up soon after.

When Xiao Yao woke up, he put his face in the long hair on the dog's neck and rubbed hard. He opened his eyes, realising that it was a dog-shaped Baiju, he suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.
God knew that he was dreaming of a humanoid Baiju sleeping with his arms around him and touching his head.

Xiao Yao, who slept for the whole day and night, felt that his state was surprisingly good. He was much better than how he felt after using his qi and blood in the past. Although Baiju didn’t mention it exactly, Xiao Yao wasn’t stupid. Seeing the old dog watching him from time to time to observe his state, he knew that he had recovered so well because of Baiju.

How could he feel unhappy when receiving genuine concern.
Xiao Yao didn't mention it, but he still rubbed the head of the big white-haired dog and thanked him softly.

Baiju was originally worried that Xiao Yao would figure it out, but seeing that he wasn’t suspicious and angry, the weight on his heart fell to the ground.

After Xiao Yao got up, he washed up, and graciously cooked Baiju a large table of food so he could eat something delicious; while Xiao Yao only had Baiju’s porridge and stir-fried vegetables himself. He didn't have an iron stomach like the big demon, and still had to be mindful of his health.

After that, Baiju and Xiao Yao had some free time, so they sat on the sofa together to analyse the current situation.

This time the incident wasn’t too bad.
In recent days, the two consecutive incidents in Luocheng had been nipped in the bud. After comparison, they were indeed both caused by puppets and the requirements for producing and manipulating these puppets were quite high. The first one had been destroyed by Baiju so there shouldn’t be a second one for a while.

The only clue that had been extracted from the puppet had been sent to the Practitioners Association, and the Special Services had also taken over the investigation of the case. Baiju and Xiao Yao were in a relatively passive position for the time being; the two served at both scenes respectively, the first as witnesses, so their freedom of movement would be subject to certain restrictions for the time being. According to the notice from the Secret Services, they could only stay within the borders of Luocheng.

Qiu Ziran and the others were also restricted.

According to the analysis of the puppet’s core by the Practitioners Association, the creator of the two incidents did add the parameter of "Qiu Ziran" to the puppet’s instructions. Specifically, the puppet’s core had a few red fox hairs inside it. They seemed to have been taken when the fox wasn’t transformed.

It was more miserable for the little fox.
Qiu Ziran was a popular entertainer, and his schedule was packed, but because his fur was in the core, he had more restrictions than Baiju and Xiao Yao. He was restricted to activities under the purview of the Demon Management Bureau and on areas managed by the Demon Management Bureau.

"Areas managed by the Demon Management Bureau?" Baiju looked at the encrypted files on Xiao Yao's computer with some curiosity, pointing to a line and asked, "What’s under the name of the Demon Management Bureau?"

Xiao Yao scrolled and read the rest with a few glances, and then explained to Baiju.

The existence of the Demon Management Bureau was mainly to manage the demons and ghosts so that they could operate in accordance with relevant regulations of the human world. At the same time, the Demon Management Bureau also provided shelter and help for the demons and ghosts.

This kind of shelter and help was all-inclusive, not only providing shelter, but also many basic necessities.

Many of the little demons who were new to the world were still children when they transformed, and they wouldn’t be able to transform into adults for sometimes more than ten years or even decades. What's more, they would also change back to their original form from time to time. Children like this were placed in an orphanage under the management of the Demon Management Bureau. There were practitioning monks and Taoists who would take care of them, and also some ordinary human workers who had signed contracts like Yu Le to train them.

In addition to the orphanage, the Demon Management Bureau had also set up an elementary and junior high school, which was nominally private and didn’t enrol regular students. The teachers were all practitioners or older demons and in addition to knowledge of the human world, these teachers also taught the little demons some spells to be used for self-protection.

Similarly, in addition to taking care of these little helpless little demons, adult monsters are not immune to the care of the Demon Administration.
Under the management of the Demon Management Bureau, there were also departments and organisations that were responsible for helping demons find work and assisting adult monsters in their jobs. This was also the responsibility of the Demon Management Bureau.

In all these cases, the work of the Demon Management Bureau seemed to be a hodgepodge, but it was all the trivial logistics of the demons and ghosts required; this was why the Demon Management Bureau couldn’t be the primary in case-handling…the Demon Management Bureau that had given so much protection to the little demons was also more forgiving than the other agencies, and was relatively more likely to shield the little demons who made mistakes.

"No wonder there are so many parts to the Demon Management Bureau." Baiju said dryly, and then asked again, "What can the little fox do now?"

After hearing this, Xiao Yao flipped through his phone’s map, found a point, zoomed in and showed it to Baiju, "Here, he is being a teacher in the orphanage for a few days, and by the way, will make a guest appearance as a therapy dog."

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