21 - Orphanage
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21 - Orphanage

"A therapy dog?" Baiju was confused, "but the fox..."

Xiao Yao also felt it was a little funny. He shook his head and explained, "It’s similar in principle. Fluffy little animals get close to people, accept touches and exchanges, trust, care and tolerance...things that can be expressed by the little animals. They can soothe people’s hearts and give people a sense of peace, comfort, and relaxation."

As Xiao Yao spoke, he tapped his finger on the screen a few times and brought up a photo album to show Baiju, "Look, these children are very relaxed holding the small animals."

Baiju lowered his eyes to look at Xiao Yao's mobile phone. The children looked at the camera shyly, most of their bodies leaning against the dog beside him, and his eyes seemed to be filled with stars; and they The dogs were either sitting or lying next to them and were obviously not all little foxes. There were Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Samoyed which Baiju was familiar with. All squinting in the sun, with the light outlining them with fluffy golden halos, the pictures projected a warm and welcoming feel.

Baiju, who was confused by the term, understood that a "therapy" dog was to help with psychological issues, not for physical diseases.

Flicking through the photos in the album, Baiju looked at the twisted legs and deformed fingers of some children. For a moment, he was a little confused but at the same time, he also understood where Qiu Ziran’s merits came from, "Does the red fox often go and... cameo as a therapy dog?"

"He goes there quite often." Xiao Yao smiled, took back his phone, and explained, "The red fox himself grew up in a monastery, and he was quite lonely, so the dean of this orphanage was also the monk who sent him to the Bureau, so he often visits the orphanage when he has time."

"So that's it." Baiju nodded and asked after a while, "Does the orphanage also accept ordinary children?"
There were some group photos in Xiao Yao's photo album showing about 50 or 60 children in the orphanage. It was impossible for them all to be little demons.

When Xiao Yao heard this question, he was somewhat helpless, "The original intention wasn’t to accept mortals, the orphanage was only a front...but since it was opened, it couldn't be hidden. Sometimes people will leave their child at the door, and we can’t just leave them to die.”
Notably, there were only two orphanages in Luocheng. The one that wasn’t under the Demon Management Bureau was already overloaded, and considering that the monks and Taoists were more resistant to neglecting children than ordinary people, the Bureau also silently assumed the responsibility. More or less all members of the Bureau, including Xiao Yao, sent money from their own pockets to fund this welfare institution.

Baiju understood it well, and found that this Demon Management Bureau was really benevolent.

Xiao Yao glanced at Baiju. Seeing that he was thinking, he didn't say anything. He turned on the computer and replied to a few emails, sorting out the things that happened over the last two days.

After not talking for a while, the old dog leaned behind Xiao Yao quietly. Seeing that Xiao Yao had finished with his work, the old white dog couldn’t help but poke Xiao Yao’s lower back, "Yao Yao, can you take me to the orphanage?"

Xiao Yao couldn't help but straighten his back, reaching out for Baiju’s hand that was next to his waist, and nodded, "We can go and check it out." He knew that this stupid dog couldn't help but want to take a look, however, he had also originally wanted to take Baiju over.

The children in the orphanage were well-behaved under the education of the monks and Taoists, and some of them had an okay foundation and could try to practice Taoism. The several therapy dogs who often went to the orphanage to accompany the children were more spiritual than regular dogs, if there were any good seedlings among them, Baiju could screen them and pick them out.

Half an hour later, Baiju was once again sitting next to his little ward in Hou Jing's car.

After more than a month of training, Hou Jing was basically immune to the behaviour of the two big bosses in the back row holding hands. While driving, he calmly hit play on a CD that he had prepared a long time ago and played nostalgic songs; Baiju liked it, and the music itself wouldn’t offend the ears and brain nerves too much.

The Demon Management Bureau was located in the eastern suburbs of Luocheng, Feng Le Plaza was in the city centre, and the orphanage was in a small town in the south of Luocheng.

The black car drove through the gates, changing from the open and flat asphalt road to the slightly narrow old concrete road. The scenery along the road also changed from high-rise shops to low-rise houses and farmland. In May, you could still see the swallows perched on the wires and chirping, like lively housewives chatting.

The scene before him was more in line with Baiju's impression of the world.
Farmland, flowers, birds, fish and insects, warm sun and people. There were a few yellow, black, or mixed puppies on the side of the road, chasing each other around, showing their small fangs that hadn’t yet fully grown, and bumping into other dogs on unstable legs.

The sound of shouts and conversations from near and far came on the warm wind. It was nothing like the liveliness of the city, but more like the world he knew than the city.

Baiju closed his eyes and listened for a while, suddenly feeling a little lonely.
How familiar this scene was...no other child would sneak into the mountains without any scruples, shouting for the dog god, and then holding a slingshot and a harpoon cut out of a wooden stick to play with him together.

Baiju felt a little stuffy in his chest, and long buried emotions surged from the bottom of his heart, and he was caught off guard.

After blinking his eyes, Baiju suddenly remembered the purpose of a therapy dog. He subconsciously stretched out his hand to his side to fish around, and lifted Xiao Yao, who was dozing off while watching the scenery, and put him on his lap.
Hugging him, rubbing him, and sniffing him twice.

This therapy ‘human’ was very useful. The old white dog was satisfied and felt he could wag his tail again.

Xiao Yao, "..."
What the hell was this old dog doing? 

Author was sick or tired or something and this chapter is really short.

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