26 - Amazing
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26 - Amazing

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Baiju's therapy dog plan wasn’t hindered this time.
After the two threw Sun Daiyang into the car, they still felt that it wouldn’t be appropriate to leave everything to Hou Jing alone; after all, Hou Jing wasn’t a witness to the scene. So, while Baiju turned into a big Samoyed and ran off to play with the children with a white hair, Xiao Yao called the Special Service directly.

Director Xia of the Special Service was on the verge of retirement. He could be regarded as Xiao Yao’s half-uncle, so when he received his call and heard Xiao Yao report that he had found a clue, Director Xia was delighted enough to slap his thigh. While he was on the phone, he also scolded those who insisted on sending letters of advice to restrict Xiao Yao's actions.

Xiao Yao knew that Director Xia was showing him up, and the letter of advice from the Special Service was indeed not out of line, and they were just doing things according to the rules. Still, he didn't say much, and instead coaxed the old man with a few words and then explained what had occurred up until finding Sun Daiyang. According to Director Xia, if the clue was useful, then he could release the ban immediately.

Xiao Yao hung up the phone, but the smile on the corner of his mouth never left.
The Demon Management Bureau's usual affairs were trivial. He deliberately avoided Baiju some time ago, and if he had to say it, he hadn’t yet fulfilled his duty as a "warden". Baiju was very clever, and there was nothing to teach him about modern rules; even many of the provisions to discipline little demons originally came from Baiju's mouth and were later enforced by the Demon Management Bureau.

Xiao Yao felt that he really didn’t need to supervise Baiju, and as a caregiver, Baiju's strength was about as valuable as his for protection. Finally, all that was left was probably to guide the old dog to see the world.
Xiao Yao fiddled with his mobile phone and looked up travel guides. It seemed that it wasn’t too bad to occasionally fake out the public servants for private benefits.

When Qu Lang received a call from the General Administration to ask him to go to the orphanage, he couldn't react for a while.

Obviously when investigating the case, he was the one who followed up on the scene, and he was the one who took great pains to write up the profiling, and as for who cleaned up the mess afterwards, it was also him. As a result, while he was busy and without a lead to go on, Director Xia cheerfully told him that Xiao Yao had found a clue, and that he was also in Luocheng anyway, so he would go to the scene to see what was going on.

Qu Lang suddenly felt that he was quite useless, and when he thought of the blood and sweat he had shed to help investigate the case without rest, he was quite moved.

Qu Lang called Xiao Yao, "Hey, is Xiao’ge free?"

Xiao Yao was basking in the sun and watching Baiju being climbed on by a group of children. When answering the phone, his tone was inexplicably listless, "Hm? I'm free, at the orphanage, the sun is nice."

Qu Lang shivered, rubbing the goose bumps on his arm and wondering, "Hey, your voice...has something good happened?"

Xiao Yao really thought about it carefully when he heard the questions. It seemed that nothing good in particular had happened, so he said casually, "Something good? No, I’m probably just in a good mood."

Qu Lang was choked, and thought, in your current state, if it wasn’t for you sounding surprised, I would say you’d reached spring.
"Um...Xiao’ge, thank you for helping me investigate the case without taking a break." Qu Lang thought for a while, and returned his original intention of calling, quickly thanking him, "I think you have spent a lot of effort on this and haven’t rested. I'm embarrassed to have you take care of everything..."

Xiao Yao narrowed his eyes to watch Baiju on the lawn playing among a group of therapy dogs. The White King was being held by a few children by his paws and his ears and his legs.

Xiao Yao, who was distracted, didn’t realise what Qu Lang was saying at first; after a while, Qu Lang's speech of gratitude grew longer and longer. The more Xiao Yao listened, the more he felt something was wrong, and he quickly reviewed it carefully, then interrupted him, "No, wait a minute, who told you that I specially investigated the case for you?"

"...huh?" Qu Lang was stunned and said, "You didn’t? But you found a clue so quickly..."

Xiao Yao rubbed his forehead, "The clue delivered itself to us."
Xiao Yao didn’t leave any room for Qu Lang’s imagination. After speaking, he emphasised the point, “I had a good rest, I slept all day and night and I woke up in good spirits and brought the White King to the orphanage to visit the children ...we ran into the clue in the middle, and now I’m basking in the sun after the fact."

Qu Lang, "Return all the saliva I wasted praising you." He had almost moved himself to tears as he spoke.

Xiao Yao was repulsed, "Isn’t that disgusting?"

Qu Lang hung up angrily.


Baiju mixed in with the group of very spiritual therapy dogs, and his role as a Demon King suddenly became apparent. Baiju lay down on the ground, and all the dogs just lay on the ground, even their posture was the same.

There were many types of therapy dogs cultivated by Chenxi’s Therapeutic Dog Centre, including small, medium and large dogs. Although they strived to have these dogs learn to tolerate little or no movement, excessive dependence, and even learn some simple instructions and escort work, this didn’t mean that the personality of these dogs would be similar across the board.

Although there were gentle therapy dogs, many small dogs were more lively, like Toy Pomeranians, which were all active and even noisy.
Chenxi had come to the Ping An Orphanage quite a few times. Through observation and evaluation, they found that many children really liked lively little dogs. Therefore, of the seven dogs they brought this time, three of them were of relatively active temperaments. Now they were all lying on the ground and looking timid, they looked very strange.

Xiao Yao observed the scene for a while, and found the imagery a bit funny.
When Baiju had transformed, he’d deliberately changed his shape a little. The big fluffy Samoyed was lying on the lawn, surrounded by five or six little kids. Most of the children in the orphanage were relatively gentle, leaning against the big dog and touching his fur to play with it, it looked quite harmonious.

But not for small dogs.
The lively small dogs usually lead a group of children to play games, chase small balls, run and chase and so on. This time, the small dog lay on their stomachs and with a small child sitting next to them. The small dogs were all taken up, and the seven dogs that Chenxi brought with him were not enough.

So the unlucky one became the red fox.

For the children in the orphanage, Qiu Ziran was their brother when he came in the morning and was Uncle Xiong's little fox in the afternoon.
Qiu Ziran's agent, Xiong He, wasn’t there in the morning. Instead, he’d been arranging other work in Hanhai and dealt with various announcements to turn down the recent activity arrangements for the little fox whose movements were suddenly restricted. In the afternoon, Xiong He followed Chenxi to the Ping An Orphanage, so Qiu Ziran took the opportunity to become a red fox and changed his form to play with the children.

The red fox Qiu Ziran was originally brought up by the monk Yuanchun. When he first entered the world, he often came to the orphanage because he regarded it as half his home. Later, when he got used to it, Qiu Ziran gradually took care of the children here and as part of his responsibilities, he would come to visit and take care of them regularly.
As for his popularity, Qiu Ziran preferred to play with the children in his original form, so he wouldn’t be caught by fans who often came to blindly attack idols and volunteer by the way.

But the way Qiu Ziran liked to play was obviously not like this... in a state of being patted by a dozen children.
Obviously they used to play games together! He played catch very well!

Qiu Ziran spread out like a fox pancake on the ground and called out weakly, then turned over, lying with his belly up and being rubbed. Weak and pitiful and helpless, he can only eat, sleep and squeak.

Baiju obviously didn't realise his identity as the culprit. He took care of the children around him, and took care not to let them bump into each other. The desire to take care of others in the old dog's heart was quite satisfied.

Xiao Yao watched leisurely beside him for a long time, before he compassionately tried to help those dogs who dared not even move their tails.

Baiju turned his head to avoid a child touching the top of his head and with a slight movement of his ears, he heard the voice of his little ward. Following the voice, he turned his head and looked over and saw Xiao Yao standing on the edge of the lawn with a smile.

"Bai...Big Bai, come here!" Xiao Yao almost misspoke, but his words became a blunt sentence in his throat.

Baiju shook his ears and wanted to laugh a little.
With some difficulty, he stood up, then Baiju carefully bowed his head and arched his nose against the children around him, pushing them a little further away. Baiju stretched his legs and shook out his fur, and then ran over gently.

Over the short distance, the white figure accelerated extremely quickly and after a few bounds,he suddenly jumped up, and a large mass of white fluff landed on Xiao Yao with incomparable precision.

Xiao Yao subconsciously opened his arms to catch the big dog and his five fingers interspersed between the soft and fluffy fur. His spirit swayed, and Xiao Yao lost his footing and fell backward.

How could Baiju not mind this. A white light that was invisible to the naked eye flashed across and behind Xiao Yao, and Xiao Yao felt that he was being gently supported before he lay down on the soft grass unharmed.

Hugging Baiju's body with both arms, he buried his face in the fur and took a couple of breaths. Xiao Yao rubbed the back of Baiju's neck and smiled and said, "Bai’ge, you’re deliberately bullying me."

Baiju's gentle laughter sounded directly in Xiao Yao's mind, "I’m not bullying."

Baiju lowered his head, lying on Xiao Yao, pushing his neck with the tip of his nose, "Yao Yao, I’m so happy."

Xiao Yao was tickled when Baiju's wet nose touched him, and he reached out and pushed Baiju's dog's head, "Okay, I know you are happy...Baiju, get up quickly, you’re heavy."

Baiju obviously felt that he was baby-sized right now and it was impossible someone would be crushed under his weight. Furthermore, he had been deliberately trying to play with Xiao Yao for a while, so he said, "If I get up, you won't touch me."

Xiao Yao: ......

Touch what, where?

Xiao Yao covered his face in frustration. Then after thinking about it, he suddenly felt that their current posture was simply too...amazing.

The author has something to say:
Yao Yao, tell me clearly, what's amazing?

Dog's Law: No matter how old they are, they will always feel that they are still a baby, will pounce on you and you must be able to hold it =w=

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