27 - Fishing
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27 - Fishing

Baiju's movement towards Xiao Yao was too abrupt, causing the children who had surrounded him to exclaim in surprise.

Xiao Yao knew that the old dog deliberately wanted to play with him, but he couldn't bear the closeness of this guy all over his body. He could only rub his white fur perfunctorily and divert his attention, "Get up, get up, I’ll play with you next time... Those kids are all complimenting you for your greatness, what are you doing on me."

Baiju folded his ears and listened to the group of children cheering, "Big Bai is so amazing," and he lowered his head amusedly to catch Xiao Yao's ear, "Ah that...why do you call me Big Bai?"

Xiao Yao's ears were touched by the cool tips of his teeth and his whole body stiffened, his mind instantly exploding into a mushroom cloud.

This... old dog... actually, bit his ear? ? ?

Opening his mouth, Xiao Yao found he couldn’t breath, and his whole body burned.

Baiju didn’t wait for his answer, he pulled his neck back slightly and saw Xiao Yao's cheeks were flushed and his glasses were skewed. There also seemed to be some water vapor in his translucent eyes.

The old white dog immediately reflected on his overly enthusiastic actions, and quickly raised his paw to touch Xiao Yao's glasses, and called him back, "Sorry, I’ll pay more attention next time."

Xiao Yao raised his hand and touched the corner of his eye. Did he think that the only thing he needed to pay attention to was his glasses...

If a day came when this dog’s human form ever leapt on him, Xiao Yao felt that he wouldn’t be able to bear the impact of this beauty.

Following the movement of the young human, Baiju stepped back a little bit, and moved a little bit to allow Xiao Yao to stand up. He was then immediately surrounded by the children who were chasing him.

"Big Bai, you are so amazing!" Pulling his paw.
"Big Bai, can you jump again..." Petting his back.
"Big Bai, let's jump again..." Hugging his neck.

One, two, three, Baiju's body was covered with small beans in the blink of an eye.

Baiju was a little dazed for a while, looked up at Xiao Yao and blinked.
He really didn't realise that not only were these little children not afraid of him, but they also chased after him... Obviously, smelling the scent of these kids from his nose, he wasn’t afraid of turning around and taking one of them out with a paw.

Xiao Yao looked at the blank eyes of the old white dog, curled the corners of his mouth, and teased, "Are you going to jump again, Big Bai?"

Baiju slightly raised his head to avoid the little arms that were grasping at him and heard words from Xiao Yao's mind, "Bai’ge, in the eyes of these children, dogs are their best friends and can never hurt them."

Baiju was taken aback for a moment, seeing the Chenxi staff guiding the therapy dogs move up from the corner of his eye, his heart was faintly stirred.
There was no trust and tolerance for no reason. These children weren’t afraid of him, not only because of him, but also because of the efforts of the staff and the therapy dogs.

With his head down, Baiju grabbed the collar of the child in front of him and pulled them away, while speaking to Xiao Yao, "Yao Yao...you stand back and wait for me."

Xiao Yao's eyes were warm, and he leaned down and touched Baiju's head.
In order to make the children happy, this old dog really had no limits——except that the children couldn't touch the top of his head.

Seeing Baiju and Xiao Yao's actions, several children realised that "Big Bai" was going to jump again, and quickly spread out consciously to make room for him.

Xiao Yao trotted to a hundred metres away and opened his hands towards Baiju, "Big Bai, come!"

Baiju leaned forward slightly, and then rushed forward quietly, like a ghost white dog. When he dashed on his four paws, it didn’t have the same impact as ordinary dogs, his torso stretched with the movement of running, and every time he touched the ground he got faster and faster!

It was this weightless momentum that made the onlooking children and Chenxi staff gasp. When Baiju jumped from four or five metres away from Xiao Yao, they even held their breath——
As Baiju jumped directly over Xiao Yao's head!

Xiao Yao raised his head in surprise and saw the soft fur on Baiju's belly rushing over his head. He couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in his heart. He felt that Baiju's style was worthy of crazy praise.

In fact, it was a basic skill for a trained police dog to climb over obstacles of more than two metres tall, but this action performed by Baiju, who looked extremely gentle and harmless, made people feel that he looked handsome and particularly powerful.

Xiao Yao returned to his senses and couldn't help laughing. He knelt down to greet Baiju, "Big Bai, why are you so good?"

Baiju landed a few metres away from Xiao Yao. Seeing Xiao Yao squatting down, he trotted back without hesitation and put his head on the person's shoulder to accept his "victory hug”. Hearing his teasing, Baiju didn't feel annoyed. Instead, his voice sounded in his mind with a smile, "Yao Yao, did you like it?"

Xiao Yao hugged the dog's neck fiercely, thinking that he would love him even if he slammed into him and made him eat shit; however, his mouth was very reserved, and he gave an objective evaluation, "It's too normal, you can't fool me. "

Baiju chuckled, and seemed to be fully tolerant of Xiao Yao's little evil, "Yes, this won't fool you; when we get the chance, we can go out and I can carry you across the widest canyon in the world."

Xiao Yao took his time, rubbing the back of Baiju's neck with some emotion, thinking, this dog is obviously a loveless old antique, how can he speak words of romance that were impossible to bear.

Burying the tip of his nose into Baiju's fur, he took a breath, patted Baiju, then released him and stood up. The children and staff who had been watching from afar raced over.

Baiju didn't say anything else to Xiao Yao, and was caught by the children and the staff to play around. In the end, he carried two children and jumped over the high seesaw.


When Qu Lang hurried to the orphanage, he saw Xiao Yao sitting on the lawn under the tree, with a fluffy white dog leaning against him, and holding a fairy tale book for the child in his arms to read the story.

In the afternoon, the children had all played for more than two hours, and they were now tired of playing. They were sitting or lying down on the lawn, surrounding Xiao Yao and Baiju, and listening to the story very attentively.

Xiao Yao’s cold dry voice seemed to be warmer than usual, and was carried on the warm wind into Qu Lang's ears, causing him to slowly stop.

It had been a long time since Qu Lang saw Xiao Yao look so relaxed...

With a slight movement of his eyes, Qu Lang looked at the big white dog leaning behind Xiao Yao. He had a feeling that the key to it was the demon king Baiju.

Baiju was still very keen, and he noticed Qu Lang's gaze from a distance. When he lifted his eyelids slightly, he met Qu Lang's gaze accurately.

"You’re here?" Baiju's voice reached Qu Lang's mind, and he was shocked out of his daze.

Qu Lang glanced at Baiju and Xiao Yao once more, and while nodding to Baiju, he secretly wondered what kind of changes had happened to Xiao Yao due to Baiju's existence.

Baiju didn't let Qu Lang observe for a long time. He turned his head and nudged Xiao Yao, who was leaning on his body, and said, "Yao Yao, Qu Lang is here."

Xiao Yao’s voice paused, then turned a page of the book, and looked up in Qu Lang's direction, nodding slightly to signal Qu Lang to wait a while. Xiao Yao finished reading the fairy tale then returned the book to a monk.

Baiju stood up, following Xiao Yao's movements, and said goodbye to the children one by one with Xiao Yao. he no longer knew how many times he was hung onto by the little beans.

Qu Lang raised his eyebrows slightly as he watched them not far away, a little worried.

Seeing Xiao Yao was alive and well, Qu Lang was happy for him, but couldn't help worrying about other things. He didn't know what magic the Demon King Baiju had used to soften Xiao Yao into this state, but he knew that his emotions were affected.

When a person’s feelings are indifferent, their perception of everything seems to be separated by a layer of film. Whether they are happy or sad, their mood won’t fluctuate dramatically; but conversely, when such a person’s emotions are intense, whether good or painful, they will be magnified equally.

It may not be accurate to say this, but feelings are very self-willed, with light and shadow entangled with them; sometimes the light will overcome the dark, but as long as it found a way out, then the pain that wasn’t plain in the day will one day break out in a flash flood.

As Baiju followed Xiao Yao and walked in front of Qu Lang, he saw a pair of worried eyes.

A little concerned about Qu Lang's reaction, Baiju calmly leaned against Xiao Yao, and the soft white fur rubbed against Xiao Yao's calf and stayed there firmly.

Qu Lang drove the car, and the three of them went to the parking lot. Baiju got into Hou Jing’s car and turned into his human form then came out after wearing clothes. Meanwhile Xiao Yao and Qu Lang treated Sun Daiyang like a sack and dragged him out of the trunk and threw him into Qu Lang's car.

Baiju listened to Xiao Yao and Qu Lang talking about the causes and consequences of the whole incident, and silently followed Xiao Yao into the car, habitually sitting in the back seat next to him. Qu Lang turned on a recording device and recorded Xiao Yao's dictation of the events, then he started the car and drove along the winding road back to the Demon Management Bureau.

Sun Daiyang's motives and behavior weren't difficult to understand, if he was to investigate it as a regular case; but the main variables lay in the mystery practitioner.

In modern society, the management of [practitioners was very strict. Unlike the past, where each school had its own methods, and there were many scattered practitioners all over the world; in the current age, skilled practitioners were registered, and the practitioners who had passed an assessment would be able to join the Practitioners Association and enjoy the extraordinary treatment and access to resources. If they were willing to shoulder the responsibility of management and supervision, they also had the opportunity to earn a few dollars.

In other words, the current practitioners were either registered, or they were fakes with no reputation or skill. The former was supervised and managed by the Practitioners Association, and generally had no chance to commit a crime, as once a crime was committed, it would be detected quickly. While the latter had no ability to cause trouble, at most fooling some laymen, and if others found out, they would simply collect evidence to sue them for fraud.

However, the origin of the "practitioner" Sun Daiyang encountered was very fascinating.
The appearance of the puppet that Qu Lang based on the description Baiju had given and from a restoration of the scene, didn’t match any of the registered practitioners in the Practitioners Association. As for the spiritual power in the puppet core, nothing like it had been found yet.

The puppet was inherently evil and it may be that the raw materials or method of refining the puppet concealed some characteristics of it’s spiritual power. Therefore, the clues provided by the puppet core were basically a deadend, and they had nothing more to go on. Sun Daiyang's appearance had brought a new breakthrough in this case.

Who made those inferior talismans he carried?

Why was a true practitioner, that most people could never discover, found by this guy's blind actions?

Baiju and Xiao Yao looked at each other, and just after Qu Lang's questions ended, they said tacitly, "Fishing."

They let Sun Daiyang go out. This guy was so careless, and he even thought he bought fake talismans. Of course, he won’t expose anything. They would naturally go to the person who sold his talismans to investigate...and so, expose themselves a little.

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