28 - I'm with you
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28 - I'm with you

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Qu Lang failed to visit Xiao Yao's No. 1 restaurant again.

It was like this.
The three of them discussed some countermeasures on the way to the Demon Management Bureau, and roughly decided to allow a certain degree of freedom while supervising Sun Daiyang. That way, when Sun Daiyang thinks things are over and becomes restless again, they would be able to use him to find the person who sold the talismans. At the same time, the Special Service should only use this opportunity to convict Sun Daiyang of a small crime. If he was dealt with severely, he may actually be sent to prison.

After deciding this part of the plan, Baiju mentioned that the spell he had put on Sun Daiyang only lasted four hours. If the spell was used again, it may damage his mind, which would be unkind. Therefore, Qu Lang must arrange for Sun Daiyang to go back with him within the time limit; as a result, when Qu Lang expressed his desire to have dinner at Xiao Yao’s place, he was locked outside with an honest and sincere look from Baiju.

It happened that Xiao Yao, who was born in this house, simply stood beside Baiju and smiled kindly. He didn't mean to stop the dog and even waved his hand to say goodbye to Qu Lang, "Walk slowly, I won’t send you off."

Qu Lang, "..." This childhood friend is a fake.


On their side, after Baiju and Xiao Yao returned to the villa the two of them cooked something casually. The old white dog then urged Xiao Yao to go back to the bedroom to rest, saying that he wouldn’t let him continue to work, and forced him to make up for the lost qi and blood.

Xiao Yao had enough rest before, and he wouldn't sleep even if he was lying in bed now, but at any rate, the two men took a step back and after washing. Xiao Yao lay down on the bed and read a book and Baiju stayed next to him watching a lecture on the laptop.

Baiju specially dimmed the light in the bedroom, and then he unceremoniously climbed onto Xiao Yao's bed and occupied half of the mattress.
He noticed that while he was lying next to his little ward, the human seemed to be a bit stiff. The old dog pretended to be watching lessons he had learned 800 years ago on the computer screen, and thought secretly, his little ward was really unreasonable. He actually wanted to pretend to read a book and handle his work secretly.

Thinking that he had deciphered Xiao Yao's plan, the old white dog glanced at the book in Xiao Yao's hand, and then kindly reached over and knocked the book out of his hands.

Xiao Yao, "......"
No problem, if the book is upside down, then it will have an upside down flavour, and maybe can overwhelm the sense of existence of the old white dog next to him.

Xiao Yao leaned on the big pillow at the head of the bed, breathing slowly and deeply, letting his tight muscles loosen.

This was the first time he’d watched the humanoid Baiju crawl onto his bed.
To be honest, when Baiju's sturdy arms stretched out and moved around him indiscriminately to adjust the lights, he felt that his heart was about to stop beating. His heart slammed into the sky, but his throat was so dry that he couldn't make a sound.

The warm yellow light, the high body temperature beside him, and the white old dog’s clear scent made it difficult for Xiao Yao to rid the filth in his mind. After adjusting his breathing for a while, his muscles recovered some mobility and Xiao Yao slowly turned a page, reluctantly shifting his attention to the book.

Baiju continued to pay attention to Xiao Yao. Seeing that he wasn’t so stiff, he tilted his mouth slightly, flicked his finger across the touchpad of the notebook, and brought up a new video and put it on.
The shallow breathing of the young human beside him was mixed with the teacher's lecture in his earphones, and the long and difficult Chinese class seemed to have become cute. The liberal arts knowledge that couldn’t be understood on weekdays finally reached him, and Baiju felt that he could remember at least 20% more than before.

Maybe dogs really did have a gift for companionship.
Baiju studied seriously for a while, and didn’t deliberately mind whether he would affect the people around him, occasionally moving his fingers or bending his legs to adjust to a more comfortable sitting posture. Although he was making small movements from time to time, Xiao Yao really began to relax.

After Xiao Yao turned his attention to the book, he gradually realised that ignoring Baiju's hormones didn't seem to be too difficult.
The old white dog’s mind was too pure, even if he emitted hormones unconsciously, the reassuring calmness that was steeped in his bones would slowly drive away the uncomfortable subtleties in Xiao Yao’s heart.

To be honest, in the face of a Baiju so dedicated to taking care of his little cub, Xiao Yao only occasionally felt his blood boil from being teased, but if he observed Baiju carefully, he only felt the discomfort of facing an old father. He couldn't wait to shave his head right away and go to the temple to practice, burying all his offensive thoughts in the incense burner.

Baiju was still ashamed of his ability to listen to hearts. He stayed next to Xiao Yao all day, but never listened to the entanglements of Xiao Yu's heart at the right time.
Otherwise, he might have heard a lot of, “Wahhh! Bai’ge is really good-looking, how can his muscles be so beautiful? I have to hold back and not kiss him."

Time passed by. The lecture Baiju was watching lasted for two hours and when it was finished, it was almost ten o'clock in the evening. It was almost the perfect time that humans were meant to rest.
Listening to the video, Baiju was too distracted to ponder on other things, but a few vibrating sounds came to his ear. Turning his head to the side, Baiju touched Xiao Yao’s arm and reminded him, "Yao Yao, you have a message."

Xiao Yao read his book unconsciously. He raised his eyes blankly, and then picked up the phone on the bedside table following the old white dog's eyes, and unlocked it to see that it was a WeChat message from Qu Lang.

"It's Qu Lang." Xiao Yao replied, opening the conversation window.

Baiju retracted his gaze at the right time, not intending to peek at the content of his little ward’s phone, then he said, "Well, don't talk for too long...you may find it difficult to fall asleep."
Obviously, he’d learned a lot of health-preserving knowledge through the Internet, such as not looking at your phone half an hour before going to bed to help you fall asleep, similar small reminders were easy to remember.

Xiao Yao cocked his mouth when he heard the words. This old dog was always very mindful of maintaining good health.

——Why are you looking for me in the middle of the night?
Xiao Yao looked at the “typing” symbol on the screen, and could imagine Qu Lang's tangled face across the Internet.

Qu Lang was still thinking about how to speak with a sad face. After receiving the message from Xiao Yao, he immediately glanced at the time on the corner of the phone's screen. It was 9:32 in the evening.
Xiao Yao called this midnight? Was this old man retired? ? ?

Suppressing his grievances, Qu Lang turned on the headlights of the car and spoke to the phone screen. After a while he sent a message, asking,
——Is the Demon King Baiju by your side?

Xiao Yao glanced at Baiju next to him, raised his eyebrows slightly, and felt that there was no need to hide from his own childhood friend:
——He’s beside me, but it's okay, he doesn't read my messages.

Qu Lang gave a slight pause.
He felt that his childhood friend had fallen.

Wiping his face, Qu Lang opened the car window, leaving a gap for the air to blow through, and started typing with his hands, tapping fast.

——Xiao’ge, I took a picture of you today.
——I just dealt with Sun Daiyang, and couldn’t hold back, so I put your photo on my side account...
——Sorry, I'm just a little worried about your state of mind this time... But the things written on the profile make me have to care.
——You’re serious about Baiju?

Xiao Yao touched the screen of his phone, watching Qu Lang's messages pop up one by one, feeling a little bit sour in his heart.
This kid was obviously only half a year younger than him, but he really treated him like a brother. Only Qu Lang would discover this thing so quickly, but it was within his expectations.

——I’m serious.
Xiao Yao thought for a while and replied by typing:
——The White King is so handsome, I can't help it.

Qu Lang replied back to him with a series of ellipsis, and couldn't help but spit out:
——Are you kidding me? He’s so handsome? Why don't you like me if you’re so superficial?

Xiao Yao rolled his eyes:
——You’re full of it.

Qu Lang exhaled fiercely, not bothering to argue about his taste:
——I won’t say anything else, Xiao’ge, what do you want to do after you figure it out? Do you want me to help you chase the White King?

Xiao Yao's whole body was agitated and his hands shook, as he hurriedly sent a message:
——Don't mess around.
——I don't plan to chase him, it's just nice to have a crush.

Qu Lang was heartbroken by these two messages. A crush is nice? A crush is bullshit.
He might feel that unrequited love wasn’t bad for now, but it was just because he hadn’t felt it for long. Human feelings piled up and fermented. Xiao Yao was a cold fish in this respect but in the end, if he didn’t deal with his emotions, it would eventually rear its ugly head and suffocate him to death.

——Xiao’ge, can you guarantee that you won’t want a response from the White King in your life?
Qu Lang was disappointed in him:
——After finally having someone you like, don't you want him to reciprocate?

Xiao Yao's eyes hurt as he was pierced by Qu Lang's words, and the corners of his mouth flattened:
——What can I do even if I want him?
——What do you want me to do?
——I ask for a response, and then I turn around and he will have forgotten me again?

Xiao Yao closed his eyes, moved his fingers, and withdrew the three impulse questions one by one:
——Sorry. I was too harsh.
——Anyway, this… just leave it alone.

Qu Lang stared at the phone screen. He was flushed with a cold sweat after the three messages just now.
The screen of the phone was bright in the dark, Qu Lang froze, and it took a long time for him to reply to Xiao Yao:
——Xiao’ge, I'm sorry, I just couldn't hold back...anyway, no matter what decision you make in the future, I will support you unconditionally.

【The message has been sent, but the other party has rejected it.】
The small red exclamation mark punched Qu Lang in the head, and Qu Lang, who had been hurting for a long time, opened his icon on the screen and compared it with his middle finger.

Haha, you can block me, but can you go after that old dog.

Xiao Yao couldn’t. He threw the phone to the side and his eyes fell back to the pages of the book, and he didn't move it for a long time.

Baiju looked over cautiously, Xiao Yao, who was immersed in the sudden emotions and had yet to calm down, didn’t notice his gaze.
Baiju was a little worried.

His little ward had finally relaxed after reading a book, but after a few words with Qu Lang, his mood had become worse.
Baiju silently recorded an account against Qu Lang in his heart. Baiju looked at the near-end progress bar on the instructional video, turned off the video neatly, then closed the notebook and placed it on the bedside table.

In the next second, Xiao Yao only felt that his hands were empty, and he saw ivory fingers taking away his book. Baiju leaned forward slightly, pressing Xiao Yao's shoulder with one hand, and hugging his waist with the other. Punching back he gently lay the human flat.

"Don't be sad." Baiju gently pulled the quilt to Xiao Yao's neck and tucked him in, then his fingers brushed his fringe away from his eyes, and softly comforted him, "Everything will be finet...sleep, I’m with you."

The author has something to say:
Qu Lang: Just sitting in my car, and the pot falls from the sky.

ps, rest assured, no one will be abused, and there is no white moonlight; Yao Yao and the old white dog have their own histories that they don’t want to mention. Only by slowly untieing the knot can we get together~

Sorry for fewer uploads, state went into lockdown, which means I get to work from home which means I read less, I guess because I don't need to commute.

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