31 - Gentle poison
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31 - Gentle poison

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Baiju was a grinning old nymph, Xiao Yao understood this deeply.

After crawling onto his bed two days ago, Baiju no longer knew what "his room" was.
The fragrant old white dog changed into human pyjamas, and sat on the bedside to watch the video lectures seriously. He caught a glimpse of Xiao Yao out of the corner of his eye, coming out of the shower and patted the space next to him. His tone was natural, "Are you done? Lie down for a while and go to sleep."

Xiao Yao, "………………"
Xiao Yao wiped his hair slowly and reminded him with difficulty, "Bai’ge, this is my bed."

Baiju nodded, "I know."

Xiao Yao continued to remind him, "Your room is next door."

Baiju raised his lips, and quietly wagged his tail, "I brought my things over myself."

Xiao Yao, "..." This dog is usually stupid, but sometimes so cunning.

Baiju fully demonstrated how blindly shameless he was. He put the notebook aside, and drew up some spiritual power. Opening the closet in Xiao Yao's room he showed the space was half filled with his things, "You don't have much clothes, and I don’t have a lot of clothes, so I just hung them together in the cabinet."

Xiao Yao had a wooden face, he was trying his best to be a gentleman and tried repeatedly. This old white dog didn’t care at all, turned around and shared a closet with him, making him want to come out on the spot.

With a move of his finger, Baiju closed the closet door again, turned over and got off the bed.
In fact, it was quite offensive to tamper with someone's wardrobe, but Baiju was sure that Xiao Yao wouldn't be angry with him. So he dared to act first and ask later, and shamelessly occupied half of Xiao Yao's bedroom.

His two long legs stepped apart, and the delicate leg muscles had nowhere to hide under the thin bathrobe.
Within a few steps, Baiju walked to Xiao Yao's side, raised his hand to curl up a shallow flame, dried Xiao Yao's hair, and then hugged the person in his arms very smoothly, and said in a low voice, "Yao Yao, don’t be angry with me...it’s good for you to stay with me. In the future, whether you are recovering or practicing, as long as you’re by my side, you can get twice the result with half the effort."

Naturally, the old white dog still knew what was polite and behavior like moving his own things to someone else’s territory without their permission and occupying their living space was quite as offensive whether it was in the ancient times or modern society. But in order to use his own spiritual power to assist Xiao Yao, Baiju could only make this move.
The young man was thin-skinned and a bit stubborn, even if he was uncomfortable, he would never take the initiative to speak to him.

Baiju still felt sorry for Xiao Yao.
He didn't want to always make Xiao Yao unhappy, but he always seemed to be self-defeating. It was clear that Xiao Yao was generally a calm and sensible young man, but he would always be emotionally unstable around him. A fact that made the old white dog a little frustrated.

He didn't know where his problem was, he only knew that the reason was mostly related to himself, and he could only coax Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao couldn't reason with the old dog in the end.

To be honest, he had become more and more familiar with and reliant on Baiju’s aura these days. He’d even become more and more accustomed to Baiju’s embrace. Xiao Yao, who was easily distracted by Baiju before, was now more and more accustomed to being with Baiju, relaxing in Baiju’s arms——of course, provided that the old dog didn't appear as a beautiful boy on a whim or something.

Gentleness was really a cunning weapon.
When Xiao Yao finally rested on Baiju’s arm and buried his face in his neck, his sleepiness overwhelmed him and he thought in a daze, when the desire that floated on the surface began to fade, it didn’t mark the end of a secret love, but the seed of deeper emotions.

He knew he was completely planted.


In a flash, three or four days passed, Xiao Yao flipped through many travel guides, planning to take the old white dog out to travel, and find a few hunting grounds by the way.
In the past few days, Baiju and Xiao Yao had stayed at home. They had no right to travel, but they weren’t incapable of doing anything.

Xiao Yao gave himself some leave, but Baiju was still employed by the Demon Management Bureau, and didn’t ask for leave.
Although the mandatory probationary period for this old dog hadn’t yet passed, the Committee had the power to evaluate Baiju’s safety at its discretion, allowing him to begin work within the scope of the Bureau in advance. In this way, while he was theoretically restricted by the Special Service, the old white dog who was active in Luocheng had a reason to go out accompanied by relevant personnel and visit other places to perform his job.

The work functions of the Special Service, the Practitioners Association, and the Demon Management Bureau overlapped, and their scopes inevitably involved areas with unclear boundaries and disagreements. In fact, there were still a lot of ongoing negotiations.

Baiju's previous performance in the Ping An Orphanage was recorded by Xiao Yao and Yuanchun. Together with his behavior in Feng Le Plaza and backstage of the opening ceremony, they were all sent to the Demon Administration Committee as a good assessment record.

As Baiju's direct guardian, Xiao Yao provided first-hand information that was quite convincing, but at the meeting, the guardian had no right to participate. Fortunately, after three days of assessment and evaluation by the committee, the Demon Management Bureau finally expressed its support for Baiju to pass the assessment and initiated a tripartite consultation meeting.

"...the meeting decided to retain the out-of-range evaluation of the Demon King Baiju's combat power. At the same time, given that the Demon King Baiju's objective behavior meets or even exceeds the employment requirements of this bureau, it is recommended to pass his assessment and allow him to enter employment."

Xiao Yao took the official documents sent by the housekeeper spirits and read it out word by word, with a smile in his eyes, "Because the Demon King Baiju's combat power is beyond our scope, his threat cannot be ruled out, Director Xiao Yao will continued to serve as his guardian."

Xiao Yao lightly flicked the pages in his hand, smiled and slapped Baiju’s shoulder next to him, "Bai’ge, you passed the examination."

Baiju had leaned close to Xiao Yao and read the document word by word along his voice. When Xiao Yao said this, he still had a little bit left to read. He took his hand and held the document, insisting that he observe the remaining few words as well. After reading he said, "Yao Yao, there’s still a bit left to read."

"You aren’t illiterate." Xiao Yao shook his head amused, but continued to read as he asked. "During the period the Demon King Baiju is at this bureau, there is to be a system of regular assessment, regular evaluation, and standard rewards or punishments, considering the suggestions and reports of other relevant management organizations within a certain range. This opinion will take effect from the date of stamping."

Baiju took the thin pages from Xiao Yao, and looked at them again and again. The smile at the corners of his eyes couldn't be hidden. The simple words in this document were evidence that Baiju could truly live in the modern age.

Xiao Yao looked sideways at the old dog, silly and cheerful, seeing that he smiled with crooked eyebrows, and the tail of his eyes flew up. Even his thick eyelashes were fluttering and moving, and he looked vaguely like the little doll version of himself, revealing a bit of innocence and cuteness that didn't match his age.

Xiao Yao moved his index finger, he couldn't help it, and moved up to pull Baiju's eyelashes, then asked with a coaxing smile, "What’s up, you’re so happy that you passed the test?"

Baiju's eyelids tickled, he slightly avoided him and blinked twice, then put the pages on the coffee table, opened his arms and suddenly hugged his little ward next to him.

Xiao Yao sat very relaxed and was bowled over. He only had time to hold onto Baiju's shoulders before he was pressed firmly into the sofa for a good while.
Baiju's fluffy head arched in his shoulders, and his mellow voice floated with joy, "Yao Yao...thank you."

Xiao Yao was so softened by the dog, that he just lay on the sofa and rubbed his hair, "Why thank me...this was an opportunity you won with your own performance; besides hiring you, we haven’t promised you anything."

If Baiju hadn't noticed that he was in danger at that time and taken the initiative to rush over to rescue him, then not only would Xiao Yao have been injured, but the subsequent live broadcast backstage incident might have been even more dangerous because of Xiao Yao's injury. While Qu Lang's special service team would be guaranteed to be there, without Baiju, the show might have been ruined.

After that, in the Ping An Orphanage, although Sun Daiyang’s behavior didn’t directly harm Qiu Ziran and the children, the presence of Baiju also saved Xiao Yao a lot of effort, and avoided losing any clues, advancing the investigation progress for the Special Service.

Not to mention, Baiju, who had experienced many things, was very kind to the children in the orphanage, allowing them to climb up and down him without reprimanding, and even carried them to jump around. He wasn’t like a Demon King who couldn't put down his pride.

"Yao Yao..." Baiju shook his head, holding the person tenderly with his arms, and his whole body calmed down, "Yao Yao."

The old white dog brewed for a while, hitting Xiao Yao's ear with his clear breath. He lowered his voice and said seriously, "No...it wasn’t just myself."

"Whatever I protect doesn’t matter...even if you all targeted me, I’m confident that I can still live well."

"Yao Yao, if it weren't for you...I wouldn't save people, let alone follow up everything." Baiju said, slowly loosening his arms, half propped up and slightly distanced from Xiao Yao. "If you didn’t take good care of me, didn’t consider my food, clothing, housing and transportation for me, didn’t find a special tutor for me, or take me to experience the fireworks in the world, I wouldn’t have left a mark on you, let alone notice that you were in danger, and then act on it."

Xiao Yao opened his eyes slightly and looked at Baiju who was leaning over him, feeling it was a little difficult to breathe.

Baiju’s gentle expression and his serious and soft voice sounded like a lover’s ambiguous confession—assuming that he ignored the content of the old demon’s words, "My little ward is a good boy. He takes care of me, considers me, and makes it so that I will accept him, like him, and protect him."

Xiao Yao opened his mouth, "..."
Xiao Yao stretched his hand and pulled Baiju's bangs, rubbing them between his fingers twice, and then slowly loosened it. This old dog really loved him and cherished him, but the nature of his feelings was completely different from Xiao Yao's treatment of him.

"...Bai’ge." Xiao Yao heard himself speaking with a dull voice, "Bai’ge, can you tell me something?"

"I...am I the same as the children you took care of before?" Xiao Yao didn't know what kind of answer he wanted, "Are you taking care of us like this because we are all good children?"

Baiju was stunned for a moment, then pursed his lips and smiled, squeezing Xiao Yao's cheek like a child, and whispered, "Of course not."

Baiju thought that his little ward was jealous of the children from hundreds of thousands of years ago, so he thought about it for a moment, and explained, "Yao Yao, I’ve never left a mark on any good kid, and don’t always pay attention to the joys, sorrows, and safety of every good child."

Baiju thought that his little ward was jealous with the children hundreds of thousands of years ago, so he thought about it for a moment, and explained: "Yaoyao, I have never left a mark on any good boy, and I will not always Pay attention to the joys, sorrows, sorrows, and safety of every good child."

When Baiju spoke, the tips of his canines poked out between his lips, with a hint of subtle cunning, "I like good kids, I like to get along with them and play with them, but this is just one of my needs. Their birth, old age, sickness and death will pass me by, and I won’t want to stay and wait. But you’re different, Yao Yao."

"You aren’t my follower, and you have nothing to ask for; even though you’re the head of the Demon Management Bureau and my ward, it may be your duty to take care of me, but for me, your human terms are not at all a restrictive force."

"Yao Yao, I value you because of you, not because of any label on you. You’re the first one since I came into this world, and I came into contact with you, that I treat as an equal——" Baiju said, rubbing the corner of Xiao Yao's eye, "You’re good to me from the bottom of your heart, and I can feel it, so I’ll treat you well; if one day you want to leave me, I won’t give up, and I’ll try to stay."

"Here," Baiju nodded at Xiao Yao's eyes. "When I sealed your yin and yang eyes for the third time, our bond was established. With my mark on you, I can perceive your safety."

There were no more than three times, three was also a sacred number in Taoism. The closing of his Yin and Yang eyes may not be too special, but Baiju used the same technique, for the same purpose, and performed it three times on the same person, so he had already formed a kind of contract. Not to mention he also consciously extended his own aura and encircled Xiao Yao into its protection range.

Xiao Yao listened to Baiju's long and detailed explanation, and the sour and indistinct mood just disappeared completely.

In this old dog's heart, he was indeed a special existence, not the same as those children in the past.
Xiao Yao smiled slightly, and said in his heart, that's enough. Before he became too greedy, it was enough that Baiju could give him this much.

After all, he was a silly dog who didn’t know about love.

Xiao Yao pushed Baiju's shoulder and sat up. He was about to say something, but the phone on the coffee table suddenly vibrated.

“Director Xia?" Xiao Yao looked at the ID and quickly signaled Baiju to be quiet, and answered the phone.

"Did Sun Daiyang move?" Xiao Yao listened in surprise to the message from Director Xia on the mobile phone, "I can't hold my breath so long."

"...already booked the tickets? Where?——Guihe Island..." Xiao Yao thought about the name, it was vaguely familiar.

Baiju on the side also heard the voice on the other end of the phone. He thought for a moment, and suddenly clapped his palms; after a muffled sound, two coupons appeared out of thin air in his palm, which were grabbed by Baiju and held them in front of Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao looked at the two Guihe Island tourist coupons in Baiju's hand that had been drawn from the Feng Le Square lottery. He was silent for a moment, and said slowly, "...Director Xia, for Guihe Island, the White King and I were going to travel there in the near future."

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