32 - Landing
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32 - Landing

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Guihe Island was actually a very famous tourist island, but Xiao Yao hadn’t considered it when he was selecting travel destinations.

The main reason was that in ancient history, there had been several Western "great monsters" living on Guihe Island and if he didn’t investigate the situation properly, and rashly took Baiju, the Eastern Demon King, to the area it would likely be seen as a provocation to the big monsters.

At present, Guihe Island was under the jurisdiction of China. According to the investigations by the Demon Management Bureau, Guihe Island wasn’t currently occupied by a Western Demon, but there may be some relics left by others that should not be touched? Additionally, the marine hunting grounds near Guihe Island hadn’t been open for many years, and hunting there wasn’t the best choice, so Xiao Yao had directly eliminated Guihe Island as an option.

However, going to Guihe Island was an opportunity for Baiju and Xiao Yao to do a meritorious service, so these reasons become trivial. Xiao Yao directly decided and arranged the itinerary for himself and Baiju.

Baiju naturally had no opinion. For him, it was the same wherever he travelled. Not to mention, he wasn’t a very domineering demon king, and had no interest in the territories of other great demons. He wouldn’t go around staking claim to other people’s turfs.

After making travel plans, Xiao Yao and Baiju still had four days to prepare.
Guiqi Island was an internationally renowned tourist attraction, and the experience of travelling there was very special. In addition, there were restrictions on the time allowed for new tourists to enter the island, with a maximum of one group per week. Therefore, air tickets to the island often needed to be booked well in advance.

Baiju and Xiao Yao had tickets from the lottery, so they had specially reserved places and could travel to the island in the next batch. According to the news from the Special Service, Sun Daiyang was in a hurry, but in the end, only got a reservation in the subsequent batch of places, which meant that Xiao Yao and Baiju could relax for at least a week after landing on the island.

Baiju was very satisfied with this, and discussed with Xiao Yao early on which attractions they would visit on Guihe Island.

This led to a talk about the peculiarities of Guiqi Island.

Guiqi Island, located in the sea off the southeastern coast of China, wasn’t particularly large. After exploration, the island didn’t have many rich mineral deposits and wasn’t worth mining; but the sea area around the island was very suitable for shallow sea creatures, shallow sea corals and fluorescent creatures. All were selling points for Guiqi Island, so diving and night cruises on this island were quite popular.

However, the most attractive place for tourists on Guiqi Island lay in its majestic and mysterious nature.
The island was elliptical as a whole, stretching north to south, and the north and south ends were slightly pointed, each protruding out with a long and narrow mountain range. The west side of the island was wavy and extended out into two sandy beach points, shaped like the fins of a sea turtle. Together with the central mountain range, the western half of the island made a round and gentle slope and with the lush green plants on the mountains, it looked like a turtle's back.

The east side of Guihe Island was completely different from the west side.
The mountains on the east side of Guihe Island were steep and full of ravines. The steep cliffs cut straight out from the highest points of the mountains and there are two or three small waterfalls. In the middle of the empty cliffs, there was a platform-like rock and on the platform, there stood a castle.

If you looked down on the island from a high altitude, you would find that it was divided by a peak line similar to a yin yang symbol from the center. To the west were the lovely and sweet velvet cake, and to the east velvet cake seemed to have been raked mercilessly by a fork.

However, the ancient Chinese who named the island didn’t have the concept of cake. They only expressed it as "half as a turtle, half as a corpse", and named it "Guihai Island". Later generations felt that the name was too gloomy and renamed it Guihe Island, which meant the same thing.

However, Guihe Island’s name in the daoists world had never changed; because in the records of the practitioning world, Guihai Island was really the skeleton of a huge demon, but these records were also very vague. Who was the owner of the bones? No one knew what it was. In light of the fact that most of the demons that lived on the island later came from the west, the practitioning world tended to think that this island was once a giant dragon.

"How about it, do you feel that the aura doesn’t fit?" Xiao Yao pulled his suitcase, pushed his sunglasses onto his forehead, explaining in a few words the origin of the name of Guihe Island, and asked Baiju beside him with a smile.

Baiju once again stiffly avoided a blonde beauty who came over to strike up a conversation. He didn't know where to put his hands or feet, and wasn't really listening to what Xiao Yao was saying. He simply hid behind his little ward and circled him with his long arms, saying, "Yao Yao, let's get out of the airport first, okay..."

Xiao Yao couldn't help but laugh. He smiled and greeted the girl who had been rejected fiercely before she could even speak, and apologised, "Sorry, he’s shy."

"Wow, I see." The girl shrugged, glanced at Xiao Yao clearly, and smiled, "Have a nice trip."

Following Xiao Yao's actions, Baiju nodded apologetically to the other girl, and said a compensatory blessing, "Have a nice trip."

When the girl walked a little farther away, Xiao Yao shook his head helplessly and stabbed Baiju with his elbow, "Bai’ge, let go, I can't walk."

Baiju quickly released his hand when he heard him, and then took the luggage in Xiao Yao's hand, and weaved his fingers into Xiao Yao's. He shook off the lingering fear in his heart and said with a sigh of relief, "Yao Yao, are girls so proactive now?"

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao expressionlessly raised their interlaced hands, "It seems like there is no one as proactive as Bai’ge."

Baiju looked at their hands, a little embarrassed and a little excited, and raised the corners of his lips, "Well...I’m with my little friend, so it’s okay to be proactive."

Xiao Yao was in a complicated mood, his fingers were firmly held between Baiju's fingers, and his intimacy was inseparable.
Pulling the corners of his lips, he found it wasn’t easy to be the King’s bitch. Xiao Yao took the old white dog and walked outside the airport, shaking his head and teasing, "All right, my big friend."

The big friend Baiju was so silly that he really thought that his little friend treated him as only a friend and walked happily outside with his tail wagging. He noticed that Xiao Yao was holding his back slightly, so Baiju was happily watching the back of his little friend's head.

Gee, so well behaved.

Their trip to Guihe Island officially began when they stepped out of the airport.


Islands, beaches, umbrellas; fruits, deck chairs, floral shirts.

Xiao Yao was taking the old white dog out, so naturally he wouldn’t miss out on the standard tourist equipment for the beach. Since the two had no plans to go into the water for the time being, Xiao Yao simply pulled the old white dog into the beachside shops and picked out a few floral shirts and loose pants, as well as a straw hat that gave off an artistic vibe, and a lot of fancy little nick nacks.

Baiju's hair color and skin tone were very fair, and his beautiful muscles were extremely well defined and textured. He wore a floral shirt and loose pants that should seem a bit foolish, and he was obviously an honest dog, but no matter the kind of clothes, his air of allure couldn't be concealed.

While strolling in the largest store near the airport, Xiao Yao and the old white dog almost opened the door to a new world.
"Tsk tsk tsk~" Xiao Yao crossed his arms and looked at Baiju, his eyes slid down the unbuttoned collar of the floral shirt, and he couldn't help feeling, "Bai’ge, the floral shirt suits you, seriously."

Baiju stood outside the curtain of the fitting room, his scalp tingling under the gazes from every corner of the shop. He lowered his head to discuss with Xiao Yao in a low voice, "Yao Yao, can I not wear this...too many people are looking, it's uncomfortable."

"Impossible." How could Xiao Yao let go of such an opportunity to manipulate the white old dog. He smiled and stretched out his hand to hold Baiju's shoulders, and turned the person back into the fitting room, "Bai’ge, try some more, there are still a few more sets. "

Baiju, "..."
Baiju vaguely felt that he had experienced this before

Today was different. When Baiju first entered society, his pockets were so poor that he had to be dragged by Xiao Yao to Feng Le Square to buy clothes and had to carefully and slowly try on clothes——but this time was different, the old white dog was not only a dog who knew how to dress himself, but also a dog who knew how to shop online. He had also signed the letter of appointment officially issued by the Demon Management Bureau, and while he didn’t have a lot, he had enough to not spend Xiao Yao’s money on floral shirts.

The white old dog serf had become a master, but still honestly tried on a few clothes and patted his forehead. He stretched out a hand from behind the curtain of the fitting room, lifting the curtain, and grabbed Xiao Yao who was guarding outside, drawing him directly into the fitting room.

The floral shirts in the store were one size fits all. Baiju was more than 1.9 metres tall, which was more than ten centimetres taller than Xiao Yao. The floral shirts sat slightly close to his body, but they fit Xiao Yao just right, looking relatively loose and casual.

Baiju pondered for a few minutes, pulled the young man behind the curtain and leaned down slightly, lowering his head to undo Xiao Yao's clothes. With his flexible fingers three of Xiao Yao's buttons were undone in a blink of an eye and the old white dog was still speaking enthusiastically, "Yao Yao, you should try it too, I think the two printed with coconut trees are very suitable for you."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao returned to his senses, vaguely feeling that this seemed to have happened before.

Picking up Baiju's collar neatly and removing the old dog's salty paws, Xiao Yao put one hand around his collar, and the other hand turned the old white dog again and pushed him out of the fitting room.

Baiju stood at the door of the fitting room with a dumb face.
No, how long has it been, is his little friend still stingly worried that he’ll tear his clothes?

Baiju honestly stood outside the curtain and waited for a while, listening to the rustling of Xiao Yao changing clothes inside, then hesitatingly said, "Ah, Yao Yao, I really won’t tear off your buttons..."

The suit shirt didn’t take much time to put on. Xiao Yao opened the curtain and walked out. Hearing the words, he raised his hand and knocked Baiju on the head. He wondered if the old dog’s mind was filled with a thousand years of paste, otherwise, how else would his brain always jump around randomly?

"I'm not worried that you will tear my clothes," Xiao Yao said concisely, pointing to his face blankly, "I, am, shy."

The author has something to say:
Old white dog: I can't see it, but I can hear crying.
#Fitting Room Chronicle——History is always surprisingly similar#

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