33 - Your heart is beating so fast
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33 - Your heart is beating so fast

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Baiju was shocked by Xiao Yao's simple and crude three words "I am shy". The expression on his face was stunned for two seconds before slowly relaxing. After pondering these words, the old white dog thought carefully about the little ways he’d gotten along with Xiao Yao, then he hesitantly asked a fatal question, "Yao Yao...Didn't you say that 'ying' meant you were acting like a baby?"

Xiao Yao wiped his face and said, "It can express a lot of emotions that cannot be spoken. Bai’ge, given that your liberal arts grades have never increased...I think you can give up on understanding this word."

Baiju was choked with shock, and for a while, he didn't know if he should continue to be ashamed.
For so long now, he had heard Xiao Yao’s "ying" and thought he was acting like a baby; in fact, if he was counting, there had been many, many times. Whenever he hugged and rubbed his little ward, he was particularly shy……

To be honest, the old white dog suddenly felt a little pain in his conscience.
His little ward was already so self-conscious...

The white old dog hung his head stiffly. He wanted to rub Xiao Yao's head but didn’t dare to raise his hand. He could only move forward slightly and apologise quietly, "Sorry Yao Yao...I couldn't figure it out. I’ll pay more attention from now on, don't be angry with me, okay?"

Xiao Yao originally was just explaining himself with a few words casually. He never expected the old white dog, whose brain circuits were out of touch with modern times, to understand Internet slang. He also didn’t expect that these two sentences, which weren’t harsh or accusatory on their own, would make Baiju show such an expression.
Apologising was too much, his eyes were soft and deep, and seeing him numb for a while, he felt a sense of guilt as if he was bullying the old dog in the depths of his heart.

How could he ever want to bully this stupid old white dog.

Xiao Yao raised his hand and flicked Baiju's forehead, then he slowed down his voice and said, "I'm not angry, I won't ever be angry with you."
Xiao Yao actually didn't quite understand why Baiju, a demon king, would always start to feel uneasy and evade because of a little disapproval from others. From this analysis alone, he felt that Baiju might have some kind of trauma and it may be a knot that was difficult to undo. However, Xiao Yao didn't want to force Baiju to tell him anything. Tolerance and comfort, as much as possible, he would just go with the flow.

Baiju saw his reflection in the clear and moist eyes of the young human.
His little ward was really never upset. Baiju thought his little ward was really nice.

As he opened his arms tentatively, the old white dog felt that he had to verify what Xiao Yao said, "If you aren’t angry... hug?"

Xiao Yao gave him a helpless look, okay, okay, okay, hug, hug, hug.

The young human leaned into him slightly and was embraced by Baiju's warm and strong arms. Baiju’s unique breath that fell on his face made him feel a little stunned.

With his arms tightened slightly, Baiju's chin was close to the heart of the young human, and when he subconsciously nudged him, Baiju suddenly felt a little tightness in his throat.
It was difficult to express the pressure that suddenly rushed into his heart. His impoverished vocabulary was struggling, and the knot in his throat rolled. He opened his mouth and wanted to say thank you very much, but he felt unable to speak.

A thank you is not enough.
But what is enough?

"Umm...excuse me, do you still need that fitting room?"
His arm was patted lightly. Baiju turned his head to the side and saw a dark-skinned clerk showing an awkward but polite smile at them.

With a professional smile on his face, the clerk pointed to the two tourists behind him, and said to Baiju, "I'm really sorry, there aren’t enough fitting rooms in our store. If you two don't need it temporarily, can you let these two customers use it first?"

Baiju reacted, lowered his head and looked at Xiao Yao, and then became embarrassed, and then turned to the clerk and said, "We don’t need it...we’ll take all the clothes inside, sorry to trouble you."

The clerk smiled and agreed and raised the curtain and walked into the fitting room. He thoughtfully packed the clothes that Xiao Yao and Baiju had come in with and the two of them simply left on their floral shirts, cut the tags, and wore them out.

There was a port on the east coast of Guihe Island, but only for delivery. Tourists arrived on the island via the Beishan Airport, which was far from the more picturesque beaches. There the terrain was flat and there were no dangerous peaks and it had become a concentrated commercial area. The business district moved from the southeast, following the gentle slope towards the residential area.

It was called a residential area, but in fact, there were very few local residents on Guihe Island. Most of the houses were homestays and holiday villas rented to tourists. There were also some high-priced houses sold to the outside world, but they weren’t something that could be bought with only money.
Xiao Yao had never bought a house on Guihe Island, but given that there were monsters from China and the West on Guihe Island from time to time, the Demon Management Bureau still had three villas and eight suites under their name for those registered with the bureau. Demons and staff who occasionally came to work could temporarily live there.

Usually for Xiao Yao, when he came to Guihe Island, he would find a suite himself to live in. But this time, after all, he was traveling with the old white dog for work, so Xiao Yao simply reserved a villa to stay in with the old white dog.

On the day they landed on the island, they left their luggage in storage near the airport and went shopping to buy a bunch of things, after all, they didn’t bring anyone like Hou Jing with them this time. It was inconvenient, so after they visited four or five stores and ended up with two big bags, they called a car and took a taxi to the villa early so they could pack up and have a rest at night.

The old white dog was already familiar with modern living facilities, and he wanted to treat Xiao Yao, so he volunteered to solve the problem of storing luggage and asking for directions.

Therefore, when Baiju opened the door of the villa smoothly carrying a bunch of things, he won Xiao Yao's generous praise.

The old white dog was standing in the hallway, surrounded by luggage and the result of their shopping; obviously he didn't do anything particularly powerful, but he looked at the smile of praise on his little ward, and Baiju's old dog heart almost flew to the sky.
Baiju felt that his chest was full of joy, and he actually felt quite proud of bringing his little ward all the way back to the house.

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's expression that was like a child begging for praise, and couldn't help but smile. He took over his suitcase, Xiao Yao followed the layout plan he had seen before to find a bedroom and didn’t forget to remind Baiju behind him, "Bai’ge, let's sort our things out first."

Upon hearing this, Baiju naturally picked up two big bags and followed Xiao Yao, "Where do we sleep? I remember one room has floor-to-ceiling windows and a large balcony..."

Xiao Yao walked up the stairs, his five fingers held the luggage handle and slightly lifted it, then he steadily picked up the large suitcase containing all the outfits of the two of them. He was still thinking about how to arrange their next itinerary and hearing Baiju's words, he just responded subconsciously, "The middle room on the second floor, we just go up and turn right and the first room door is—"

He suddenly paused.
Xiao Yao stopped slightly, as he realised that he was being led along by the old white dog, and it had never occurred to Baiju that two of them should actually sleep in separate rooms...There was actually no problem with two adult men sleeping in one room, but  Xiao Yao knew very well that he was not so straight. In the past, even when he went out with Qu Lang, he would consciously divide the room or sleep in separate beds.

He had really been infected by this old dog.

Xiao Yao was slightly dazed as the large suitcase in his hand suddenly became light. It was Baiju who was behind him, seeing that he had stopped, he'd put the two bags into one hand and freed his other hand to help Xiao Yao, "Is it a bit heavy?"
Baiju lifted the suitcase up and looked down to see if Xiao Yao's palm was red.

Xiao Yao recovered, took the luggage back again, and shook his head as he walked up the stairs, "No, it's not heavy. I just was thinking."

"Oh..." Baiju replied without knowing why, seeing Xiao Yao walking fast up the stairs, he simply followed.

The layout of the holiday villa wasn't particularly large, and was actually almost identical to Xiao Yao’s villa in the Demon Management Bureau; after all, Guiqi Island was a place for leisure and tourism, and these villas were generally for demons in retreat. The furnishings inside were simple enough. After all, many demons didn't need human food, electronic products, etc, therefore, there weren't many rooms in the villa, and the design was relatively open.

The master bedroom on the second floor was oriented to the south. The wide floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors were fitted with thick blackout curtains. Outside was a large balcony with a coffee table and stools. There was likely someone in before who had cleaned, as they found that there was basically no dust when they opened the curtains.

Inside the bedroom, there was a super-sized bed, unlike ordinary double beds that were about two metres wide, this bed was about four metres wide and five metres long. It was actually designed for the original shape of some larger monsters, but at this moment Xiao "has a chip on his shoulder" Yao couldn't help but pay attention to the bed after entering the room.

It looked very soft...
Just as the thought came to his mind, Xiao Yao suddenly felt his back sink, and the folded shirt in his hand lost it's shape. His weight was swept out from under his feet and Xiao Yao was held by the old white dog who came quietly up behind him and fell on the bed.

Seeing that his little ward was distracted, and seemed to want to lie down on that big bed, the empathetic old white dog waved his hand and threw out a dozen miniature white-haired puppets, and let them sort the odds and ends into categories, while he himself, tiptoed slowly behind Xiao Yao and caught the fish with both hands, locking the person firmly in his arms.

Xiao Yao was pressed into the fluffy bedding, his vision was instantly filled with gray quilt; his eyes widened slightly, and his heart missed several beats.

Does this old dog know what he is doing?!

As Baiju pushed him down, Xiao Yao could feel his body temperature on his back. From his chest to waist and abdomen, he was tightly attached to him, and he even felt that he was hit by the old white dog's hip bone.

…this was going to be the end of him.
Xiao Yao subconsciously clenched the shirt fabric in his hand. Baiju's breath from behind him hit his ears, causing his throat to tighten and the hair on the back of his head to raise. He couldn't hold back and let out a soft sob.

Baiju, who was about to speak, was taken aback for a moment, "..." It seemed that he had heard a strange sound.

Xiao Yao, who was eager to withdraw the sound, "..." I never knew that I could also make such a shameful sound.

An awkward silence suddenly spread throughout the room.
Baiju's little fluff puppets were still tidying the closet, but the rustling sound made the room seem quieter.

It was so quiet that one could hear the heart in Xiao Yao's chest, and it started to speed up.

"...Yao Yao?" Baiju opened his mouth. He didn't know why, but listening to Xiao Yao's heartbeat, the old white dog felt that his heartbeat was also infected, and beat by beat, their hearts thumped in time.

"Yao Yao..." The old dog swallowed and stammered, "Your heart is beating so fast."

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Old white dog: Is he broken!!!! [panic.jpg]

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