34 - Accustomed to him
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34 - Accustomed to him

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As soon as Baiju spoke, the silence in the room was broken, and the atmosphere instantly became embarrassing.

Xiao Yao was pressed on the bed by Baiju and couldn't move. There were a few unfolded clothes scattered around them and the light gray quilt was pressed out of shape in ambiguous and messy folds… It was in this delicate scenery that Baiju said that Xiao Yao's heart was beating fast.
If Xiao Yao didn't know that the old dog was missing a marble or two, he would have thought that the old dog was suggesting something.

The old white dog opened his mouth, and then he couldn't stop. Maybe it was a little panic, or that Baiju's mind worked abnormally, he would say whatever he thought, "What should I do...my heartbeat seems to be running along with yours." The badump badump sped up, and sounded like it was going at the same frequency as Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao didn’t know if he should continue to thump in his heart, or jump up and thump Baiju’s dog's head—he almost thought he was going to be fucked as someone rode on his back, but the old dog was just lying there, studying his heartbeat and making stupid remarks? Wasn't this old white dog a dog? Suddenly pressing up from behind to hit someone's butt, didn't he think something was off?

There were too many questions, and the subtle sense of charm in Xiao Yao's heart was wiped out. He no longer wanted to investigate the cause of the old dog's heart jumping. He struggled with his arms, his face buried in the quilt, and muttered, "Bai'ge...let me up, you're going to crush me to death."

Baiju tightened his arms when he heard the words. Then two seconds later, the boss reluctantly loosened his hold a little, and hugged the human to roll over, making Xiao Yao lie on his back, "Yao Yao..."

Xiao Yao gasped for breath, looking at the ceiling, the corners of his mouth twitched helplessly. Resting on Baiju's chest and listening to his heartbeat, he slowly came to, "What is it?"

Baiju's whole dog self felt a little conflicted, "Yao Yao, what happened to you just now?"

Xiao Yao didn't want to recall his pitiful sob at all, so he said concisely, "You hugged me too suddenly, I’m shy."

Baiju, "..."
Since Xiao Yao said that he was shy the first time, it seemed as though some seal had been lifted and any abnormality could be explained away as shyness.

Baiju thought for a while, focusing on his memory of his own abnormal heartbeat, and felt that it was a bit unusual, "Then, then why did my heart beat faster."

Xiao Yao really didn't know what happened to Baiju... He looked the same as usual, clingy and stupid. His sudden heart rate increase might have been infected by his. He was very sensitive to atmosphere and emotions and one person's nervousness may cause him to feel nervous. Xiao Yao figured that this could be the case for Baiju this time.

So Xiao Yao raised his arm, reached over his head, and patted Baiju's cheek as he explained, "I’m shy and I’m nervous, and you were infected by it.”

Baiju, whose face was smacked by a cool palm, subconsciously raised his hand to hold Xiao Yao's fingers. After hearing what Xiao Yao said, Baiju's hold stiffened, and he pressed his lips, wanting to speak.
He wasn't infected... Baiju thought. When he knew Xiao Yao was nervous and shy, not only was he not nervous and shy, but he even wanted to go and tease his little ward.

The instinctive desire to survive made the old white dog close his mouth before telling the truth. He intuitively felt that if he opened his mouth and said, "You’re so cute when you’re shy, I just want to tease you more", he might be beaten.

Xiao Yao waited for a while after speaking, but when he realised Baiju wasn’t going to reply or let go, he moved slightly and reminded him, "Bai’ge, let go, we still have things to do."

Before Baiju understood what was going on, he immediately tightened his arms, and said unreasonably, "Not letting go, everything can be done by the little fluffs, just let me hold you for a while."

Xiao Yao, "..."
If you can let me remove my butt from your crotch, I will let you hold me for as long as you want.

Baiju rubbed Xiao Yao's belly again and again, as if smoothing the fur of a small animal, his thoughts were a little scattered.

In the past, Baiju spent his days on the mountain with a pure heart and few desires. Although he had experienced many things, as a half mountain god, he didn’t have many bonds with humans. In fact, his emotional life was very dull and there had always been a deep separation from the secular world.
Xiao Yao could be regarded as the first human that he’d really put aside the limitations of the mountain gods and come into contact with his heart. In fact, Baiju was psychologically prepared to experience all kinds of emotional ups and downs from this human being. What had been and what had not been before may be revealed to him. Feelings of joy, anger, sorrow, Baiju put aside the shackles of the past and threw himself into the world, almost without any reservation in emotional dedication.

He wanted to know the taste of the world too much.
Love and tolerance were certainly things that he wanted, but Baiju didn’t intend to guard himself against possible betrayal or harm. If the pain wasn’t unforgettable, what difference was there between this and the past?

To some extent, Baiju was quite conceited. He believed in his judgment of Xiao Yao at every stage and was willing to consider Xiao Yao feelings and let his guard down towards him. He thought Xiao Yao was worthy and therefore, he even disdained to guard against him.

But Baiju didn't understand what he was going through.
It may be the relationship of dependence and trust he had longed for for a long time, or it may be a relationship that he had never longed for or even imagined, but it was absolutely beautiful nevertheless. His little ward was too soft to make him feel any pain.

After all, this was the first time the old white dog had ever pondered his feelings, and he was very slow about it.

Xiao Yao counted for about twenty seconds without moving, then he couldn't help it anymore. He spoke again and reminded Baiju tactfully, "Bai’ge, can I change positions?"

Baiju was still a little distracted and subconsciously let out a puzzled hum. "Hm?"

Xiao Yao bent his legs uncomfortably, "I’m pressing on...you."

Baiju didn't react, "Ah?"

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao bit the bullet, wiped his face and calmly said, "Aren’t I crushing your dick."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju understood this time, and the old dog’s face blushed. He moved Xiao Yao down and said, "It...it's okay, you're so light, I didn't feel like I was crushed."

Xiao Yao simply didn't know what to say. Should he say that as an adult who weighed more than fifty kilograms he was flattered to be called light, or should he say, Bai’ge, your dick is too strong, I can’t compete?

Neither was decent at all.

Fortunately, Baiju didn't dwell on this topic too long. After regaining his train of thought, he began to ponder other things, "Yao Yao, should we go to the beach in a while? I saw someone surfing before."

Xiao Yao didn't understand how Baiju was able to switch topics so fast. He wasn’t very comfortable in his current posture, with his two legs hanging halfway down the foot of the bed, and a warm old white dog under his body. Whenever Baiju spoke, the vibrations in his chest could be felt through the thin layers of clothing on his back. It was life-threatening.

Xiao Yao felt that if this continued, he would be forced to become a beast sooner or later.

Touching Baiju's calf with his heel, Xiao Yao replied to the old white dog, "If you want to go out, you should let go first."

Although the old white dog was thinking about going out to play, he was also quite lazy. He just kept holding the human in a hug and chanting, "Actually, it’s not too bad to not go to the beach. The little streets around here are quite interesting, I can smell the fruit from far away..."

Xiao Yao, "..."
As soon as the old white dog talked, rubbed his belly and Xiao Yao's clothes were all crumpled. At the rate he was going the old dog would be directly running his hands on his skin soon.

Xiao Yao felt that he should spare his soul so that he wouldn’t go mad, and really deal with this single-for-a-thousand-years dog.

So, as the old white dog was talking, his breathing suddenly stopped, as the rest of his nonsense turned into a laugh in his throat. Reaching out and catching Xiao Yao's hand that was causing trouble on his waist, the old white dog flexibly knocked him away and separated them, begging for mercy, "Hahahaha...Yao Yao, stop, stop, I‘ll let go."

Xiao Yao sighed in relief and got out of the bed, shaking his clothes by his collar, and raising his chin, "Bai’ge, you aren’t allowed to grab me, or next time I’ll tickle you."

Baiju sat on the bed cross-legged, covering his waist with one hand, raising the other hand to wipe the corners of his eyes. He nodded hurriedly, "Okay, okay."

Xiao Yao shook his head, who didn’t know that this old dog didn't have a good memory...and after all, the threat of tickling was really weak.

"Okay, let's go to the street markets today. We can eat seafood fried rice after shopping. I’ll take you to a restaurant I’ve eaten at. It tastes good." Xiao Yao raised his wrist to check the time and arranged their day, "Speaking of the beach. There’s nothing fun on right now. We can go tomorrow morning and get a good seat."

Baiju had no objection to this. After listening to Xiao Yao's arrangements, he replied happily, "Let’s go to the restaurant where you have eaten~..."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao paused slightly, as he was gently swept by the fluff in his heart.

Turning his head and coughing slightly, Xiao Yao touched his slightly warm earlobe, and lowered his voice a little, "Well...that store is pretty good. Let's go?"

Baiju nodded and stretched out his long legs to get up, but then he thought of something and suddenly stopped.
He moved to the side of the bed, opened his arms towards Xiao Yao, and said with a smile, "You have to hug me before I get up."

Xiao Yao was expressionless, they’d only exchanged a few words and the old dog had stunned him again. He wondered what weird things he’d learned on the Internet.

Baiju curled his lips up, facing Xiao Yao's frozen gaze, his spiritual power stirred and in the next moment, Xiao Yao was hugged by kid Baiju who suddenly jumped on his neck and hung on firmly.

Xiao Yao caught the little Baiju in surprise, his expression was difficult to describe, "...Bai’ge?"

Baiju leaned into Xiao Yao's ear, chuckled slyly,  then, while holding his ward's neck, he turned back into an adult, finally being hugged by him as he wished.
The white old dog quickly released Xiao Yao, raised his hand and rubbed his hair, then raised the corner of his mouth, "Yao Yao, I knew you would catch me~"

Xiao Yao sighed lightly, unable to hold his temper against this old dog, "Thanks to you still pretending to be a baby when you’re a few thousand years old." As a result, he’s ultimatum of no hugging or touching and was destroyed by Baiju in a moment.

I’m really… becoming too accustomed to him.

I guess technically 鸟 is closer to 'cock' since it translates to 'bird' but I feel like the lewdness level of 鸟 is more closer to 'dick'. #foodforthought

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