36 - If I catch it, it's mine
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36 - If I catch it, it's mine

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In fact, Baiju wasn’t very upset.

He had spoken about the pain he had suffered, in fact, he wanted to feel the joy of being cared for and cherished by others; but when Xiao Yao hugged him without hesitation, Baiju suddenly felt sore in his heart. With his face buried in Xiao Yao's chest, he didn’t speak.

The pain in his mind only lasted for seven or eight seconds before it dissipated, but Baiju still hugged Xiao Yao off the ground, grabbing Xiao Yao’s waist and hips with both arms. Baiju  buried his face in Xiao Yao's chest and felt him breathing tremblingly.

"Yao Yao..." It was difficult for the old white dog to express his feelings, all his trauma that had been deposited in the depths of a lake for many years, rotting, with no one to care for it, was stirred up, messed up, muddled, and blurred...but also made him unable to forget as easily as before.

Xiao Yao was holding Baiju's head, his body suddenly hanging in the air, making him feel a little helpless.
To tell the truth, this move was really a bit beyond his bottom line. It wasn’t that this level of physical contact exceeded what he’d previously experienced, but...the taste had changed.

Baiju was clingy before, but he was never like this...soft.
Xiao Yao's throat was a little choked. The distress that he felt was mixed with more subtle feelings. He ran his fingers into Baiju's hair, not knowing what to say.

Baiju didn't torture Xiao Yao for long.
He hugged the human, then, fearing that Xiao Yao would be uncomfortable being held in the air, he let him go. Then he fished him back into his arms again, and held the back of Xiao Yao's head, not letting go.

Xiao Yao was more comfortable in this posture of being completely locked in Baiju’s arms and after a slight pause, he raised his hand and smoothed Baiju's back comfortingly.

Baiju rubbed his little ward’s head, pondered for a long time, then slowly said, "Yao Yao, you let me...remember it again."

"Now, in the future, also in the past... when you show up, I won't be so uncomfortable." Baiju spoke a little awkwardly, but still told Xiao Yao all his thoughts, "No matter where it is in my memory, there will be your shadow, I promise."

Xiao Yao's heart trembled, and the distress that he had suppressed suddenly surged up.
Baiju was saying that Xiao Yao's comfort had been firmly engraved into his mind, and all his memories would now be covered with a taste of this sweetness.

How could he be so easy to satisfy...so stupid.

Xiao Yao suddenly found some courage from nowhere. He pulled Baiju's shirt and raised his head, "Bai’ge, there are more comforts in life than this...there are many more, and I can give you all of them."

Baiju looked ignorantly at his little ward's face and his heart beat suddenly.

Xiao Yao followed Baiju blankly and felt a bit embarrassed as he watched him happily shuttle through the street market.

......he was too impulsive just before they left the house, as a result, looking into with the pure eyes of the old dog, he didn’t dare to kiss his lips and instead stood up on his toes and kissed the old dog’s forehead.

It was too shameful... the dignified curator of the bureau was put to shame by the innocent old dog, he couldn’t imagine how embarrassing he looked.

Not to mention, after the old dog was kissed on the forehead, he seemed to have been opened to a new world, and it was stupid from the inside out.
Before they went out the door, he suddenly bent down to kiss his forehead. When he walked toward the street market, he suddenly stopped to touch his forehead and then started to giggle. After eating the seafood fried rice, he had to buy a garland, wishing to wear it on his forehead.

Xiao Yao really wanted to drag the old dog back and lock him in the house to calm down, and then after he calmed down make him come out again as a dog.

But Baiju was currently very excited, he felt like a piece of gold had been pasted on his forehead, and it was almost shining.
When his little ward's cool and soft lips were pressed on his skin, the old white dog felt that he was about to ascend to heaven. His forehead, which had been kissed, was now very precious and couldn’t be touched unless another kiss was given by his little ward.

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's back and sighed quietly.
Looking like such a fool, those who didn't know would think that the old white dog had had a crush on him for thousands of years.

Baiju, who wandered around ahead of him, was in a very good mood, and his excitement was filled with subtle emotions that he had never felt before. However, if he was asked to comment on Xiao Yao now, the old dog would no longer know how he felt about him.
In the past, he was a "particularly good kid" or "very, very good little ward", but now, Baiju didn't know what words to use to describe Xiao Yao.

Not a child, nor a ward.

It was probably…
"Super duper amazing Yao Yao!" A big wreath was thrown by the old white dog across the street, and landed perfectly on Xiao Yao's neck.

Xiao Yao raised his head and only saw flowers, a wreath full of summer style was placed on him. In his mind, he heard the voice of Baiju saying "Super duper amazing Yao Yao!".

What kind of name did this old dog give him?
Xiao Yao dumbfoundedly picked up the wreath on his neck, but didn’t take it off.

Baiju unobtrusively arrived at the street market, and with a flick of his hand, he wrapped a handsome young man with a wreath. The scene was very picturesque and some tourists who passed by saw him and exclaimed. When Baiju finished adorning Xiao Yao, he put one on himself, then waved to the shopkeeper, and trot across the street and stood in front of Xiao Yao.

"This wreath is a bit big, so I can’t wear it on my head." Baiju felt some pity for the petals on Xiao Yao's shoulder, but then squeezed out a sly smile, "But it’s just right for catching my Yao Yao."

Baiju wasn’t loud, but he didn’t suppress his voice either; more than 60% of the tourists on Guiqi Island were Chinese and at this moment, as Baiju suddenly said this, it seemed just like a confession in the middle of the street.
Xiao Yao didn’t even have time to pay attention to the reactions of those around them. Hearing this old white dog talk about love without noticing it, he suddenly felt the roots of his ears burning with panic. He quickly pushed on Baiju’s shoulders and turned him around, pushing him towards a fork in the road to go shopping elsewhere, "Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk…..."

"Eh..." Baiju stretched his neck to look back at Xiao Yao's red earlobes. He raised his eyebrows, "My Yao Yao?"

Xiao Yao's neck was red now, and he hung his head and pushed the killer old white dog, "Who is your Yao Yao...just behave, go, go, go!"

Baiju stepped forward on his long legs and said with a smile, "You are... you’ve been caught by me, so you’re mine."

Xiao Yao felt that he was going to be dizzy, and said stiffly, "Stop saying nonsense, you put a wreath on me...nothing more." If you dare, put on a ring!

Baiju turned flexibly, shifting from being in front of Xiao Yao to his side. Stretching out his hand to hook the shoulders of the young human, he then leaned into his ear pretending to be fierce, "Unacceptable."

Xiao Yao was taken aback, "..."

Baiju licked the tip of his teeth, and pretended to circle Xiao Yao and threatened him, "I’m an unreasonable demon, the kind who occupies the mountain as the king, and whoever is mine is mine. If you don't obey, I’ll eat you up!"

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao, "Puff ha ha ha ha ha ha..."

Damn, how can this old dog be so cute!
Xiao Yao couldn't help but laugh. His stomach hurt a little and he bent over and raised his hand to wipe the corners of his eyes, "Hey...Bai’ge, hahaha..."

Baiju tilted his head and looked at the happy young human. He couldn't help but cock the corners of his mouth and happily continued to joke with him, "What are you laughing at...you think I won’t eat you if you laugh again?"

Xiao Yao shook his head and confided the facts to the old white dog, while teasing, "According to the records of the Demon Management Bureau, you really are a good demon who has never eaten people."

Baiju choked and rubbed his nose in a weird manner.
In the past, he did have times when he fought and he did kill people, but the records of the Demon Management Bureau were correct...he really had never eaten human flesh.

He was relatively close to humans, and seldom provoked humans even when he was young. There were always other food sources, and even if human flesh was more spiritual than other foods, he rarely touched them.

Baiju wasn’t the kind of demon that cultivated like ordinary dogs to open up his mind. His parents were both dog demons, and he wasn’t low in spirit when he was born. He belonged to those who were innately great demons, and compared with other self-cultivating demons, he was less likely to be instinctively violent. He really had never eaten humans, at most, he knew that humans were edible.

But...but such a fact was suddenly brought to light by Xiao Yao, the old white dog still felt quite ashamed.
It was just that he wasn’t very domineering...long ago in the Demon Realm, there weren’t so many rules, and humans were obviously good food. How many humans one had eaten was a point of comparison in the Demon Realm, and it represented the strength of the demon. Some big demons when visiting each other would bring a few virgins as gifts...

He Baiju had never eaten people, just like a monk who suddenly jumped up in the middle of a group of gangsters and said that he had never eaten meat.

Now that the new era had a new standard, good demons didn't eat people, but Baiju still felt that it was better to maintain a little distance in this regard.
So the old white dog cleared his throat and continued to play the role of the "unreasonable demon". With a strong arm, he held Xiao Yao's neck in his elbow and threatened, "Then the king will take you today!"

Xiao Yao poked Baiju's arm. This old dog didn't know how to walk the walk. His neck was fixed, but his breathing wasn’t hindered at all, and that line had a lot of loopholes...take him, take him in what way? Whatever, so long as he is happy ==.

Xiao Yao chuckled lightly, raised his wrist and said lightly, pretending to be pitiful, "White King, you should be gentler with your food..."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju looked at the wrist that was close to his mouth, and then at Xiao Yao, who was completely fearless. He had to release his arm angrily, then grabbed Xiao Yao’s wrist and hung his head and pressed the tips of his teeth against it slightly.

Xiao Yao felt a cool touch on his wrist, blinked, and suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
The dog bit gently with the tip of his teeth to show closeness and playfulness. Xiao Yao handed his wrist to Baiju to take a bite, obviously inciting the old dog to make this show of closeness...

Although Baiju liked to be intimate with Xiao Yao, Xiao Yao felt a little bit...shy when he realised what he’d done.

Withdrawing his hand, and gently touching the shallow tooth mark, Xiao Yao coughed with a guilty conscience and changed the subject, "Ahem...Bai’ge, there’s a float parade in the cultural district in a while..."

Baiju's ADD was as good as ever, and his eyes lit up when he heard the words, "Huh? Floats?"

"Yes... it's a group of vehicles studded with flowers, lights, and decorations. There’s usually a small stage on it, carrying performers down the street." Xiao Yao explained, turning his head to his phone, to open the Guihe Island travel guide to find photos, "Some people wear costumes on the floats and sing and dance, as well as do acrobatics and magic, others will carry baskets and throw flowers and lollies to the audience. It happens once a week on Guihe Island, it’s a tradition."

"It sounds very exciting." Baiju imagined it for a moment, and then took a look at the photos and footage on Xiao Yao's phone. He couldn't help but zoom in on the description, "Lollies and flowers represent blessings... they will be mixed with gold coins, visitors who catch the gold coins will be invited to the bonfire party?"

Seeing this, Baiju looked at the footage several times back and forth, and suddenly took Xiao Yao by the arm and exclaimed, "Yao Yao, let's go to the parade!"

Xiao Yao smiled and took back his mobile phone, not knowing what the old dog was excited about, "I was going to take you...the parade happens every week, but we won’t have time to play when Sun Daiyang comes next week. Of course we have to participate."

Baiju smiled very confidently, and the young man who was fished over. He lowered his head and whispered in a low voice, "Yao Yao, did you forget? I’ll definitely receive the gold coin!"

Xiao Yao, "..."
He almost forgot that this old dog was the emperor of luck.

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