37 - Char Siew Bao
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37 - Char Siew Bao

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Baiju and Xiao Yao ate early for dinner. Even though they had been shopping in the street market for more than half an hour, there was still another hour before the float parade began.

During this period of time, they couldn't do much, so Baiju followed Xiao Yao to the nearby snack street and relied on his black hole of a stomach to eat their way down the street from beginning to end.

"You should eat less." Xiao Yao couldn't help laughing, holding the fried squid in his hand, he watched the old white dog gnawing on a spiralled potato, "People will think you’re abnormal if you continue to eat like this."

Baiju held the fried potato sideways, and gently tore a piece off with the tips of his teeth, without getting any sauce on his face, and mumbled, "I only ate one of each..."

Xiao Yao covered his forehead. There were hundreds of kinds of snacks on this street, ranging from the delicacies of mainland China to foreign specialties, as well as the specialty snacks of Guihe Island. The average person couldn't try all of them even if they did nothing but eat for a week, and would have to only pick and choose some of the more novel things.

Baiju had eaten all the way along the street. He didn't take long, the food was eaten quickly and inexplicably elegantly, and he had been surrounded by several young girls with cameras.

Xiao Yao deliberately moved his position to block a shot not far away, and whispered to the old white dog, "Bai’ge, do you know what a mukbang is?"

Baiju tilted his head, "I don't know."

Xiao Yao explained, "It's just live streaming and eating, while lots of people watch you through the screen."
Xiao Yao raised his hand and pointed to the camera lens of the phone that was frantically looking for an angle behind him, "Hey, I wonder if you’ve already become a qualified mukbang broadcaster."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju looked at Xiao Yao desolately, and swallowed a piece of potato, "Yao Yao, I’m a serious demon." Isn't it not a good idea to show up like that?

Xiao Yao couldn't help but curl up the corners of his lips and stuff the big squid into Baiju's empty hand, "Eat up, serious demon... I'll go talk to that person."
Xiao Yao actually didn't mind being photographed secretly. Sometimes he would find street shots that he used as mobile phone wallpaper from the Internet. To be honest, there were actually a lot of shots that looked very well taken.

Also on this road, most people would just take one or two photos in secret, then leave them be, but this time there was also a guy who was dressed up and holding a selfie stick, walking and talking. He looked like a streamer. By this time, he guessed that the guy had been filming them for ten minutes. Xiao Yao felt that this was a bit inappropriate.

Xiao Yao said he was going to the person to say a few words, but in the end, Baiju also followed along with his spiral potato. After all, it was a conflict-prone occasion, how could the old white dog let his Yao Yao go out for negotiations by himself.

"Fuck, he looks good even with potato in his mouth...are they coming to me?" The boy holding the selfie stick looked at the two who were getting closer and closer on his screen, and was slow to react, still watching the live chat while saying, "Both of them are super handsome from the front. I think my camera has been blessed."

The boy barely said two sentences and the fans in the barrage had already exploded:

——Silly bun, run away! You’ve obviously been discovered after filming for so long!
——Baozi Baozi look out! There’s a murderous expression in that elite dude's eyes!
——Swish swish almost at the lens! People with long legs walk so fast!

Sometimes people make mistakes when holding their mobile phone, specifically, only looking at the screen and not their actual surroundings. By the time the reality of the situation fills the lens, it's too late to hide.

The anchor with the ID Char Siew Bao wanted to shoot for a few more seconds, and didn't move. When he finally decided to run, he had an extra hand on his shoulder.

Xiao Yao smiled, "Hello."

Char Siew Bao: …...
Char Siew Bao laughed, "How are you... I'm the streamer, Char Siew Bao. I've just sneakily filmed you guys for a long time, this is awkward!"

Baiju leaned to peek from behind Xiao Yao, then took two steps to make sure that he didn't appear in the camera frame again, heaved a sigh of relief, and took care of the rest of his potato first.

Char Siew Bao, "..."
This situation was a bit embarrassing.

Xiao Yao, after all, was a peace-loving human. Seeing that the anchor took the initiative to apologise, he didn’t pursue it any further. He just looked at his mobile phone screen and saw that there was nothing too weird about the barrage, then he kindly said, “It’s okay, I won't hold you for too long. What is your live broadcast about in general?"

Although Xiao Yao was more than ten centimetres shorter than Baiju, he was still over 1.8 metres. Additionally, he looked a little bit cold when smiling without smiling. At this moment, when his question was raised, his aura was very oppressive.

Char Siew Bao scratched his head, and replied a little embarrassed, "I just take my viewers out to travel... Now everyone’s life is busy, or they may not have enough money spare, and don’t have time to travel. So I take them for a walk online hahaha."

It was a pity that what the lordless netizens said on the live chat wasn't consistent with what Char Siew Bao's statement. Xiao Yao glanced twice and raised his eyebrows subtly.

——Xiao gege, don’t believe in Baozi, he's a horror game anchor hhhhhh
——lolololol who would believe you
——True true, to visit the supernatural buildings all over the country and go for an adventure (≥▽≤)/
——Baozi is talking bullshit again, he's obviously a gay guy who is dedicated to finding handsome guys in horror games hhh

"...horror games?" Xiao Yao read from the live chat and asked, "Are you here to visit Haiyin Fort?"

Haiyin Fort was the old castle on the eastern cliff of Guihe Island. It was only open on Thursdays when there would be staff playing the roles of vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, etc. Some little horror events and games would also be arranged. There was also a masquerade party at the end of the evening, it was one of the signature tourism projects of Guihe Island. Generally speaking, it wasn't scary, at best it could be regarded as a little exciting, and the degree of horror was within the acceptable range of most people.

Char Siew Bao heard Xiao Yao's question, and quickly admitted, "Ah, yes, yes, yes...well, I didn't deliberately hide it from you, it's just a horror streamer sounds strange and perverted. I'm afraid to scare...forget it, it doesn't seem to scare you."
The more Char Siew Bao talked, the quieter his voice became.

Of the two in front of him, one looked chilly, asking questions like a police interrogation, while the other stood away from the camera and consumed the big fried squid in his hand within a few mouthfuls, while his dark eyes kept watching the people around them. His beautiful muscles were visible through his clothes, and he didn't look like someone who should be provoked at first glance.

The weak as a chicken Char Siew Bao was very eager to survive, "Brothers, let me invite you to have supper, until you're satisfied, to apologise."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Hearing the key words, the old white dog answered, "Satisfied?"

Xiao Yao raised his hand to cover the old dog's mouth, "Not now."

Char Siew Bao, "..." Please, it's really hard for me to deal with you two.

The barrage of comments in the live broadcast room was almost crazy with laughter, all magically echoing 'hahaha':
——Baozi, eh, don’t you remember that the white-haired little brother just ate and didn’t go all the way?
——Satisfied? Not now.  hhhhhxswl
——Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, gege's voice is so nice!  !  !

Xiao Yao didn't pay attention to Char Siew Bao's live broadcast at the moment, and didn't care much for his apology, so he just waved his hand and said, "You don't need to make a special apology, just don't continue to film us."

Char Siew Bao nodded hurriedly. Xiao Yao smiled slightly and then pulled the reluctant white old dog back the same way they came.

The old white dog turned his head and glanced at the lingering Char Siew Bun, and couldn't help but lean into Xiao Yao's ear and asked quietly, "I’m really not satisfied?"
Xiao Yao took the arm of the old dog and rolled his eyes, "If you go bankrupt, you might be able to cushion your stomach."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju slapped his mouth and suddenly said, "Yao Yao, I’ll find food for myself, I won’t eat you to bankruptcy."

Xiao Yao laughed, "Will you search for food by yourself? Then why did you only eat poison after you woke up? Haven’t you been hungry even until now?"

Baiju felt wronged, "I shouldn’t eat the other things..."

Xiao Yao, "Old trees, herbs, spiritual stones, wild creatures, could you eat any of them?"

Old white dog, "..."
He, he didn't think it was necessary to eat at the time.

Xiao Yao poked Baiju's arm, "Silly dog."

Baiju looked down at Xiao Yao, and whispered: "...you already hurt me before you go out. Now I say I'm stupid, it's too late."

Xiao Yao glanced at him, softened his tone and coaxed him, "Okay...I said I would bring you here to find a hunting ground. It's not unusual that you can no longer find good things to eat in modern society. Now the only things with auras are in the hunting grounds. To put it bluntly, except for in hunting grounds, anything you eat won’t be of much use."

Baiju looked at Xiao Yao depressed, knowing he was quite proficient in changing the subject, and acquiesced that he was a stupid dog.

The two quickly walked through the snack street and returned to the street market.
Far away from the place where they encountered Char Siew Bao, the old white dog looked around, and turned his head to meet Xiao Yao's eyes. The two of them tacitly opened their mouths at the same time, "Pure Yang physique?"

After a pause, Xiao Yao couldn't help but say, "Seriously...it's no wonder that he can jump between haunted houses everywhere."

Baiju stroked his chin, "I thought I was wrong... his aura isn’t very obvious, but I can smell the pure Yang when I got close."

Xiao Yao folded his arms and pondered, "His physique is very rare, he would be a good seedling for Taoism; it stands to reason that he always goes in and out of places like haunted houses, and even objective stimulation is enough to make him enter Tao...obviously, he hasn't really come into contact with the world of cultivation."

Normally, if an ordinary person stayed in cursed houses, haunted houses and other places where ghosts and demons lingered all year round, even if they weren’t attacked by the evil spirits, they would still eventually suffer from illness and disaster. However, a pure Yang physique like Char Siew Bao in such a place was like a walking sun. He didn’t need to fear evil at all, and it could even be said that wherever he went, he worked as a passive exorcist. The murder houses he’d visited would have been directly suppressed and five of ten houses were likely now uninhabitable by ghosts. It would also be unlucky for any ghosts who encountered him directly.

"Are there ghosts still living in Haiyin Fort?" Baiju couldn't help but feel a little worried.

This GuiHe Island had received so many tourists and nothing had happened yet, so either there were no ghosts in Haiyin Fort, or there were some ghosts with little ability or not much offensive power. If they encountered Char Siew Bao, it would be a bloody loss.

Xiao Yao waved his hand, and said, "There are some things there, but they aren't common ghosts of mainland China. It’s useless to worry about them. Anyway, we need to visit when Haiyin Fort is open, so we can just look out for them then."

Baiju nodded, and was just about to ask more questions when his ears moved slightly, but he heard some music.

Following the fanfare, two little girls in orange costumes were running from the entrance of the street with ribbons, flexibly and lightly dividing all tourists to both sides of the road and leaving an open passage in the middle.

With a snap, the decorative lights on the facades around were all lit up, and floats covered in flowers drove slowly along the street, as cheerful music suddenly rang out.

Baiju's eyes lit up, and he stretched out his hand to hold Xiao Yao who was almost squeezed away, and said happily, "The floats are here!"

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