41 - Damn if you do, damned if you don't
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41 - Damn if you do, damned if you don't

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——That’s how it is, I think Bai’ge might be...interested in me.

Xiao Yao held his mobile phone and sent a message to Qu Lang one after another:

——What do you think?
——I'm inexperienced, and a little flustered.
——Tell me, what do I do if he never realises?

Qu Lang walked out of the misty office on the other end. The phone in his trouser pocket vibrated constantly, making his thigh numb.

Rubbing his forehead, Qu Lang leaned against the wall of the corridor, pulled out a lollipop, moved his neck with his head tilted, and took out the phone to read the information.

"...damn——fuckity fuck!"
Qu Lang flipped through his WeChat chat with Xiao Yao where he had filled the screen, and was shocked by what Xiao Yao had posted. He opened his mouth and the lollipop fell out. He quickly caught it and stuffed it back into his mouth with some calmness.

The news was amazing.

Xiao Yao was likely very flustered. He was usually so calm and organised, so he went through a lot of daily life without thinking. Qu Lang casually read the news and thought that his senior needed to change his career. He’d written a novel, it was an ancient first-person fantasy romance, and the pink bubbles it emitted couldn’t be blocked by the screen.

What was meant by "He watched me for a long time this morning", "He had a very fast heartbeat, I suspect that I heard it wrong", and the indescribable "He has sweaty palms" and "He likes to hold me more"……

Qu Lang's expression gradually became incomprehensible as the lines of text swept across the phone screen, it was as if the lollipop in his mouth had turned into popping candy by surprise.

It looked like...obviously, when they last met, his Xiao’ge hadn't been so lovestricken, now, he was drowning in ecstasy. Reading between the lines, there was clearly a male fox who had seduced him to the point of obsession.
Raising his hand and pinching his eyebrows, Qu Lang took a deep breath, forcibly resisting the ebb and flow of goosebumps dancing on his body and carefully reread the details of life recorded in the message Xiao Yao sent him.

Baiju would put his arm around Xiao’ge to sleep.
Xiao’ge liked being in Baiju's arms very much and often slept very sweetly.

Baiju would take Xiao’ge's little hand when they walked.
Xiao’ge would refuse at first, but now he held hands with Baiju to stroll down the road.

Baiju would unconsciously romance him from time to time.
Xiao’ge was very moved...unable to refuse, his romantic heart jumped very honestly.

Piece by piece, he put together a sweet and sour secret love.

Qu Lang crunched the lollipop in his mouth and rubbed his face blankly. No matter what message Xiao Yao was still sending, he cut straight to the marrow:
——Xiao’ge, are you sure you two aren’t in love already?
——Although I have no experience being single, but Xiao’ge, even if you are my own brother, I wouldn’t accept being kissed by you, let alone asking for it.
——I have nothing else to say, a hundred years of blessings.

On the other end, Xiao Yao, who had been in the smoothie shop for almost ten minutes, holding his hot phone, suddenly saw Qu Lang's reply. His ears burned and he covered the screen in a panic.

After ten minutes of verifying his conjecture, Qu Lang completely threw him. Xiao Yao seemed to have been hit by a long-awaited, huge surprise. At the same time his heart was beating violently, panic and confusion over what to do overwhelmed him.

With slightly pale lips, Xiao Yao touched the screen of the phone, unlocked it again, and hesitantly sent Qu Lang the most critical question:

——Ah’Lang, do you think...I should pursue him?

Qu Lang sighed slightly, chewing the sweet candy in his mouth, and lowered his eyes:

——I always say, as long as you like it, just go for it.
——Why don’t you give it a try? You’re willing to accept the White King’s gift at the risk of being sheltered by the demon. Then how do you know that the White King won’t take the risk of falling in love with you?
——Demons aren’t fragile human beings. Many demons in the prehistoric periods could survive even without a head or hands or feet. Even if the White King isn’t such a monster, he won’t die of some fatal injury on human terms.
——Xiao’ge, you don’t love alone.
——If it is because of your hesitation, that the love between you two is tossed and turned, wasting your limited time, do you think it’s fair?

Qu Lang typed the message quickly and sent them to Xiao Yao one after another, poking straight into Xiao Yao's heart.
Qu Lang didn’t spend so many years training in profiling in vain, and he was skilled at inducing and suggesting others to tell the truth. Even if he didn’t interrogate Xiao Yao, his years of knowing him were enough to let him understand the ills in Xiao Yao's heart.

——You’ve said everything you need to say, Xiao’ge.
——The White King's appearance is obviously attractive, but he doesn't understand what he doesn't understand unless someone teaches him and guides him. You’re his warden, and this is also your duty.
——Don’t blame yourself for the things of the past; Xiao’ge, you really should try to go boldly and see what happens.

Qu Lang's words were stamped in his mind, Xiao Yao put the phone away in silence and thought for a while, then blinked, and turned his head to look at the beach not far away.

The old white dog always listened to him. He was responsible for queuing up to buy smoothies and Baiju was to build a decent sand castle without using any magic by the time he returned with the smoothies.

Baiju moved quickly. After having it be washed away by the tide when he was inexperienced, a semi-finished sand castle was quickly rebuilt under the parasol.
The silly dog had no concept of castles, nor did he build sand castles with cylindrical spires. What he tried to recreate was Xiao Yao's villa from the Luocheng Demon Management Bureau.

The square courtyard had pillars supporting the balcony, and then trembling seaweed that was moulded into the south-facing roof, as if it were planted with spiritual plants.

The old white dog seemed very satisfied, patted the fine sand off his palms, and reached out to touch his trouser pocket.
He wanted to take a picture with his phone.

Xiao Yao watched Baiju playing in the sand like a child. His ivory white skin and curly white hair were all covered with a fluffy golden halo from the nine o'clock sun. Many fine hair tufts curled up and moved with the sea breeze, gently scratching Xiao Yao's heart.

…...he didn't understand what he didn’t understand, only if someone taught and guided him, would he know.

Xiao Yao raised his hand and gently pressed his heart, the throbbing there from the first day he saw Baiju, had gradually, only increased unabated, deep into his bones.
He didn't know how Baiju's feelings for him grew, but he could no longer ignore that beating.

He would help Baiju understand first; then, give Baiju the right to choose. He just didn't know how to do it in a way that wasn’t completely mortifying.
Xiao Yao thought, then retracting his gaze. There were two girls huddled side by side in front of him in the line. On his turn he ordered the old dog a mango taro iced milk, and blueberry and coconut juice with sago. Bright red candied cherries were also added on top.

On the other side, Baiju had successfully won over a child who was also building a sandcastle with a few lollies, and borrowed two dolls from him, a male office worker in a suit and a snow-white Samoyed, and put them in the yard of "Villa No. 1".

The old white dog held up his mobile phone and took a few photos of sand castles from different angles, very satisfied. Then his ears moved slightly and he heard a familiar walking rhythm.

"Yao Yao." Baiju turned around, greeted him, and reached out to pick up the tray in Xiao Yao's hand. He couldn't help but wag his tail to beg for praise. "Yao Yao, my sand castle is complete. It is our Villa No. 1."

"Wow, amazing." Xiao Yao praised the old dog outright. He cast his eyes down and couldn't help but cocked the corners of his mouth, "Why did you think of building the villa?"

Baiju pursed his lips and smiled, cleaned his dog's paws with a small trick, and took a candied cherry and held it to Xiao Yao's lips, "Villa No. 1 is our home...the sand castle I made naturally has to be where we live."

Xiao Yao lowered his head slightly, but Baiju's fingers already took away the candied cherries, then before he could tease, Baiju naturally retracted his hand and licked the red syrup from his fingertips.

"//////" Xiao Yao gave a light cough in embarrassment, and turned his head over his mouth.
In-indirectly...kissing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The groundhog in his head raised his microphone and started to dance.
Xiao Yao's thoughts were lingering on the old white dog's slender fingers, the light red syrup stains, and the flexible and soft tip of the tongue, Everything was gently rolled up in Xiao Yao's mind.

Amitabha... Amitabha.


The two spent the day on the beach and wiped out a lot of beach events on Guihe Island.
Events such as the limited time beach volleyball matches, jet skiing, and sandcastle competitions, the old white dog took Xiao Yao to participate in them with enthusiasm. In the end, as long as there were events of a somewhat competitive nature, the two of them did their part to dominate all the way. They won a bunch of prizes including salted fish pillows and folding umbrellas with ocean waves. In the end, they took back quite a lot.

The old white dog was in a good mood, getting the prizes was fun, so he looked at the prizes over and over again, and generously distributed them to those children who had wanted to pester him from the beginning, and by the way, secretly gave them a small blessing.

Seeing the sun gradually set, and the smell of barbecue on the beach gradually became strong, Xiao Yao took the old white dog to clean up and leave this sandy beach, heading to another larger and flatter beach——
The bonfire party was about to begin.

The beach was covered with fine white sand. The venue for the bonfire party has been set up, with floodlights, a small stage, and a large fence. There was even a row of lighted buoys on the sea, circling a small shoal for the invited tourists who wanted to play in the water.

Baiju attached great importance to the small amount of money he could exchange for the gold coin, so after looking around the venue, he took Xiao Yao to the service kiosk near the entrance, and got good news.
The gold coin that Baiju put up for sale was finally auctioned for a total price of 670,000. It was sold as soon as Baiju left, and the service booth didn’t even have time to send advertising text messages.

Xiao Yao looked at the old white dog holding the card and couldn't help but laugh with joy. Then he shook his head and asked the staff at the service desk, "How much is the service fee for the sale?"

Baiju also recovered after hearing this. After all, it was something sold by the service kiosk, and it was normal to deduct some service fees.

The staff member was a capable little girl. She shook her head with a smile, making her ponytail swing, "We don’t charge a service fee here. This payment is included in the package of the float event. But if you’re willing to donate, there are also internationally recognised charitable donation points here. You’re welcome to show your love."

Xiao Yao nodded, and just wanted to ask Baiju if he wanted to donate something, but suddenly he was stuffed with a cold thing in his hand. It was the 670,000 bank card that Baiju was holding very preciously just a second ago.

"Yao Yao, here." Baiju smiled and stuffed the card into his hand. "Do what you want with it...I’ll earn more in the future, and give it all to you."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao paused, took the card, and told the staff at the kiosk to donate 70,000 yuan, and erased a fraction of the old white dog's income.

The old white dog had no opinion. After paying the donation, he held onto the card. Baiju was about to go to the small stage next to the venue to join in the fun, but suddenly his hands were slightly heavy. Baiju turned his head and saw his little warden was slightly red. He was holding his ears and pursing his lips, seemingly embarrassed.
Then, Xiao Yao suddenly took a deep breath, turned his head and dragged him behind the stage curtain.

"Yao Yao, what——" Baiju lowered his head slightly, with a smile on his lips, he stopped talking before he could finish asking.

The touch at the corner of the lips was like a butterfly landing.

The author has something to say:
Yao Yao: Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, let’s just try first >_<

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