42 - Yao Yao, open your mouth
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42 - Yao Yao, open your mouth

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The sound of blood surging in his eardrums was obviously only a momentary matter, but it made Baiju feel that time had stagnated for a long while.

He had just been kissed for the first time in his life.

Printed on the corner of his mouth, it wasn’t particularly accurate, but it felt different from any other kiss.

The warm touch faded away. Baiju blinked slowly, moving his gaze to Xiao Yao's lips dully.

Night had fallen, and the sea breeze was blowing in with a slightly drunken warmth, merging with the sound of his heartbeat in his ears.

Time seemed to flow backwards, the morning breeze dispersed the hazy fog and gently lifted the veil of the morning sun.

……Oh, so it’s like this?

Baiju raised his hand and touched the corner of his lips. The unclear feelings that had been lingering in his heart for a long time suddenly found their rightful place.
Although the old white dog was a bit stupid, it wasn't like he hadn’t heard of "love", and in this aspect, it didn't matter if he couldn't rely on his brains. At that moment, Xiao Yao directly opened his eyes and with a "click", it clicked in the right place.

"...Yao Yao." Baiju swallowed, his voice a little dazed, "That, did you mean that?"

Xiao Yao took a deep breath and held Baiju's palm nervously, not daring to miss his expression, "Mm... really."

The old white dog was still dazed, "Really really?"

Xiao Yao, "...really really."

The old white dog seemed to float higher, "So it’s really really..."

Xiao Yao, "..."
The feeling of being extremely nervous at first was immediately wiped out by the repeated cycle of saying "really really".

...this silly dog.
"Bai’ge." Xiao Yao raised his hand to signal Baiju not to speak, "I like you... for a while now."

"Emotions are real, kisses are real, everything is real." Xiao Yao bit his tongue and confessed, trying to keep his words simple, "But... if you become my partner, then you might experience some dangers you shouldn’t experience, and may even lose your life.”

Xiao Yao lowered his eyes and involuntarily squeezed Baiju's palm with his fingers, "So..."
So, he hadn’t had the courage to proactively confess and pursue him, until today, when Qu Lang popped his bubble.

Qu Lang was right.
Xiao Yao thought, love wasn’t decided by one person. Now that he’d encountered something that he couldn’t do alone, he could only let it out and the two of them could decide together.

It was just that he got a little excited and chose a moment that was neither romantic nor special. The environment was noisy, and there was still a stage behind them.
Xiao Yao looked much calmer than Baiju, but the panic in his mind was very clear.

Terrible execution...he should’ve prepared some flowers and delicacies first, found a beautiful place with some music. If the old dog didn't like rings, he could also make two red threads first...
The kiss was too fast, and the position wasn’t accurate. He only vaguely remembered the touch of Baiju's lips. And if the old dog disagreed, then he could only rely on this "little bit" for the rest of his life.

……speaking of which, was the old white dog willing to accept a cut sleeve? For people of his time, cut sleeves seemed to be a bit of a big deal, right?

Xiao Yao moved his lips, but in the end he didn't say anything for a long time.

Until he was suddenly pulled into Baiju’s arms.

The old white dog’s heartbeat had lost its rhythm, and a faint blush appeared on his ivory skin. He pressed Xiao Yao’s head to his neck, licked his lips, and didn’t speak for a long time. After a while, he suddenly laughed softly.

"Yao Yao, you make me so happy." Baiju lowered his head and sniffed Xiao Yao's scent, and his thin lips were gently pressed against Xiao Yao's neck, his voice was sweet and sly, "I'm sorry...it’s my fault I'm stupid. I didn't figure it out after thinking about it for a long time, but I love you."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao suddenly felt his whole body go numb. His mind exploded into fireworks, which were also mixed up with some very untimely thoughts: I lose, I lose, I lose, the old dog’s talent for romance is beyond reach. He racked his brains and carefully spoke some words, but what he said wasn’t even half as lethal as a casual sentence from the old white dog.

The touch at the base of his neck was too foreign and distracting.
The old white dog obviously didn’t think there were any problems. When he wanted to kiss, he would find a place to kiss. The place where he kissed at the moment was basically familiar to all animals, and it was extremely sensitive… His soft lips fell alongside his straightforward words, the slight friction and heat from his mouth conveyed an ambiguity that was contrary to Baiju's intention.

Xiao Yao had a sense of crisis from being caught on the nape of the neck by the old white dog. He wanted to jump up and rub all places he’d been touched, but he knew it was too late... The sensations had all been captured and imprinted in his mind.

With his feet nailed in place and unable to move, Xiao Yao stiffened, slowly raised his hand, and tentatively hugged Baiju's back.

He is hugging his boyfriend now.

"...let's see if there are any mechanisms behind the stage!"

Just when the two of them relaxed and were being sticky, enjoying the hug, a familiar voice came from the stage curtain. The old white dog subconsciously pressed Xiao Yao's head down and raised his head, confronting the person who was trotting around into sight.

Char Siew Bao held his selfie stick, "………………greetings."

Baiju, "..." Too careless, I didn't even notice his approach.
Xiao Yao, "..." I’m being hugged on a live broadcast, time to never go out again.

The two people who were hugging on the live broadcast became stiff, it didn’t seem right to let go, but it also seemed wrong to continue to hug.

Char Siew Bao closed his hand that had waved, bowed his head and pretended not to see them, and walked back backwards, "...my mistake, my mistake; let's rewind and do it again."

The chat in the live broadcast room was already laughing like crazy, and the eager netizens were obviously delighted to see this kind of scene:

——Hhhhh Baozi, you’re the brightest cub on this site!
——Baobao, the coffin, we have already made one up for you www
——Baobao, aren’t you just trying to change your brothers into danmei?
——The handsome men are too beautiful together! Jealous!

Char Siew Bao turned the camera, facing himself, and wiped away his cold sweat with lingering fear, "Wow, you guys, you have no sympathy for what just happened to me, aren't you afraid that I will be taken away and killed?"

What conscience did the netizens who liked to watch him run around haunted buildings have? Seeing how Char Siew Bao looked, only a few netizens comforted him, and the rest were all gushing about other things:

——Turn the camera back, I want to see those two guys!
——Wow, Baobao, there is a gap in comparison. I used to think you were handsome.
——Baozi, the rewind is over, can you go again! (≥▽≤)/

Char Siew Bao, "..."
Char Siew Bao touched his face, and said incredulously, "Who said that I was handsome and they came to watch my horror live broadcast for me because it wasn’t scary at all!"

Char Siew Bao and his fans continued to chat. Guessing that the two people behind the stage should have adjusted themselves by now, he coughed just in case, then, still pointing the camera at himself, craned his necks and raised his voices to shout behind the stage, "Let's see—behind the stage—if there is any mechanisms—"

After a pause, Char Siew Bao was still a bit apprehensive, "Mechan—"

Char Siew Bao, "-isms—"

Xiao Yao pulled Baiju out from behind the stage with a cold face.

Char Siew Bao, "Ahh——hem, cough cough cough cough cough..."

Char Siew Bao successfully choked on his own saliva, and ignored the unscrupulous "hahaha!" in chat. He quickly retracted the selfie stick, and put his phone back behind him, "Long time no see my friends!"

Xiao Yao's face was expressionless.

Of his confession, the only part worth celebrating was the fact that the old white dog had agreed, everything else was simply too awful...and the worst part was this giant light bulb that had appeared at this moment.

The other small light bulbs were nothing, but this light bulb was live streaming, and its popularity wasn’t bad, with tens of thousands of people watching. Xiao Yao felt that this light bulb was particularly blinding.

Baiju followed Xiao Yao, holding the hand of his freshly baked boyfriend, and turned his head curiously to look at the phone behind Char Siew Bao.

He wasn’t embarrassed. It wasn't an indecent thing to hug his little boyfriend, it just made the dog a little shy...Baiju quietly touched his earlobe, pursed his lips, and looked away. Looking at the top of his little boyfriend's hair, he involuntarily leaned forward slightly, and his arm lightly bumped Xiao Yao's arm.

Xiao Yao’s not-so-serious frustration was knocked away by the old white dog with a light hit. Looking sideways at the old white dog, Xiao Yao's tense expression couldn't help but relax when he met the smiling peachy eyes. He muttered, "Stupid."

Char Siew Bao: emmmmm...
Char Siew Bao felt that the pink bubbles in front of him seemed to be more obvious than when he saw these two shopping and eating yesterday.

"Guys...?" Char Siew Bao tentatively asked, "Umm...is the stuff behind the stage interesting? I mean, are there any mechanisms?"

Xiao Yao turned his head, "There’s nothing to see and there aren’t any mechanisms."

Char Siew Bao shivered.

Baiju smiled and put his arms around Xiao Yao, "It was pretty interesting."
The old white dog went on to say, "I’ll remember that place for a lifetime."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao's eyes wandered and his earlobes turned red.

Baiju patted Xiao Yao on the arm. He was more interested in why Char Siew Bao had appeared here to investigate, so he asked friendlily, "Why are you here? Did you catch a gold coin yesterday? "

Char Siew Bao, "I don’t want to talk about it..."
When Char Siew Bao talked about this, he felt sad, wiped his face, and confided in him in an endless stream, "I didn't catch a gold coin, but since I came to GuiheIsland to stream, I couldn't miss the bonfire party; so I I went to the kiosk to see if anyone was selling a gold coin, but there was only one!"

"Just one, and others were even bidding against me!" Char Siew Bao put the phone back in front of him, raised it high, and looked at the camera affectionately. "Fortunately, the emperor is generous. I bid for this gold coin and my friends in the live broadcast room offered to help pay...bah, I won’t turn the camera around."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju didn't quite understand what the anchor saw when he said that last bit. He just blinked  and then said, "Six hundred and seventy thousand?"

Char Siew Bao was taken aback, "How do you know?"

Baiju, "I sold the gold coin."

Char Siew Bao, “......”

Three minutes later, Char Siew Bao left this sad place with a broken heart holding his mobile phone, and took his unsympathetic netizens in the live broadcast room to see the campfire.

Xiao Yao looked at Char Siew Bao leaving after being hurt by Baiju. He shook his head with a smile, and then took Baiju and said, "Let's go... let's go and see everything else."

Baiju tightened his hand and didn’t follow Xiao Yao; he drew his hand back, tilted his head and smiled, "Yao Yao, come with me."

Xiao Yao was a little confused and didn't think much about it, so he followed Baiju back to the back of the stage; then, Baiju pointed, circled the two of them, and hid them.

Xiao Yao was confused, "Bai’ge, what's the matter?"

Baiju reached out and hugged him, flicking Xiao Yao's ears with his fingers. Then held his cheeks to make him look up slightly, and then kissed him without saying a word.

Xiao Yao, "!!!"

Baiju lowered his eyes slightly, his lips separated as soon as they touched; then he turned his head slightly, staggered the bridge of their noses, and pressed down again.

Xiao Yao was startled by Baiju's sudden kiss, and the numbness from the tingling on his lips made his legs soft.

After all, Baiju was a dog demon, he was instinctively good at using his lips and tongue to understand the world.
He sucked and rubbed Xiao Yao's lips twice, and then gently tapped them with the tip of his teeth, and a small whispered request overflowed between his lips and teeth, "Yao Yao, open your mouth..."

So as I was saying, in terms of power level, humans just can't compete Baiju is too powerful. Like sure Yao Yao can give him a peck on the cheek but Bai'ge can kiss.

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