43 - Xiao'ge married well
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43 - Xiao'ge married well

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Baiju carefully kissed his boyfriend who was freshly baked in his own home.

A soft kiss, happy and long, touching him carefully and innocently. Melted in was the faint taste of candied cherries, mixed with the salty seaside wind, intertwined into a fairytale-like dreamland.

Very sweet.

Baiju caressed Xiao Yao's cheeks preciously, and rubbed his hair tentatively, thinking, so cute.
No one was cuter than his little boyfriend.


When the bonfire party started, Baiju and Xiao Yao sat around the bonfire with other invited tourists, watching the actors on the small stage perform folk songs and dances.

Xiao Yao tilted his body and leaned against Baiju's shoulder, doubting life.

If it wasn't for their lack of time, he felt that this dog would really have made him faint.

Obviously he could catch his breath at first, but later whether it was this dog’s talent or Xiao Yao was just too weak, but his legs trembled, his brain lacked oxygen, and his eyes were white...just with a kiss. Xiao Yao felt as if he had gone through some big battle.

He was too delicate, right now, if he remained like this, what they did next...or did this old white dog really suck the life out of him?
He hadn't heard of a dog demon that could use the skills of a fox. Xiao Yao pondered, it seemed that since Baiju came down from the mountain, his fitness routine had indeed decreased a lot.

Xiao Yao didn't want to fight with Baiju on the bed. After all, his physical condition was only so much. It would be fine if he was in charge of lying down with the old white dog in charge of labour. But fainting from the play...was a little bit shameful.

He needed to go back and train.
Xiao Yao raised his hand and squeezed the muscles of his arm, then secretly contrasted the muscles of the old white dog, and couldn't help but curl his lips.

This dog really had a racial advantage.
It was said that the true shape of the old white dog was similar to that of Xiāotiānquǎn...except that Xiāotiānquǎn was a Shandong dog, with short hair. The original form of Baiju was similar to that of Xiāotiānquǎn, but with slightly wavy, snow-white fur. No one knew what breed he inherited it from, it seemed to be more suitable for a cold environment.

Xiao Yao's boyfriend was always given a very heavy bias, and he now even thought that long-haired dogs were more pleasing to the eye than short-haired dogs. Floofy long-hairs were indeed the king of dogs.

Baiju suddenly chuckled.

Xiao Yao's ear was very close to him, and the laughter from his chest seemed to be particularly attractive.
Xiao Yao straightened up and rubbed his ears, and asked curiously, "Bai’ge, what are you laughing at?"

Baiju’s eyes bent with his smile. He turned his face slightly closer and gently kissed Xiao Yao on the tip of his nose, "Yao Yao, I was listening to your heart just now...you’re complimenting me."
After a pause, the smile on his face deepened, and he was a little giddy and said, "You like me the most."

Xiao Yao was caught off guard and he blushed, "...Bai’ge, you’re eavesdropping, how sly."
I was just thinking that long hairs were better than short hairs, white fur better than coloured furs, and even black eyes are better than other colours. There were no principles, he was simply brainlessly admiring the White King.

Baiju pursed his lips shyly, and confessed quietly, "...if I, I don't listen, I'll be nervous."
The more Baiju spoke, the quieter his voice got, "What if you’re angry...if you ignore me or don’t kiss me, then I have to find a way to make my little boyfriend happy."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao thought that the old white dog might have grown up drinking love potions, saved them in his stomach and used them all to feed him now.

Baiju looked at Xiao Yao, and felt he was cute to look at. When he got closer, he watched his cheeks, blew on Xiao Yao's eyelashes, and made Xiao Yao's eyelids tickle and he blinked twice.

Xiao Yao tilted his neck slightly to avoid him, and Baiju stretched out his hand to catch him, "Kiss me."

Xiao Yao licked the corner of his mouth and knocked the head of the old dog with his forehead, "My lips are swollen...are you still willing to kiss again?"

Baiju groaned, "Just one kiss."

Xiao Yao leaned forward, gently touched Baiju's lips, and then withdrew.

Baiju was indeed easily satisfied, once was enough, so Xiao Yao kept watching the show with a smile on his face.

There weren’t many performances arranged for the small stage. By that time, almost forty minutes had passed and the barbecues in the venue had been set up. The skewers were giving off a scent that was strong and attractive. The staff of Guihe Island carried them around on plates and shuttled around the crowd around the campfire. Whenever you needed, they would hand them out to eat.

Baiju was only a little interested in this bonfire party. Under Xiao Yao's advice, he went straight for the skewers. When the staff passed by them, Baiju smiled without hesitation and asked for five or six skewers.

At this time, a dying man was sitting behind the two of them. After the last live broadcast, Char Siew Bao could only try to raise his selfie stick and avoid catching them in the lens, so he reached out and poked Baiju's shoulder, "Hey mister... "

Baiju turned around, a little surprised, "What's the matter?"
This human looked like he was heartbroken before, and he didn't look like he would take the initiative to speak up again.

Char Siew Bao showed the eight skewers in his hand, "Here, this is for you, can you two reluctantly agree to be in the shot?"
After that, Char Siew Bao continued and explained, "The live broadcast hasn’t yet started, and I have made a break for the netizens to eat dinner so that they won’t say they missed out on anything later..."

Baiju thought for a while, and shook his head sincerely, "No."
It was okay if it was just the hug from before, the netizens shouldn’t have seen anything that was too intimate; but he and his Yao Yao were now serious boyfriends, they should have a little bit of privacy. If they can’t help kissing each other then it wouldn’t be good to be caught on camera.

Xiao Yao saw Char Siew Bao being blocked by Baiju and he couldn't help but smile, and calmly said, "You can eat the skewers yourself. The skewers were paid for by your 670,000 yuan."

Char Siew Bao, "..."
Are you sure you’re trying to comfort me?

Char Siew Bao thought in mourning that he might really have to spend 670,000 to make a peaceful, silent, and honest campfire live broadcast ==. I'm so sorry for my name as a horror game anchor. I never seem to be worthy of it...
He needed to find someone to change seats with.

The act of changing seats was actually not difficult, but the problem was that the old dog was too lucky. The two gold coins he and Xiao Yao had caught gave them seats directly opposite the small stage. The view was particularly good and especially suitable for a live broadcast, causing Char Siew Bao to want to occupy the position undeservedly; some people wanted to swap for it.

So Char Siew Bap wiped his face, and said dejectedly, "Okay...thank you. I’ll go sit in another place."

Char Siew Bao raised his head and looked around, trying to find a location with a good view. As he looked, he heard Xiao Yao still asking a question with some interest, "Speaking of which, aren't you a streamer for horror games? Why are you even at the bonfire party? Do you broadcast everything?"

Char Siew Bao slowly turned his head, his face calm, "...your question is too accurate."
Char Siew Bao sounded pained, and got lost in his character, "It's true that the netizens are generous lovers. A horror game streamer must be able to go visit the houses and appear in the kitchen. All of his talents must make an appearance in the live broadcast room." For example, a live broadcast of two gods can be considered a skill, right...? Char Siew Bao added silently.

It was a pity that in his live broadcast room, the netizens not only wanted to transform the horror game streamer into an all-round streamer, but they also wanted to send the streamer into the lions den to catch the two handsome men in his lens.
Not loyal at all, they sent him to his death with integrity.

Xiao Yao thought this man was a bit interesting, and after chatting with him, he saw that he had found a suitable position. He raised the skewers in his hand and went to change seats.

Baiju looked in the direction of Char Siew Bao a few more times, then reached out and grabbed Xiao Yao and let him sit on his lap, "You still mind him."

Xiao Yao's angle of view suddenly became a little higher. He was caught off guard by Baiju and when he reacted, he cried and said dumbfounded, "You aren’t learning to be jealous, right?"

Baiju, "..."
Baiju considered it carefully, "Maybe a little bit."

Xiao Yao, "..."
He shouldn't teach a player how to play.

Baiju smiled and tucked the person in his arms, "Don't talk about it... Anyway, you are mine. Only three, that human may have begun cultivating today."

Xiao Yao automatically filtered out Baiju's declaration of ownership, and was a little puzzled, "What 'three'? He only ate two spiritual foods, including the flowers thrown from the float."

Baiju bowed his head and knocked the back of Xiao Yao's head, "Today there’s been two meals, but he has run into the gods three times on this island... Yao Yao, although I haven’t ascended, a wild god is still a god."

"He encountered a god three times in a row in two days. He has a pure yang constitution. He should definitely enter the Dao." Baiju said with a light smile, "Maybe when he starts the live broadcast later, the horror will become real for him."

Xiao Yao dumbly said, "... Bai’ge, are you gloating?"

Xiao Yao had become accustomed to living with his yin and yang eyes open. Although the world he saw was different from what ordinary people saw, it didn’t affect his judgment of yin and yang and his normal life. But for a new cultivator, whether he had yin and yang eyes or not, the way he entered the Dao would be in an instant. The divine light in the sky, the wonders of the world, and the ghosts in the dark would all become part of the cultivator's world, but for how long relied on the human’s talent.

Char Siew Bao had a rare pure yang body. If he entered the Dao, it would take at least three days for his yin and yang eyes to disappear. If there was no suitable teacher for him in those three days, it may scare him into psychosis. From then on, even if his yin and yang eyes were automatically closed, there would likely be some trauma.
However, Guihe Island was quite clean. At least there weren’t many violent ghosts on the surface, only occasionally there were a few spirits that looked quite normal...they shouldn't make him too miserable.

Xiao Yao pondered for a moment. If Char Siew Bo didn’t enter the Dao, he wouldn’t actively interfere with his fate, but since there was a chance he would today and would be an excellent cultivator, Xiao Yao, as a member of the Cultivators Society, couldn’t overlook such a good opportunity. He could teach him.

After thinking about it, Xiao Yao stabbed Baiju with his elbow, "Bai’ge, if Char Siew Bao really enters the Dao, I want to introduce him to Qu Lang."

Baiju was a little puzzled, "Hm? Qu Lang?"

Xiao Yao explained, "As a professional contact. I usually am in contact with many demons and ghosts, but Qu Lang knows a lot of people in the magic world. The members of his Special Service are more or less similar to ordinary cultivators. A pure yang human like Char Siew Bao is someone who Qu Lang can cultivate."

Baiju understood, "It would be pretty good if he joined us."

Xiao Yao nodded, glanced thoughtfully at Char Siew Bao who was communicating with someone to change seats, and silently took out his mobile phone.


Qu Lang listened to the tone when the phone was hung up, and after a while, he slowly moved the receiver back to it’s holder.

"Captain Qu, what's the matter?" Ah Heng, who was tapping away on the keyboard next to him, paid attention to his captain’s mood, and couldn't help but ask when he saw his soul wandering beyond the sky.

Qu Lang opened his mouth and spit out a series of sighs.
What was meant by "A pure yang human ran into a mountain god three times in a row, and the White King said that he was almost about to enter the Dao, and if you really want to, maybe you can pick him up and help him cultivate"...

Qu Lang received the good news strenuously, rubbed his hands. His eyes lit up with a weird shine, and he slowly replied, "Xiao’ge has married well, Xiao’ge has married well..."

The author has something to say:
Xiao'ge: Think first, then speak.

There's actually a movie coming out about Erlang and his dog, maybe next year? The same company that made the motorbiking Nezha movie is also doing Erlang in the same 'universe'. If you want to see pics of the dog you can google 哮天犬.

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