45 - Behave, let me kiss you
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45 - Behave, let me kiss you

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In the end, Char Siew Bao caved in and paid six million in exchange for his own life.

Fortunately, although the price wasn’t particularly generous, they were absolutely A-class talismans that were made by Xiao Yao personally. Not only that but now that he was under Xiao Yao’s protection, with Xiao Yao, Baiju, and the others to guide him, he would certainly earn more than 60 million in the future.

There were no malevolent spirits on Guihe, and Baiju and Xiao Hao were being somewhat mindful of Char Siew Bao——or as he should be called, Shao Simiao, so he returned safely to his holiday home.

"Qu Lang moves very fast," Xiao Yao stands on the porch, tapping his phone to see two notifications. “He’s applied for a pass already, and will be taking a cargo ship into the East Peninsula. "

Baiju heard him, but was thinking about hunting in his heart, and quickly responded, "Do we have to pick him up?"

Xiao Yao put away his phone, bent down to change his shoes, and laughed, "No, he has no interest in being a third wheel...rest assured, no one will take away your hunting time."

Baiju thought he was hiding his thoughts carefully, and scratched his head a little shyly. He felt that his Yao Yao could read his heart, or was very good at guessing.

Xiao Wei pulled Baiju into the house, "I already said, we’ll go hunting tomorrow. However, we shouldn’t go to the hunting grounds too early, or we might disturb the fishermen. We’ll go at around nine, and can stay in the hunting grounds until three in the afternoon. You can eat whatever you like, if you don’t like it you can sell it, some humans will buy it. "

Baiju moved his hand and intertwined his fingers into Xiao Yu's fingers, turning his head to listen to Xiao Yao behind him.

After listening for a while, Baiju couldn't help but move a step closer to Xiao Yao, and his arm stretched out as he asked Xiao Yao to turn around.

Xiao Yu cooperated and stopped, turning around. Before he had time to react, he was hugged.

The old white dog was still wearing his summery clothes, and more than the usual amount of his body temperature passed through the thin cloth. Initially Xiao Yao panicked, then he suddenly realized that the relationship between them had already changed.

By...by that reasoning, according to what the old white dog was doing now, was all due course.

Although Xiao Yao knew that this silly dog was innocent and wasn’t rushing to take him all the way, he still couldn't drag his thoughts away from the censored material in his head.

Baiju was also very anxious, his head was full and he leaned into Xiao Yu's ear and whispered, "Yao Yao...I listened to your heart earlier today, I can listen again?"

After saying it out loud, the white old dog seemed to think the request was strange, so he explained himself, his voice even lower, "What are you thinking ... I know you like me, but I want to hear your heart more than before. I can't wait to know your mood at every moment ... "

"Yao Yao, am I too greedy?" Baiju buried himself in his little boyfriend's head and knocked his earlobe.

Xiao Yao was surrounded by Baiju’s breath, and he had to restrain himself,  "...Bai’ge, you’ve already gotten too good at talking."
His heart was like a drum, in his ear was only the voice of Baiju, and every nerve in his body was alert. It was clear that Xiao Yao was standing in the villa, but he felt as if he were in the clouds.

This old white dog wasn’t attacking, but the dog he once considered a walking bomb of hormones, had turned into an explosion of intense fireworks. He couldn't help but feel hot....Xiao Yao already knew he was attracted but he didn’t think that with a little bit of time Baiju could draw him in more and more.

Baiju didn't know what was happening in Xiao Yao’s heart, he only smiled gently, and didn’t speak.

The two quietly embraced for a while, and their respective heartbeats gradually became stable.

In that small space, avoiding the crowds, the two had just received a surprise, and although they still felt the excitement on the beach, it still seemed to have lacked a sense of reality.

Now, with only them, there was nothing that could intervene as they accepted each other, or touched each other.

So it really is real.
It really really is.

They didn’t know who relaxed first, but Baiju looked at his little boyfriend and Xiao Yu also put his hands on Baiju’s shoulders, then slightly retreated to look up and look into Baiju’s eyes.

The two novices in love lasted a few seconds before Baiju took the lead and lowered his head, lingering on Xiao Yao’s lips as he said, "I love you."

Xiao Yao took the lead and kissed him, "I love you too, Bai’ge."

Baiju kissed him deeply, but the taste was a little strange and he quickly stopped as he opened his eyes to look at Xiao Yao.

Baiju, "..."
His lips were pressed against Xiao Yu's palm, and the old white dog simply wanted to die, "Yao Yao, you won't let me kiss!" Sure enough, is he still angry? I knew I should have listened!

Xiao Yao didn't know how to explain that he was afraid of having his first time in a hallway, so he tried to wriggle away with a random excuse, "...it’s, it’s already dark, it’s late, I have to wash."

The old white dog was oblivious to his boyfriend's deceit, "Oh."
The old dog was also very considerate, "I’ll help you wash."

Xiao Yao, "!!!"
Xiao Yao, in shock, "No! I’m very fast! It’s very simple to shower, and there are bath towels, the hot water temperature is also very nice, you don't need to help!"

The old white dog looked a bit disappointed.
He didn't know how to take care of a boyfriend. His little boyfriend was too independent, he didn’t need to take care of anything. It seemed that there was no use for him.

Xiao Yao looked at the droopy eared dog and his heart was swayed, but he still insisted on bathing alone, "I really don't help, Bai’ge, really."

Baiju was defeated.

Xiao Yao couldn't hold back, but could only coax him with promises of the future, "Um...Bai’ge, if you really want to, after we go back I’ll take you to a hot spring. We can...bathe together."

Baiju’s eyes were bright, he nodded again and again, and smiled, "Okay."

Xiao Yao, "..." What did I just say ...
Xiao Yao snorted, he could only blame his heart for not obeying his head. His heart was too strong, it jumped, and he couldn’t stop it, so his brain had too much blood and could only think enough to know it was hot.

Xiao Yao still busied himself in the bathroom for a long time, his pyjamas were one, his clothes were washed clean and had even already dried.

Ah...he was used to having Baiju on the bed. But now that old god that was waiting for him on the bed had been promoted to his boyfriend that was waiting for him in bed.

Xiao Yao struggled to mentally prepare himself, he was just sitting down on the bed.

Uh...they really fit a big bed in a small room.
Baiju was sitting in the middle of the bed, stretching out his long legs while looking at his phone. Seeing Xiao Yao come out and sit on the edge of the bed, the white old dog locked the mobile phone screen and tossed it aside. He then quickly turned around and rushed towards him, both hands accurately reaching under Xiao Yao's ribs, he straightened his body back and fished his little boyfriend sitting on the edge of the bed into his arms.

Xiao Yao, who was caught off guard by the old white dog, was dragged into bed, "......"
What was he struggling with before, he was just being pulled around like a sack, did his dog seem like the kind that wanted to mate?

Baiju didn't know what Xiao Yao was thinking. He was very happy holding his little boyfriend. He lay down with his arms around him, and looked at the ceiling with joy, "Yao Yao, I have a lover."

Xiao Yao was hit by the "lover", and the pink bubble in his mind floated out involuntarily. It took a while before he found his soul, "...yeah, I also have someone."

Baiju lay on the bed, cushioning Xiao Yao, and suddenly smiled dumbly, "Yao Yao, I can hear you acting like a baby."

Xiao Yao tried to follow Baiju's thoughts and realised what the old white dog had done. He couldn't help his ears burning, "Bai’ge, can you give me some notice next time you listen to my heart?"

Baiju became surprisingly witty all of a sudden, "No, if I told you that I wouldn't get to hear you acting like a baby anymore."

Xiao Yao raised his hands to cover his face.

Baiju took another inch and said, "Yao Yao, shouldn’t I spoil you?"

Xiao Yao abandoned himself and admitted that he quite wanted to be spoiled, "Yeah, didn't you hear everything?"

Baiju seemed to have found something fun, and he was even happier after hearing that. He held the tip of his boyfriend’s ears and asked, "Then Yao Yao, what kind of comfort do you want? A hug, pat your head, or kisses?"
They all seemed to be particularly innocent options.

Xiao Yao couldn't stand it anymore.
The beautiful fit young man rolled over in Baiju's arms, broke away from the arms that encircled him, and completely changed the positions of the two of them.

Baiju lay lazily and relaxed, while Xiao Yao knelt with his knees either side of the old white dog’s narrow waist, his arms propped up and pressed against the bed to the side of the old white dog's head.

Baiju’s pajamas were light blue, printed with Samoyeds and dog paw prints. They were silly and lame, but the buttons weren’t fastened and now that Xiao Yao had turned over on him, the shape had deformed even more. It was messy, barely covering Baiju's ivory skin.

The old white dog subconsciously protected Xiao Yao with both hands, resting them on his waist, the position seemed not quite right, but the old white dog wasn’t very self-aware. His long hair scattered randomly on the gray bedding like seaweed and his dark and deep eyes were still watching his little boyfriend intently, with a smile at the corners of his lips, and the tips of his canine teeth peeking out between his lips, cute and dangerous——

Xiao Yao swallowed involuntarily, trying to moisturize the anxiety in his throat.

An unquenchable fire.

Xiao Yao straightened his left arm, grabbed Baiju's collar with his right hand, and lifted the lazy old white dog a little, then lowered his head and kissed him fiercely.

At that moment, the old dog seemed to be listening to Xiao Yao's heart. He wasn't surprised by Xiao Yao's actions and instead, he raised his eyebrows and let Xiao Yao take the initiative to invade him.

After kissing for a while, the old white dog's hand went in along the hem of Xiao Yao's clothes, caressing the skin of the young young man's waist twice, followed his back, trailing up through his loose top, and pressed his fingers against Xiao Yao's nape.

"Yao Yao, behave yourself."
Baiju took note, turned over, and pressed the little brat with his teeth underneath him.

"Behave...and let me kiss you."

The author has something to say:
Yao Yao:...
You were behaving just now.

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