46 - Yao Yao, mwah!
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46 - Yao Yao, mwah!

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Baiju was an honest old dog. If he said he wanted to kiss him, he really only kissed him.

The kiss that Xiao Yao initiated was extended by Baiju for a while before it slowly ended.

Baiju leaned over to suppress the young human. His posture was oppressive, but his movements were indescribably gentle.
He slightly propped himself up a little, looked down at Xiao Yao's face. He touched Xiao Yao's hair softly, and flicked it twice, pulling away his fine fringe and revealing Xiao Yao's entire face.

Xiao Yao looked good, this Baiju knew this from the beginning.
When the cold young man pushed back his fringe and dressed up his appearance wasn’t so gentle and well-behaved. On the contrary, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were sharp, and when he looked down on you he was quite scary. It was no wonder that he could be so respected among the demons and ghosts in town.

His eyebrows weren’t particularly thick and the lines were as smooth as willow-leaf flying blades, which had a classically gentle charm, but also hid a little sharpness.
His double lid eyes were narrow, but very deep, and when he lowered his eyes slightly, the lines at the corners of his lashes seemed to have been deliberately deepened, like translucent ink marks that slid freely from the fine brushwork.

At this time, the ink mark had been rubbed into a pale peach colour.

Baiju lowered his head and gently kissed the soft red at the corner of Xiao Yao's eyes. The tip of his tongue swept across the edge of his eyelids, the heat was ambiguous and intoxicating.

Xiao Yao closed his eyes, overwhelmed, and sighed slightly.

Baiju kissed from the corner of his eyes, and quickly traced a path along his forehead, nose tip, earlobe, and finally moved to the front along his jaw, grabbing his lip with the tip of his teeth. He sucked his lips, begging for a quick kiss.

Baiju was easily satisfied. He relaxed when he felt he was close enough to kiss his little boyfriend. He hugged Xiao Yao and lay on his side slightly, squinting his eyes and running his fingers down Xiao Yao's back.

"Bai’ge..." Xiao Yao hugged Baiju on his side and rubbed his neck.

Neither of them were weak, and it was natural that they wouldn’t be completely soft handed when they were affectionate. Xiao Yao’s shirt had been completely undone and Baiju wasn’t much better. The slender nubile young human clung to Baiju’s arms, skin to skin, the heat of their touches blended together, numb.

Baiju was lying on his side at this moment, and Xiao Yao called out with a seldom heard gasp. Baiju dropped his head and kissed Xiao Yao's forehead again before asking, "What's the matter?"

"...it's nothing." Xiao Yao clamped his leg uncomfortably, trying to conceal his physical reaction.
Calm down...can't calm down.

Xiao Yao sighed helplessly, patted the arm of the old dog and tried to get up, "Bai’ge, I'm going to the bathroom."

Baiju blinked in confusion. Hadn't Xiao Yao already taken a bath?

When Xiao Yao saw that the old dog wasn’t moving, he knew that a new vacancy had appeared in his mind.

Before experiencing love, he didn’t know what love was, and Xiao Yao was afraid he wouldn’t know what lust was before experiencing lust. Xiao Yao figured if things continued in this way, the old dog could lead a love life as an ascetic.

For the sake of his future, Xiao Yao took a deep breath, then felt that he still couldn't pass this hurdle.
"I'm going to take a cold shower." Xiao Yao slapped Baiju's arms, raised his head and lightly took a bite of the old white dog's throat and whispered, "Don’t worry about it this time...you can always take care of it for me next time."

Baiju noticed the heat in his pants, and the whole dog froze, and the door to a new world was opened with a boom.

The old white dog's arm loosened, his face reddened, and he hurriedly closed the door, his heart suddenly jumped and leapt, desperately clamoring to learn some new knowledge.

His little boyfriend just slipped out of bed to take a shower while the old white dog was in a daze.
The weather was very hot and his little boyfriend was in good health. When the old white dog was slow to respond, he couldn't stop him.

In fact, the old white dog didn't know what he would say even if he stopped his boyfriend.
He wanted to say that he knew several good heat reducing exercises. It was said that practicing them was good for your body, and would ensure you wouldn’t hurt your body in the future——but the old dog instinctively felt if he said this he would be beaten.

The faint sound of the shower came through the frosted glass. The sounds that the old white dog didn't pay attention to yesterday were like a spring rain pouring in his heart, crashing into him, as spring buds were about to burst out of the ground.

Baiju half-sat up and lay back on the bed. After a while, he covered his face with his hands and rolled. He paused for a while, then rolled back and forth several times before finally burying his face in the quilt and stopped moving.

He felt that if his Yao Yao could also read hearts, he might have heard the same crying in his heart.
Baiju thought of something strange and became hot all over, silently turning into a hot dog in the quilt.

It took a full ten minutes before Xiao Yao came out of the bathroom shrouded in cool water vapor.
He wanted to rub one out quickly, but it was a pity that when he thought of the old white dog waiting outside, he felt a bit awkward.

Two people with heavy weights on their minds were once again in the same room, the air filled with embarrassment for no reason. The result was that from the time Xiao Yao came out of the bathroom until he lay on the bed and turned off the lights, no one spoke.

Baiju lay upright on the bed, blinking at the ceiling.
The blackout curtains blocked the outside light, and the room was dark, but it didn’t affect his vision at all.

His little boyfriend who lay there after changing positions twice was obviously not asleep either. Baiju stiffened his neck and slowly turned his head to look at Xiao Yao.

"Bai’ge, like what you see?" Xiao Yao closed his eyes and endured it for a while, but still couldn't hold back, and asked abruptly.

"Looks good." Baiju answered honestly on reflex.

"..." Xiao Yao didn't pretend, he opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, and said angrily, "Then are you just going to look?"

Upon hearing this, Baiju sat up a little bit on one arm, looked in Xiao Yao's direction, hesitated for a while, and then touched him bit by bit.
Half his body, then his whole body.

Xiao Yao rolled his eyes, angry and amused, this stupid dog hadn't grown much.
Turning over neatly and quickly removing the distance between them, Xiao Yao pulled Baiju's supporting arm under his head, nudged forward, and got into Baiju's arms properly. Then he closed his eyes.

Baiju embraced his little boyfriend. It was obviously a familiar gesture, but it took him several minutes to adapt.
After pondering for a while, Baiju lowered his head and kissed Xiao Yao's forehead softly, rubbed his cheek, and whispered, "Good night, Yao Yao."

Xiao Yao smiled in the dark, "Good night, Bai’ge."

It was a good night's sleep.
Even Baiju, who didn't need much sleep, closed his eyes and slept well for five or six hours.

The next morning, Baiju woke up from his nap to the sunshine outside.

After pestering his little boyfriend for a good morning kiss, the old white dog got up.

It was still early, so Xiao Yao went out to buy some ingredients, and came back to cook two bowls of seafood noodles, and asked Baiju to try it.
When it came to Xiao Yao's craftsmanship, the old white dog had always enjoyed it. After eating a bowl of food, he licked his lips and watched Xiao Yao wash the bowls. Then he lowered his head and touched his stomach, feeling even more hungry.

Xiao Yao was amused. He wiped his hands, walked to Bai ju, raised his head and kissed his chin, "Let's go, I’ll take you to a hunting ground."

Baiju felt a slight softness on his chin, and was about to lower his head to kiss him back, when he saw his little boyfriend was leaving and had already retreated.

Xiao Yao only showed a little intimacy, he didn't want to get distracted by the old white dog. After one bite, he pushed the old dog upstairs, "Go, go, go, bring Chūjiǔ."

Baiju twisted his neck reluctantly, "Yao Yao, we’re not married."

Xiao Yao raised the corners of his mouth, "You’re right, I just wanted to kiss your chin."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju licked the tips of his teeth, a little regretful; but they would have more chances to kiss in the future, and it wasn’t bad to only kiss once or twice.

However, it was a good idea to bring Chūjiǔ out hunting, it could also be an opportunity to test out his luck.

Chūjiǔ was originally just part of an instrument to suppress the evil little demons, it didn’t have name; but the day before yesterday, Baiju blessed it and given it a name. The compass was already on the verge of gaining enlightenment, and it’s spirituality was already quite good. IN fact, it could be considered to already have a vague consciousness, which was precisely why it only had a little impact on Baiju when it was first activated, and then it never launched an attack against Baiju since.

According to Xiao Yao, the spiritual aura of the hunting ground was much heavier than the outside world, and there was some filth inside that would conflict with Sixiangzhen's compass. Taking Chūjiǔ inside might stimulate it, and even if it couldn't condense it’s spirit that day, the success rate of condensing the spirit body in the future would be higher.

Baiju wasn’t quite clear about all the cultivation theories on the righteous path. He only knew that the matter of igniting a spirit with his Qi could be used to accumulate merit. If he could successfully condense a spirit body for Chūjiǔ , it would benefit him and Xiao Yao.

Before today, Xiao Yao had booked a small boat in advance. When the time had almost arrived, he took a small barbecue grill and some talismans, and then went out to sea with the old dog.

The two of them didn't bring many barbecue tools. After all, it was inconvenient to take too much, and the flames needed for the barbecue could be supplied by magic, so they didn't need to bother with any coal.

"In fifteen or six minutes, we’ll be able to drive through the gate." Xiao Yao came out of the cockpit, leaving a few paper men to steer the ship, and chatted casually with the old white dog on the deck, "It’s been a long time since this hunting ground has been awakened, so there may be a lot of movement when we do. I don’t know if anyone will notice the opening of the gate, we must be careful to not accidentally injure other people inside."

Baiju was leaning back against the railing on the edge of the deck and was a little curious. He pushed his sunglasses to his forehead, tilted his head and asked, "Will there be many other people entering the hunting ground? I noticed there weren’t many demons or practitioners on Guihe Island."

Xiao Yao shook his head and explained, "That's because you’re only familiar with demons from China. In fact, there are always a few western demons on the island, but their aura is different from the traditional monsters. You may feel them as unremarkable, or easily confuse them with other auras."

As Xiao Yao spoke, he leaned against the railing beside Baiju, “Sea hunting grounds are more difficult to open than land-based ones. The dragon veins they rely on are all on the bottom of the sea. It's very difficult to induce the qi in the hunting grounds through hundreds of metres of water. Few of the current practitioners can do it...of course, as long as you learn the method, you can open the hunting ground by yourself next time."

Baiju understood, turned around to look at the blue choppy ocean, took a breath of salty air, and then said, "No wonder it's not a popular hunting ground, I would want to go in if I saw it. If only to look at it. Hunting grounds are becoming more precious and precious. In the past, the royal family toured the hunting grounds on my mountain. They only visited every few years. Every time there were rare and exotic animals. Compared to those hunting grounds that are opened every year, they would seem to have nothing as precious."

Xiao Yao smiled, "Why are you thinking so much? Our goal is to let you eat something delicious."

Baiju's gaze moved back from the sea to Xiao Yao, and he softened involuntarily.
After reaching with his arm, he fished Xiao Yao into his arms. Baiju couldn't help but express what was in his heart. After brewing for a long time, he remembered the new vocabulary he’d learned on the internet, and said sincerely, "Yao Yao, mwah. "

The author has something to say:
Yao Yao: Compared to mwah, I’d prefer papapa.
It isn’t easy for Yao Yao, who takes on the task of guiding a noob, =w=

Been quiet but still updating, thanks for all the comments I'm glad everyone is enjoying the sweet romance! I like to think after chewing through all the dog-blood on NovelUpdates y'all can come here for a tender romance holiday~~~mwah!

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