47 - Fake Dragon Gate, open hunting ground
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47 - Fake Dragon Gate, open hunting ground

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The boat Xiao Yao rented wasn’t a small boat for four or five people, but a ship with several cabins and a tall hull.
Naturally, this ship wasn’t ordinary. Not only was it extremely fast, but there were also some water ghosts painted on the bottom of the ship, although this couldn’t be seen at sea.

It didn't take long for the ship to sail out, and it reached the place where the gate of the hunting ground was located, but it was far away from Guiqi Island, and only a little shadow of the island could be seen in the distance.

It didn't take long for the ship to sail out and reach the place where the gate to the hunting ground was located even though it was far away from Guihe Island, and only a little shadow of the island could be seen in the distance.

Baiju listened very curiously, "There are no edges or borders on the sea, how can sea territory be tracked?"

Xiao Yao stood up on the railing steadily, and looked down at Baiju with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, and said, "If our ship wasn’t registered, and I hadn’t applied to visit this hunting ground in advance, and would see a Chinese navy patrol boat rushing towards us at this very moment."

Baiju imagined it for a while, and felt that it was difficult to be a low-key Demon King in this world.

Seeing that Xiao Yao was about to open the hunting ground, the old white dog used his magic to fix the ship in place, much more steadily than an anchor.

Xiao Yao knew that the old dog wanted to help conserve his energy, so he smiled and reminded, "Bai’ge, I’ll open the hunting ground, watch how I do it"

Baiju nodded, and a few shimmering lights flashed across his eyes, "Yeah, I'm ready."

The weather was fine, the sky and sea were blue, with only a few white clouds occasionally drifting by slowly, there wasn’t much wind.
Therefore, when Xiao Yao raised his qi and started to draw an arc in mid-air, the swirling winds on the sea became particularly obvious.

"Bai’ge, look at the sea." Xiao Yao wore his old-rimmed glasses and his clear pupils became deeper behind the lenses. His Yin Yang eyes that didn't require much attention to use normally were intentionally strengthened at this time, and they vaguely reflected the true submarine gully.

Baiju looked down following Xiao Yao's line of sight. The seawater deeper than 800 metres couldn't be seen through with the naked eye, but it was different for a practitioner or anyone who knew any vision enhancing techniques. Otherwise it would be completely impossible to see.

The sea water where the boundary gate was located was quite shallow compared to the surrounding area. The undulating mountains under the sea had nowhere to hide from Baiju's eyes and immediately he saw light blue light at many nodes on the sand.
It was Xiao Yao's spiritual power.

Every time his spiritual power lit up a node there was a small vortex on the sea surface directly above it. The successive light spots of spiritual power followed the same trajectory and pattern, and when the dragon-shaped mountains on the seabed were all lit up, the vortexes on the water’s surface connected into one and a stream of water was thrown upwards violently.

Baiju looked at the water mist archway rising up out of the sea and raised his eyebrows in surprise, "A fake Dragon Gate?"

Xiao Yao nodded and stopped, as long as the "Dragon Gate" was still standing on the sea the water kept gushing up from below. The archway built was stable in shape and showed no sign of dispersing.

"There used to be a Dragon Gate in this position before." Xiao Yao explained, "Later, it was seen by one of our ancestors in China, who wanted to be a koi who jumped over the dragon gate. So they took advantage of this Dragon Gate. As it dissipated, it’s plaque was knocked down and sealed on the bottom of the sea, and so a piece of the sea of the demon god was sealed away."

Baiju smoothly took in the lay of the land and hearing the reason, shook his head disapprovingly, "The opening of a Dragon Gate requires the right time and place. Strictly speaking, each Dragon Gate has only one chance to open. If it disperses the next day the dragon gate has failed and it’s Dragon Gate plaque is of little significance, it’s no wonder that only a fake dragon gate can be opened."

"A fake Dragon Gate is enough." Xiao Yao smiled, "That ancestor also did something unkind. If the Dragon Gate plaque was found by the real dragon, it would be cleaned up, but fortunately, no one came for it. This fake Dragon Gate is no longer qualified to promote koi, but it still opened up a space in the water. The koi that can jump over the fake dragon gate can be regarded as capable, so they earned themselves a better training place and a place to live within the Dragon Gate plaque sealed in the sea...now, this place has become a good hunting ground."

Baiju nodded, folded his arms and looked at the Dragon Gate with interest.

A real Dragon Gate was ninety-nine feet tall, which is about eleven stories high if compared to a current ordinary building. This height was about the same as Baiju’s original shape as he usually stood on the ground on his four paws. For a behemoth real dragon, the size wasn’t impressive at all, but for the koi trying to leap the Dragon Gate, it was indeed an insurmountable obstacle. Even if it used the water fountain of the Dragon Gate to go upstream, it was extremely difficult to leap over the Dragon Gate.

The fake Dragon Gate in front of them wasn’t quite so big, but it was still about thirty feet high. A thin mist covered the doorway. It looked sparse, but actually stubbornly blocked entry into the hunting ground behind the gate. For practitioners and demons who weren’t fish wanted to go in, it was impossible to jump over the Dragon Gate, they could only go through the water curtain.

Baiju looked over the side of the boat, then raised his head and said to Xiao Yao, "I'll go down and take a look."

Immediately, Baiju stretched out his hand to hold the railing, then turned around and jumped off, landing on his toes and standing on a circle of ripples on the sea.

Xiao Yao was standing at the railing on the boat. He thought that the old dog was going to go into the water, but when he looked down he saw that Baiju was standing on the sea, as if he were walking on the ground.

"Bai’ge," Xiao Yao raised his eyebrows, lowered his head and called out, "Why don't you go into the water?"

Baiju raised his head when he heard the words, and scratched his chin, "I didn’t want to disturb the little fish."
The old white dog was still very careful. His gaze fell back to the bottom of the Dragon Gate. There were small fish everywhere, climbing up the water columns of the Dragon Gate. It seemed that they were instinctively seeking an advantage in survival.

Xiao Yao also lowered his head and followed Baiju's gaze for a while. They found that few fishes could climb halfway up the Dragon Gate. After watching them for a while he retracted his gaze, raised his chin, and asked, "Going in?"

Baiju glanced at the water curtain, then nodded, turned around and opened his hand to Xiao Yao, "Yao Yao, come here."

Xiao Yao was taken aback, "..."
As a result, Xiao Yao, who was planning to jump directly into the water curtain, closed his mouth, loosened his feet, and fell straight off the boat.

Baiju, "!"
Baiju didn't expect that Xiao Yao wouldn’t jump into his arms. He quickly jumped up and caught Xiao Yao accurately. He held him in his arms and patted him, "Yao Yao, you scared me."

"I didn't scare you." Xiao Yao smiled and raised his head and took a bite off Baiju's chin. "Aren't you good at playing catch?"

Baiju bowed his head and bumped Xiao Yao's head, whispering, "You fell."
Baiju was concerned and confused, but didn’t need to react at all. Xiao Yao was a practitioner himself, and his ability to swim was quite good. Even if he jumped down directly, he wouldn't be in any danger. It was just a small joke.

In the uneasy ending, Baiju bit the tip of his ear as a punishment, "Don't scare me in the future."

Xiao Yao smiled happily in Baiju's arms and narrowed his eyes, "Okay, okay...Baiju, let's go in."

Baiju uneasily hid his little boyfriend behind him and cast a spell on Xiao Yao to allow him to stand safely. Then he turned around and walked to the water curtain in the middle of the fake Dragon Gate, tentatively reaching out to pass through the water curtain.

The wind rising with the water columns of the Dragon Gate rustled Baiju's clothes and the light fabric kept undulating with the spinning wind.
For the convenience of movement, the old white dog decided not to wear new clothes when he went out. He directly transformed into a white shirt and a pair of leather pants. At this moment, the wind lifted his shirt revealing his thin waist wrapped in the leather pants and exposing his skin to the fine water. Between the beads of water, he looked terribly attractive.

Xiao Yao looked at the old white dog from behind. The boyfriend filter was thicker than a city wall, so he took out his phone with itchy hands and squatted on the sea, focusing on Baiju's ivory waist and continuously taking a few photos.

So handsome.
Xiao Yao scratched the screen of the phone, the picture captured by the camera was surreal; on the azure sea stood a snow-white Dragon Gate composed of columns of water, and in front of the gate stood a man with white hair and white clothes and white pants, his back facing the camera. His thin waist was extremely eye-catching, and the water curtain reflected the sunlight, drawing a brilliant rainbow in the lens.

The long legs in the low-angle shot, the skin hidden under the hem of the clothes...it could sustain him for at least a year.
A perfect mobile wallpaper. Xiao Yao bent the corner of his mouth and performed a wave of fierce operations. Not only did he change his mobile phone wallpaper, he also posted on Weibo, cutting up the white old dog’s hair, cheeks, hem line, long legs, and close-ups of his fingers to fill up a nine-square grid.

"My boyfriend is really handsome," Xiao Yao posted contentedly, and also specially tagged Qu Lang, "His waist is very good, too attractive, so I don't want to keep the close-ups to myself."

Xiao Yao's Weibo had just been posted and as soon as the page refreshed, he received a comment from Qu Lang, which could only be described as a series of ellipses.

After hurting the single dog, Xiao Yao put away his mobile phone in a good mood, and looked up to see his old white dog.

Baiju was very cautious. He reached with his hand and felt the concentration of aura in the hunting ground. After guessing that his little boyfriend could bear it, he silently stretched out his hand and sensed the auras inside. After confirming that there was no danger, he withdrew his hand and looked back to find his boyfriend.

Then the old white dog saw Xiao Yao sitting cross-legged on the solid area of water he gave him, resting his cheek in one hand, and looking at him with bright eyes.

The roots of his ears became slightly hot, Baiju stretched out his hand and slid Xiao Yao into his arms then immersed his head through the water curtain, muttering bashfully, "What are you looking at..."

Xiao Yao smiled, "I’m looking at my handsome boyfriend."

Baiju felt that his heart was about to explode, and he couldn't bother to observe the sea surface in the hunting ground, which was obviously different from the outside. He threw his boyfriend on his back and shyly changed back to his original form.

The majestic big white dog dove into the water. Sitting at the base of his neck was his little boyfriend, and he carried him to a small floating island not far from the hunting ground entrance.

Xiao Yao was caught off guard and thrown on the back of the old white dog. He was taken aback, and found himself sitting on the back of Baiju's original form’s shoulders. The snow-white soft long fur covered his beautiful and powerful muscles, which slightly shifted as he swam. The translucent sea water swept the white fur on Baiju’s shoulder blades but didn’t touch Xiao Yao's clothes at all.

Very considerate.
Xiao Yao leaned forward with a smile, hugged Baiju's neck and smoothed his fur, praising him, "Bai’ge, you’re so handsome."

Baiju folded his ears shyly, there was a whimper in his throat and his four paws moved faster.

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