48 - Borrowing heaven's lightning
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48 - Borrowing heaven's lightning

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The sea in the hunting ground and the sea outside the Dragon Gate were completely different.

Large and small floating islands moved across the sea, some were real islands, some were giant turtle backs, and some were simply phantoms, there to lure the little demons who didn’t understand how things worked to crash into them and die.

Baiju cocked his neck and looked around, seeing a water curtain in all directions in the distance, he realised that this hunting ground was surrounded by the Dragon Gate’s water curtain.

"There are a lot of fish demons here," Xiao Yao sat on Baiju's back, holding his arms in to protect the small things like his mobile phone. "But most of them are inconsequential and don't become enlightened. There are a few very weird fishes recorded in Shanhaijing that have the ability to cause natural disasters. I guess we won’t meet any..."

Baiju raised the tip of his nose, sniffed the sea breeze, and nodded, "There are indeed no such things here. That kind of fish is one in a million. Even if there have been traces of them here, with those that left them long gone, they will gradually disappear."

Xiao Yao smiled, stood up, moved up Baiju’s neck and climbed to the top of Baiju’s head and sat down, “I can’t catch up with you in terms of perceiving auras, I only know a few things about those legendary things. I was born at an untimely time, the practitioners of our age know too little."

Baiju turned his head a little uncomfortably, raised his eyes and tried to look at the top of his head, "Yao Yao, will you feel dizzy if you sit like this?"

Xiao Yao stretched out his hand and touched the short fur on Baiju's head. He couldn't stop touching it. He sighed and shook his head with a smile, "No, you only turn sideways, just don't shake your head."

Baiju snorted and muttered softly, "How dare I."
After a pause, Baiju followed the topic Xiao Yao mentioned before and added a few more words, "I wouldn't say that you were born at a bad time... Although there were many strange things in the past, the practitioners encountered many more dangers. There were only ten warlocks who could survive any major events, and at that time, infighting often occurred; mostly for training resources. Battles between practitioners were very frequent. In order to be able to earn a place in the world of practitioners, many of them would inevitably go against the heavens and disturb the peace. There were many who could enter the Dao or become monks, and those who couldn't entered the cycle of samsara, and in their next lives many of them would become animals. Life wasn’t easy."

Xiao Yao lowered his eyes as he listened. He reached out his hand to touch Baiju's ear and said in a low voice, "Like me, I’m afraid that no matter when I’m born, I’ll suffer in my next life. I might as well have been born earlier."
His fate would always be the same, but if he was born in the old days, he might have been able to help the old white dog when he was in danger.

Baiju's ears moved slightly, keenly aware that Xiao Yao's mood wasn’t right, but he didn't follow up and ask.

Xiao Yao's fate was golden and precious. Although Baiju cultivated on the wild path, he could still see that much. The problem was probably that Xiao Yao's fate was too expensive, and ordinary names and ordinary family fortunes couldn’t hold it. So they borrowed the name of Emperor Yao to suppress it.

However, Emperor Yao's name was just barely enough to suppress Xiao Yao's fate, and it also came with great sequelae.

This name ruined parents and close relatives.

Baiju had stayed with Xiao Yao for so long, but he had never seen a trace of his parents. No doubt sad  things had happened to get to this point and he was afraid it had caused a knot in Xiao Yao's heart.

"Yao Yao," Baiju thought for a while, his tone of voice was rather distant, "fate is your destiny, but what you do or don't do is what makes your heart."

"It's not easy for you to be able to survive until now." Baiju didn't know how to avoid topics that Xiao Yao didn't want to mention, so he could only calm down vaguely, "Look, you have me by your side now, and I’ll be there in the future. Always by your side... Even if you really enter the cycle of reincarnation and suffer, my merits can offset a lot of sins. I have more than enough to cover the two of us in the next life."

Xiao Yao was caught off guard by Baiju's words and they touched his heart, he suddenly felt unsure.

Humans and demons were on different paths, and love between many demons and humans didn’t end well. Humans would always leave first, and demons would remain in the world. In the days to come, they may forget their past feelings, or they may experience unforgettable experiences, dozens of times, or even hundreds of times, time to cherish the memories...
In the past, perhaps there were still a few monks who could cultivate the Dao, enjoy longevity, and live with their partners; but at this time, Xiao Yao feels that even though he wasn’t untalented, he did not dare to promise more than two hundred years.

He didn’t expect that Baiju would propose such a rhetoric.

"Bai’ge...I thought you would say that if I was an animal in my next life, you wouldn't dislike it." Xiao Yao wanted to make a joke, but he still leaked his mood when the words reached his throat.

Did he really want to promise thousands of years, life after life? For thousands of years, he couldn’t exist as he was, and he would forget his past with each lifetime, either as a human, or as livestock, or as a mayfly. If he wanted to pursue their love again and again... it was easy said than done.

Baiju's realisations were always late. Up to the present recognising his own mind took at least a day of calculations. But hearing Xiao Yao mention this topic, he seemed to have already thought about it, and he responded without thinking, "There are many kinds of lifetimes in our future. It all depends on how you want to live."

Baiju observed the surroundings for a while, turned towards a floating island, and faintly said, "If you’re willing to die and go into reincarnation, then I can either accompany you in the reincarnation or stay in this world and wait for you to re-enter the world...if you don’t want to abandon the relationship we have in this life, then we can make an agreement of heaven and earth, live and die together, or I’ll help you cultivate as a ghost, either is fine."

"Yao Yao, as long as you want it."
Baiju looked stupid, and was still stupid in some areas, but he was thoughtful about big things, and often skipped all the superficial entanglements and hit the key points. Perhaps this was a skill he learnt when he was practicing as a mountain god.

This wasn’t the first time that Xiao Yao heard Baiju talk about great truths, but every time he heard it, he felt speechless, this time was no exception. It was also not easy for the old dog to speak love words as if he were preaching scriptures.

It seemed that the many troubles of the world weren’t in his heart.
They never entered his heart, nor were they worthy of it.

Xiao Yao was a little bit startled. From start to finish the conversation didn’t take long, but he felt that he had been completely cleansed all over again. The problems that had been so heavy in his heart in the past seemed to have eased. But the old white dog didn't seem to realise how amazing his words were and after speaking, he just flicked his ears and continued to swim to the shore quietly listening to the movements under the water.

Slightly slowing down, Xiao Yao sat down firmly on top of Baiju's head, and the old dog paused slightly, swam two steps forward and straightened up.
Stepping onto the "shoal", Baiju waded a few steps onto the island.

It was also at this moment that Xiao Yao realised how big the original white dog was.

Baiju obviously hadn’t released his original shape before, otherwise the eleven-story tall dog would find it really inconvenient to move about. From this height the fake Dragon Gate looked about three feet high, although they were only about ten metres away. Xiao Yao sat on top of Baiju's head, feeling like there was a moving building under his butt.

Baiju walked a few steps ashore, lowered his head steadily, and pressed his chin against the ground and said to Xiao Yao, "Yao Yao, you come down first...I'll shake out my fur."

Although he could use magic to remove excess water from his body, Baiju still felt it was cooler to shake out his fur.

Xiao Yao laughed and patted Baiju's head, then he stood up and walked down the bridge of Baiju's nose and jumped off.

The old white dog arched his head slightly over Xiao Yao, carefully licked Xiao Yao's face with the tip of his tongue, then straightened up, took two steps back, and shook his body neatly like a drum washing machine.

Xiao Yao dumbfoundedly took off his licked glasses, wiped his face, lifted his shirt and wiped his glasses, then put them back on his face.

The old white dog was shaking his fur with great vigour, and the water on his body was like pouring rain. His long fur was naturally not dry just from shaking, so the old white dog finished shaking his fur and a shallow fire flashed over his body, drying him with a small spell.

Xiao Yao tilted his head and glanced at the old white dog, then passed his gaze under Baiju's belly to the beach, and whispered, "It caught up."

As if to confirm Xiao Yao's words, in the next instant, the shallows behind Baiju suddenly set off a ten metre tall wave, and rolled towards the small floating island the two were on!

Baiju turned around unhurriedly, his snow-white long hairs were slightly curled, and a pale white flame rose up, misty as smoke, which was obviously different from the blue fire he usually used. The turbulent sea didn't even get close to Baiju before it dissolved into water vapour. Xiao Yao stood behind Baiju with his arms folded, without a trace of water on his body.

"I'm going to play." Baiju was a little bit excited to go hunting, and he spoke to Xiao Yao with the last of his patience, then made a slight gesture and suddenly jumped toward the waves one after another!

His lanky and vigorous limbs stretched lightly, and Baiju ignited cloud-like flames under his feet, arrogantly dashing through the air as he separated an open path through the waves.

The appearance of Baiju at the moment wasn’t as harmless as usual. The smaller version of his original shape was fluffy as the Samoyed, with a thin and slightly pointed face, his dark eyes were piercing with killing intent, and the thin fur on his face outlined his skull. The corners of his lips were slightly open and the sharp teeth loomed inside. Even the scar that didn’t seem part of Baiju, gave him some of the aura of his old enemies.

A roar, indistinguishable by human ears came from the sea. The illusion of calmness that was present when the two entered the hunting grounds was instantly torn apart. Irregular ripples surged one after another on the sea surface, engulfing invisible sound waves and attacking Baiju!

Sharp teeth appeared in the snow-white seafoam and a strange winged fish soared out of the water, attacking Baiju with strange electric light. Strange huge fishes flocked towards him in groups like a dense swarm of bees.

Baiju licked the corner of his mouth, raised his claws and swiped the first strange fish that rushed towards him, crushing the head of the strange fish and flung it on the beach where Xiao Yao was located. Then Baiju's figure jumped and shortly afterwards four or five fish were lined up and landed on the beach. Baiju was completely surrounded by the roaring strange fish, the densely packed electric light and sound waves entangled into a giant ball of light faster than the eye could see, converging on Baiju.

Baiju stood still in the air, raised his head, his nose pointed upward, his canine teeth close, as he made a leisurely sound similar to howling a wolf.

The soft sound waves were as light as the evening breeze, but they were extremely powerful as they stopped all the surrounding roars. The chaotic sound waves of the strange fishes disappeared when they were touched by the howling sound. At the same time, the bodies of those strange fish were trapped in the air and looking closely, the scales on their bodies showed signs of being lifted.

Xiao Yao stood on the island and looked at Baiju from a distance, feeling that his old dog was so handsome.

The most handsome part was clearly yet to come.
Baiju's howling was deep, but after all, although he was talented as a canine, if he didn’t have any tricks, he’d disappoint his father and mother.

Baiju lowered his head slightly and took a breath, and there was another long howl. In the next instant, a full moon spread out in the sky amidst the changing light and shadow!

"The wolves call the moon..." Xiao Yao was speechless, looking at the moon in the sky that was in conflict with the sun in disbelief, "Bai’ge, what on earth is this?" A dog demon actually used the magic arts of a wolf demon. Using the magic that could only be used by other demons wasn’t just a question of blood, even the number wasn’t right.

Baiju didn't intend to explain his magic trick, the silver moonlight was coldly spreading down, wherever he went, it was like silver rain falling into the sea. Countless fine ripples intertwined, and in two or three breaths, the moonlight spread. The surface of the sea maintained its rough and fierce facade as it froze into a glacier. Even the strange fish leaping into the air were frozen into ice sculptures with their mouths open.

Xiao Yao couldn't help but applaud.

Standing in the air, Baiju turned around to see Xiao Yao's reaction. Seeing that he was applauding himself, he licked the corner of his mouth and shook his tail slightly.

Xiao Yao smiled, put his hands around his mouth, and shouted at Baiju, "Bai’ge, you’re amazing!"

Baiju narrowed his eyes, his voice rang in Xiao Yao's mind with a smile, "What tricks do you want to see? I know many things, I can play with any of them for you."

Xiao Yao thought, I want to see you bite your tail and go round in circles.
After a pause, Xiao Yao gave up his evil thoughts and changed it to a more normal request, "Bai’ge, I recall you can use lightning!"

Baiju moved his ears with a strange expression.
He seemed to have heard a strange thought just now...

Not wanting to expose his little boyfriend's careful thoughts, Baiju still respected Xiao Yao's efforts to maintain his face, so he lowered his head slightly, coughed slightly, and turned back into his human form in midair.

"Lightning...I can do that."
The humanoid Baiju clenched his fist to his lips and cleared his throat, then folded his palms together, twisted them slightly. When he slowly pulled them apart, a blue-violet electric light formed between his ivory palms.

"Léi, zhìgāng, zhìyáng, zhìzhèng; cleanse the filth, suppress the grievances, punish the devils."
Baiju stood up and held the formed thunderbolt in his palm, his arms stretched suddenly over his head, his thin waist stretched into a bow as he flexed and reared backwards. The lightning followed Baiju's movements to crash down into the earth!

There was a burst of thunderous lightning, before the sound was swallowed and the silence spread from the centre of the sky. After a short silence, the seawater around the glacier rolled like it was boiling, with countless sharp creatures like dark squid fled into the air, only half managing to escape before the rest disappeared into the lightning.

"Chujiu!" Xiao Yao’s pocket became slightly hot, and in the next moment, the compass he had left in there broke out and flew into the lightning above Baiju’s head.

Baiju looked at Chujiu’s residual shadow, his mouth raised slightly, "This little guy is clever."
Wasn’t this borrowing heaven’s lightning.

Heeey, sorry this one is so late, the next one might be too. When I first started this novel I was scared that the cultivation and magic lingo would be rough but it was actually not too bad....until this chapter.

The whole name of Emperor Yao bit with the fate and destiny and...weight???, I don't fully understand so I may have made some errors in Englishifying it. If anyone has some insight on how 'fate' works in Buddist/Daoist mythology let me know! I think everything else should be understandable, the chant Baiju does to summon the lightning is just like 'lightning, the strong, the yang, the just' sort of nonsense.

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