50 - Captain Qu, please disappear from here
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50 - Captain Qu, please disappear from here

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Xiao Yao couldn't figure out why he and the old white dog's two-person world would always have one, two or even a group of third-wheels forcibly entering it.

Obviously, Baiju was also surprised. He glanced at the two people at the edge of the gate and then at Xiao Yao, then paused, raised his head, opened and closed his mouth twice, and swallowed a fish along the way.

Xiao Yao noticed the movement of the old white dog, and couldn't help but twitch the corners of his mouth. He leaned over and sat on Baiju's head and touched the dog's head, "Was it delicious?"

Baiju raised his eyes, his tongue licked inside his mouth and enjoyed the aftertaste, then honestly commented, "Not bad, full of spiritual power, and the taste is also very sweet...just a bit fishy."

Xiao Yao didn't really believe in the old white dog's standard of ‘delicious’, so he lowered his head and whispered to the old white dog, "Then should I also try it later?" That kind of fish the old white dog had caught several of, but hadn’t even eaten half of them.

Baiju thought for a while then said, "Yes, but you can't eat too many at once...your body won't stand it. I'll find a way to adjust them for you in the future so you should be able to improve your cultivation."

Xiao Yao raised his eyebrows, both consenting and would help him cultivate. But with this Xiao Yao now knew that the old dog's claim of deliciousness was likely true and it should be good for ordinary human's taste buds.

Xiao Yao didn't continue talking to Baiju because the two people at the edge of the water curtain had already noticed the ripples caused by the old white dog stepping on the sea.

The Daoist was obviously the one who recovered first. He wasn’t dressed like an immortal with long hair fluttering as he was during the performance, but had neat short hair. Without the wig, he looked quite good. It was obvious that there was a little baby fat on his cheeks, and he seemed to be only sixteen or seventeen years old.

The man turned his head as he paddled the water and saw Baiju standing on the waves. His expression was obviously panicked and he quickly pulled the other person behind him, then pulled himself together and stepped onto the water, looking up vigilantly into Baiju's eyes.

Baiju, "..."
Baiju blinked, wanting to tilt his head a little but realising that his little boyfriend was sitting on top of his head at this moment. He stiffened his neck and held it back, licking his nose innocently.

Daoist, "..."
No, shouldn't it be that inside the mysterious Dragon Gate, there was a vicious monster that ate people whole? What was with this huge but very honest looking dog? In particular, there seemed to be a bump on the top of this extraordinarily big dog, which looked like a small Buddha against the backlight.

But...al-although decent, it still looks so scary, what should I do?

Xiao Yao frowned slightly at the Daoist with a blank expression, then stood up slowly.
From the perspective of Baiju and Xiao Yao, they could clearly see the person who was blocked by the Daoist. From the words of the little Daoist, they knew that the guy who fell into the Dragon Gate with him was a shark; and now, this shark looked like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old youth of indeterminate gender.

From a classification point of view, the demons like the shark could be regarded as guai; the fish tail on the human body could transform into human legs and travel on land.
There were many Chinese legends about shark people, and all of them were inconsistent. However, according to Xiao Yao's understanding, the fish tail couldn’t disappear before adulthood, and the upper body didn’t have any gendered attributes. Only if they survived until adulthood would their transformation differentiate into gender and give them the ability to transform legs.

When undergoing metamorphosis, 60% to 70% of shark people would die because they couldn’t make it through, and eight out of ten of the remaining sharks would differentiate into females. Only a very small number of sharks with extremely good physical conditions could differentiate into males. The sharks generally lived in groups and in the past, when there were a large number of shark people, there would be 20 or 30 successfully transformed into adults in a generation, and of those only two or three of them would be male. After some contention, the two or three males would decide the strongest who would become the new generation’s Shark King. The male sharks who were defeated would be expelled to live alone or establish their own tribe.

It was said that the sharks were a very social kind of spirit, and because the shark's diet was biased towards cannibalism, it was rare to see sharks who were alone and close to humans.

However, the thing that most attracted Xiao Yao's attention wasn’t the identity of the little shark, but the familiar spiritual power fluctuations in the shark.

Baiju stiffened his neck and blinked twice. After looking at the shark for a while, he was also quite puzzled, and he telepathically confirmed Xiao Yao’s thoughts, "Yao Yao, the talismans that Sun Daiyang used before and the spiritual power fluctuations in this little shark, aren’t they quite alike?"

Xiao Yao slowly pushed up his glasses, and carefully observed the aura of the little shark through the lenses. He felt it was a little weird, "What do you mean alike, it’s exactly the same."

Baiju thought it was rather strange, "It's no wonder that the aura of this little Daoist is blank...it turns out that he is the spirit body of the shark."
Xiao Yao wondered, "What is a spirit body?"

Baiju paused, carefully considered his words, then explained to Xiao Yao, "A spirit body is something between dharma and a contract...it requires the practitioner himself to have a certain talent for enlightenment, and a body that can accept a certain strength of spiritual power that does not match the talent of that enlightenment, and at the same time can find a person, a demon, a spirit, a beast, or a small fairy who fits with them. The two can form a contract to cultivate together.

"To put it simply, this little Daoist has a very high talent for enlightenment, but his physical condition is too poor to support his cultivation. Then he found the little shark person, and both of them practiced together. Usually, the spiritual power is stored in the demon and only a small amount of spiritual power stays in his body when he is practicing or using spiritual power." Baiju said, his gaze fell on the little shark, "In turn, the shark used this little Daoist to speed up their cultivation speed, and at the same time they are borrowing the talent of his enlightenment. It’s a mutually beneficial way of cultivation."

Xiao Yao was a little staggered, "There is also this kind of cultivation method...I’m too ignorant."

Baiju smiled lightly, lowered his head slowly, and allowed Xiao Yao to see the two little guys, and at the same time he spoke unhurriedly, "It's not your ignorance...didn't even I not think of it at first? The requirements for a spiritual body are very demanding, and there are very few opportunities that can meet the objective conditions. Not to mention that this contract involves both a shared talent and cultivation, it’s both prosperous and damaging. There are few pairs who successfully cultivated like this in history, it’s normal that this part of the record is missing in the history you know."

Xiao Yao followed Baiju's movements with a light leap, jumped off the old white dog's head, and cast a spell. Then he picked up the two who were floating in the sea and stood on a seashell.
Stepping on the shell and floating down, Xiao Yao was about to talk to the two, but suddenly found that he had also caught the shark in the air.

Xiao Yao looked at the shark who was pitifully hanging in the air with his tail fin twitching and flapping his tail. He coughed and put the shark back into the sea to soak in the sea.

"Hello," Xiao Yao waved his hand and gave the little Daoist a magic trick to dry the water on his body, "I’m Xiao Yao, the director of the Demon Management Bureau."
Xiao Yao slowed down his voice and introduced himself as kindly as possible. After thinking about it, he put his hands together and took out a business card from his pocket dimension, "This is my business card, with the stamp of the Chinese Demon Administration Bureau and the Practitioners Association on it. You can take a look at the certified spirit seal."

"..." The little Daoist was only wearing a pair of swimming trunks. He looked at Xiao Yao's neatly dressed appearance and seemed a little uncomfortable. He pursed his lips and took the business card that Xiao Yao handed over.

After reading the business card over and over again, the little Daoist raised his head and looked at the super-large old white dog behind Xiao Yao again. He was probably a little bit embarrassed, "Ah...Hello, my name is Jing Xia, the Jing for scenery, and the Xia for Summer."

Xiao Yao nodded and lifted his chin, "And the one behind you?"

The little shark behind Jing Xia stayed quietly in the water, with only half of his head exposed outside. He floated up after hearing the words, and floated around Jing Xia. He raised his face, looked at Xiao Yao and replied, "This one only has one name, the Song from praise, greetings to Mr. Director."

The shark’s voice was soft, and they were very humble when they spoke. His voice was quite temperamental...but Xiao Yao wasn’t angry at all. When he put on such a temper, his speech seemed to become colder, "You two, do you know an artist named Sun Daiyang?"

Jing Xia and Song shook their heads in exactly the same way, halfway through, as if remembering Xiao Yao's identity, they turned their heads abruptly and nodded stiffly.

Xiao Yao stretched out his hand and grabbed his hair, and let out a long sigh: "...they really just bumped into the door."

"Bai’ge, we were about to stop anyways." Xiao Yao didn't say much, turned around and spoke to Baiju, "These two... let's go back to the boat and talk together."

Baiju still wanted to play a little bit but he turned around and glanced at the hunting grounds that had been swept away, and agreed, "Yeah, there aren’t too many delicious things left in this hunting ground."
After saying that, the light white fire rolled over Baiju's body, and the big dog was gone, replaced by a human-shaped Baiju wearing a white shirt and leather pants, landing on the sea behind Xiao Yao .。

Jing Xia and Song watched this scene then looked at each other, and had to acquiesce to following the two powerful men out of the Dragon Gate and to the boat to chat.


When Qu Lang appeared on the sea in a motorboat with a wet red fox in front of him, he could smell the barbecue on Baiju and Xiao Yao’s boat from a distance.

The motorboat breached a white wave, and sailed in an arc towards Baiju and Xiao Yao’s boat. Qu Lang waved to Xiao Yao who was standing on the side of the deck, "Xiao’ge! I'm here. I've been looking for you!"

Xiao Yao who didn't want Qu Lang to come find him, "..."
Xiao Yao turned over the skewers in his hand and sighed depressed. Okay, here's another light bulb...It didn't matter for others who didn't know, but Qu Lang was the first person to know about the relationship between them, how could he be so unaware.

Bai ju didn't care at all. Hearing Qu Lang's voice, he walked to the side of the deck and used two spells to fix the motorboat in place, then fish Qu Lang and the red fox onto the deck.

"Thank you, White King!" Qu Lang happily held the red fox's scruff and threw him on the deck to let him shake the fur to dry himself. Then he saw Jing Xia next to the barbecue grill, and saw Song who was soaking in a tub of water while gnawing on skewers. His expression stiffened for a while.

"These two...?" Qu Lang gestured, and approached Xiao Yao to ask questions, "What's the situation?"

Xiao Yao was skewering Qu Lang into skewers in his heart, and raised his eyelids when he heard the words, "One is a genius who is enlightened who can’t cultivate for shit, and the other is a small shark who is on the verge of differentiation. The talismans Sun Daiyang bought before were made by them."

Qu Lang, "..."
Qu Lang was dumbfounded. He ran his hands through his hair that was messed up in the wind a few times.

Xiao Yao turned around and handed the cooked skewers to Baiju. Qu Lang pulled on his sleeve, until he turned back around in a bad temper, "If you want to eat, you can catch the food and cook it yourself."

Qu Lang turned around twice, brewing for a while, then howled, "Ge! Who cares about the skewers!!!"
Qu Lang pointed at Xiao Yao and Baiju with grief and bitterness, "Aren't you two here for a holiday? You've found all the clues and finished the investigation. Meanwhile, I’m stuck in the office day and night, almost smelt into bacon with those old smokers. Why don’t I just follow you on vacation?”

Xiao Yao raised his arms and tugged at the corners of his mouth with a smile, "Yes, Bai’ge and I are here on vacation."
“So you can take these clues and this fox and disappear, right? Captain Qu."

Luo Tang·who was caught by Captain Qu for some reason:? ? ? Chi chi chi?
Xiao Yao was very sad. It was clearly a world for two people, but the light bulb×4 appeared.
The old white dog was busy chewing and filling his stomach, but silently raised his hand to support his little boyfriend :)

Schedules are a mess, had no time to read, sorry guys. Country's having a bit of a pandemic lockdown 2: electric boogaloo.

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