51 - Jing Xia and the little shark
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51 - Jing Xia and the little shark

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Qu Lang froze when he heard Xiao Yao rushing him away. He raised his hand and patted his forehead, realising that he had arrived as a light bulb.

After all, Xiao Yao was his senior. Even if he often got annoyed with him and said he wanted to beat him, he never actually acted on his words. Qu Lang had already developed a steel-like skin in front of Xiao Yao and immediately turned around to please him. He smiled, rubbed his hands and moved to Xiao Yao's side and whispered, "Xiao’ge, I fucked up, but since I’m here, you should tell me what is going on first, right?"

Xiao Yao waved his hand and motioned Qu Lang to speak with Jing Xia, "Those two can explain it to you. I'll grill the fish for the White King. You talk by yourselves, don't bother us."

Baiju also stepped forward, nodded to Qu Lang, and reached out to fish Xiao Yao towards him, "Yao Yao, it's okay, let's find a chance to travel again next time."

Xiao Yao bumped Baiju's chin and sighed helplessly.
He originally wanted to put aside his work and travel with Baiju to relax, but now he’d run directly into the key person, Qu Lang had also arrived at the island, and he was afraid that the remaining few days of the week were ruined.

Baiju wasn’t really disappointed. For him, whether it was work or travel, it was very relaxing; but for his little boyfriend, it was normal to want more time alone.
The old white dog chuckled and rubbed Xiao Yao's hair, his eyes lowered slightly and his expression softened as he thought, his Yao Yao might want to cherish the days they were together too much, he couldn't stop imagining how long it might last.

Qu Lang's face was blurred by the pink bubbles surrounding the two of them. He scratched his cheek and retreated over to Jing Xia and the others, carrying a handful of the red fox Qiu Ziran along with him and letting him go.

Qiu Ziran looked at the two big men who went to the other side of the deck looking close, then looked at Qu Lang, and couldn't help but say weakly, "Captain Qu, the White King and Curator Xiao are here...together?"

Qu Lang cast his eyes down at the fluffy red fox and gave a soft hum.
The furry canine was really cute, but it was a pity that Qu Lang wasn’t a dog person. He wasn’t sure if Baiju hooked his Xiao’ge with his floof but as far as the current situation was concerned, both of them were indeed there together.

Xiao Yao and Baiju walked away, but what Qu Lang learned from Jing Xia and Xiaoyu, they already knew.

The reason why Jing Xia and Sun Daiyang came into contact was quite simple. Jing Xia and Xiaoyu were just trying to save money to get some spiritual food.
Jing Xia was a native of Guihe Island. Surprisingly, he had a highly talented body for cultivation and when he was three or four years old, he was asked by a few practitioners who were visiting the island but couldn’t immediately enter the Dao. After that, Jing Xia went out to sea with a fishing boat and met the little shark person, Song. The little shark took a fancy to his talent and helped him to practice, then gradually, the two became good partners.

Although Jing Xia and Song seemed to be about the same age now, in reality, compared with Jing Xia's actual parents who worked outside all year round, Song was the one who raised him. Beginning about two years ago, Song came to the point of gender differentiation. Usually, as well as requiring a lot of spiritual energy tempering, it also required a lot of money.

"My parents' income is actually quite high, but they still can't afford so much...and it was me who established the relationship with A’Song, not my parents, so I started to work and earn money." Jing Xia sat on the deck and answered Qu Lang’s question honestly, “There are many people who have become actors on Guihe Island when they were young, and the pay is very high. I asked my parents to sign a contract with them, so I often cooperate with the flower float parade. When they need actors to make up numbers they would often find me. Acrobatics, opera, martial arts, I know a little bit of everything more or less, it’s not a problem for me to just mimic the correct movements.

"There are many fishermen on the island who specialize in hunting for spiritual food. They know in which bay fish with auras go. I don’t have much money on hand, but I’ve been going to them to buy fish for a while, and it’s all been quickly consumed. "Jing Xia pursed his lips, embarrassed, "So I have no savings and A’Song's needs are getting higher and higher, so I had the idea of selling talismans."

The little shark grabbed the edge of the water tank and raised their head slightly when they heard his words, adding, "I really don't blame Xiao Xia, it's my fault. I'm on the verge of transformation and differentiation, and my strength is very unstable, even if I find a suitable fishing area I don't dare to take risks like I did in the past...in order to be safe, I can only make Xiao Xia work harder and help me fight for spiritual food."

Qu Lang held a recording device to capture the statement, and nodded, "It's forgivable. But although you didn't make a big mistake this time, you still took a risk. If Sun Daiyang wasn’t so unskilled, then even if your talismans only had a small amount of power they could still be used to cause harm. Now that the Special Service has this matter on file, you’ll have to wait for my verdict later and be prepared to receive reprimands."

"The other thing is," Qu Lang tossed the recorder in his hand and continued, "In addition to the fact that the Special Service needs your cooperation in handling the case, the Practitioners Association will also require you to be registered. The case is still under investigation, and, as far as the association is concerned, it’s not completely transparent, so they won’t allow you to register until the case is closed."

Jing Xia was a little puzzled. To tell the truth, he didn't quite understand Qu Lang's Service and the Practitioners Association issues, but he was vaguely aware of them, so he shrank his neck, and said with some concern, "Will I go to jail or something?"

Qu Lang laughed and said, "Don’t worry about that, at most you’ll be lectured. If you can fully cooperate with us in the follow-up process of handling the case, you may be rewarded for your assistance."

After a laugh, Qu Lang relaxed his expression very seriously as he brought up the key issues, "Since you’re practicing the Eight Classics, you should know the influence of cause and effect on yourself. This time you didn’t intend to cause trouble, and you were lucky. If it was a disaster, not to mention not gaining any merits for yourself, for the little shark, it would be impossible for them to successfully transform."

The little shark in the water tank was taken aback for a moment, and was obviously not aware of the consequences.
Jing Xia became nervous when he heard this, "So how is it now? Will A’Song be affected?"

Qu Lang shook his head and nodded at the little shark, "You guys, you’re very lucky." Meeting someone with as many merits and virtues as the old white dog, helping the little shark differentiate was an insignificant matter.

Jing Xia didn't know what kind of great luck Qu Lang was talking about, but seeing that he meant that there had been no negative effect, he breathed a sigh of relief, and said with lingering fear, "They’re okay..."

"Speaking of which, why are you here today?" Qu Lang asked.

Jing Xia was fooled into answering easily, "It’s a long story...A’Song wants to differentiate into a male shark. The physical strength requirements are high, so we have to search for things that can strengthen their body. Originally we were going to buy a gold coin for the bonfire party to eat the spiritual food. If we were lucky, it would be more cost-effective than spending  hundreds or thousands to buy fish from the fishermen. But this time I went to the people who were selling the coins and there was only one available. I only had 660,000 in my hand and I couldn't afford it, so I didn't grab it."

Jing Xia sighed, "I heard that there were rare sea beast’s meats at the party. Most of them were caught by big demons and sold to the party organisers. Not something the fishermen could afford. Unfortunately, we missed out this time. Today I followed A’Song out to sea, thinking if we avoided the peak fishing season, then the conditions in the fishing areas shouldn’t be too dangerous, maybe they could break through...as a result, A’Song came to this area and insisted that something was attracting them. I don't know why I followed them through the barrier, and then I saw the Dragon Gate."

Qu Lang covered his face.
He could probably imagine the rest.

The Dragon Gate had a fatal attraction to fish. Although the only fish that could directly transform into a dragon through a Dragon Gate was a koi, other fish could still receive a lot of benefits from jumping over the gate. Their bodies desired to be stronger, so they would directly rush into the Dragon Gate.

Then two weird light bulbs disturbed the White King and Xiao’ge’s hunting date; then he followed the photos on Weibo to find Xiao Yao.

Qu Lang felt frustrated, turning his head and glancing intently to observe Xiao Yao and Baiju on the other side of the deck.

At the request of Xiao Yao, the old white dog had already used a spell to move the barbecue over and in the time Qu Lang had spent interrogating the two little guys, the two had already grilled another round of skewers and were leisurely sharing their food.

Qu Lang took out his mobile phone and flipped through the old messages. As expected, he saw the location that was sent this morning in Xiao Yao's WeChat.

"Shao Simiao...lives here." Qu Lang zoomed in and out of the map twice, and pinpointed the location, then turned to Jing Xia and the little shark, "Okay, let's do this first. Jing Xia, you and I will go to the island, and you can get into the water first, little shark. When we meet back, Jing Xia, give me your contact information, and we will communicate with you if there’s anything… Try to stay in the good graces of the two big guys over there, and your differentiation and transformation won’t be a problem."

Jing Xia looked in the direction of Xiao Yao and Baiju, just in time to see Baiju lower his head and kiss Xiao Yao's lips. He quickly retracted his gaze and nodded with red ears.
The meaning of good graces should mean giving them some space.

Qu Lang stood up, picked up the red fox, walked to the edge of the deck, stretched out his hand to support the fence and jumped down. Steadily riding off on the motorboat with a small trick.

Jing Xia also got up and took Song out of the water tank and let him dive into the sea. He himself wasn’t good at using magic techniques, but after all, he was an islander who grew up by the sea since he was a child. He silently climbed onto the railing and stretched out, gracefully diving into the water in single movement.

Qu Lang pulled the young boy out of the sea onto the motorboat, placed him in front of him, and put the red fox on the young boy’s lap, then stopped disturbing Xiao Yao, started the motorboat, and headed towards Guihe Island. When driving away, there was no need to worry that the shark wouldn’t be able to catch up with them in the sea.
He intended to find Shao Simiao first; additionally, Jing Xia had a good temperament and high talent. If the White King could solve the crisis of transformation and differentiation for the little shark, then Jing Xia and A’Song would also be quite suitable to be taken into the Special Service... this was a good opportunity to allow them and Shao Simiao to get to know each other.

Qu Lang, who was close to the water tower but has still been fishing for three months, once again expressed emphatically that his Xiao’ge had married well.
If it weren't for the White King, how could everything be going so smoothly. Not to mention also creating a chance to bring in fresh blood.

Baiju on the deck knew that they were going to the island when Qu Lang left. At this moment, he looked at a white foamy channel drawn by the motorboat from a distance, and couldn’t help but ask Xiao Yao, “Yao Yao, why did Qu Lang bring the red fox."

Xiao Yao chewed on the sashimi that the old white dog had cut for him, and after hearing the question, he replied, "Probably to be used as bait. Qiu Ziran is Sun Daiyang's imaginary enemy, and Qu Lang is best at that kind of stuff, breaking through the psychological defenses of ordinary people. Also the red fox is somewhat involved so maybe he can lead to more clues. When Sun Daiyang arrives on the island next week, and Qiu Ziran is here, we have more cards to play."

Baiju nodded, a little sympathetic to the red fox.
As a big star, the little red fox was involved inexplicably, and was unable to avoid the spotlight, so he had to be held by the Special Service as a volunteer. It was miserable.

After thinking about it, Baiju still thought this little fox was too good to be bullied. Recalling the little demons he’d seen before, the brain circuit of the old dog started to stray again, "Yao Yao, if I discipline the little demons, can I teach them how to fight?"

Xiao Yao was at a loss. He didn't know how the old dog got to this point, "Teach them to fight? Wouldn’t it be that the more you teach them, the easier it is for them to get into trouble?"

Baiju shook his head and said quite confidently, "Only by being able to fight can they avoid unnecessary trouble... I’m sure that I can make them be able to fight obediently."

Xiao Yao, "..." Is this classified as training soldiers?

The author has something to say:
Little red fox: It is expected that the days to come will be even worse X_X
Char (Shao) Siew (Si) Bao (Miao): Hello, Jing Xia, I’m the one who spent 670,000 to snatch your small gold coin...
Jing Xia: =^=#
Qu Lang: ...no, why are you guys like this?

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