52 - Animism has fallen, you are my god
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52 - Animism has fallen, you are my god

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Watching Qu Lang sailing towards Guihe Island with the three small light bulbs, Baiju ran his finger on the deck railing, thoughtfully.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Yao raised his hand and gently bumped Baiju's arm, and asked, "Bai’ge, what are you thinking?"

"Huh?" Baiju returned to his senses, tilted his head, "Ah...I'm thinking that although animism has fallen, there still seem to be many talents with special physiques in the land of China. It seems a pity to be buried in this era."

Xiao Yao couldn't help but nod when he heard him and agreed, "Yes, like Char Siew Bao...Shao Simiao's pure Yang physique, if he was discovered by capable people and strangers in the past, I suspect he would have learned to practice before he could walk. In this age, he could develop into a talent of his generation."

Baiju looked down at Xiao Yao, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, "Yao Yao, why don't you talk about yourself?"

Xiao Yao was taken aback, paused, and then said, "Me? I don’t have a special physique except for my fate and Yin and Yang eyes. Like a pure Yang body and Jing Xia's spirit body, there are many different cases. I'm not that special."

Baiju shook his head, moved his gaze to the sea again, and said softly, "Yao Yao, you’re wrong. Although I don't know much...you’re definitely special, one of the most special ones."

"Some practitioners have special physiques, some have souls that are special, and some have special fates; Yao Yao, among them, do you know what is called in our demon world?"

Xiao Yao looked up at Baiju's profile and shook his head hesitantly.
In the world of practitioners, there were many people with special existences, but there were often only a few whose fate could match a description, such as Lonely Star, Violet Emperor Star, Wen Qu Star, or the like, but those kinds of fates manifested in obvious characteristics. Xiao Yao was obviously nothing like them.

Baiju raised his finger to the sky, turned his head and looked at Xiao Yao's eyes seriously, and said with confidence, "You’re called a god of heaven."

Xiao Yao opened his mouth, and was shocked by these two words, "...a god, god?"

Knowing the shock of these words, Baiju smiled and stretched out his hand towards Xiao Yao, "Yao Yao, come here."

Pulling his little boyfriend who had shifted a step forward into his arms, Baiju touched Xiao Yao's forehead affectionately, slowed down his voice and slowly explained, "From the perspective of a monk, no matter what path they take, they are always paying attention to heaven, earth, and people. Under normal circumstances, if the realm of cultivation continued to rise, there was always a thought that heaven and humanity would be one.

"Buddhism says that one flower has one world, and one leaf has one bodhi; when you are a monk, you can explain that one person is one day, and the person is the sky, and the sky is one with the stars."

As Baiju spoke, he reached out into his little boyfriend’s trouser pocket and took out Xiao Yao’s usual astrolabe from it, and opened it with a click, allowing the star map inside to show up in front of them, “The stars in the sky have always been the same stars, but each person’s astrology isn’t the same; if a stargazer cultivates to the top level, he can see the stars of each person, the spirit of a family, the luck of a country..."

As the old white dog spoke, he paused, and said, "The people who belong to Gaiyin's star are also different."

Xiao Yao, "......"
Xiao Yao was still listening attentively, but suddenly when he heard the old white dog's speech change into this tone, he burst into laughter and poked Baiju with his elbow, "Say something I understand."

The old dog white coughed slightly. He seemed to be suffering from a side effect of listening to all those educational classes. Once he started preaching, even he wanted to shake his head.

"Ah...I don’t know how to say it, in short, everyone's astrological signs are unique, and different astrological signs will fully reflect a person's fate." Baiju blinked his eyes and found his thoughts. "Each main star in the sky has a corresponding star monarch, and the state of each main star corresponds to the fortune managed by the corresponding star monarch. Together, you can calculate the trajectory of a person's destiny... But Yao Yao, have you ever thought about how the star monarchs came to be?"

Xiao Yao seemed to catch on, "First there is the main star for each fortune, and then there is the god in charge?"

Baiju shook his head and denied, "According to our demon race’s knowledge, this is incorrect...there is a god first, then a dominant star. The stars are as real as our illusions, and the stars in the sky are just phantoms. Only when the gods are born can the stars be formed, and the corresponding star will be given a fortune. In other words, before the appearance of the stranger, all the stars in the sky were just empty shells, dead, and did not represent any fortune, nor did they reflect any fate."

"Yao Yao, when any brand new fate appears, it means that a star in the sky will be given life; therefore, those of strange fate, we demons will call a god." Baiju hugged Xiao Yao, kissing his temples, "Yao Yao, since you appeared, you have become a brand new star in my life."

Xiao Yao was numb all over by the warm breath in his ears. For a while, he couldn't tell whether Baiju was telling the truth or seducing him with excuses.

There wasn’t much difference between Baiju's way of thinking before and after his hibernation. He loved to play straight. Before he could figure out what he wanted to express, he just said it directly. Baiju didn’t process his own words and would continue to talk about his thoughts. Only afterwards would he feel shy in hindsight.

So now, he felt shy.
Originally, Baiju just wanted to explain how special his Xiao Yao was, but after he’d explained, and there was nothing more to add, he paused, recalling the last two sentences he had said, and suddenly became shy.

Baiju stiffened his hand and slowly closed Xiao Yao's astrolabe pocket watch, not knowing whether he should put it back into Xiao Yao's trouser pocket.

Where did he touch when he was digging it out...
In his mind, the old dog couldn’t help but imagine Xiao Yao’s fair skin, his firm muscles, with his distinct mermaid line that began to converge below his navel, cut into the waist of his pants, and past the position where his pants pockets were cut.

The old dog was familiar.
The problem that Xiao Yao mentioned of "I can't always solve it by myself" had been impressed into his mind. The old white dog, who had been single for thousands of years, was so nervous that he even wanted to find some pornographic material to learn from.

Xiao Yao didn’t know where Baiju’s mind had gone, he only knew that this guy was holding the astrolabe in his hand, motionless. So he raised his hand and took the astrolabe from Baiju and put it back into his pocket, and then patted Baiju’s hand that was still open in front of him, and reminded, "Bai’ge, stop thinking about it, do you want to eat anything else?"

Baiju was distracted.

Xiao Yao spread his five fingers and shook them in front of Baiju's eyes, "Bai’ge, what do you think?"

The old white dog pursed his mouth, "Due——" Duel cultivation or venting the yang.
The instinctive desire to survive stopped the old white dog's voice from continuing, he swallowed abruptly, and then hiccuped.

Xiao Yao, "......"
Baiju, "...Uh-hum."

Fearing that Xiao Yao would find that his face was abnormally red, Baiju quickly covered Xiao Yao's mouth and moved his head so that he couldn’t see him, then followed up by repeatedly begging for mercy, "Yao Yao, don't, don't look at me...and don't laugh."

Xiao Yao’s smile trembled and he simply relaxed and leaned against Baiju's arms. After a while, he took off the hand of the old white dog, breathed in some oxygen, and joked, "Ahh...Bai’ge, why are you so nervous? Are you thinking about something bad?"

Baiju was a little bit shy. Taking advantage of Xiao Yao's smile, the old white dog realised that double cultivation was a pure relationship and was something that was quite reasonable between lovers. Even if it wasn’t appropriate for children, it wasn't something that needed to be ashamed of.

So the old white dog released Xiao Yao, raised his hand to squeeze his earlobe, and whispered, "It's nothing bad."
Turning sideways a little, Baiju moved Xiao Yao in front of him a little bit, then reached out and put a hand on his boyfriend's chin, leaning over to peck his lips, "It's a very good thing."

Xiao Yao chuckled, and without asking what Baiju was thinking, he freed his jaw and kissed him.

The two were sticky and intimate for a while, before they were about to sail into the shallow sea around Guihe Island.
The white old dog had consumed half of the prey he’d captured that day, and after a long sense of absence, he felt that his stomach was full. He put all the remaining prey into a pocket dimension with his magic, leaving only four or five pieces with spiritual power that were suitable for ordinary humans. The strange fish that were suitable for humans and little demons were prepared to be sold after returning to the island.

However, when they got to the shallows, the two weren’t in a hurry to land on the island.
The shallow sea at night on Guihe Island was quite famous. The ocean waves would be filled with fluorescent fishes. It was a dreamy scene and many tourists rented special boats and tours to float across the fluorescent tide.

Xiao Yao and the old white dog would naturally not miss it. They planned to stop the boat in the shallows for a while and then go back when they had seen enough.

It would never be boring for the two of them on the boat. Xiao Yao found the fishing gear in the boat and put the fishing rod on the side of the deck, not looking as he let them lure fish. He went into the cabin with Baiju and to avoid the sun and found some board game to play with the old white dog. Finally ending the games in as the old white dog entered a non-stop god-tier chess plays mode and instead switched him into chat mode.

After all, there was only so much to be said between the two of them, so it was always easier to rely on the content of the previous conversations when picking a topic. Xiao Yao inadvertently sighed, "I have a set fate now, even if I considered myself a genius, there’s no room for development with the current state of the spirit world."

When Baiju heard this, he hesitated suspiciously, and said slowly, "You can't say that...a special fate depends on what that fate is. You may be able to create a new era."

Xiao Yao laughed and shook his head, "I don't have such big ambitions, I hope I can go on walking leisurely with you."

Baiju stretched out his hand and rubbed Xiao Yao's hair, secretly suppressing the unclear conjecture in his heart.
A fate that can only be suppressed with an emperor's name, he is afraid can only be an emperor's fate. In Xiao Yao’s astrology, the starlights of the main stars were dim and unclear. Obviously, his emperor's life didn’t correspond to the Violet Emperor Star; on the contrary, the other stars were in a subtle and active state, and his own may not yet be fully illuminated...

A new emperor star, maybe, could bring a new era of cultivation.

Now that the traditional Chinese animism had fallen, and many rare talents had been hidden, if a new god was born...would it open up a new world?

Baiju didn't know whether this possibility existed, and he didn't want Xiao Yao to know too much about things that he wasn’t yet sure about.
In short, whether he was a man or a god, he could be by Xiao Yao's side anyway.

The author has something to say:
As for how to unlock the emperor’s life, one must be omnipotent to understand [touch your chin.jpg]
Put it on the agenda, um...but don't be impatient, we haven't met the parents yet.

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