53 - He wants to go all the way
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53 - He wants to go all the way

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In the afternoon time passed quickly. Baiju and Xiao Yao played a game in the cabin and chatted again. The night gradually arrived and the two left the cabin and returned to the deck.

The fishing rods that Xiao Yao had hung over the stern had nothing much on them except a stupid little fish that was hanging in place.

Baiju took the first fishing line and looked at Xiao Yao. Seeing him wave his hand, he removed the dumb fish from the hook and threw the small fish back into the sea.

The sky was darkening and the temperature on the sea had dropped significantly. With the wind carrying the smell of the ocean, the breeze drilled into their skin through the light fabric of their clothes, and the residual summer humidity was blown away.

Baiju raised his hand and twisted it, determining that it wouldn’t rain, he safely supported the four looks of the fence.
Xiao Yao packed the fishing gear away and put it back in the cabin, then he went out to the side of the boat, and looked at the brilliant island.

Guihe Island was lit up at night, the ravines in the East Peninsula were closed at night and only accessible when the Haiyin Fort was open, to let visitors in to see the ocean. At this moment, from their perspective, only a circle illuminated around the Turtle’s back could be seen. There were some freight roads and warehouses with lights on the East Peninsula, and Haiyin Fort on the mountainside.

"Looking at Haiyin Fort?" Xiao Yao looked around for a while, and found that Baiju's line of sight stayed on Haiyin Fort more often.

"Mm," Baiju nodded, "Haiyin Fort should have been built by Western demons."

Guihe Island had a unique shape, and most of it was formed in the shape of bones. Although the entire East Peninsula undulated with peaks and valleys, the overall shape was very neat, just like an animal’s ribs.
Haiyin Fort was built on a mountainside on the Eastern Peninsula. The knife-like cliffs against the back of the castle were cut straight down from the top and the place where it was located was a flat and wide platform that descended along the edges in a steep but natural slope. When Haiyin Fort was built was unknown, but the recorded history had been quite long. When it was first discovered, there wasn’t even a decent mountain road on the hillside leading to it, but the fort was eventually taken care of again. It was very beautiful, the garden was exquisite and abundant, and there were some precious little animals living there, and none of it had been disturbed by the ocean winds.

It didn't look like an ordinary rich man's investment.

Of course, when Heyin Fort opened to the outside world, a road on the hillside had been built. Although the slope was a bit steeper, it could at least be used by horses and carts, and could barely explain how the materials for the fort were transported.
Later, Haiyin Fort became a scenic spot and a winding path was built on the hillside. Tourists who wanted to visit either took a car through the steep mountain road or climbed up on the trail by themselves.

Baiju looked at Haiyin Fort now, his dark eyes reflected the lights on Guihe Island, looking very quiet.

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's appearance, feeling a little uncomfortable inexplicably, so he leaned over and bumped Baiju's shoulder lightly and said, "It was built by Western demons...did you think of anything bad?"

When Baiju heard the words, he curled his lips and smiled, "It's really not a happy thing, but it's not too bad."
After a pause, Baiju spoke again, "Speaking of which, I still can't see the aura of any Western demons when looking at the castle. Are they still living in it now?"

"Yeah." Xiao Yao turned his head and put his arms on the railing, and explained, "Not only are there a few permanent residents there now, there are also a few relics left by the Great Western Demon in Haiyin Castle. I didn't want to bring you here because of this. You can't see it, mainly because of the difference in essence between Western demons and Chinese demons. Our Chinese demons mainly practice Dao and Shu, while Western demons mainly practiced with blood."

"They cultivated with blood?" Baiju was a little surprised, and asked in confusion, "What's so good about it."

Xiao Yao shook his head and said, "There isn’t much room for cultivation in blood, that’s the weakness of Western demons. Their power is inherited by blood. Except for a few pure-blooded demons that can guarantee the quality and status of their offspring, other demons grow weaker generation by generation, and the level gap between generations is huge. There’s no way to make up for it by cultivation."

"This is why Western demons have fallen more seriously than Chinese demons." Xiao Yao scratched his hair with some annoyance. "They don't have reincarnation, they don't practice Daoism, and they don't cultivate any merits for their next life. After they die, they become emptiness. Besides occasionally taking advantage of the heritage of their ancestors to inherit a part of their power, future generations have no way to improve themselves. Therefore, in recent years, many Western demons have wanted to immigrate to China to learn monasticism."

Baiju felt this was a little strange, "Then their entire spirituality isn’t compatible with ours, right? And now animism is in decline, but Western beliefs have been maintained well. If they stayed in the West, wouldn’t there be many Western Gods to take care of them."

Xiao Yao held his chin and looked at the silly old white dog, and explained, "Western religion is different from Chinese. It’s not as tolerant as China. Their beliefs aren’t as open as they claim to be. Basically, they only care for humans. Unlike here, where demons and ghosts have access to the Dao. In other words, Western religion has always opposed the Western demons, and they aren’t compatible."

Baiju rubbed his fingers and tilted his head, "Oh...then they’re very pitiful. If they succeed in emigrating, they can practice with me. Either way, all of them are incompetent, so it's better to cultivate on a wild road with me. "

Xiao Yao stepped forward and looked at Baiju as if he had discovered a new world, "Bai’ge, why are you so dedicated?"

Baiju was a little uncomfortable under Xiao Yao’s gaze, "Um...no, can't I?"

Xiao Yao returned with a smile, "I feel like you didn't care about the work of the Demon Management Bureau so much before."

Although the old white dog had done everything he needed to do before and was learning everything he was asked to learn, Xiao Yao could clearly feel that Baiju was only learning for himself. In order to better integrate into this era and this society. As for the work of the Demon Management Bureau, Xiao Yao has always felt that this was dispensable for the old dog.

Xiao Yao was worthy of being the person at the head of the Demon Management Bureau. Although he was said to be single minded in the world of cultivators, his ability to observe words and nuance wasn’t bad.

Baiju was acquainted with his own thoughts and touched his nose with a guilty conscience.
He was indeed prepared before to abandon this job for various reasons at any time; but this idea seemed to have not appeared for a while.

After thinking about it carefully, Baiju seemed to realise that he was about to make a proclamation of love again, so he coughed slightly, looked at Xiao Yao's eyes seriously, and said in a quiet voice, "Well, now...the affairs of the Demon Management Bureau are also my family’s business."

Xiao Yao was caught off guard by being prodded by the romancing of the old dog, and couldn't help but stretch out his arm and shake Baiju's neck, "Then you can be regarded as a competent housewife."

Baiju gaped, "...house, wife?"

Xiao Yao smiled and asked in a quiet voice, "Why, what was Bai’ge thinking?"

Baiju's mind exploded with a bang.
Obviously he was thinking, what was he thinking? Was it like that? Did you want to go to bed and try? No, no, no, no, I haven’t even gone to my parents for their blessing yet, not good, not good, not good, not good.

Baiju blushed and hugged Xiao Yao, thinking all the way, but when he spoke, what was said and what was thought did not align, "You must get the houndstooth first..."

Xiao Yao, ? ? ?
Xiao Yao was lost, "What does this have to do with a houndstooth?"

Baiju whispered, "Get the blessing first, I’ll teach you the techniques, and then...after that, try dual cultivation."

Xiao Yao, "..."
In a dignified manner, he tried rile Baiju up, happily flirting, but he didn't expect that Baiju would actually plan to take him all the way.

This question was beyond the syllabus.
Xiao Yao's brain was blank for a while, then he broke through his thoughts a little, "...Bai’ge, how do you call a Demon King’s wife?"

Baiju was taken aback for a moment, and said uncertainly, "Ah...Mrs. Yazhai, right?"

Xiao Yao's expression was hard to describe, and he couldn't bring up any fault with his thinking.

Baiju thought for a while, and then continued, "I don't know. In the past there were very few demon king wives. When I travelled, they usually were addressed as Mrs. so-and-so directly. I don't know what the outside world called them."

Xiao Yao somewhat admired Baiju's ability to plan to go all the way with him while still being able to control his mind. After a short pause, he tentatively asked the old white dog, "Speaking of which, Bai’ge, have you ever had um...that? Did you enjoy any beauties when you were the Demon King before?"

Baiju understood, he vaguely hesitated, and whispered awkwardly, "Why do you ask..."

Xiao Yao sighed, intellectually he felt that it was meaningless to ask, but emotionally, he always felt that he would be dissatisfied if he didn't ask, "I just want to confirm whether I need to experience any jealousy for the past thousands of years."

Baiju breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words, "Oh, then you don't have to be jealous, I haven't."
The old white dog grabbed Xiao Yao’s ears, "I thought you wanted to make a joke. I have no experience...When I started to be a mountain god, I hadn’t even grown up yet, so I didn’t have any thoughts or impulses in these aspects. Mountain gods are full of virtues and my Daoism gradually took shape, naturally there wasn't much physical lust."

Xiao Yao moved his legs when he heard his answer, and somewhat understood.
Ordinary cultivators like him had less physiological needs than ordinary people, and he himself didn’t even feel the common morning physiological phenomena, not to mention Baiju's cultivating power. This phenomenon didn’t mean that there was a problem with their ability to perform. In fact, it was only because that lust was also a kind of energy, which could be spontaneously transformed into more practical energy during their daily practice.

In understanding this, Xiao Yao also realized that the jealousy he had secretly felt before was really for no reason.
He patted Baiju's arm and changed the subject. Xiao Yao pointed to the fluorescent creatures in the sea that began to flow along the tide, and reminded him, "Bai’ge, the scenic moment is coming."

Baiju raised his head when he heard the words, and saw the looming fluorescence rising and falling on the sea from a distance.

The place where their boat was located was in a relatively deep bay. Outside where the fluorescent fish tours gathered, and where other viewing boats from the island couldn't reach.

Baiju looked at the little fish in the ocean that were like stars in the sky. He was a little excited, and urged Xiao Yao, "Yao Yao, do you want to go into the sea to watch?"

Xiao Yao was a little surprised, "Go into the sea? Shall we go down in a boat and have a look?"

The old white dog chuckled, shoved the little boyfriend into his arms, turned over and stepped on the railing without saying a word, jumping down, "Of course I mean going in the sea!"

A transparent air current rose from under Baiju's feet, and spread rapidly upwards before the two of them fell on the sea, and in a flash, the two of them were enveloped.

The sea water quickly surrounded the air ball and Xiao Yao was hugged by Baiju. They dived into the sea inside the air pocket and in an instant, there were small fluorescent fish swimming with the waves with their tails swung in all directions, densely covering them like the starry sky in the dark night.

The author has something to say:
Undersea starry sky small romantic get√
It's not just Yao Yao who wants to have sex

Here, you can learn some Chinese about....ancient wives (very useful everyday stuff y'know):
- 我的家事了 is what Baiju calls the Demon Management Bureau's affairs, Xiao Yao runs it, so it's literally 'my family/house's affairs'.
- So Xiao Yao calls him 局长夫人 which is literally what one would call a wife of a household EXCEPT 局 means 'bureau' not 'household' (cuz he runs a bureau...not a house).
- In a literal sense, none of 局长夫人 actually means 'wife'; it's literally 'the husband's person who manages the bureau', quite non-binary (except for the husband part, I guess), but historically, in context...it means 'wife'.
- 夫人, furen (if you've watched a historical drama, they say this every 2 fucking seconds when talking to someone's wife), is what Baiju started getting frisky over. It's literally 'husband person', Chinese tends to drop the 's so it's actually the 'husband's person', again...'wife'. But of course to be a 夫人 one must be married and after marriage....well.../wiggles eyebrows
- 压寨夫人 is what Baiju thinks the Demon King's wife might be called. Instead of 'managing the bureau' like in 局长夫人, 压寨 means 'holding down the fort'.
Lesson end! If you want the piyin, uh, copy-paste into Google translate, I'm going to bed.

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