54 - Love proposition
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54 - Love proposition

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Video and photos from under the sea didn’t lie, but in fact, tourists watching the scenery from above couldn’t witness it in real time. The glowing fishes, jellyfish and plankton were incredibly close to them, the pictures couldn’t compare, and although it was far less shocking than the aerial footage, this ocean tide view was still a refreshing scene.

Xiao Yao didn't expect that the old white dog could come up with something like this. The two were submerged in the sea, separated by a layer of thin film, and there were dots of fluorescent light up and down, left and right. Baiju didn't dive too deep into the sea, and they could still feel the undulating waves above their heads, the moonlight penetrating the water body struck down, and the unpredictable light blue light made people intoxicated.

Baiju hugged Xiao Yao, controlling the air bubble to move slowly with the movement of the fish, while still looking around and exclaiming, "It’s really wonderful. I haven’t been to too many places. I have seen something similar in the Palace of the King River Dragon, but it can’t compete with the sea, with so many little guys who can all shine."

The surrounding sea was icy cold and the temperature that infiltrated through the air bubble seems to be cooler. Xiao Yao’s back was pressed against Baiju’s body, enjoying the warm temperature he relaxed and leaned back, letting Baiju take him through the school of fish.

The old white dog had never seen such a scene, however, he had visited several Demon Kings that lived under the water before and therefore, seemed to be quite adept at following the waves in the sea. The air bubble moved very steadily without making them feel dizzy.

Xiao Yao heard the old dog express his emotions and raised his hand to touch the hair by the old dog’s cheeks, barely managing to rub the dog’s head, "You used to be one too, it’s not easy to be a mountain god...after all, you have responsibilities, regular activities are naturally restricted."

Baiju hummed, and said warmly, "But I don’t have any believers now, and I don’t have to stay on the mountain. I can look around with you... When your term expires and you retire, I’ll retire with you and we can eat well and explore everywhere."
Baiju stretched out his hand and gently pressed it against the inner wall of the air bubble. A lot of curious fish came to his palm, touching Baiju's palm with their mouths open against the bubble, it tickled.

Xiao Yao thought about what Baiju said and chuckled, "By then, I’ll be a grumpy old man. You’ll have to become a grumpy old man with me. It won’t be like now."

Baiju was amused, he grabbed Xiao Yao's hand so they could tease the little fishes together, and curled his lips, "If you become a grumpy old man, then I’ll accompany you...We demons have a means to keep you young forever, but if you find it boring, we can grow old together."

Xiao Yao felt the touch of his palm being lightly pecked by a small fish, and his eyes became softer.
If Baiju hadn't appeared in his life, he would never have felt the hope of the future; even with all his struggles, and the many spaces and possibilities in life, none of them could completely fill his life.

What he wanted was just to have someone by his side, and feel just like this, with stability in the world and a bright future.

"Bai’ge," Xiao Yao retracted his hand and inserted his five fingers between Baiju's fingers, "Thank you."

Baiju held Xiao Yao's hand and kissed his fingertips, "I want to thank you too, Yao Yao."

This wasn’t the first time that Xiao Yao heard Baiju say such things, so he couldn’t help asking, “Speaking of...Bai’ge, if you had met another person after coming down the mountain, would you treat him like you do me...

"Then would you have liked him in the end?"

Xiao Yao had seen similar questions on the Internet before, and they basically ended in a series of propositions about love.
In such a vague hypothetical theory, whether the answer was yes or not, had no effect on the present, nor did it constitute a valid reference… Still, he was a little bit worried, and even wanted to pose this set of propositions to the old white dog to answer them all.

Baiju had only surfed the Internet relatively few times, and he didn't think that Xiao Yao had set him up, so after thinking about it, he calmly replied, "There is no inevitable causality in the process...I like you, I like all of you, and this it the result. Maybe if there was a little deviation in the middle, the result would be different, but it’s too much to consider."

As the old white dog spoke, he sighed deeply and turned his boyfriend in his arms to face him, "Yao Yao, you’re very insecure."

Xiao Yao raised his head to meet Baiju's gaze, a little dazed, "I’m fine...I just asked, the answers online love aren’t creative at all."

Baiju smiled and rubbed the top of Xiao Yao's hair, "Yao Yao, make a wish."

Xiao Yao was taken aback, "......"

Baiju's fingers moved from the top of his hair, smoothed to his cheeks, and gently squeezed, "Make a wish, be greedy, and I’ll help you realise it."

The familiar words reminded Xiao Yao of the appearance of the little Baiju holding his cheek and tilting his head to speak.
The white old dog's eyes were still so pure and thoughtful, as well as serious. The dark pupils were filled with tenderness and pampering, as well as a completely different love from before.

Xiao Yao didn't know how many how or why, but Baiju's eyes were always a weapon that would capture his mind.

Catching the fluorescence reflected on Baiju's pupils, Xiao Yao regained his senses slightly, and then shook his head somewhat amused, "I...I wish you can accompany me for the rest of my life, no matter what the relationship is."

Baiju smiled and commented, "Not greedy enough."

"If I can, I hope I can steal a kiss from you." Xiao Yao raised his head and put his hands gently on Baiju's shoulder blades.

Baiju bowed his head and moved closer until he could breathe him in, "Still not greedy enough."

Xiao Yao leaned forward, stole a kiss from Baiju's lips, and said with a small smile, "So what would be greedy enough?"

Baiju lowered his eyes slightly, rubbing Xiao Yao's cheek with his palm, and then moved his hand to the back of his head and gave it a light pat, "As long as it’s you wanting it... it's not greedy enough."

"Sweet talker." Xiao Yao only had time to make this single comment, before the remaining words were swallowed by Baiju.

When the two returned to the holiday villa, it was already late at night.

Baiju kissed him dizzy on the bottom of the sea, and after the two made out, the air bubble was already surrounded by curious fluorescent creatures, abruptly forming a submarine ball of light.
If the bay where the two of them were was in the tour route, this mysterious underwater optical phenomenon might have been carefully studied by the visitors.

Xiao Yao was carried on Baiju’s back as they wandered all the way from the boat rental centre through the streets and alleys, and back to the villa. It was fortunate that Baiju's long legs could easily support two people’s weight, and it didn't take much time to carry someone home the whole way.

Baiju held Xiao Yao in one hand, and took out the key to open the door with the other. He just stepped into the entrance hall, when the talisman paper in Xiao Yao's pocket lit up slightly, and Chujiu jumped out of the talisman and followed the corridor quickly before flying to the attic.

"The little guy went back to the attic?" Xiao Yao looked up at the corridor and touched the hot talisman in his pocket.

Baiju nodded, "They’re more familiar with the environment up there, so it’s easier to meditate."

Xiao Yao retracted his hand and hung it lazily on Baiju's shoulder, "Then we don’t need to worry about them."

Baiju bumped the little boyfriend on his back, changed his shoes, then took off Xiao Yao's shoes and put them away before entering the house.

Today, both of them ate a lot of spiritual food, and Baiju even fed Xiao Yao some fish. So now, the two obviously didn’t need to eat supper or do anything else, so Baiju carried Xiao Yao on his back and went straight upstairs to the bedroom.

"You’re a little warm." Baiju rubbed his head against Xiao Yao's forehead, and whispered, "It’s the effect of spiritual food, you’ll need to sleep well and absorb it...Did you used to overdraw your blood and spiritual power? It will inevitably leave wounds, and this time they are all being repaired."

Xiao Yao really felt that he was more tired today than before. Hearing what Baiju said, he realised that it was the spiritual food in his stomach that was the cause.

"I've eaten some spiritual food and spiritual fruits before," Xiao Yao was gently placed on the edge of the bed by Baiju, and he subconsciously touched his stomach, “I ate a lot when I was practicing with my master, but I never had such an obvious reaction."

Baiju was still leaning over, as he massaged Xiao Yao's temples, "You probably haven't eaten anything from a Dragon Gate... The hunting ground was formed with the help of that Dragon Gate plaque, and the things inside generally all contained a bit of dragon qi. It also matches your physique, so you’ll absorb it faster, and have this fever-like reaction."
Emperor qi was also called dragon qi, so his explanation wasn’t unreasonable. Dragons were gods of heaven and earth, and often bore the fortunes of the great nations. There was a lot of overlap with the fortune of an emperor. Therefore, an emperor absorbing dragon qi could improve those with an emperor's destiny’s practice.

Xiao Yao listened to Baiju's explanation and nodded, accepting this reasoning, "My master also said at the beginning that things containing dragon qi would be a great tonic for me. It's a pity that the dragon veins are exhausted, and it is almost impossible to come into contact with something that has dragon qi. I never thought that taking you out of hunting today would bring in such benefits."

Baiju smiled and sat down beside Xiao Yao, "You have been to Guihe Island before, didn't you ever go to the hunting ground?"

Xiao Yao waved his hand, "I’ve been here, but there are many unknown threats in the hunting grounds and I’m not inclined to take risks alone... Basically, I learned how to open the Dragon Gate but I’ve never eaten anything from the hunting grounds. "

Baiju understood, thinking and suggesting, "I haven’t eaten most of the things I caught, so I”ll leave it to you to eat. I can make arrangements for you to help increase your absorption capacity step by step. They won’t do you any harm."

While talking, the old white dog was very satisfied with his arrangement, and continued to refine the idea, saying, "The spiritual power of the strange fish and the dragon qi also have a gradient. If you allocate it carefully, it should be enough for you for half a year. The most abundant dragon qi is the horned whale. You can eat it last. But I don’t know how much you can eat, it has a lot of spiritual power."

Xiao Yao started to feel a little dizzy, so he closed his eyes, and said with a smile, "You can eat the rest. Even if I increase my intake slowly, the amount I can consume is limited...Next time I’ll take you to another hunting ground, and we can catch a little more food."

Baiju snorted softly through his nose, touched Xiao Yao's hair, then gathered the person into his arms and asked in a low voice, "How do you feel? Is there any discomfort? Do you just want to rest, or go wash first?"

Xiao Yao could perceive a faint movement of heat gradually flowing from his dantian into his limbs, which made him feel comfortable and relaxed. At the same time, sleepiness surged up and his strength seemed to be lost. Although it would be fine to rest directly at this moment, Xiao Yao still felt a little awkward not washing, after all, when he was hunting today, he still sweated a little and his clothes were stained with sea water.

He wanted to take a bath.
Xiao Yao narrowed his eyes and rubbed against Baiju's neck, "I want to wash."

Baiju nodded, and was about to help him up and take him to the bathroom, when he heard his little boyfriend’s laughing voice ringing in his ear, "I want to take a bath, Bai’ge, help me wash."

Baiju was taken aback, "......"

Xiao Yao tilted his head and kissed Baiju's neck, "Fill the tub with water, undress me, wash me... okay? Bai’ge, I’m making a wish."

Baiju's Adam's apple rolled and he swallowed.
This was a wish.

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