55 - Yao Yao steals the chicken and loses the rice
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55 - Yao Yao steals the chicken and loses the rice

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Baiju squatted in front of the bathtub, watching the water slowly rising inside, his face looked dark.
His little boyfriend didn’t make any very greedy wishes, but made a small request that was quite reasonable yet difficult for him to handle.

Recalling Xiao Yao sitting on the edge of the bed lazily, leaning against the head of the bed and looking at him, Baiju swallowed all the words of refusal from his mouth.
After all, his Yao Yao looked very happy, with crooked eyebrows, and even his glasses looked to be shining.

So he reached out and took off Xiao Yao's glasses, and took a bite of that disobedient mouth. Then Baiju bit the bullet and went into the bathroom, calming his brain by running the water.

By the way, he thought about how he would go about this.
For example, how to avoid touching his skin when unbuttoning his shirt, or whether the pants should be taken off from the front, the side, or the back, or he should sprinkle some milk bath salt in the bathtub, and then put Xiao Yao in and clean him under the water that is difficult to see through.

Baiju reached into the half-full bathtub and stirred absently, the water temperature was right, and the amount of water was right. Xiao Yao should take a bath so he could go to bed quickly, and not take too long.

Baiju shook his hand and stood up to turn off the water, looked at the various bath salts on the shelf next to him, but finally didn’t reach for any.
He knew that Xiao Yao didn't like to use strong-smelling products, and the smell on his body was refreshing no matter what time it was. The scent of milk bath salt was too sweet for Xiao Yao, and he probably wouldn't like it.

Ah, he was a single old dog who had been in court for thousands of years. How could he have ever encountered such a situation?
Ever since Baiju woke up in modern times, he had been able to accept new things consciously. Even if his relationship with Xiao Yao hadn’t taken a clear path, he had never been stuck in ancient rituals or refused to be affectionate with Xiao Yao. But to take a shower and strip someone down...

Baiju covered his hot face, feeling that he was stupid when he tried to help Xiao Yao with his clothes and promised not to tear them.
This...how could helping with the clothes of a youngster be the same as helping with the clothes of a boyfriend. The former was like a diaper change, and the latter was an erotic scene.

Xiao Yao was absolutely doing this on purpose.

The old white dog couldn't even be annoyed at Xiao Yao's little prank, so he could only accept it.

Opening the bathroom door, Baiju walked around to find Xiao Yao. He saw Xiao Yao still leaning on the head of the bed, his eyes were slightly weary, and he was still typing while holding the phone in his hand.

"The water is ready," Baiju walked over and poked the back of the phone. "Who are you talking to?"

"Mm," Xiao Yao replied, and then explained, "It's Qu Lang. He took Jing Xia to see Shao Simiao...that’s Char Siew Bao; then the two started fighting."

Baiju pondered for a while, then quickly figured out, "Shao Simiao took away the gold coin that Jing Xia wanted to buy...did Jing Xia start it?"

Xiao Yao couldn't help but reply to Qu Lang and say, "Yeah, Jing Xia started it. Although Jing Xia has no qi, in the end, he’s still a cultivator who has embarked on the path of monasticism... Shao Simiao, is just a guy, he was basically beaten up."

"Wow..." Baiju gasped slightly, and felt bad for Shao Simiao, "That little guy has a bit of bad luck."

"Actually, he’s okay," Xiao Yao smiled, "Jing Xia knew in his heart that he shouldn't do anything serious, he just struck him in places that would hurt but would cause much injury, and just piss Shao Simiao off a bit. Qu Lang originally went away to talk to the little shark on the beach for a while, but didn’t expect that the two of them left alone for less than an hour would result in violence."

Baiju nodded and then asked, "Is it resolved now?"

Xiao Yao put away his mobile phone, "Yeah, it's resolved. It wasn’t really a big problem, but now Shao Simiao wants to stay with Qu Lang for safety, so Qu Lang had to pack up his things and move into Shao Simiao's apartment."

Seeing Xiao Yao put the phone aside, Baiju bent down and reached out to pick him up, "Then do you want to go take a bath?"

Xiao Yao smiled and hung his arms around Baiju's neck, his whole body relaxed into him softly, "Okay, please take care of me."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju whispered, "Skin."

His little boyfriend wanted to be coaxed, so Baiju resigned himself to his fate and put his arms around Xiao Yao's back and picked him up. He lifted him up, put his hands around his hips and hugged Xiao Yao up.

Xiao Yao took advantage of the situation, kissed Baiju's chin and joked, "You’ll really help me wash?"

Baiju bumped Xiao Yao's head, "You told me your wish, can I refuse?"

Xiao Yao cocked the corners of his mouth, "Uh-huh, a gentleman can’t go back on his words."

Baiju chuckled, apparently thinking of something else, "Ah, remember what you said about a gentleman’s words."

Xiao Yao, "......"
Suddenly he had a sense of crisis, and it didn’t seem to be an illusion.

Baiju carried his boyfriend into the bathroom, barely a few steps away. The old dog put Xiao Yao down on the ground, turned and closed the bathroom door and locked it. The room was slightly misty with water vapor.

Xiao Yao stood there as he waited, watching Baiju lock the bathroom door.
To be honest, he was also a little nervous, but when he thought of Baiju honesty running the water and delaying time instead of using a spell to fill the tub, his plan to molest the old dog prevailed.

Baiju turned around and met Xiao Yao's gaze.
His eyes dodged a micro-fraction to the side, but still kept a direct line of sight.

Baiju took a deep breath, raised his hand to touch his eyes, white light flashed, and a white blindfold was tied to his face, which covered his eyes.

Xiao Yao was taken aback, suddenly a little bit dumbfounded, "Bai’ge, you...cheat."

Baiju touched the bridge of his nose and said innocently, "There were no such rules."
This was the method he had racked his brains to come up with.

Xiao Yao didn’t know whether to breathe a sigh of relief or take off Baiju’s blindfold. Then he saw Baiju pull out a rubber band and tie his hair back behind his head. Only a few thin pieces were left and the strands of hair hung at the corners of the forehead, the slightly curved arcs hooking at his cheeks and chin.

"Don't worry, I know where you are." Baiju tied his hair, stretched out his hand, and traced Xiao Yao's eyebrow in the air, "The slight airflow deviation is enough for me to know exactly where you are, nothing will go wrong."

Xiao Yao shook his head, trying to say something, but as he looked at the old white dog's face his words just turned into a smile.
"Forget it... I’ll let you take advantage of this loophole." Xiao Yao raised his hand to hold Baiju's fingers in the air, and with a slight force, he pulled it to his neckline, "Bai’ge, the water is going to get cold."


In the end, because the old white dog was too honest, or perhaps too dishonest, Xiao Yao was cleaned up and down, and taken advantage of again. He had to hold back as much as he could.
It was impossible to take advantage of the situation.

Xiao Yao glared at Baiju from under the quilt, "Only you got to torture me...do you still think you aren’t too much.

Baiju gathered him into his arms and patted him through the quilt, smiling as he heard his words, "Yao Yao, you wanted to torture me first."

Xiao Yao was so sleepy that he yawned again and again under the effect of the spiritual food. He half-closed his eyelids and shrank into the quilt, "Wasn't I unsuccessful..."

Baiju chuckled and kissed Xiao Yao on the forehead, "How were you not successful, you don't know how many times I had to recite the Heart Cleansing Mantra."

"Hmph." Xiao Yao snorted and muttered tiredly, "Silly dog."

"Good night." Baiju brushed Xiao Yao's forehead and looked down at Xiao Yao, who had fallen asleep while talking, feeling a little sweet in his heart.
Good night, my Yao Yao.



Baiju woke up from his sleep and reached out in a daze to fish for his boyfriend next to him.
However, nothing was caught.

"!" Suddenly startled, Baiju opened his eyes and half propped himself up, and found that nothing was right.

He raised his hand and saw that his fingernails were round and non-aggressive, and I lowered my head to look at the end of my hair hanging on my chest. Although it was still white, it seemed to have no aura - as for the body, it was even more lacking in aura and there was no strength.

Had he become a human?
Baiju furrowed his eyebrows. At any rate, the bed he was in was in his Yao Yao’s mansion, and the surrounding furnishings hadn’t changed. At least it proved that he was in the same place.

After taking a closer look, Baiju lifted the quilt and finally found a small dumpling in the place of his little boyfriend.
It was black, curled up it could fit in his palm...a little puppy dog.

He hesitantly stretched out a finger and poked the little puppy in the stomach, Baiju showed an unbelievable expression.

So... this is, his demonic core ran away from home while he was asleep, got into Xiao Yao's body and turned his Yao Yao into a dog demon? And he was a puppy dog?

"Wao wa..." The little milk dog, who had been lifted off the quilt, shrank and stretched out his paw to touch him, obviously looking for Baiju.
Therefore, Xiao Yao, who didn't find the white dog for a while, opened his eyes and met a handsome face that was very close to his in a daze.

Xiao Yao, "...ang?"

Baiju lowered his head and touched Xiao Yao's nose, "Woof."

A few minutes later, in the bathroom.

Baiju stood in front of the sink and learned how to brush his teeth. To the left, right, left, right, up and down, he was quite careful. Fortunately, the telepathy from their divine senses wasn’t cut off.

"So, you are now a human being without the power to defeat a chicken?" Xiao Yao lay on top of Baiju's head, his small body was dominated by instinct and his paws restlessly hooked Baiju's hair, barely holding back from biting his head, in an attempt to divert attention from his urge to "talk".

Baiju was now a human who was struggling to use his spiritual consciousness, holding a toothbrush in his mouth and vaguely said, "The strength to defeat a chicken should still be there."

"Don't give in." Xiao Yao scratched his head in sorrow. "Can your demon core be retrieved?"

After brushing his teeth, Baiju took a cup of water and washed his mouth, "It stands to reason, but it doesn't listen to me now."
After speaking, Baiju took Xiao Yao off his head, and held the little white dog under his armpits with both hands, "Should I brush your teeth?"

Xiao Yao reflexively opened his mouth, "Ang."
Xiao Yao changed his language, and then said with divine consciousness, "Yeah."

Baiju gave a sullen laugh, bowed his head and kissed his forehead, with a gentle mint smell in his breath, "It's okay, I understand."

Xiao Yao raised his paw depressedly and pressed Baiju's lips, "Shut up, you."

Baiju wisely stopped speaking, and kissed Xiao Yao's paw with a smile. The cub's paws hadn’t been laid on the ground and hadn’t grown thick and rough calluses. They were soft and elastic, and felt very good to the touch.

There was no toothbrush for the little puppy at home, so Baiju went to find two cotton swabs, soaked them in a little toothpaste and water, and scrubbed Xiao Yao’s teeth.
The little puppy's milk-sized baby teeth were pointed and thin. Baiju put his fingers next to Xiao Yao's mouth and he was instinctively bitten by him. After brushing his teeth, Baiju’s hand was smeared with saliva.

Xiao Yao licked the tips of his teeth, a little angry that he couldn't control his instincts, so he had to urge Baiju, "Hurry up and wash your hands."

Baiju looked at him amused, and obediently turned on the tap to rinse his hands, "It's okay, you just licked my fur."

Xiao Yao exploded and stared at Baiju in the mirror, "Do you have fur now!"

Baiju paused and said slowly, "...do you mean where?"

Xiao Yao saw that the height of the sink was just below Baiju's hip bones, and he was sitting on the sink as a puppy. The angle and lines he had just stared at seemed to be questioning...

Xiao Yao raised his paw to cover his eyes in frustration, "I didn't ask anything."

Baiju wiped his hands, held Xiao Yao in his arms, and rubbed the puppy's belly with a smile, "Okay, what do you want for breakfast? I don't know how to cook, you teach me."

Xiao Yao used his four paws and pushed Baiju's face, "Let go, let go, your chin is rubbing a strange place...you, you, you, you shut up!"

“It's okay..." Baiju insisted on kissing Xiao Yao's belly, "Dogs usually use their tongues to clean their bodies. If they haven't been licked there, isn’t something wrong with them."

Xiao Yao collapsed, "My core is human!"

Helpless, Baiju leaned over to touch Xiao Yao's nose, "Don't be afraid of instinct, Yao Yao."

"Come on, lick."

Xiao Yao insisted on clamping his mouth shut.

Baiju leaned closer and breathed at him.

Xiao Yao only felt that his mouth was itchy, the tip of his nose smelled of sweet mint, his instinct overwhelmed his reason, and his tongue stuck out very honestly and licked him several times quickly.

Xiao Yao who came back to his senses, "..."

That soft and cool touch.

Baiju's goal was achieved, so he smiled and gave Xiao Yao a lift, "Thank you Yao Yao for the good morning kiss."

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