56 - Qu Lang, go home
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56 - Qu Lang, go home

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Xiao Yao was resting in the house, and Baiju naturally stayed by his side and watched over him.

On Thursday morning, Qu Lang came to see Xiao Yao with a languid Char Siew Bao beside him.

Baiju heard the noise outside the house before they arrived. He got off the bed lightly, took a step and shifted straight to the door, opening it before Qu Lang pressed the bell.

"White King," Qu Lang was taken aback when he saw Baiju open the door, and then said hello, "Is Xiao’ge in the house?"

Baiju nodded, turned slightly to let him enter the room, and replied in a low voice, "Yes, but he’s still resting. Be careful not to disturb him."

Qu Lang hesitantly retracted the foot that had just been stretched out, "Uh...Is it convenient for both of us to come in?"
Char Siew Bao shook his head in despair behind Qu Lang, pulling Qu Lang's sleeve and saying, "Qu’ge, experience tells me this is a bad time."

Qu Lang, "..."
Was my Xiao’ge just eaten?

The old white dog didn’t realise the image he was painting, and didn’t know what the two people in front of him had invented in their heads. After allowing the door to open, he turned and walked into the house, “It’s no inconvenience. Xiao Yao should wake up...if you need anything you can tell me first."

Qu Lang cautiously nodded, and out of the corner of his eye he quietly glanced at Baiju. Finding that the aura of the old dog was still pure, he probably hadn't dealt with his Xiao’ge yet.

"It's okay, it's still early." Qu Lang turned around and mouthed something to Char Siew Bao, bending his two thumbs up towards him.

Char Siew Bao breathed a sigh of relief, he really didn't dare to continue to be a light bulb for those two.
After being a light bulb several times before, Char Siew Bao was already forced to enter the Dao and have his yin yang eyes opened. The world he saw was too scary and had caused him not to sleep well in the past two days. He didn’t dare to start a live broadcast for fear that something strange would appear on the screen of the phone.

That time Qu Lang appeared and helped rescue him from Jing Xia’s fist, not only was Char Siew Bao thankful, he also regarded Qu Lang as a life-saving straw. After deliberation in the morning, he had to choose between staying in the "house" and his "life-saving straw". He chose the latter and followed Qu Lang out.

But now, Char Siew Bao followed the big guy into the other two even bigger guys' rooms, and found that there was no traces of foul play in the room, suddenly became sublimated and his face became visibly awash with peace.

Qu Lang who saw this scene, "..."

To be honest, Qu Lang didn't understand the psychology of his cowardice very much. There were so many weird things in the world, did he think they were gone if they were invisible? What was so reassuring about it.

Baiju led the two people into the house carelessly. He and Xiao Yao had stayed there for two or three days, and the decorations in the living room had been organized into a very lived-in appearance. There were two figures on the coffee table in front of the sofa, along with neatly placed cups, and a half-read travel magazine spread out. There were fruits in the fruit basket, and cold water in a glass jug.

“Sit and have some tea." Baiju pointed to the sofa, and picked up the two small tea cups that were placed on the tray on the coffee table. With a word two spouts of water were drawn from the glass jug, and as it poured into the tea cups it became slightly hot light green tea.

The relationship between Qu Lang and Xiao Yao wasn’t much different from that of brothers, so the one who entertained him now would be regarded as a "brother-in-law", which made Qu Lang somewhat uncomfortable. Char Siew Bao was more regular, sitting like a quail next to Qu Lang, looking at the two cups of tea that had turned green out of thin air, not knowing if it was safe to drink it.

Baiju usually preferred to sit cross-legged on the carpet, but he also felt he should be a little  courteous when offering hospitality, so he sat on the sofa next to Qu Lang and brought a cup of tea for himself.

"You can talk, what's the matter?" Baiju took a sip of tea and raised his hand to make a noise barrier in the living room. "Xiao Yao ate a lot of spiritual food yesterday, and he is still absorbing it now."

Qu Lang knew it, nodded and reached out to take the tea cup, and said, "Actually, it's nothing special. The main reason was to debrief with you first. Are you planning to go to the Haiyin Fort costume party tonight?"

"Yeah." Baiju nodded and immediately explained, "I heard that there are Western demons in Haiyin Fort who are trying to immigrate to China.

Qu Lang scratched his head, "Okay, then we can go together… Yesterday Jing Xia and I talked for a while. He said that he had seen Sun Daiyang, but it was actually not accidental, it had something to do with Haiyin Fort. "

Baiju raised his eyebrows slightly and rubbed the teacup in his hand, "It's not accidental that I can guess. If he just wanted to sell talismans to make money, there would be more people willing to buy. There is no need to go to a public figure."
Although Sun Daiyang hadn't been exposed too much, he still had a lot of involvement with Qiu Ziran, and he was a troublesome customer regardless. Jing Xia had worked on Guihe Island since he was a child, and he had to raise the small shark. He was by no means an inattentive character. What he explained to Xiao Yao and Baiju yesterday had too many loopholes.

Qu Lang nodded, "Xiao’ge should also have known something...Let’s put it this way, it’s understandable that Jing Xia concealed some things from us. The fundamental reason is that he wants to fight for the interests of little shark. He likely promised others to pay attention to Sun Daiyang, sell him a few talismans at the right time, and then he would receive an extra payment.

"But things don’t always go according to plan, and the people behind the scenes didn't expect that Sun Daiyang's use of those talismans would directly expose himself to the two of you, so Jing Xia's decision to cooperate with that person became a hindrance. That person originally would have wanted to pay Jing Xia in exchange for his continued cooperation, but Jing Xia didn’t collect the money and refused."

Qu Lang touched his trouser pocket, took out a voice recorder, adjusted the pace, and played a section. It was Jing Xia’s voice, "...this business was always a risk, I just planned to do it once, and didn’t intend to continue taking risks. After I got Sun Daiyang’s money, and according to conventional estimates, it would be enough for me to buy two or three gold coins. I also wasn’t confident in the extra payments, so I just refused their remuneration and also refused to continue working with them."

"After all, it was someone with unclear intentions. If we kept working together, people like you would attack me. I have a contract with A’Song, and I’d be able to escape once or twice from death but then A'Song and I would have to stop." Jing Xia’s voice was quite calm, not the same as his timid and cautious appearance before, almost with a robotic tone, "I’m very afraid, for A’Song, I can take some risks, but I didn’t dare to continue working with that person."

Hearing this, Baiju pointed to the recording device in Qu Lang's hand with some questions, "It sounds like his state isn’t quite right, did you hypnotise him?"

Qu Lang raised his eyebrows, a little surprised by Baiju's keenness, "Ah, yes, I had the little shark help, otherwise this guy wouldn't have talked so much or accepted the hypnosis."

Jing Xia was just a kid, shrewd, but he couldn't handle much heat. The appearance of Xiao Yao and Baiju had already loosened his psychological defense, now that Qu Lang had appeared and seemed to represent the police, Jing Xia had encountered too many obstacles, and the psychological pressure was actually very great. It was true that Qu Lang was good at interrogation and with a little guidance, he could fool anyone into accepting hypnotic hints obediently and telling everything about their mental journeys.

Baiju stroked his chin thoughtfully.
If what Jing Xia said was true, then the current information matched up.

After clearing up this part of the information given by Jing Xia, Baiju raised his hand and poured some more tea for Qu Lang, "Well, these things have been cleared up, but who is behind it still needs to be figured out." He wasn’t blaming anyone. For Jing Xia, people who usually did these kinds of transactions would usually use some measures to avoid revealing their identity, and a small fry like him would have no idea nor dare to investigate.

"Then let’s go back, what's the relationship between this and Haiyin Fort?" Baiju asked with interest while propping up on his elbows.

Qu Lang saw out the corner of his eye that Char Siew Bao beside him hadn’t been drinking his tea, so he simply reached out and put his teacup into his hand, and replied to Baiju, "There are many relics of the Western demons in Haiyin Fort, although these things are difficult to awaken, the power contained within them is huge, and because most Western demons cultivate blood, if these relics are excavated, they would be a big supplement to some of our Chinese methods... When Jing Xia first contacted the person who instigated him, they inquired a lot about Haiyin Fort, and seemed to be very interested.

"This time you and Xiao’ge are both on the island, so their plan was interrupted. Jing Xia guessed that they might have to do something to Haiyin Fort." Qu Lang explained all the causes and consequences, "Guihe Island itself has some strange phenomena, and it’s inevitable it would have attracted some attention. I’m worried that something will happen at today's masquerade party and I can't manage it myself. I originally wanted to come here to beg the two of you to go with me...Of course, that you’ve already planned to attend is better."

Baiju nodded, "Okay, I see, I'll talk to Xiao Yao in a moment."

After Qu Lang heard him agree, he didn’t continue with the topic. Instead, he talked about letting Char Siew Bao and Jing Xia learn with him for a while. Baiju had no objection. It would just be so that Char Siew Bao could be absorbed into the Secret Service as soon as possible, but the combination of Jing Xia and the little shark, a human and a demon, may also be suitable for the Special Service.

"I'm very optimistic about Jing Xia's talent." Baiju didn’t hide his intentions, "He’s a rare spirit. The effectiveness of the two talismans we saw wouldn’t be possible without his high talent for enlightenment... Yao- Xiao Yao is also short of people, and there aren’t many people who have the talent. If Jing Xia's temperament passes, I want to absorb him into the bureau."

Qu Lang pondered for a while, and felt that he understood the reasoning, "That’s fine. Our Service is still more inclined towards pure humans. Those like Jing Xia are indeed a bit unusual."

These bits and pieces didn’t take up Baiju's time for too long, and Qu Lang had undoubtedly disturbed their two-person world, so after explaining a few things, forty minutes had passed and Qu Lang didn’t stay anymore. He took Char Siew Bao and left.

Baiju took away the noise barrier in the living room and went back upstairs with a mug of warm water.

Xiao Yao was still lying on the bed, seeming to sleep a little unsteadily since Baiju’s departure, frowning, and groping unconsciously with his hands at the empty space beside him.

Baiju put the water on the bedside table, turned over and half-layed down next to Xiao Yao. He picked up his groping arm and put it on his waist, patted Xiao Yao's shoulder through the quilt, and watched his little boyfriend relax.

The corners of his mouth curled slightly. Baiju thought about the masquerade tonight and tried hard to recall how Xiao Yao had arranged the costumes for the two of them.

It was something like... a vampire and a vampire hunter?

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