57 - Vampires and vampire lovers
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57 - Vampires and vampire lovers

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Although Haiyin Fort’s masquerade party had a set theme, it didn’t actually limit the tourists. This led to photos circulated on the Internet showing from time to time there would be monkeys and archangels drinking cola together at the party.

Xiao Yao wasn’t so silly. Since they intended to participate in a Western-themed masquerade party in Haiyin Fort, it would be best to dress as Western demons and professions. He was also looking forward to dressing up the old white dog in a Western style. After all, this guy’s five features were very suitable for dressing up as Western demons.

Baiju held his little boyfriend in one hand, and searched the Internet for photos of the Haiyin Fort’s previous masquerade parties with his mobile phone in the other hand. It didn't take long to look through them all, and he curled his lips a little bored and put the phone aside.
Most Western demons were a group of demons connected with the church, they were more or less like humans...There were two occasions he could think of that weren’t humans, one was a western dragon that looked like a lizard and the other was a three-headed hell dog. No matter which it was, it looked terribly ugly in the aesthetic concept of the old white dog. As a regular Chinese dog demon, the old dog with long hair couldn’t appreciate scales, and the one with one head didn’t even want to look at three heads, so he didn't bother to look for other examples after taking a second glance.

He kept thinking about the three-headed dog.
The old white dog thought for a while and considered how he would look with three heads barking and drooling, and he got goosebumps all over his body. Uh...it's no wonder Yao Yao didn't let him dress up in his usual form, and insisted on him being a vampire.

Xiao Yao, who was cared for by the white old dog, was half-wake and half-dreaming. His absorption of spiritual food was about to end and his body felt sour and swelling, and his brain was a little heavy. For a time, many things in the past were gathered and scattered in his dreams like phantoms. They weren't real, but it made him feel emotional for no reason.

Baiju half lay next to Xiao Yao, and when Xiao Yao started frowning uncomfortably, he noticed the abnormality.

It was a bit strange.
Baiju leaned a little closer, and simply rolled over to suppress Xiao Yao, holding his hands and feet steadily to prevent him from kicking or using spells indiscriminately.

He... was caught in a dream.
The old white dog was a little worried. He hadn't seen this situation before. In the past, there were villagers who brought children who were caught in their nightmares to the mountain temple to ask him for help. Most of the time it was caused by evil spirits or entanglements between past and present.

Moreover, children were more psychic, and they were more likely to see things they shouldn't see than adults. They were also prone to such problems when they were frightened.

But Xiao Yao was obviously not the problem.  He hadn’t closed his Yin Yang eyes since he was a child, and he had seen everything that should or shouldn’t be seen long ago. Evil spirits couldn’t entangle him, and he had lived to this age, even if he didn’t drink up Mengpo’s soup when he was reincarnated, things from his previous life shouldn't be remembered.

Unable to awaken Xiao Yao rashly, Baiju lowered his head slightly and gently pressed his forehead to the center of Xiao Yao's eyebrows.
Hearing his heart wasn't enough...he wanted to try to invade Xiao Yao's ​​consciousness and see what dream he was actually having.

The moment his mental tentacles penetrated into Xiao Yao's mind, Baiju's entire body couldn't help tightening, and he controlled himself not to squeeze Xiao Yao's wrists too hard.

...It was a heart-piercing wailing.
A chaos of light and shadow intertwined in Xiao Yao's mind. The mountain flowers had a blue sky, but there were also dark shadows and bloody colours that couldn't be ignored, and there was a cry of sorrow among the countless noisy sounds.

He seemed to see a small figure sitting on a puddle of blood on his knees, crying towards the sky.
Different ages, different dresses, and even different eras...the images were fleeting through the misty white haze.

Baiju pursed his lips, and his divine consciousness pushed aside the fog to find Xiao Yao's own consciousness lost in it.

Fortunately, Xiao Yao himself had experienced several such dreams, and despite the many phantoms, he could find his consciousness. Not long after Baiju’s divine consciousness invaded, he found a familiar young man in Xiao Yao’s mind.

The young man in a white shirt shuttled through the mist, seeming to be looking for a gap between the phantoms. The moment Baiju’s divine consciousness hit him, the young man’s expression lightened slightly, and then a joyful emotion rushed in. The scene in front of Baiju's mind flickered slightly, and the nightmare that had troubled Xiao Yao for a long time collapsed, as if it had been condensed by something.

Baiju slowly opened his eyes, propped up his body, then loosened his grip on Xiao Yao's wrists and gently touched the top of the young man's hair, whispering to him, "Yao Yao...Yao Yao? Are you awake? Do you feel okay?"

Xiao Yao's eyelids trembled slightly, and he blinked twice before slowly opening them. Seeing Baiju close at hand, he was slightly stunned, and said with some confusion, "Bai'ge...what's wrong?"

Seeing that there was nothing wrong with him, Baiju turned over and sat up, "It's okay... you might have a nightmare just now."

Xiao Yao moved his fingers and found that his palm was a little numb. When he raised his hand, there was still a red mark on his wrist, which was obviously squeezed. It was very conspicuous on his cold white skin, and it looked like a red mark from being ravaged by someone.
Xiao Yao opened his mouth, "...Bai, Bai'ge."

Baiju was still thinking about the things in Xiao Yao's dream, when he was called out suddenly, he was a little bit startled, "Huh?"

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju with a subtle expression, "That... is..."

Baiju didn't quite understand what Xiao Yao wanted to express. After thinking about it, he reached out to touch the mug on the bedside table, "Ah...just tell me, are you uncomfortable? There's warm water, do you want to drink it?"

"Uh, water," Xiao Yao just wanted to say that he didn't need to drink water, but he paused, realising that his throat was indeed a bit dry, so he took the cup from Baiju, "Thank you, Bai'ge."

Taking a sip of the boiled water at just the right temperature, Xiao Yao considered and felt that Baiju hadn't yet evolved to the stage of wanting to play with bandage, but it should still be possible to mention it in advance, "That is, if you later you want to play with bondage...remember to use a tie or other softer fabric, or just tie it a little bit more carefully." Otherwise, if this old dog took too long, his hands would be useless after a long time.

Baiju, "???"
Baiju didn't quite understand, "Why should I play with you?"

Xiao Yao flexed his fingers and scratched his cheeks, feeling a little embarrassed, but after all, this wasn’t a topic that needed to be taboo between the two of them, so he motioned for Baiju to come over and whispered, "It's just to play around when making love."

Baiju, "...( ////// )"
Baiju's old heart jumped three feet high in an instant, and the whole dog was in crisis. He covered his face with his red ears and hesitated, "...um, ah..."

Xiao Yao drank the warm water in two mouthfuls, handed the cup back to Baiju, and poked him, "Don't just um...do you understand?"

The little white chicken nodded like he was pecking at rice, and poured another glass of water for him, with a voice like a mosquito hum, "I understand, got it..."
They were both male creatures. Although the old white dog was embarrassed to admit that he was a little bit eager to imagine the scene, but there was no need to be duplicitous, so he could only answer vaguely.

Xiao Yao smiled when he saw it, and didn't refuse the water cup that the old dog had filled again. After receiving it, he took a small sip and asked indifferently, "Speaking of which, what happened to me? Was I sleeping badly?"

Baiju didn’t intend to follow up, but since Xiao Yao took the initiative to mention it he directly replied,“You didn’t sleep well, it seemed like you were caught in a nightmare; but in my experience, it wasn't an ordinary nightmare. It wasn't a spell either, it may have something to do with your past experience."

Xiao Yao was taken aback when he heard the words, and a trace of trance crossed his face, and he muttered, "...that's the case, it's no wonder."
Xiao Yao sighed, "It's a long story. I haven't had an experience like this nightmare for several years. Maybe it's because my cultivation has reached a bottleneck...this time the spiritual food stimulated my cultivation and it was disturbed."

Baiju was a little worried, and furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Does this affect you? I just invaded your dreamland. There are so many things in it that aren't real...but there also seems to be a lot of unpleasant fragments."

Xiao Yao quickly took a close look at Baiju’s state. Seeing that he hadn't received any shock, he calmed down and explained, “It’s normal to see a lot of things. Some of those things are real, some are fake, most of them are fake."

"I didn't intend to hide it from you. Specifically, when we got back, I would have found someone to explain it to you, because I can't tell it myself." Xiao Yao smiled bitterly, and said, "I've forgotten a lot of things. My memory can only be regarded as barely connected. I don't remember what happened at many points in the middle."

"I didn't dare to confess to you before, because I was actually worried that I would have to forget you," Xiao Yao rubbed his slightly swollen temples, leaned over Baiju and put the mug back on the bedside table. "Now it's too late for you to regret it. I would rather die than forget."

Baiju didn't say anything, just stretched out his hand, pulled Xiao Yao into his arms, and rubbed him, distressed.
His little boyfriend had a new imperial fate and he didn’t know it. He would definitely encounter more trials in his life than ordinary people. He wanted to tell Xiao Yao, but he couldn’t. After all, an emperor’s fate was up to the stars luck. If he rashly told him any secrets, both the speaker and the listener would have to pay an unpredictable price.

Xiao Yao narrowed his eyes for a while in Baiju's arms, then moved his hands and feet a little, and stretched out to get up.

Baiju didn't need to wash any more, so he followed Xiao Yao, chatting with him about one thing or another, and by the way also mentioned the information that Qu Lang had given him.

Xiao Yao was still very relaxed about Qu Lang's affairs and after listening to a series of things, he only commented, "It's fine to trust him. Even if he wants to mess around, he'll tell me before he does so...Jing Xia and the others are indeed suitable for entering the Demon Management Bureau. When I go back, I'll draft two contracts and can start discussing terms with them."

"As for tonight, let's play the role of a vampire and a vampire hunter." Xiao Yao took out two sets of clothes that he had prepared long ago from the cabinet, and smiled slyly.


Night on Guihe Island was still relatively cool, which caused the costumes for tourists dressing up for the Haiyin Fort masquerade party more diverse. You could have more fun at Haiyin Fort wearing less thick clothes as long as they weren't too excessive and the area was neither too hot nor too cold.

Qu Lang brought Char Siew Bao and Jing Xia, and the red fox pretending to be a scarf hung around his neck to find Xiao Yao and Baiju. As soon as the door opened, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Baiju's appearance was too stunning.
Originally, his deep set features facial were reminiscent of an Asian Apollo. With the addition of his pure white colouring, his image was more inclined to an angel. Don't even mention Qu Lang, even Xiao Yao had rarely seen him wearing dark colours. Now he was wearing a black outfit embroidered with silver threads. Baiju didn't even need to adjust his skin color. He looked like an elegant vampire lord.

Standing at the entrance, Baiju felt a little uncomfortable under Qu Lang's eyes, so he had to shake the silver cane in his hand and asked dryly, "How is it, is it okay?"

"It's amazing." Qu Lang was so poor that he could only comment dryly, and couldn't help asking Baiju, "White King, what are the markings on your face?"

Baiju raised his hand and touched his cheek, and then smiled, and the whole dog showed a burst of joy, "Well, Yao Yao bought make-up for me. Does it look good?"

The scars on the white old dog’s face that meander into the shape of a rose were carefully coloured and lined by Xiao Yao, and the shape was fine-tuned, turning them into four or five delicate little roses, which climbed vividly on Baiju cheeks. In order to be realistic, Xiao Yao also drew two or three thorny stems under the flowers, climbing down to his neck and extending into the semi-high collar shirt.

The fancy white old dog laughter was at that moment life-threatening.

The small fangs on his thin lips, the burgundy drop-shaped earring on his left earlobe, the long hair loosely tied behind the head with satin, the rose flowers on the cheeks, the silver silk embroidered evening suit, and the cane held in his hand...everything was carefully designed by Xiao Yao, who forcibly dressed an honest white old dog into a vampire who could seduce people into the coffin together.

"It looks good, it looks really good, you suit Xiao'ge very well." Qu Lang blustered convincingly, then glanced at Xiao Yao, and then boasted, "Let me see, this outfit Xiao'ge wears..."

"..." Qu Lang looked at Xiao Yao's back in the windbreaker with a hard expression, "Xiao'ge, isn't that your normal clothes?"

Xiao Yao pushed the old white dog out of the door, turned around and dropped the lock. He heard Qu Lang as he took the key, and straightened the collar of the windbreaker, "Huh? This is not my normal outfit."

Qu Lang gestured up and down, which was reasonable and well-founded, "Look, shirt, trousers, windbreaker... Oh, you wore boots and changed your glasses."
Qu Lang really boasted hard, "It looks good."

The black boots that Xiao Yao wore on his feet covered his entire calf. His legs were originally straight and long and they looked longer when he wore them. They also gave a taste of abstinence. His glasses were replaced with thin round gold-rimmed glasses on a chain. Xiao Yao looked like a vagabond.

But the vagabond smiled and touched the waistband of his trousers, took out a silver pistol with a rose pattern, and turned it around in his hand, "I also brought a gun, silver-plated bullets, soaked in holy water."

Qu Lang ,"...you are quite into this."
The gun was matched with Baiju's cane in every way.

Xiao Yao unloaded the magazine twice, and pulled out a "bullet" and stuffed it onto Baiju, "Come, take a shot."

The old white dog took the bullet, glanced at Xiao Yao amusedly, then peeled off the wrapper and stuffed it into his mouth.
The chocolate bullets from Guihe Island were hazelnut flavoured, sweet and smooth, and left a fragrance on the inside of his cheeks and teeth, Baiju's favorite.

Xiao Yao smiled and put the magazine back in, and patted Baiju on the shoulder, "Okay, I successfully hunted a vampire. He is now my lover."

Qu Lang, "......"

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