58 - Let's start Haiyin Fort live broadcast (more supporting roles)
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58 - Let's start Haiyin Fort live broadcast (more supporting roles)

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After Qu Lang and Xiao Yao and Baiju met up, the group called for taxis separately, and arrived at the tour bus station under the Haiyin Fort Mountains one after another.

As they were all dressed up, it wasn’t convenient to climb the mountain, so the tourists who went to the party basically all went up the mountain by a bus from the station.
The opening hours of Haiyin Fort were only on Thursday, so generally speaking, if tourists wanted to experience climbing up to the castle, they would begin early in the morning, when the sun wasn’t high, and bring along their outfits for the evening. However, because Xiao Yao’s sequelae from the nightmare was a bit serious, they didn’t climb up to Haiyin Fort in advance.

Xiao Yao and Baiju took a taxi alone, not with Qu Lang and friends. After all, it was a long way to go from the West Peninsula to the East Peninsula, and even the hard-core Captain Qu didn’t want to breathe the air in a car submerged in dog food for half an hour.

"He just wants to give us more room," Xiao Yao had become accustomed to the way Baiju sat close to him when they were in a car. “He’s arranging the studies for the two of them, and they have to get used to getting along with him."

Baiju was next to the car door on his right, with his little boyfriend in his left arm. He raised his hand and poked Xiao Yao's temple, "Qu Lang is actually very good to you, and you don't really dislike him."
When the Special Service appeared for the first time, Xiao Yao said that he owed this person a beating. It turned out that he was also prone to doing things that deserved a beating. At first, Baiju felt that Qu Lang was a little bit eager to go at Xiao Yao, but it turned out this was just the inherent mode of getting along between Xiao Yao and Qu Lang. Xiao Yao's affection for this junior wasn’t small.

Xiao Yao was held comfortably by him, he tilted his head and closed his eyes and gave a hmm. Being mindful of the driver, he drew a soundproof sign quietly in the air, and then said, "Qu Lang wasn’t as flexible as he is now when he was a child...when he first entered the Dao, he was similar to Char Siew Bao. He opened his eyes and couldn’t close them. Also, when he was young, he was originally psychic. He was frightened by ghosts all year, until he couldn't hear or speak, and seemed to be autistic."

"Later...later, the teasing also became a way to make me happy, so he tried to get himself to talk and communicate with others. Later, he found that I was angry and beat him up, and I could vent a little, so he tried to start trying to find ways to piss me off." It was just that he accidentally became too proficient in the business and developed a very beating-resistant physique.

When Xiao Yao talked about Qu Lang, he opened his eyes slightly, and there was a hint of warmth under his half-closed eyelids, "Bai’ge, Qu Lang is a very, very important person in my life. After all, his work in the Secret Service is dangerous...…I would even say that I left the Practitioners Association and served as the head of the Demon Management Bureau in order to help him when necessary."

Baiju raised his eyebrows slightly.
He could guess that there were many stories between Xiao Yao and Qu Lang, but he really didn't expect that there would be so many involved in the middle.

Recalling the many times Xiao Yao chatted with Qu Lang when he encountered something. Baiju felt he understood, "So actually... you’re a little dependent on Qu Lang?"

Xiao Yao raised his eyelids and looked at Baiju, "Although I admit that this is a bit embarrassing, I really am."

Baiju felt that it was excusable, and that it wasn’t a bad thing to have someone to rely on, so he shook his head and said, "There is nothing to be ashamed of."
After a while, the old white dog sighed again, twisted Xiao Yao's earlobe with his fingers, and whispered, "Yao Yao, I'm jealous."

Xiao Yao chuckled, "I'm still worried that you won't be jealous."

Xiao Yao raised his head and kissed Baiju's chin, and coaxed him, "You have to remember the taste of jealousy, so that I can rely on you in the future; after all, Qu Lang also has a life of his own. "

In fact, in the past two years, Xiao Yao had consciously reduced the number of times he went to Qu Lang, but recently he met a white old dog and turned on his love switch and no one else could give advice, so he had to go to Qu Lang again.

Baiju replied in a low voice and gently moved towards Xiao Yao, "Don't worry, you can tell me about any problems you encounter in the future. Even if I don't have enough experience and don't know how to solve them, at least I can accompany you."

Xiao Yao smirked and reached out to arrange Baiju's lapel flower, "It's enough to be with me."

At this time, the Qu team in the car in front of them occupied a few more seats, with two mismatched young men in the back, and Qu Lang in the front with a sluggish red fox hanging from his neck.

Qu Lang deliberately wanted to talk to the two young men, but he was helpless sitting in the passenger seat, and the two boys in the back seat were leaning each to one side of the car doors. The air between them was crackling.

Qu Lang, "emmm..."
Qu Lang turned his head, looked at Jing Xia, who was playing with his phone, then twisted his neck, turning his head to look at Shao Simiao who was slumped in his seat. He didn't know what to say for a while.

Slowly sitting back, Qu Lang flicked Qiu Ziran's paw hanging in front of him, and talked in a low voice, "Fox, do you have the skills to teach these two?"

Qiu Ziran glanced at Qu Lang listlessly, "Awoo..."

Qu Lang scratched his head, "Can't you teach? I thought you were good at dealing with all kinds of children."

Qiu Ziran opened his mouth and yawned, "Uwaaawa."

Qu Lang, "...Okay, there is indeed a generation gap." The red fox had lived a few dozen years longer than him.

The taxi driver on the side couldn’t help but look at Qu Lang. He didn’t feel that the two were talking normally. While Qu Lang was talking to himself to the pet, he said, “Is that fox alive?"

Qu Lang rubbed the red fox's head casually, nodded in response, "Yes, very good, isn't it?"

The driver nodded and said enthusiastically, "It's really good. I thought that your prop was just very realistic. I’ve already taken up two waves of guests, and there were people with mink on their necks who were dressed as witches, but their plush toys looked fake. "

Qu Lang smiled, took Qiu Ziran off and hugged him in his arms and smoothed his fur, then chatted with the driver about this and that.

The atmosphere in the car eased, and wasn’t as rigid as before. Shao Simiao’s soul returned to him and he moved his butt forward, gently tapping Qu Lang's seat back, then moved up to whisper, "Um, Qu’ge, read WeChat."

Qu Lang chatted with the driver casually, raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard the words, then glanced at Jing Xia from the corner of the eye, and took out his phone.

Char Siew Bao: “Qu’ge, are there ghosts in Haiyin Fort? I promised the fans to start live broadcasting, but I’m a little scared.”

Qu Lang shook his head with a smile, and replied: “There are ghosts, but not many. Don't worry, there are Chinese practitioners all year round here in Haiyin Fort, and there isn’t any evil.”

Shao Simiao tremblingly replied: “Aren’t ghosts evil spirits?”

Qu Lang hummed, kneading the nape of the red fox, wondering how to respond: “The difference between ghost and evil is still a bit big.”

"Let's put it this way, evil is something that is malicious or instinctively hurts people. A ghost is a kind of obsession, and it is also a permanent form of a soul. You can think of it as a spirit, but ghosts are more difficult to form than spirits."

Qu Lang straightened out his thoughts, and quickly replied: "A ghost will retain the memory and mentality of the deceased to the greatest extent, and may appear paranoid due to the cause of death or obsession, but a soul with evil thoughts as an obsession cannot become a ghost."

Shao Simiao stared at the screen of his mobile phone, and tried to do some Chinese reading and comprehension problems for a while, trying to find some reassurance for himself: "In other words, ghosts are souls that are rational and do not hurt people?"

Qu Lang ruthlessly burst Shao Simiao’s fantasy bubble: "You can’t say that. Although ghosts are usually not threatening, that’s not an absolute. We have to pay attention to the basic law no matter what we get along with—for example, you. You can play the pen fairy game, but you can't ask how the pen fairy died. No matter how gentle the ghost is, if it touches his obsession, it will become a little unreasonable, and it’s possible he might do anything."

Shao Simiao's mood fluctuated: “Qu’ge, can you give a specific example? I'm afraid I’ll accidentally kick the hornet’s nest...For example, would they mind being broadcast live?"

Qu Lang couldn't help laughing, and then replied: "It’s okay, you can rest assured, the ghosts in Haiyin Fort have seen all kinds of tourists, they aren’t so bothered, and they have probably seen a live broadcast once or twice. Just be careful not to do things that are too offensive, such as lifting a lady's skirt or grabbing a knight's sword."

Shao Simiao realised that he hadn’t been too reckless and immediately felt relieved. He sent Qu Lang a series of crazy thankful emoticons, then he locked the screen and held his mobile phone to chant: "Amitabha Amitabha."

Qu Lang couldn't help but pull the phone back.

Char Siew Bao and the driver enlivened the atmosphere, and Qu Lang keenly noticed that Jing Xia in the corner of the car didn’t seem to be as tight at the beginning. Although he still refused to communicate, he looked a little less alienated and seemed to have relaxed a lot.

"Jing Xia." Qu Lang called him, and seeing him looking up blankly, he simply picked up the red fox nestled on his body and threw it on his lap. "This fox will take care of you. Seriously, the little guy is a little bit tired of me."

Qiu Ziran, "???"
Wasn't he just moving in his original form because of the inconvenience of his human persona? Qu Lang said that he was like a pet fox, which was really embarrassing, okay?

Jing Xia caught the fluffy little fox, and immediately spread his palms to protect Qiu Ziran's sides at a loss. He blinked slowly, then finally reacted and touched Qiu Ziran's head gently and replied, "...en."

Feeling his reaction was too cold, Jing Xia paused, and added, "I’ll take care of it."

Since seeing the White King, the red fox had been miserable, but he moved his ears when he heard the words. He was so fascinated that he was quite moved. He couldn't help but follow Jing Xia's movements and lick his fingers, and his body intimately nestled in his arms like a nest.

Paying attention to this scene out the corner of his eye, Qu Lang’s mouth twitched and he moved his gaze to the front, and continued to chat casually with the driver.

Jing Xia accepted Qu Lang’s hypnosis, which was equivalent to being half-forced to open up his inner world. Now that he had woken up and rebuilt his psychological defenses, he would have a period of resistance and vigilance to the outside world. However, the red fox Qiu Ziran  was like a fake treatment dog that had been there for so long it itself was a plush with its own healing power, so he was the most appropriate for appeasing Jing Xia.

After all, he was a human who had established a contract with a shark, and his favorability towards the little demons was probably very high.

Qiu Ziran, the red fox hit by the overkill of his attack, "..."
He turned a little bit and felt that he should have gone to Jing Xia's side earlier to accept the care of an animal lover, instead of hanging on the rough man Qu Lang's neck pretending to be a scarf.


After getting off the taxi and waiting at the tour bus station for a little while, Baiju and his group of five plus a red fox got on the tour bus to the top of the mountain.

As the bus climbed steadily, the woods on the side of the mountain road became luxuriant. Char Siew Bao started live streaming and pointed the camera at the woods outside the car window.

"Hello everyone, I'm the horror game anchor Char Siew Bao." After introducing himself, Shao Simiao looked at the fireworks and dense barrage of chat on the phone screen, cleared his throat, and continued, "Now, we are here. On the way to Haiyin Fort, the sky is already dark, and the light from the street lights isn’t very bright. Looking at this mountain road, the ghosts in the castle should be terrifying?"

It was a pity that his cheap fans didn’t buy it:
——Dip, check it out, look at the reflections of the car window glass, you will have new discoveries.
——Oh fuck! Don't scare me with that reflection! ! !
——23333 Don't be scared! But note that what's in the window is real~~~

Char Siew Bao said a few more sentences about Heyin Fort that he remembered and by the time he moved back to look at the phone screen, the direction of the barrage had completely deviated from Heyin Fort.

Cheap fans:
——Baozi! Hurry up and respond! What's with the increase of hot guys next to you!

Shao Simiao, "...Tsk, a group of heartless fans."

Fortunately, he had already consulted Qu Lang before. Captain Qu didn't mind being in the reflection, so Shao Simiao slowly approached him with his mobile phone and cleared his throat.

Qu -a no body-fat athlete, in a knight outfit- Lang had no idea, and had completely forgotten about the fact that he would be on camera. He was deploying some information with his team members on his mobile phone when from the corner of his eye, he noticed that Shao Simiao was approaching. Qu Lang’s first thought was, the Yang bully became scared again, so he took a handful of Shao Simiao's hair and coaxed perfunctorily, "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

The straight male streamer who hadn’t had time to speak, "..."

It's over, it's impossible for the netizens to listen to him explain.

The author has something to say:
Char Siew Bao: So, is it too late to rewind now?
Captain Qu is very innocent, who asked Shao Simiao to stay in Captain Qu’s house overnight =w=

Said I'd upload more then got addicted to Amazing Cultivation Simulator....ooops

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