59 - Western demons play Western demons
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59 - Western demons play Western demons

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Shao Simiao's straight male bottomline was shaky, and he glared at Qu Lang quite bitterly with his messy hair.

Then he forced the introduction, "Ah, this is Qu’ge, who kindly took in me who is afraid of ghosts and your streamer, Char Siew Bao’s good friend."

His fans gave him some face and agreed with the character introduction given by Char Siew Bao:
—— ♂ Good ♂ friend~
—— ↑ Good ↓ friend~
—— O Good I friend~

Shao Simiao, "..."
Shao Simiao was anxious to be understood and pulled Qu Lang, who was still ignoring him, and motioned him to look at the barrage, "Qu’ge, please explain to everyone that you’re straight."

Qu Lang, "Huh?"
At this moment, Qu Lang realised that he was in on the screen, so he took the phone and looked, then said casually, "Explain what, I haven't been in a relationship, how can I know if I am straight or bent."

When Shao Simiao heard a line that seemed to be him coming out and he felt cold inside, his tone was miserable, "...ge, all of my eighteen years of innocence has been ruined by you."

Qu Lang was a serious man who had been raised among a group of rough guys in the army, and he had never heard many strange things. The chat in the live broadcast room and the ridicule of their straight male streamer Char Siew Bao were full of internet memes, but the scale was basically that of children. So Captain Qu answered the chat in a forthright manner, and didn’t feel like there was anything wrong, "No problem, I can ruin your innocence for the next eighty years."

If there was sound in the chat, Shao Simiao could probably hear the happy pig screaming coming from the screen at that moment.

Relentlessly shoving Qu Lang out of frame, Shao Simiao leaned onto the window of the bus and continued to point the camera of his phone at the woods outside, "Now you can't even see my handsome face, haha."

The chat kept hahaha-ing, originally they were just joking, no one would really sincerely force two people who were on the same screen for the first time, at most they would just poke fun, but that would be it. So now Shao Simiao chatted with his cheap fans casually, and brought the topic back to Haiyin Fort.

Although Shao Simiao was a horror game streamer by trade, he didn't actually really play many horror games. The so-called unkillable Shao Simiao didn't have the courage to encounter anything actually frightening.
Therefore, his horror game live broadcast room was more inclined to architecture, makeup techniques, special effects explanations, cultural science, and occasionally playing horror games on the Internet, but then was also more inclined to puzzle-solving inferences and explanations.

It had to be said that it wasn’t unreasonable for the ID Char Siew Bao to have a lot of fans.
Although Shao Simiao was prone to ridicule, he had learnt everything he needed to understand. Every time fans were taken out for a "tour" to visit the supernatural buildings, he could keep talking from beginning to end without stopping. Everything about the cultural background, architectural details, and spiritual stories he’d learnt were quite interesting, and many fans even joked that Char Siew Bao’s live stream was a fun documentary about haunted architecture.

Baiju and Xiao Yao sat behind Char Siew Bao, listening to him unhurriedly talk about Haiyin Fort to fans in an easygoing manner. The old white dog felt that the kid was quite capable, so he turned his head to the side to chat with Xiao Yao quietly, "Yao Yao, this Shao Simiao is quite capable, he’s serious about live streaming. He’s indeed a talent."

Xiao Yao smiled and nodded, "He’s really good. Qu Lang has already investigated his files and has furtively submitted an application to his superiors. If possible, we might be able to use his live stream for something."

Baiju was a little curious and wondered, "What can you do with his live stream?"

Xiao Yao lifted his chin and motioned Baiju to pay attention to what Shao Simiao was explaining, "Yeah, it's actually nothing special, just things like what he is doing now. Adding some small science to his tours; just have him be more specific and accurate."

"Nowadays, many people, especially young people and students, will try to play the ghost games similar to the pen fairy for fun, and some will end up raising little ghosts, summoning demons, inviting in wild gods...but these things without special guidance, usually don’t work properly. At best it’s nothing but I’m afraid that some people may get close enough to the truth, or make a mistake, or simply go astray, and accidents can easily occur.

"Now that animism has fallen, there are even fewer ghosts and evil spirits. Eight out of nine of the accidents handled by the Special Service are caused by these reasons. The live stream by Shao Simiao is very good, and he often reminds fans not to imitate, and use common sense to avoid improperly portraying fake ghosts. Although not all of them will listen to him, a live stream like his could really help us reduce the occurrence of ghosts and gods."

As Baiju listened, he nodded thoughtfully, then after a while, he said, "If there were such things as the internet before, it would have been easier for the eminent monks to popularise the law and so on... It's a pity that it’s time had not yet arrived. Who knows how many people desperately sought the blessings of gods and Buddhas, but because of their ignorance, they ended up ruining everything in the hands of evil spirits. Now it is still disheartening to think about it."

Xiao Yao calmly squeezed Baiju's palm, "What’s done is done."

Baiju lowered his eyes, smiled softly, and said, holding Xiao Yao's hand, "Yes."


The timing for Shao Simiao starting the live broadcast was basically perfect. It was about five minutes before the tour bus arrived at Haiyin Fort and after the viewers were warmed up, the group of people got off the bus.

Baiju and the others were not the first tourists to go up the mountain. After getting off the bus, they walked out of the station and were about fifty metres from the gate of Heyin Fort. The luxuriant roses and leaves protruded a little from the iron fence, showing a deep dark green in the moonlight.

Several waiters in uniform stood on both sides of the gate. They politely greeted the visitors when they passed by, and asked the visitors to present their invitations. Then they bowed and guided the visitors inside and handed each person a delicate rose with a small scroll tied to it which unfolded into a map of Haiyin Fort.

"The design is exquisite," Xiao Yao unfolded the map and found a line of gilded calligraphy on the back, "Enjoy the night."

The old white dog had learnt a few foreign languages from the instructional videos, but he wasn’t good at reading, so he literally translated, "Enjoy this night?"

"That's what it means," Xiao Yao smiled, "but we in the practitioning world generally translate it as 'Have fun tonight', because at the beginning, the tourists who received invitations from Haiyin Fort couldn’t guarantee that they would still enjoy the next night."

Baiju understood, "Death invitation."

Xiao Yao nodded, folding the map and putting it in his pocket, "After all, it was a vampire who invited his food to visit. However, a vampire is indeed a very interesting Western demon. For them etiquette is extremely important and elegance is extremely important. A long time ago, after they moved to Guihe Island, they fancied a few of the locals and wanted to invite them over. They were about to succeed, when they were caught by a local cultivator who found a few ridiculous invitations to the Fort. As a result those locals were rescued."

Baiju, "..."
Baiju was a little puzzled, "Did they have no one to chase after them when they were doing this in the West?"

Xiao Yao shrugged, "Western sorcerers don’t know how to see qi. They usually rely on witchcraft and holy water to identify demons. Also their witches and Holy factions didn’t get along, and they were efficient. Holy water was precious, and even a drop is hard to find, so it couldn't be used as a tool for large-scale identification. Vampires were originally knighted when they were created, additionally, in the early days of the Western aristocratic circles, they often changed their identities to pretend to be nobles, and from time to time they held banquets to trick their food. So, most of them would pay great attention to their actions, drinking blood in places without light, hunt but not kill, most of them lived a good life. Only a few low vampires were easily controlled by their instincts and caused enough trouble to be found by the church and then tracked and killed."

Baiju didn't know what to think. To tell the truth, he felt that such a living environment could only breed a group of fools.

Xiao Yao laughed a little when he saw Baiju’s expression. He pinched the stem of the rose in his hand, cast a spell to pin it to Baiju's chest, and commented with satisfaction, "You look good."

Baiju looked down at the delicate rose on his chest, and then at Xiao Yao who was smiling. He couldn't hold back, and while they were still in the corner, he quickly bowed his head and pinched Xiao Yao's chin, and kissed him. Just a nibble.

Just as Baiju straightened up, Xiao Yao recovered, his slender fingers quickly clasped Baiju’s collar, and he dragged Baiju toward him, "Bai’ge, stealing from a vampire hunter will not end well."

Baiju followed Xiao Yao's pull and leaned forward slightly. Hearing what he said, he gave a sullen laugh, and licked the tip of his teeth intently, "Will it be worse if you kiss a few more times?"

Xiao Yao touched the collar flower and moved up some more, "I'm afraid it will."

In the end, it was still a crowded occasion, so the two people stayed in the corner without being too blatant. Baiju gently took Xiao Yao's lips and bit, and then withdrew, saying, "The vampire was captured by the hunter."

Xiao Yao's face was a bit hot, he really didn't know that old white dog's skill points in role-playing were actually so high.
Turning his head and coughing softly, Xiao Yao couldn't help but smile, "Why are you so talented, Bai’ge."

Baiju pulled at the rose on his chest and led Xiao Yao to the open-air cocktail party behind the fountain. He tilted his head slightly, his eyes deep, "You like me very much."
Baiju folded his fingers into the gaps between Xiao Yao's five fingers, "It's not difficult...whatever you like to play with me, I’ll learn to give you the best experience."

Xiao Yao looked at Baiju's features outlined by the soft light, and only felt that the curvature of the corners of his lips couldn't be suppressed.

The old cadres who can play are still old cadres.
The habits in the old white dog's bones were still deeply ingrained, and they hadn't been moved by the fast-paced modern life. He had learned a lot of things, but still knew...it was hard to please a wife, but he was willing.

"My partner is really good." Xiao Yao shook his hand and praised Baiju, "I’m lucky enough for my three lives."

Baiju smiled. He didn't deny Xiao Yao's statement, but said quietly, "You’re more than three lifetimes of lucky."

Xiao Yao pretended not to hear, raised his head and looked around, then took Baiju to the buffet table.

There were many tables of wine, all of which were stacked neatly into champagne towers, and the waiters standing at the tables served the tourists in need one by one.
Xiao Yao and Baiju walked over. Baiju was obviously more interested in the champagne tower. Knowing the tastes of Baiju, Xiao Yao refused to take the champagne from the waiter and asked him for a glass of grape juice.

Baiju took a glass of bright purple juice and blinked, feeling a little embarrassed, "Yao Yao, shouldn't you drink at this time?"

Xiao Yao took a glass of orange juice and took a sip, "You don't need to drink what you aren’t used to... We’re here to play, not to socialise, of course we choose what we want to drink."

Baiju felt that was reasonable, so he nodded and sipped grape juice bit by bit, following Xiao Yao around the courtyard and the periphery of Haiyin Fort. He saw exquisite statues in every corner and little angels everywhere.

Baiju was curious to death about these Western demons, "Aren't these things in Western theology? Why were they placed in the house of a vampire?"

Xiao Yao didn't expect that Baiju's focus was so singular, so he had to explain, "These things aren’t actually gods, they probably just thought they looked good... and even if there were gods, objects that haven't been blessed by the saints can't hurt vampires. Vampires are one of the top demons after all for the first three generations. The owner of Haiyin Fort was the fifth generation, not the strongest, but was also a level that cannot be underestimated."

After walking around for a while, Baiju saw enough, so he went into the lobby, and while walking, muttered, "Speaking of which, where did Shao Simiao go?"

Xiao Yao recalled the Haiyin Fort activity schedule attached to the invitation, and pointed his finger upstairs, "Probably up to play horror games. I remember that the five game rooms upstairs are all open at the moment. If he planned it out carefully, he could be playing games all night."

Baiju looked up at the magnificent dome and then at the rooms behind the railing on the second floor. He felt a little uncomfortable, "Although this place is beautifully built, it always makes people feel chilly...there won’t be a problem if they play horror games?"

Xiao Yao was quite relieved, and said with a sigh, "That feeling is the legacy of the previous generation of vampires. Under our system, this power is overcast. It's just a horror game. Qu Lang is here and nothing will happen."

Baiju nodded and said nothing.

Haiyin Fort’s party was naturally not just a buffet and games room. The most important thing was the masquerade. After the party, Western demons, witches, church members, and the like, played by the staff would be interspersed on the dance floor to perform dramas. Tourists would also be randomly selected as extras such as “hostages", "key person", or "a character's lover". If there was a high degree of participation, there might even be gifts to take home.

Just a short while after Baiju and Xiao Yao entered the hall, a dozen or so characters dressed in various costumes slowly walked down the spiral staircase in the centre of the hall and stood on the steps to announce the start of the dance.
The hall that had been emptied a long time ago became a dance floor, and a band appeared behind the surrounding curtains, and even a curtain was lifted to reveal a grand piano playing in the light inside.

With the sound of music, Baiju slowly followed Xiao Yao to learn ballroom dancing. He couldn't help but glance at the characters standing on the steps just now, "Yao Yao, is that the staff?"

Xiao Yao smiled and nodded, "Pay attention to your feet, don't step on me again."

Baiju still found it unbelievable, it was completely different from what he had imagined before, "So is the vampire playing the vampire, and the werewolf playing the werewolf?"

Xiao Yao's eyebrows were crooked, and he said, "The Western demons are played by the staff. I didn't say that the staff themselves are not demons."

Baiju, "..."
He somehow felt like he’d been setup.

#Guihe Island locals are not for food#
#Isn’t it okay to work to make money and buy animal blood?Q^Q#

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