60 - Drama
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60 - Drama

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Baiju was tricked by Xiao Yao. He looked at him with dumbfounded eyes, and finally shook his head helplessly, "You really...tell me in advance, okay."

Xiao Yao dignifiedly stepped the female footing to teach the old white dog how to dance. He raised his eyebrows and confidently said, "The first time I heard about this, I also found it incredible. If I don’t let you feel the same, then aren’t I at a disadvantage."

Baiju laughed, holding Xiao Yao's waist in his palm, and casually following his steps. He looked up at the other tourists around and found that they were all pairing up.
Some priest had his arms around the devil, a knight had his arms around the princess, and a little dragon had his arms around Mickey Mouse. Naturally the party of demons danced neatly and followed the music, but except for some people dancing seriously, the rest were just hugging each other, and many couples took the opportunity to get intimate.

Baiju used the dance steps to hug Xiao Yao closer, and before Xiao Yao could realise that something was wrong, he followed the next rotating dance steps around two pairs of people, and brought Xiao Yao to the edge of the dance floor.

With his feet slightly off the ground, Xiao Yao couldn't help but widen his eyes. Countless colors flashed across his vision, the dresses and the lights were intertwined, and soon they were all engulfed by a deep black.
In Baiju's eyes.

The old white dog learned from the young couple behind him, gently pulling Xiao Yao into his arms, hiding in the corner, and gently kissing his lips.

Xiao Yao was a little nervous, and inadvertently bumped Baiju's teeth. His fingers grasped at Baiju’s clothes, and the music in his ears seemed to disappear for an instant.

"Relax," Baiju lowered his eyes slightly, his deep pupils looked into Xiao Yao's eyes intently, and his deep voice rang straight into Xiao Yao's mind, "They can't see..."

Two talented people, an old demon and a practitioner, stayed in the corner of the dance floor and used the most exquisite concealment technique in this lifetime.

Xiao Yao finally took a breath in the gap of the kiss. He didn't know when his arm had been hung around Baiju's neck, so he rubbed the old dog's head and said with a smile, "Why are you so daring, huh?"

Baiju lowered his head following Xiao Yao's movements, rubbed his forehead lightly, and pulled a faint smile on his lips, "The experiences you brought to me are too rare. Wouldn't it be a big loss not to kiss you here?"

Xiao Yao touched the end of Baiju's eyes. Hearing such a familiar line, he secretly thought that retribution came quickly, but he couldn't hide his good mood.

Baiju hugged him and swayed, "Go back and dance, eh? I learned it."

Xiao Yao raised up onto his toes, leaned over and kissed the end of his kiss Baiju's eyes, and praised contentedly, "My Bai’ge's eyes are so beautiful."

Baiju was caught off guard being praised, the whole dog froze, blinking and staring at the place at a loss, "Ah..."

Xiao Yao relaxed and hugged Baiju's neck and added quietly, "I wanted to say it since you kissed me."

Baiju hugged Xiao Yao and would be beating his tail to his original shape in an instant, as joy radiated from the root of his neck to the top of his head.

Xiao Yao couldn't help laughing when he saw this.
This old dog could play straight, and his habit of talking was damn sultry, but he could stand the reversal. He was clean and pure, and always revealed three-points of stupidity and three-points of cuteness in a very handsome manner.

Xiao Yao saw that Baiju's boyfriend's filter was thick enough to penetrate the earth. He thought that Baiju was handsome in hunting, silly and cute, even playing straight he was very attractive, and very attractive when he was overwhelmed.
So the two of them relied on the concealment technique to finish a dance, and then left the dance floor with the scattered tourists, leaving the venue for the "staff" who started the performance.

The script for the performance of the Haiyin Fort masquerade was very simple. It wasn’t so much a subtle story, as it was one that allowed all the actors present to come out to string together the scene.

With the sound of a crisp harp, a narration was read by a soft female voice from the loudspeaker placed above the dance floor, "A long, long time ago, there was a princess who lived in a magnificent palace."

"The princess was born as beautiful as a rose. The king loved her very much, regarded her as a treasure, and wanted to choose the strongest knight to protect the princess."

The beginning of an unremarkable fairy tale wasn’t very interesting at first, but because of the beautiful arrangement of Haiyin Fort and the exquisite but not exaggerated costumes and makeup of the actors, it looked particularly beautiful, as if the real fairy tale was really there, all around them.

The king, who regarded his daughter as a treasure, held a nationwide competition and selected for the princess the bravest and most powerful knight. Then the princess gradually grew up, and the brave prince of the neighboring country captured the princess's heart. However, just as the two were about to get married, the beautiful princess was taken captive by the newly awakened vampire in the castle.

The king was distraught and appointed a knight to save the princess, and the neighboring prince also set off with the knight.
They sought help from the church, and the church sent devout saints with holy water and crosses to the vampire's castle.

At that time, the handsome vampire in the castle fell for the princess. He took the princess to dance, telling his desire in the elegant dance steps:

"Beautiful, fragrant, and the only princess in the world."
"My eyes stay for your beauty, my blood boils for your fragrance, and my heart, which has been silent for a thousand years, is being revived by your presence."
"If you are willing to give me a drop of precious blood, I will embrace you unreservedly and make you my child, my dearest relative, and my love forever."

The princess was shocked by this vampire's overbearing and shameless declaration. She was angry, disgusted and overcame her fear and scolded, "You poor, nasty, and cold demon! You think you are innocent and noble, but you do not live in the sunshine, and cannot bear the baptism of the gods! If you will drink my flesh and blood, then I will turn into a sharp blade and plunge into your lungs!"

The narration sounded at this time. It was the prince, the knight, and the saint who came to the vampire’s castle, so the five actors engaged in a battle in this scene. Just as the prince and others were about to win, the lights in the lobby went dark. Immediately afterwards, a projection shot out of a round moon slowly rising.

A sudden change occurred. It turned out that the pious saint in the church was a werewolf. Under the shining of the moonlight, the werewolf’s bones suddenly swelled, breaking through the sacred uniform, and sharp claws and messy fur grew from the saint’s body, causing the tourists to shout and scream.

The werewolf was a real werewolf, but he didn't actually lose control. In order to avoid using a double, his face didn’t change, but he took out a wolf face mask from his robe he had prepared earlier, and used his hands to cover his face and roar on stage, setting it on his face.

Baiju, who was enthusiastic about watching the drama, "..."
Baiju couldn't help but lean into Xiao Yao's ear, "People actually believe this?"

Xiao Yao held back his laugh, rubbing his stomach and whispered back to him, "The changes hidden in the clothes can be explained with props. If his face changed without some kind of trick, it would inevitably be difficult to explain."

In the middle of the dance floor, the battle was reversed, and the irrational werewolf attacked the other three and the princess indiscriminately. The vampire protected the princess behind him, and the knight and the prince didn’t hesitate to attack the werewolf.

After a while, the werewolf fell to the ground, and his last strike before he died went into the vampire’s chest and a gleaming plastic heart was cut out. The princess burst into tears, embraced the prince, and ran out of the castle, while the knight stayed In the castle, the sword in his hand was slightly shaky, and the cold, dead vampire heart pumped tremblingly, and then dissipated into powder—the sound of a heartbeat was also put on the loudspeaker.

The narration sounded, the princess and the prince lived happily together, and the heart-resurrected vampire dissipated here, leaving the castle empty, which was passed on to his descendant, the owner of Haiyin Fort——

The chasing light began to patrol the lobby, and three seconds later, it locked Baiju, one of the dozen or so tourists dressed as vampires.

Baiju blinked blankly, "..."
Xiao Yao, "Pfft."

With the lights on him, Baiju was outlined in light and became the only lucky audience role in this drama.

The lights in the lobby were sequentially lit, and Baiju took the gift box handed over by the knight, and thanked him a little embarrassed, "Thank you..."

The vampire was a vampire, and the werewolf was a werewolf. The prince and the beautiful and beautiful princess were also descendants of vampires. The staff member who played the prince was probably the only normal person in the group of actors. He smiled politely when handing the gift to the old dog and said, "Congratulations to this gentleman, there is a Heyin Fort VIP card in the box. With this card, you can have three opportunities to bring your family or friends to the castle on any day when Heyin Fort is not open to the public. I’m Butler Saric, and will be at your service around the clock."

Seeing that Baiju hadn't reacted, Xiao Yao responded for him and put away the small gift box.

The masquerade party continued. Suddenly two side doors of the auditorium opened and the staff in uniform maid costumes lined up and filed out, all holding shiny metal trays. Another two teams of waiters came out from the other door and carried with them a long table, and also pushed out a cake tower on a cart.
When the long table was in place, a snow-white tablecloth was quickly laid out neatly, and the plates were quickly and lightly placed on the table from the hands of the maid. The lids of the platters were lifted, and there were some exquisite snacks, small desserts and easy-to-access fine fried dishes. There were an endless number of things, and the light smell captured the noses and stomachs of the tourists.

Baiju, the big stomach king, naturally couldn't miss this. As soon as his eyes lit up, he pulled Xiao Yao to the side of the long tables, picked up the delicate and lovely dishes and tried them one by one. He really found something that suited his appetite.

"If you like it, I'll make it for you next time." Xiao Yao, the vampire hunter, took a cakepop and carefully observed the desserts. "I don't know much about pastry, but ordinary cupcakes I can do."

The white old dog licked the cream on his small fangs, smiled and adopted the tone of the drama, "The handsome, gentle, and only Yao Yao in the world, if you are willing to give me a delicious cake, I will have nothing but to hug you reservedly and make you my family, my dearest relative, and my lover with me forever."

Xiao Yao: Say that again, what will I become?
Bai’ge, the relationship between vampires and prey is very messy and it is not worth learning 23333~~~
Of course acting is fine [super quietly]

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