61 - Living puppet theory【can skip chapter】
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61 - Living puppet theory【can skip chapter】

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"You poor, nasty, and cold demon——" Xiao Yao recalled the princess's lines, then paused halfway through the words, smiled and shook his head, "Bai’ge, the relationship between a vampire and sire is too weird. It's messed up, don't learn from it."

Baiju didn't understand the relationships of vampires very much. To tell the truth, he didn't understand Western demons very much before. He’d just learnt a few things. After hearing this, he asked, "What are the sires?" "

Xiao Yao raised his head and looked around to find a few vampires in another corner of the lobby. A smile crossed his eyes, and he gave a light cough, and quietly explained, "Bai’ge, look, the vampire race is very different from our mainland demons. They are not living creatures in the strict sense, and they have none of the characteristics of the living. In theory, they naturally cannot reproduce."

"Therefore, their inheritance and reproduction rely on the transmission and inheritance of power. By giving the right people a 'first embrace', sucking their blood and feeding back with their own blood, it is equivalent to establishing a bond, and will allow the humans to awaken as vampires. In this way, the two become like a parent and child bond between them. The power of the offspring is inherited from the sire, and will have an instinctive obedience and closeness to the sire, and it cannot be overcome. This is how vampires multiply."

Xiao Yao concluded, “Therefore, the familial relationship between vampires is not like a true father and son, but an inheritance relationship. However, vampires themselves are rarely willing to turn human beings who were their food. Therefore, more than half of turned are those whom vampires had fallen in love with and wanted to live with them forever. At the same time, many vampire couples are like fathers and sons, they fall in love with each other and act like relatives. The roles of discipline and obedience can be considered as a mixture of their feelings and their nature, which is quite ethically confusing."

Baiju flexed his neck, followed Xiao Yao's eyes to glance at the vampire staff member in the corner who was holding a red wine glass and taking a photo with the tourists, and said, "Then it isn’t easy for them. If you find a human partner, you will either be forced together for a hundred years, or you will stay together for only a short relationship. Either way they will not be able to find perfection.” Unlike him and Xiao Yao, who had many ways to go on together. .

Xiao Yao followed Baiju's words and thought about it, feeling that this old dog also provided very fresh ideas, "If you hadn't said that, I really wouldn't have thought of it...people have mixed opinions on vampires' love, but there are really only a few points of view."

Baiju sighed and put his hand on Xiao Yao's shoulder, "Yao Yao, I wonder, it’s not unreasonable that they would want to immigrate to China. In the past when news didn’t travel so easily, they were limited by their own elegance and restraint, and they were also limited by their power going downhill. Now they can reach more people and have seen more magic techniques, so they will desire to take advantage of all the new possibilities."

Xiao Yao tilted his head and knocked Baiju's shoulder, "Oh, that's what I thought, but vampires really don’t find it easy to emigrate...in the past, the Chinese cultivators chased them to Guihe Island because of those invitations. The characters on them were written in the blood of vampires; if vampires are weak and can’t use blood to write, then they are mostly dead, unlucky and breathless, and I couldn’t even track them. Our practitioners are in short supply, and there aren't enough of us to manage them."

Baiju nodded thoughtfully, and frowned sadly at the thought of the werewolf going back to change his clothes.

If they were just vampires, he would have had a way to allow them to cultivate and be managed...vampires, Western demons, existed in a line between living corpses and spirit creatures. The source of their power was basically blood, but they were more like the rare living puppets he’d seen in the past.

Xiao Yao paused for a while, and when Baiju didn't speak any more, he poked Baiju in the stomach, "What's the matter, any ideas?"

Baiju looked down, "Um... a little bit. I know a few methods of maintaining living puppets, which may be more suitable for vampires."

Xiao Yao became interested when he heard this, "Tell me about it."

Baiju looked at the crowded tourists around, and walked outside the castle with Xiao Yao. Passing by a sofa, he greeted Jing Xia, who was hugging the fox and eating fruit.

After the masquerade began, the main venue for the event moved from outdoors to indoors. Although there were still a few people hanging out and taking pictures outside, it was much more empty than indoors. The sea breeze at night brought a slightly fishy smell and it was difficult to see, leaving only a little soft breeze, rolling up the green and ambiguous fragrance of roses.

The vampire and the vampire hunter walked slowly in the rose garden of Haiyin Fort hand in hand. Baiju wasn’t troubled by temperature, but Xiao Yao was a little hot, so he took off the windbreaker and hung it on Baiju's arm.

The shirt was tucked into the waist of his trousers and after Xiao Yao took off the windbreaker, the beautiful waistline was outlined under his clothes. Baiju couldn't help but stretch out his hand and pinch it gently. Xiao Yao patted his wrist twice before he settled down a bit.

"Ah..." Baiju honestly put his hand back on Xiao Yao's shoulder, and explained to him the cultivation of living puppets, "It's like this...in ancient times, some cultivating sects would refine puppets, but puppets can’t think, and so the ability to manipulate puppets is very demanding for the cultivators; therefore, some people tried to refine thinking puppets, and referenced several necromancy techniques, trying to refine different blood for the puppets."

"Over the course of their experiments, there were naturally many failures, but there were also successes. Successful living puppets weren’t made from corpses, but from living people who take risks...that is, living creatures that could retain all the memories and training experience before they died, but would obey their master's orders and would also have their own combat awareness. The blood in their bodies still circulated and stored their power." Baiju said, "It's almost the same as vampires, except that living puppets could be upgraded by absorbing all kinds of essence and blood, while vampires can only get basic living necessities from the blood they suck, and their level is basically fixed at the moment they become vampires."

"The biggest difference between them and live puppets is that they don’t have a light source."

"If you compare the living puppet with a contract to the moon relying on the sun, then the vampire is its own light source, and when it is all burned there is nothing left."

"Find them a light source and let them practice with their respective light sources." Baiju twisted his fingers and gently pulled out a short arc. "Once you can find a suitable person to form a living puppet with, then this contract is the most effective restraint, no one can survive without becoming stronger."

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There's definity mistakes in this one, but I don't know where exactly, I just feel like some points were lost. This chapter is very short, I will start on the next one but probably won't have it up until tomoz.

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